Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/27/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/27/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole opens Serena's laptop and plugs in the flash drive to copy all of her files while Serena is on the phone.

Eric tells Daniel that he finds it hard to believe Nicole wants to play nice with Serena. Daniel doesn't think Nicole wants people mad at her. Eric asks how he knows that Nicole doesn't have an ulterior motive.

Serena comes back in from her phone call and says oh my God.

Will calls Sonny. Sonny says Arianna is down for her nap. Will says he will call later Sonny wishes him luck on his story. Will tells him not to hang up. Sonny doesn't want another lecture on their money. Will says that's not what he wants to talk about. Sonny hangs up as there's a knock at the door and Ben arrives. Will is upset until Kate arrives at the club to meet him. Kate wants to hear about the story on Paul and asks how things went. Will thinks back to sleeping with him. Kate asks what happened.

Victor paces at the Kiriakis Mansion with a drink in hand and thinks back to arguing with Clyde. He looks at a photo of Maggie.

Clyde goes to the park to meet. Damon approaches. Clyde asks where Victor is. Damon informs him that Victor sent him with a message. Damon then pulls out a gun and shoots Clyde three times. Clyde collapses as snow begins to fall. Damon hears people coming and hides in the bushes.

Victor sits alone as Abigail arrives. Victor tells her that Maggie isn't there but she says she's there to see him if he has a minute. Victor asks what he can do for her. Abigail hates to ask but has a big favor to ask for Ben.

Daniel tells Eric that he doesn't think Nicole is looking for trouble. Daniel tells Eric that he accepts part of Nicole will always love him and thinks there will always be a connection because of how Eric is reacting. Eric asks if he thinks he still loves Nicole. Daniel asks if he does.

Serena catches Nicole looking at a photo of her and Eric and asks what she's doing. Nicole admits she hasn't been completely honest about why she's there and her feelings for Eric.

Eric tells Daniel that he could never love Nicole again and asks Daniel if he's falling in love with her. Daniel just wants them to breathe and start over which he believes Nicole wants. Eric would like to believe that too. Daniel warns Eric that if he has to choose, he will choose Nicole. Eric says he'd be sorry to lose him as a friend and he wants him to be happy. Daniel says he will be. Eric reminds him that he thought so too with Nicole but he doesn't want Daniel to end up like he did. Daniel says he can look out for himself. Eric hopes that Nicole learned her lesson because she was never capable of being honest.

Serena asks Nicole why she's there. Nicole tells her that she has moved on but she still cares about Eric as she loved him and part of her always will so she wants him to be happy. Nicole says she came to warn Serena not to hurt Eric. Serena thought she wanted to clear the air. Nicole wants them to be civil because they will see each other all the time. Nicole says they should just think what would Eric do and then everything will be fine. Nicole hugs her and says she's so glad they did this as she then exits leaving Serena confused. Nicole walks off saying it's time to see what kind of dirt she's really hiding.

Eric hopes Nicole treats Daniel how he deserves to be. Daniel tells Eric not to worry and focus on his own life. Daniel tells him to take care as he exits.

Kate asks Will what's going on as he seems so sad. Will says he's just stressed out with a lot going on. Kate assumes he means with Sonny and asks how much he's out in money. Will doesn't care about the money. He says times are tight but things will be fine. Kate points out Sonny being worried. Will says Sonny feels guilty which is a joke compared to him. Kate asks what Will has to feel guilty about.

Ben knows he put Sonny in an awkward position with Chad and offers to do anything he can to make it better for him. Sonny tells him not to worry about him as he may go to court. Sonny asks about Abigail and Jordan then points out he has too many connections with Chad. Ben says he has no excuse for what he did. Sonny asked what he said to make him so angry and if it was something about Abigail.

Abigail tells Victor that Ben had to leave his job at Sonny's club and she knows Victor is hiring but she was afraid that he and Rafe may have a problem with Ben. Victor asks why he had to leave Sonny's. Abigail talks about how much Sonny likes Ben so Victor asks why he got canned. Abigail tells him that Ben had a bad fight with Chad. Victor stops her and says anyone who takes a swing at DiMera gets his sympathy and he's sure Rafe feels the same way. Victor points out that she knew that so he asks why she's there. Abigail didn't think the Chad thing would be a problem but with Ben's dad, Clyde.

Damon runs away from the scene leaving Clyde's body in the snow.

Kate asks Will what he did that's so terrible. Will says he went to Hollywood in the dumbest way. Will feels he left Sonny all alone and barely stayed in touch then didn't make it right when he came back. Will says he got caught up in his job while Sonny's club is going down in flames and he's not there when Sonny needs him. Will says he knows what he did.

Ben tells Sonny that it doesn't matter what Chad said as it's just words and no reason to throw punches. Ben says he should've just seen that Chad provoked him and then took the beating so he would be in the wrong. Sonny offers to call Justin for a lawyer but Ben tells him that Clyde is handling it. Ben calls it weird but admits he's been very supportive.

Abigail brings up seeing Victor and Clyde at the night club not looking too friendly. Victor says he hardly knows Clyde while Kate put him in a foul mood. Abigail guesses there is no problem then and asks if Victor will give Ben the job. Victor asks if he has to answer right now. Abigail knows it's rude but brings up Ben has a hearing coming up and she doesn't want him to be listed as unemployed then points out Chad being on the other side. Victor asks why she's here instead of Ben talking for himself. Abigail explains that Ben has a hard time asking for favors as he has a lot of pride. Victor gets a call from Damon, who tells him it's done. Victor says good and hangs up. Abigail repeats that Ben has too much pride to ask for help. Victor understands Ben doesn't want to rely that much on Clyde.

Kate tells Will that he can make up for being neglectful. Will says it's not that simple. Kate thinks it is since they love each other. Will says that didn't stop him from what he did. Kate asks if there's more that he's done that he didn't tell her. Will holds back tears as Kate begins to realize. Will cries that he loves Sonny so much and never meant to hurt him. Kate understands everyone makes mistakes and tells him to learn from it. Will cries that it only happened once. Kate tells him to make sure it never happens again as he loves Sonny and their life with Arianna so he should focus on that. Will gets a call from Paul, who asks if he wants to finish the interview at his hotel. Will tells him to come to his office so Paul agrees to meet there. Will hangs up and tells Kate that she's right about this being a big article. Will calls it the biggest article he's ever written. Kate says she told him to do whatever he had to do to get the story. Will says he made his own choices and mistakes not because he wanted to write the story. Kate tells him to be careful as he exits.

Nicole returns to her office with the flashdrive as Daniel arrives and surprises her. Nicole kisses him. Daniel tells her he's off for the night and informs her that he made them dinner reservations and surprises her with flowers. Daniel says he's taking her on a real dinner date just the two of them as they kiss. Nicole turns away so Daniel asks if she has something better to do.

Eric goes to Serena's hotel room. Serena tells him about clearing the air with Nicole. Eric tells her that's great and informs her that he got old footage out of storage so they can go through the memories together. Eric invites her back to his place. Serena goes to her laptop and then says that bitch.

Paul meets Will at his office. Will asks if he's ready to do this. Paul responds that he'll never be ready but it's time. Paul adds that it's the right thing. Paul admits he should've done it a long time ago but he was so afraid of losing everything and instead he lost the only thing that mattered to him.

Ben goes to leave Sonny's as Kate arrives. Kate tells Ben that she's sorry about what happened with Chad. Ben thanks her and exits. Sonny tells Kate that Will is working and Arianna is sleeping. Kate says good because she came to talk to him.

Victor asks Abigail how he hires Ben if he won't apply. Victor then says he could call Sonny. Abigail doesn't want any secrets between her and Ben because they mess up everything. Abigail tells him that Ben will go to the nightclub and speak with Rafe tomorrow. Abigail thanks him and exits.

Eric asks Serena what's wrong. Serena tells him that Nicole stole her files and is going to use them against her. Serena says Nicole didn't come to bury the hatchet but to bury it in her back.

Nicole tells Daniel that she can't go because her producer called with a story. Daniel jokes with her about it but Nicole insists that she has to do it. Daniel wants real time with her. Nicole wants the same so Daniel asks what's going on. Daniel then asks what she's not telling him.

Will asks Paul what he lost. Paul thinks back to being with Sonny and says he lost the guy that he told him about, the once in a lifetime person who loved him. Paul says the guy just wanted them to be open and honest. Paul cries that he loved him so much but was too much of a coward.

Kate talks to Sonny about his money problems and understands not going to Victor. Kate says she won't have any strings. Sonny blames himself. Kate brings up talking to Will and offers to help. Sonny wants to handle it on his own. Kate tells him to take the loan then because nothing is worth jeopardizing their life.

Daniel asks Nicole what's really going on. Nicole continues to claim to the story. Daniel points out that Parker comes home tomorrow and Melanie is out tonight but Nicole says the story has to be done tonight. Daniel then tells her to forget it. Nicole doesn't want him to be upset at her. Daniel says goodnight but Nicole stops him and decides the story can wait until tomorrow. Nicole declares that nothing is more important to her than Daniel. Nicole apologizes for being a jerk as she kisses him. Nicole gathers her things and they exit.

Serena shows Eric the last dates and times of access and the files were copied while she was on the phone. Serena worries that Nicole set her up to get access to her computer. Serena can't believe she went through her private files. Eric asks if there's anything on there that can hurt her. Serena says no but calls Nicole a sick and twisted woman. Eric says he will handle this and calls Nicole's office then asks where she went.

Nicole and Daniel go back to his place. Daniel goes to get dressed. Nicole holds the flash drive and wonders what she's doing. She says she should dump it as Daniel is nuts about her. She then declares Eric can take care of himself as it's not her job to set him straight. She thinks about throwing away the flash drive.

Will tells Paul that he potentially had a lot to lose by coming out as things could've been a lot different even five years ago. Will understands that Paul didn't know how people would react. Paul says he loved the game and the fame. Paul says he traded the love of his life for a career that's already over. Will asks if he's saying if he could go back, he would say yes to the man who asked him to marry him. Paul says he would in a heartbeat.

Sonny questions hurting their life by not accepting the loan. Kate talks about them being busy. Sonny points out that Will is the one coming home late. Kate wants them to make sure they both feel loved every day. Sonny questions taking her money making that happen. Kate argues it would give them time and space. Sonny agrees to think about it. Kate asks about Arianna. Sonny says she should be up soon. Sonny then asks Kate to watch Arianna as he has an errand to run that she will approve of. Kate agrees so Sonny thanks her and exits.

Ben walks through the town square where Abigail greets him with a hug. She asks how it went with Sonny. Ben says he was great and will give him a reference. Abigail then informs him that he already has a new job as she spoke to Victor about hiring him which Ben does not seem pleased about.

Damon goes to see Victor and assures him that they were alone and there were no witnesses. Damon says he left the body because he heard people coming. Damon adds that Clyde could be covered in snow soon or they could have the body found. Victor says to let him rot.

Abigail stops Ben and reminds him that he should try to get her job at the hospital back. Ben calls it different because he doesn't want any favors. Abigail says he's not getting any. Abigail tells Ben that Victor has no problem with Clyde so he'll just talk to Sonny and he's in. Ben says he's not mad at her and he appreciates her looking out for him but he's really surprised about Clyde and Victor. Abigail says Victor is really just an old softie.

Damon assures Victor that the three shots were clean hits on Clyde and there is nothing to trace them to it. Victor gives Damon the phone he used to set up the meeting to burn. Damon tells him that he saved a lot of people and asks about the old crew on the docks. Victor says things will fall apart without Clyde and then they will move in.

Kate pulls out her phone and calls Clyde. She leaves a message that she is babysitting Arianna but will be free later if he wants to meet.

Will tells Paul that he can't second guess his life. Paul argues that's all he's done since they started the article. Will points out that he doesn't know how it would've gone. Paul feels he made a big mistake. Will tells him to only focus on now as coming out will be like his life is starting all over again. Will encourages that Paul will meet the right man. Paul wonders if he already did and blew it. Will says if it was really meant to be then maybe he'll come back and he'll get a second chance. Sonny then arrives outside of the office.

Daniel gets dressed up for their date. Nicole praises him and they go to leave together as Eric and Serena arrive at the door. Serena calls Nicole a lying, stealing bitch.

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