Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/23/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/23/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate meets with Victor and proposes selling his stocks back but Victor refuses. Victor questions why Kate really came to see him and hopes it's not about Clyde.

Clyde and Jeremiah walk through the park, talking about how Victor isn't going to just roll over. Jeremiah says Victor's crew is in for the fight for the long haul. Clyde responds that he will regret that. Jeremiah tells him to make the call if he wants to go that route.

Aiden and Hope sit at the Pub together. Aiden tells her that he got an offer on selling his old house so he can finally shut the door on his past. Aiden declares he's all about the future.

Daniel goes to the hospital where Serena approaches, asking if they can talk about last night.

Eric sits at home when the doorbell rings and Marlena arrives. She notes that he was expecting someone else and assumes it was Serena. Marlena adds that she was hoping Serena would be there too. Eric asks why. Marlena says Serena is a sweet girl but worries about her going up against Nicole. She hopes Eric has prepared her because Nicole would do anything to come between them.

Nicole meets with the man who called her about Serena. She asks who he is and what he has on Serena.

Cole tells Paige that he should go. He asks if she accepts his apology. Paige assures him that she's moved on because he's been hurt way worse since then.

Eve tries to slap JJ but he catches her arm and they get close then start kissing.

Serena informs Daniel that she did some research on Nicole and knows she doesn't need to tell him what she found.

The man introduces himself to Nicole as Ted Carpenter and says he used to work with Serena as her partner. He says they were co-writers and researchers who shared everything except credit for their work which she stole. Ted says his reputation was gutted and he's been struggling to recover to this day. Ted calls Serena a bitch on wheels.

Cole asks Paige about one of her classes and notes that he's taking it too. Cole jokes with her as Rory watches from a distance. Paige suggests a tutor. Cole jokes about cheating in class off her and points out getting her to smile. Cole walks away as Rory approaches Paige and says he used to think she was too boring but might have given her too much credit.

Jennifer comes home and stops outside the front door while JJ and Eve continue kissing inside.

Rory questions Paige getting friendly with Cole after JJ gave up everything fun in life for her, now she's into bad boys. Rory says he doesn't get it. Paige asks if he really doesn't know why they broke up.

Jennifer starts to unlock the door as Eve pulls away from JJ and says she's out of there. JJ tries to stop her but Eve rushes out and opens the door to see Jennifer.

Clyde tells Jeremiah that he appreciates his thinking but notices his hesitation. Jeremiah isn't sure they should go nuclear yet. Clyde tells him that he decides what their options are.

Victor asks Kate what Clyde wants. Kate tells him that Clyde doesn't even know she's there. Victor asks why she's there on his behalf. Kate says she knows them both and picked up an unsettling vibe. Kate says she's heard about a clash of the titans. Victor says he's the only titan in this town. Kate doesn't want to see it get ugly for either of them. Victor tells her it's already gone way past ugly.

Eric tells Marlena that it would be a lot easier if Nicole lived in a different city. Eric says last night was uncomfortable for he and Serena as they ended their evening abruptly. Eric points out that things are already awkward enough. Marlena points out that Serena's life hasn't changed nearly as much as Eric's has since they met. Eric says he has a lot to work through. Marlena notes that Nicole doesn't help his stress level. Eric worries that Serena could lose her patience and he could lose her.

Serena questions Daniel pursuing a relationship with Nicole and runs down the things Nicole has done. Serena understands that Daniel cares for her and brings up how Eric cared for her. Daniel isn't interested in trashing Nicole. Serena says she's not trying to trash her but she wants Daniel to know what she intends to do about Nicole.

Ted shows Nicole a project that he and Serena collaborated on. Nicole recognizes the article from doing research on Serena and his name wasn't there. Ted tells her that he can look up his credits but he hasn't worked since that paper because Serena stole all of his work. She asks why he didn't let everyone know what happened. Ted says his claims were dismissed. Ted says that one day Serena said she loves him and the next day he was out on the streets. Nicole says that sucks. Ted hopes Nicole will help him. Nicole says she would love to help him but she's going to need more than a piece of paper. Ted says he would've cleared this up years ago if he had more. Nicole asks if he has any files or drafts. Ted states that Serena had been plotting this for a long time and put everything on her computer. Ted says Serena's computer should have all the proof if she can get access to that. Nicole says she will have to think this through carefully and get back to him. Ted questions that being the best she can do. Nicole says life is busy and she has to get going. Ted tells her not to wait too long because Serena will destroy the evidence if she suspects anything.

Daniel asks what Serena is going to do about Nicole. Serena says she's not going to let her run her out of Salem because she likes it here with Eric, Melanie, and Daniel. Serena says she knows why Melanie always spoke highly of him and she wants them to be on good terms. Serena suggests they don't talk about Nicole. Serena says they don't run from awkward situations. Serena asks if they are friends. Daniel agrees as long as she knows where he stands. Daniel gets paged and has to go. Daniel says they will talk soon as he leaves the room.

Hope asks Aiden how Chase took the news about the house. Aiden says he just got the news so he hasn't told him yet. Aiden says the deal should be done by the time the kids are back from their class trip. Aiden wants to find the right way and time to tell Chase. Chase then walks up with Ciara and asks what he's going to tell him.

Jeremiah tells Clyde that he's just trying to cover his back. Clyde says Victor is the past and declares that he will know that damn soon.

Kate asks Victor to think back to the times that he and Stefano let their personal animosity wreak havoc on their families. Victor points out how Kate still invited Stefano to her bed. Victor adds that Clyde is no Stefano. Victor asks Kate to stay out of it. Victor states that Clyde is about to get the schooling he's never had as he then exits.

Rory tells Paige that he does not know why she and JJ broke up. Paige assumes JJ told him but Rory says guys don't talk about stuff like that. Paige guesses Rory blames her. Rory says JJ only told him that he made a huge mistake. Paige questions those being his exact words. Rory doesn't know why it matters and walks away.

Jennifer questions what Eve is doing there. Eve complains about JJ making Paige miserable. Jennifer yells at her to get out and slams the door as Eve leaves. Jennifer asks if JJ is alright. JJ says he is. Jennifer wants to know exactly what happened between them. Jennifer says she's been around Eve long enough to know when she's not getting the full story and asks if there was something she wasn't telling her. JJ admits that there is.

Hope tells Ciara that they need to run errands and they hurry out of the Pub. Chase asks Aiden what's wrong. Aiden sits him down. Ciara stops Hope and wants to get a pie that Caroline left her. Aiden tells Chase that he knows that he will miss the house but they are going to make new memories. Aiden offers to go on a trip to make it up to him. Chase responds that he already knows what he wants to do.

Kate meets Clyde at the club. Clyde tells her that he ordered drinks to toast to Salem. Clyde says things have been going his way ever since getting here. Clyde asks what's on her mind. Kate informs him that she just came from a meeting with Victor and that his name came up. Clyde calls a little competition a healthy thing but Kate tells him that Victor disagrees.

Eve goes to the school and finds Paige. Paige is surprised to see her. Eve invites her to lunch but Paige says she has class in 15 minutes. Eve argues that she doesn't have to make every class. Paige asks what's going on. Eve says she's fine but Paige doesn't believe her and asks where she was before this.

Jennifer tells JJ that she needs to know why Eve was there. JJ remarks that she can talk to Daniel. Jennifer says she asked Daniel to talk to him because JJ has been miserable. JJ asks why they have to keep talking about this. Jennifer is worried about him. JJ tells her that he's not on drugs. Jennifer feels he is shutting down again. JJ says he just doesn't want to talk to his mom about his ex girlfriend. Jennifer demands the whole story as to why Eve was there. JJ agrees to tell her.

Daniel goes home and Nicole arrives behind him. Nicole tells him that she came to apologize in person. Nicole brings up how last night went. Daniel points out that she didn't respond to his text messages. Nicole says she has her work cut out for her and gets close but Daniel steps back and tells her it's not a game. Nicole apologizes and feels awful about how she treated him. She assures him that she won't ever take him for granted. Nicole says she was just so upset about how everything happened and it took her awhile to calm down and realize she took her frustrations out on the wrong person. Daniel asks about Serena. Nicole says she won't change her mind on Serena being a nightmare. She adds that Daniel doesn't know Serena very well so she can live with Daniel not despising her. Nicole says that's all she came to say and asks if he accepts her apology.

Eric calls Serena and asks if she's still at work. Serena tells him that she just finished. Eric suggests meeting up at the Pub. Serena tells him to open his door so he does and Serena is already there.

Aiden asks Chase what he wants. Chase wants to go back to the beach house one last time. Aiden brings up his class trip that he's been talking about for months. Chase says he will never see the house again and just wants to say goodbye. Ciara comes back to Hope and tells her that Caroline said to come back later. Ciara notices Chase with Aiden and wonders what's wrong. Hope tells her to just let them talk. Aiden agrees to take Chase to the beach house. Chase hugs him.

Eve tells Paige that she ran in to Theresa before, who said Paige was asking about JJ. Paige tells her that she was just trying to figure out if she slept with JJ. Eve tells her to stop trying to find out the details as it's not healthy to obsess over it. Eve argues that JJ showed his true colors in the worst possible way. Eve calls JJ a smug, pathetic loser and that's all she needs to know. Paige disagrees.

JJ tells Jennifer that he wanted to talk to Eve to warn her because he saw Paige with Cole. Jennifer is surprised. JJ notes that she doesn't know him very well and wonders if she's with him to spite him. JJ says Paige doesn't listen to him but she does listen to Eve. Jennifer tells JJ that he's made himself believe that he's over Paige but she sees how much he cares about. Jennifer asks why JJ isn't trying to fix things and get back together.

Clyde asks Kate why his name came up with Victor. Kate says she's been hearing rumors and admits she's concerned. Clyde asks if she's concerned for him or Victor.

Victor's worker Damon goes to see him and tells him that two men have been offered short term contracts by Clyde and gives Victor their names.

Serena tells Eric that she just needed to clear her head and assures that she wasn't mad at him as everything he said and did was perfect. She apologizes for not getting back to him sooner but she's free now. She suggests ordering in lunch but Eric has to deliver photos to Jennifer. Serena suggests meeting up later and Eric agrees to text her. Serena tells Eric that everything between them is completely fine and then kisses him before leaving.

Nicole and Daniel kiss onto the couch. Daniel jokes that she does good apologies. Daniel informs her that he talked to Serena earlier. Nicole doesn't want to ruin the mood by talking about her. Daniel agrees and suggests going to do something. Daniel then remembers he's waiting for a package that could be left at the front door. Nicole says if they leave now, they'll miss out on the best part of having a fight in the make up sex. Nicole kisses him and Daniel likes the idea as they get up and head to the bedroom. They kiss until Nicole's phone rings and she goes back to get it. Nicole has a message from her boss about tonight's broadcast. Nicole agrees to meet Daniel in the shower. He tells her to make it quick.

Jennifer tells JJ to never tell himself that he's not worthy as he deserves happiness. JJ responds that he knows exactly who he is and he's through pretending to be something he's not. JJ tells her to get it through her head and walks off.

Paige tells Eve that JJ told Rory that he made a mistake which means he feels bad about what he did. Paige says JJ made it seem like no big deal but now she knows he regrets it. Eve asks if she's saying she wants JJ back. Paige complains that she doesn't know the whole story because she doesn't know who JJ slept with. Eve doesn't think it matters but Paige declares that she can't move on until she knows and she's going to find out. Paige then heads for class.

Ciara and Hope return to Aiden and Chase. Ciara asks if everything is okay. Chase excitedly tells Ciara that everything is great as Aiden is letting him go back to the beach house one last time. Chase suggests Ciara and Hope should come too but Aiden quickly shoots that down with a stern no.

Victor tells Damon that he knows the names and what they do and what Clyde hopes to accomplish with them. Victor says he warned Clyde about pushing the drugs and then taking what didn't belong to him. Damon tells him that Clyde's man Jeremiah has been reaching out to these men.

Kate tells Clyde about when Victor and Stefano went head to head and there were no winners. Clyde tells Kate that he didn't ask for her help on this one, but he will if he needs it. Clyde tells her not to hold her breath on that. He then gets a text that Ben has been arrested but he doesn't know what for. Clyde then exits.

Daniel takes a shower and wonders if Nicole was right that he doesn't have to worry. Nicole starts to head for the shower when there's a knock at the door and Serena arrives. Serena says it must be a bad time so she'll come back. Nicole stops her and says there is no one she would rather see.

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