Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/26/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/26/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chase suggests Ciara and Hope should come to the beach house too but Aiden quickly shoots that down with a stern no. Aiden then plays it off as saying there's nothing to do so they wouldn't want to go but Ciara says she'd love to go so Chase asks why they can't go with them.

Damon informs Victor that his man found one of Clyde's men dealing in the park. Victor tells him to make it neat and clean as he doesn't want a war. Rafe then enters the room.

Ben and Clyde walk through the town square. Ben thanks him. Clyde never thought he'd have to bail him out of jail. Ben says he'll pay him back but Clyde tells him to forget about it and asks what Chad said to set him off. Ben thinks back to what Chad said as Abigail then appears.

Jordan goes to the DiMera Mansion to see Chad. She asks what he's up to. Chad says he's on top of the world and is working. Jordan apologizes for what Ben did to him and asks if that's why he's acting like this and if they are okay. Chad thinks back to walking in on Rafe kissing Jordan.

Eric shows Jennifer his pictures in her office at the hospital. Jennifer recognizes Serena in one of the pictures. Eric says he'll ask for her permission to be in the picture. Jennifer notes them being friends. Eric tells her they are sort of reconnecting.

Nicole starts to head for the shower when there's a knock at the door and Serena arrives. Serena says it must be a bad time so she'll come back. Nicole stops her and says there is no one she would rather see. Daniel calls out for Nicole but doesn't get a response. Serena questions Nicole being happy to see her and says she only came to drop off a book for Melanie. Nicole stops her and says they need to get something straight.

Jennifer questions Eric about reconnecting. Eric says it sounds indecisive but he just hasn't talked about it. Jennifer doesn't want to pry. Eric is happy to talk to someone more objective than his family. Jennifer asks who they can't be objective about and then realizes it's Nicole.

Serena questions Nicole wanting to face off here. Nicole says she's just trying to clear the air. Nicole suggests they try to be civil and have a long conversation to hash it out. Serena repeats they don't like each other. Nicole offers to do it on her terms but Serena feels something else is going on here. Nicole thinks back to Ted telling her that she needs Serena's computer. Nicole tells Serena that something is going on.

Hope reminds Ciara about her class trip to San Francisco. Ciara says plans can change. Chase tries to convince that Ciara can come with them. Ciara says their parents can figure out the details. Ciara thanks Aiden and says it will be a blast. Ciara then takes Chase to the back of the Pub. Hope jokes with Aiden and then tells him not to worry. Hope insists that Ciara will understand. Hope asks if she's reading it all wrong. Hope asks if Aiden would like support and offers to come but Aiden says that's the last thing he wants.

Rafe apologizes for interrupting and greets Damon. Damon reveals to Victor that he and Rafe go way back. Rafe calls it an official visit. Victor points out that Rafe works for him now. Damon calls it a great move and offers his hand but Rafe doesn't take it. Victor tells Damon that he'll be in touch. Damon exits. Victor questions Rafe's dealings with Damon. Rafe asks what Damon is doing for Victor these days. Victor responds minding his own business as he likes his job. Victor asks what Rafe is doing there. Rafe says he's minding his business and he's here about the night club. Rafe tells Victor that a new trucking company showed up to deliver the supplies with a 20% charge on the bill.

Abigail tells Ben that she tried to see him in jail but couldn't get in. Clyde goes to make calls. Abigail asks Ben what happened. Ben says he lost his temper and hit Chad. Abigail asks why. Ben says Chad just set him off. Abigail questions Ben not saying why and wants him to talk about what happened.

Chad questions if Jordan is there because of them. Jordan tells him that she's concerned as he didn't answer her messages. Jordan wants to help and take care of him. Chad mocks her and asks if she just wants him to drop the charges against Ben.

Ben tells Abigail that it doesn't matter what Chad said as there's no excuse for beating him like that. Abigail asks what happens now. Ben says Chad is pressing charges and brings up the time before with Chad. Abigail offers to call Aiden. Ben asks her to leave it alone and let him handle it. Abigail worries that he could go to jail. Clyde returns and says there's no way that's going to happen.

Eric tells Jennifer about Nicole and Serena's fight at the nightclub. Jennifer believes Serena can go toe to toe with Nicole. Jennifer asks about how Serena feels. Eric says she seems okay but he doesn't care about Nicole.

Serena asks Nicole what's really going on here. Nicole says she wants to get on with her life apart from her and Eric but that won't happen if they can't run into each other without fighting. Serena thinks she just wants back in Eric's good graces. Nicole promises it's not that but Serena doesn't believe her. Nicole insists that it's the truth and it's not about Eric. Serena asks who it is about. Daniel comes out of the shower in just a towel and is surprised to see Serena. Nicole smirks as Serena apologizes for interrupting as she was just bringing Melanie's book back. Daniel apologizes as Serena hurries out. Nicole laughs as Daniel asks if she played nice. Nicole says she showed great restraint. Daniel asks if they got into it. Nicole says they were quite polite and she took the lead on it. Nicole says she's letting it go. Daniel is proud of her. Nicole tells Daniel that he's going to have to get back in the shower but he jokes that she missed out. Nicole takes his towel and they kiss.

Eric tells Jennifer that he figured it'd best if he doesn't see Nicole. Jennifer asks why he's still so unsettled. Eric says it's Daniel and asks if it's too weird to talk about. Jennifer assures him that she's fine. Eric talks about things being tense at the night club. Eric calls Daniel a good friend who he owes a lot but it's hard to see them end up on opposite sides of this. Jennifer says she and Daniel made a lot of mistakes when they were together but he's a great friend and that friendship is worth the trouble so she hopes they can figure it out.

Aiden appreciates Hope's offer to go but he feels it'd be a mistake to take more people. Aiden talks about what it means to Chase and doesn't know why he would want to go back there. Hope suggests he could need closure. Aiden worries about what it will do to Chase. Hope encourages him. Hope insists on being there for him to help him through this. Aiden calls her amazing and tells her that it's only going to be a few hours. Aiden then agrees to let them come as he and Hope hug.

Victor tells Rafe he's not interested in day to day detail. Rafe questions Victor not caring about someone charging him extra on his trucking business. Rafe questions Victor not wanting to talk to him about it. Rafe says there are ways to handle this that aren't messy. Victor agrees to call him if he needs help. Victor tells him to take care of the job he wanted while he worries about his other interests.

Clyde tells Ben that Aiden is going out of town so he'll get him another lawyer. Ben feels Clyde has done enough but Clyde doesn't want him to get a criminal record. Clyde says they have to go get his stuff from the club. Ben says he can do that but Clyde insists on going with him, adding that he can't afford to run into Chad alone.

Jordan tells Chad that what Ben did was wrong. Jordan admits she doesn't want him to go to jail and she's sure that he's sorry. Chad says he will be sorry as he can't control himself and needs to learn a lesson. Jordan agrees that he needs to figure out a way to control his anger and says she'll talk to him about it. Jordan offers to do whatever Chad thinks will help. Chad states that she would do absolutely anything to keep him from pressing charges. Chad asks if she would sleep with him right here and now. Chad questions if Jordan was going to hit him. Jordan asks why he's doing this. Chad shouts that he's not going be used by her or anyone and Ben will pay for what he did. Chad tells her that she knows the way out.

Clyde and Ben go to the club. Clyde makes sure Chad isn't there. Ben says he'll head in and get his stuff. Clyde agrees to wait outside. Ben says he doesn't have to as he can do it on his own but Clyde encourages him about family. Clyde asks if Chad said something about his family. Ben doesn't want to discuss it. Clyde tells him to get his things and he'll give him a ride home. Ben heads inside. Clyde gets a call from Victor, who says they need to meet.

Daniel and Nicole lay together. Daniel mentions it might snow tonight. Nicole jokes about heading to the park for some fun. Daniel jokes with her about a snowball fight. Daniel gets a text about an emergency and he has to go. Daniel says he won't take long and goes to get ready. Nicole grabs her phone.

Serena lays in bed with her laptop, talking about Nicole being a total wildcard. Serena gets a call from Nicole. Nicole says she's sorry they got interrupted. Serena understands her motivation better now and says Daniel seems like a good guy. Nicole asks to clear the air and meet right now to settle things. Serena invites her to her hotel.

Aiden finishes a call with the babysitter and tells Hope that all is good. Hope tells him that she changed her flight plans and feels it's meant to be. She asks Aiden if he's good with this. Aiden says he's grateful and assures that he's okay with it but he feels a little guilty. Hope insists that they are happy to do it. Aiden says it will all be done and they can move on with their lives.

Victor tells Clyde to meet at the park in twenty minutes. Clyde says he'll see him there and hangs up. Jordan approaches and questions what Clyde is doing. Clyde tells her that Ben is inside. Jordan thanks him for bailing Ben out. Clyde says he'll get Ben through this legally and asks if she talked to Chad. Jordan says Chad was being weird with her. Clyde bets the fight was about her.

Abigail catches up to Chad in the town square and asks if he's alright. Chad says he is and just hates the whole thing. Chad claims he doesn't know why Ben came at him that way. Abigail says there's no excuse. Chad says he's tried with Ben and didn't press charges the first time. Chad tells her to take care. Abigail stops him and asks if he really has no idea what set Ben off. Chad responds that Ben is really possessive of her and he didn't realize how much until now.

Daniel shows up at the hospital and asks the nurse about the emergency. She tells him that the doctor got back early and took care of it. Daniel remarks that he could've been having a snowball fight right now. Daniel decides he still could and calls Nicole but gets her voicemail. Daniel tells her to call back if she gets this in 15 minutes for the snowball fight. Eric approaches and asks Daniel if has a few minutes to talk about Serena and Nicole.

Nicole calls Ted and asks what folder that she's looking for. He tells her the project name. Ted tells her to copy everything as who knows what she might find. Ted warns her not to turn her back for a second. Nicole says she can handle herself and tells him to do his part as she then heads to Serena's room.

Eric tells Daniel that what he said about Nicole was out of line but he hopes things are okay between them regardless of Serena and Nicole. Daniel thinks their problem may be solved.

Nicole tells Serena that she just had a work call as she comes in. Serena tells Nicole that she looked her up online. Nicole isn't proud of her past but says that is her past. Serena points out Eric being with her knowing all that. Nicole insists that they've moved on and she wants things to be easy for them all. Nicole asks what it will take. Serena doesn't know. Serena gets a text and says she has to make a work call. Serena tells Nicole to wait a few minutes while she finishes this.

Clyde walks out of the town square on the phone, saying he's on his way to the park. Clyde says not to worry as Victor isn't dumb enough to do anything in public. Clyde figures Victor wants to surrender and guarantees he's backing down.

Abigail goes home where Jennifer asks what's wrong. Abigail tells her that Ben was arrested for assaulting Chad.

Jordan goes home with Ben. Ben refuses to give an answer. Jordan wants to help but Ben says he screwed up so he has to pay the price. Jordan offers money for a lawyer but Ben tells her that Clyde is taking care of it. Jordan worries but Ben asks how she's doing and how she and Chad are.

Chad goes to the club where Rafe stops him outside and asks if he's happy now since Ben is going to have a record. Chad says that's on him and he isn't sure why it's Rafe's business. Chad mocks Rafe. Rafe brings up Jordan being committed to Chad and says he doesn't deserve her. Chad asks why he would say that.

Ciara and Chase return to Hope and Aiden. Ciara is happy to hear they are going now. Ciara and Chase leave the Pub, talking about the trip. Aiden repeats to himself that it's just a few hours so nothing can happen in a few hours.

Daniel tells Eric that Nicole and Serena were just having a very civilized conversation. Daniel suggests maybe they both want to live and let live.

Nicole opens Serena's laptop and plugs in the flash drive to copy all of her files.

Abigail tells Jennifer that it seems like Chad said something to set Ben off but she can't figure it out because neither will tell her. Jennifer insists Chad provoked Ben. Abigail says this time it went too far. Jennifer is surprised to hear it happened before and questions Ben having a temper. Abigail tells her not to tell her to break up with him because she loves him. Jennifer argues that he needs help. Abigail says she will help him and rushes out.

Jordan tells Ben that she isn't sure if there is a Chad and her anymore. Ben asks if it's because of what he did. Jordan doesn't think it was him as she swears something else set him off but she has no idea what.

Rafe asks Chad what he doesn't get as he repeats that Jordan is still committed to him. Chad is surprised and asks how he knows that. Rafe says she defends him every chance she gets when people warn her. Rafe tells Chad that he and Jordan are done but he can't stand the fact that she wastes her time on scum like him. Rafe says now that Chad is having Ben thrown in jail maybe she'll get the picture.

Clyde goes to the park to meet. Damon approaches. Clyde asks where Victor is. Damon informs him that Victor sent him with a message. Damon then pulls out a gun and shoots Clyde three times. Clyde collapses as snow begins to fall.

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