Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/28/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/28/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel gets dressed up for their date. Nicole praises him and they go to leave together as Eric and Serena arrive at the door. Serena calls Nicole a lying, stealing bitch. Daniel questions what is the matter with her. Serena explains that Nicole stole things from her laptop. Serena says she caught her and now she's going to jail. Nicole asks who is in the most trouble between them.

Jordan goes to Will and Sonny's but finds Kate.

Chad sits alone at home and thinks back to being with Jordan. Chad's phone rings with a call from Stefano. Stefano tells Chad that getting Rafe kicked off the police force looks like it may blow up in both of their faces. Stefano says he tried to use his influence to determine Rafe's replacement but Abe found his own candidate. Chad asks how he knows. Stefano shouts that it's John Black.

John goes to the hospital and sees Marlena. Marlena is leaving a message for Clyde about their appointment. John approaches and tells her they are still on for dinner but he'll have to meet her because he wants to stop by and see Sonny first.

Will encourages that Paul will meet the right man. Paul wonders if he already did and blew it. Will says if it was really meant to be then maybe he'll come back and he'll get a second chance. Sonny then arrives outside of the office with a rose and prepares to knock on the door. Will asks Paul if he's still in love with the guy. Sonny gets a text. Paul thinks back to being in bed with Sonny. Paul responds that he still loves him. Sonny puts his phone away and goes to knock but Zoe appears and recognizes Sonny as Will's husband. Sonny tells her that he's about to surprise him.

Daniel asks what this is about. Nicole raises the flashdrive and declares that Serena has been lying to everyone. Serena argues. Nicole asks why she's afraid of what's on it. Serena says she has sources that have to remain anonymous on there. Nicole says she'll give it back after they all see what's on it.

Will suggests Paul should go after this guy but Paul says it's too late as he's with someone new now so he'll never get him back. Will says he's sorry and encourages that Paul will meet someone new. Paul says he already did but he's taken too.

Zoe tells Sonny that Will is doing an interview right now. Sonny says he didn't know that. Zoe suggests waiting until Will's finished but Sonny says it's important to see him now so he's not going anywhere.

Marlena is happy that John is going to see Sonny. John wants him to know he has their support. Marlena brings up Sonny and Will's wedding and how devoted they are. John assures her it will be okay. Marlena likes that he's supporting him.

Chad asks why they care that John is on the police force as long as it's not Rafe. Stefano questions him not knowing about his history with John. Chad says he's heard a few things. Stefano says their history makes his history with Chad pale in comparison. Stefano warns that John will come after their family with a vengeance. Chad tells him to calm down because John doesn't know where Stefano is and he hasn't done anything to come after. Stefano questions what has put Chad in this mood and if it's Jordan. Chad informs him that he's not with Jordan anymore but thinks he made a big mistake.

Jordan tells Kate that he bought a snowsuit for Arianna. Kate questions what interest Jordan has in Arianna. Jordan says she spent a lot of time with her with Rafe and is still friends with Gabi so Kate invites her in. Jordan says she'll just give it to Will and Sonny then leave but Kate informs her they aren't home so it's just them.

Daniel doesn't understand. Eric points out that Nicole got in to Serena's room and hacked her computer and is now making accusations. Eric argues that she had no right to do that. Nicole says she is a journalist and a source came to her with information on Serena. Serena questions her source and thinks she's lying. Nicole questions why she is so desperate to get it back then. Daniel asks why Nicole didn't tell him about this. Nicole says there are some things in their job they can't talk about. Eric argues that Nicole will do anything she wants to get back at Serena. Nicole says she almost didn't follow up on the lead until she saw how Serena is acting so she wants to expose the truth. Nicole yells that Serena is not the same woman that Eric or Melanie remember but a monster. Serena wants the drive back because the information is hers, private and confidential. Serena threatens to send her to jail after feeling sorry for her before. Eric calls Serena one of the nicest people he's ever known. Nicole says she'll put it on Daniel's computer so he and Eric can look for themselves. Daniel says they can't look without Serena's permission and she's not giving it. Nicole says she doesn't need the drive to expose the truth as she has another way of showing everyone exactly who she is.

Zoe tells Sonny that the article drops tomorrow and Sonny can't know who the subject is until after the story is out. Sonny guesses he understands. Zoe offers to give Will the rose for him. Sonny decides it's better than nothing and gives her the rose. Sonny says to tell Will that he'll see him at home. Zoe adds that he should proud of Will as a terrific writer and this article will show that. Sonny thanks her and says he's already proud of Will because of the person he is and then he leaves.

Will asks Paul about his mother's reaction. Paul says he hasn't told her yet about his career being over or being gay and didn't want her reaction to influence what he says. Will is surprised to learn that his mother doesn't know.

Stefano questions Chad why he wants Jordan back after she kissed Rafe. Chad explains that Rafe later admitted Jordan still wants to be with Chad. Stefano questions if she actually matters to Chad.

Jordan says she just came to drop off the present and not fight with her. They start to argue about Chad. Kate talks about telling Chad that Jordan's life is a lie. Jordan can't believe her and how she enjoys causing pain. Kate says only for her as Jordan exits.

Stefano thought Chad was only with Jordan to get to Ben. Chad says it worked as Ben got arrested for assault. Stefano tells Chad to now focus on seducing Abigail and getting his revenge. Chad says he knows that was the plan. Stefano tells him to convince him he's a man by focusing on business and getting this done.

Paul tells Will that he has his issues with his mother but wouldn't let her find out through the article. Paul says he asked her and her grandpa to come to Salem but they wouldn't come. Will asks why not but Paul didn't want to push her for reasons. Paul says he will call her before the article is published. Will asks why he's waiting. Paul says the important thing is he's coming out. Paul says his mother won't like that he's coming out but she can't argue as much if he waits until the article is published. Paul brings up the article Will wrote on Sami and says Sami makes his mom look like a pushover. Will talks about surviving issues and differences with Sami. Will tells Paul that the deadline for the article is tomorrow and he will let him see it before it's published. Will tells him he'll be glad he did this. Paul thanks him as he says he might not have done it if he didn't meet him. They shake hands and Paul exits.

Sonny goes to the club and meets John. John tells him that he and Marlena were concerned about he and Will so he wanted to make sure everything was okay.

Zoe gives Will the rose from Sonny and asks if he has everything he needs for the article. Will says he does and even came up with the title "The Final Out". Zoe hopes he didn't spend all the time coming out with the title. Will reveals to her that Paul is gay and they are breaking the story exclusively with Paul's full permission.

Serena accuses Nicole of blowing smoke. Daniel and Eric want specifics. Nicole says Eric doesn't deserve to put his faith into another liar but it happened. Daniel tells Nicole to start backing up her claims. There's a knock at the door as Nicole says she will right now. Nicole opens the door as Ted arrives, who Serena recognizes as Edward. He greets her and says it's been a long time. Eric asks who it is and Daniel is interested too. He explains that he's a journalist who worked with Serena. Nicole tells him to tell them what she did to him. He explains that they worked on everything on a long piece and it wasn't just a professional relationship. He mentions losing a couple of things they were working on so he put all his work on her computer just in case. He talks about this being his first big article and supposed to change his career. He says it wasn't because Serena took all the credit herself and refused to include him so his career was pretty much over after that. Serena had no idea he still hated her this much. He asks how he could feel any other way after what she did. Eric asks if she knows what he's talking about and she admits she does.

Sonny appreciates John's concern. John asks if he has any reason to be concerned. Sonny tells him that he doesn't. Sonny admits things were rocky when Will was in LA as he really missed him and Arianna then the new club was a disaster so he was in a rotten place. John knows separation like that can be tough on any couple. Sonny says he'll survive as they are working things out. Sonny says there's nothing they can't handle as long as he has Will's love and trust.

Will comes home and is surprised to find Kate. Kate explains that Sonny asked her to watch Arianna as he had to go out. Kate tells him they were talking about him. Kate asks about the Paul article. Will says things are good and talking to her really helped a lot. Will says he just has to make final polishes and edits. Kate asks if Will and Paul then go their separate ways. Will asks when Sonny will be back but Kate's not sure. Will says he's been thinking a lot about what he did and they promised to never keep secrets. Kate says couples make promises before understanding what it takes. Kate says there is no good reason for Sonny to know but Will feels he has to tell Sonny what happened. Kate tells Will that he's never going to see Paul again as he's in the past unless he thinks he's falling in love with him.

Chad goes to Jordan's office and tells her that he knows what she did and she owes him an explanation.

Will asks why Kate would ask that. Kate thought it was a reasonable question. Will says it's not as she's insinuating that he would fall in love with someone he barely knows. Will insists that he only loves Sonny. Kate talks about Paul being charming, good looking, and a star so she imagines he would like to share his spotlight. Will calls it insulting. Will tells Kate that he doesn't want to share anybody's spotlight. Will says he has ambitions but his success will be because he earned it on his own. Kate apologizes for upsetting him. Kate says she loves and respects him and just wants him to be happy. Will cries that he is happy with Sonny and his daughter so he's not going to let anyone destroy that which is why he has to be honest about Paul. Kate tells him how much that would hurt Sonny and questions how he could do that. Kate reminds him that Paul will be leaving town so he'll never have to see him again. Will questions keeping this inside of him. Kate says that's the price to pay for cheating. Kate tells him not to ruin Sonny's life so the article doesn't break his heart. Kate asks Will why he slept with Paul and cheated on Sonny.

John tells Sonny to remember that he has a lot of people in the family who love him so he shouldn't let pride get in the way of help. John talks about how pride can get in the way of love. Sonny comments on he and Marlena working things out. John is determined to make sure nothing gets in their way.

Marlena walks out of the town square and gets a call from Stefano. She asks what he wants. Stefano asks what she thinks about the big news that John is going back to such a dangerous profession.

Jordan questions Chad. Chad says he's serious. Jordan points out that Chad ended what they had. Chad asks if she thinks he did it for no reason. Jordan says she doesn't care as she's had enough. Chad questions her not being crazy. Jordan says he's not who she thought he was but who people told her he was. Jordan tells him that it's over between them and she's okay with that so he should get out.

Ted tells Serena that he goes by Ted now as he tries to reinvent himself. Ted accuses her of stealing all of his work and says they can check her computer. Serena admits she kept records so Nicole could have them. Daniel points out needing a warrant unless Serena gives permission. Nicole doesn't think Serena's in that position. Eric threatens to go to the cops but Serena doesn't want to do it that way. Serena says the truth is going to come out so it might as well be now. Eric questioning her not wanting to fight this. Serena says she can't and admits that Eric needs to know everything about her. Eric tells Serena not to let Nicole push her into anything. Serena wants it over and gives her permission to open the drive so Nicole gives it to Daniel and he plugs it in to the laptop.

Chad questions Jordan throwing him out. Jordan brings up security and says they were done when he accused her of being a slut. Chad asks where that comes from. Jordan says it comes from Kate. Chad doesn't care about Kate. Jordan doesn't know what his problem is then. She tries to leave but Chad grabs her and asks why she was kissing Rafe.

Marlena asks Stefano if he's threatening John. Stefano says he's not and asks if she approves of it. She says she does. Stefano asks why and brings up their history. Stefano asks if she's worried about his welfare. Marlena thinks back to her past with John against Stefano. Marlena says this call makes it clear that one of them is worried. Marlena feels Stefano is scared. Stefano tells her to give John his best regards if she ever sees him again.

John walks through the town square and runs in to Paul. Paul remembers him as Marlena's friend. Paul apologizes for being rude last time they met. John says he appreciates it. John introduces himself and praises Paul's pitching as Paul then walks away.

Will tells Kate that he doesn't know why he slept with Paul. Kate says he must have some idea. Will says it just happened and calls it the biggest mistake of his life. Kate says telling Sonny would be the biggest mistake of his life. Kate understands why he wants to and that he feels guilty but he needs to think of how cruel and selfish it would be. Will wonders how it will ever be the same with this secret inside of him. Kate says it won't be for him for a long time but it will be for Sonny because what he doesn't know won't hurt him. Will doesn't want to talk to her about this anymore and wishes he never talked to her about Paul. Kate shouts back that the person he can't tell is Sonny as Sonny comes home and asks what Will can't tell him.

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