Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/22/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/22/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie informs Daniel that she and Brady are going to start dating each other. Daniel laughs it off, calling it the most crazy and insane thing she could think of but then realizes she's serious.

Theresa tells Brady that hooking up with him was her worst mistake. Brady wishes her luck in screwing up her life more than she already has. Brady declares they are done and walks off. Theresa starts to panic so Brady comes back and asks if she's okay.

JJ interrupts and questions what Cole is doing talking to Paige. Cole says he's just talking to her. JJ grabs Cole and punches him down.

Ben talks to Abigail at the club about T being worried about the club's business. Abigail assures that there's nothing to worry about as Sonny likes him plus Chad is dating Jordan.

Rafe then grabs Jordan and kisses her right as Chad walks in with flowers. Chad storms out without notice and slams the flowers in the trash. Jordan then questions what Rafe thinks he's doing. Rafe apologizes. Jordan accuses him of taking advantage. Jordan tells Rafe that it is over between them as she is with Chad now.

Ben tells Abigail that Chad being with Jordan doesn't mean he won't go after him. Abigail thinks Jordan wouldn't be happy if he does. Ben says he's gone after him before and he got a lecture from Jordan. Ben talks about wishing Chad was out of her life. Abigail talks about his school. Ben mentions not wanting to take another dime from Clyde. Ben kisses Abigail as Chad walks in.

Paige holds JJ back as JJ calls Cole a loser and questions why she was talking to him. Paige tells JJ that she doesn't care what he thinks.

Daniel questions Melanie about her and Brady. Melanie says it just kind of happened. Melanie tells him that their friendship changed on New Year's Eve. Melanie says Daniel that she wanted to let him know and asks what he thinks. Daniel asks if she's out of her mind.

Brady sits Theresa down as Eve rushes over and asks what's wrong with her. Brady has no idea and neither does Theresa. Theresa says she saw something. Eve asks what it was but Theresa doesn't know.

Rafe admits he was out of line and apologizes but tells her that she and Chad is a big mistake. Jordan thinks Rafe doesn't like Chad because he's a DiMera. Rafe shouts back that he knows for a fact that she can't trust him.

Chad watches as Ben and Abigail kiss then walks to the back. John and Abe sit and talk at the club. Abe is happy that John accepted his offer. John hopes he can live up to Rafe's reputation. Abe asks if Marlena is okay with it. John informs him that she's the one who encouraged him to do it. Chad comes back out and confronts Ben, questioning things still going well with Abigail. Chad brings up being Abigail's first but Ben cuts him off.

Melanie questions Daniel asking her if she's out of her mind and she thought he would like Brady. Daniel talks about knowing Brady like a brother. Melanie asks what the problem is then. Daniel tells her that she doesn't know what Brady has been through since she left. Melanie says she knows about Kristen and Theresa. Daniel tells her that he's not worried about her being good for Brady but Brady being good for her right now.

Theresa tells Eve and Brady to knock it off as she's fine. Brady asks if she's sure. Theresa says she'll be fine as soon as Brady leaves. Theresa blames Brady not leaving her alone. Theresa steps aside so Eve suggests Brady leave. Brady walks away. Eve asks Theresa what's going on. Theresa questions what she's doing there. Eve says she was shopping. Theresa mocks her wanting to talk and says she has to meet somebody. Eve asks if it's a new guy. Theresa questions why she cares. Eve tells her that she does care about her. Theresa tells her to stop and worry about someone else like Paige.

Paige tells JJ to stay out of her life since they are over like he wanted. JJ brings up how Cole is. Paige blames Bev. JJ says it's not about him but Cole. Paige responds that she knows what Cole is all about unlike JJ. Paige remarks that JJ had her fooled. JJ calls Cole a player. Paige questions who JJ is to talk. Paige tells JJ to go find the girl he hooked up with and leave her alone.

Daniel doesn't think any guy is good enough for Melanie but he thinks it's too soon for Brady to be in a relationship with anyone especially one that could hurt him if it doesn't work out. Daniel worries about Brady staying sober and points out Brady being older than her. Daniel doesn't think she's looking at this realistically. Melanie thinks there is really a chance they could make each other happy. Daniel asks if she loves Brady. Melanie doesn't know but doesn't see a problem in trying to figure it out. Melanie sits with Daniel and tells him that she put her heart away for a long time after Chad so it's been awhile since she's felt this way. Melanie says they are going slow and they feel it's worth the risk but didn't want to hide it from anybody. Daniel asks her about telling Maggie. Melanie informs him that Maggie already walked in on them kissing so those are the only opinions she cares about. Melanie promises not to do anything crazy and points out they haven't even been on a date yet so it could be over before it begins. Melanie says they have to give it a shot and Daniel agrees. Melanie thanks him and promises not to keep anything from him again as they hug.

Eve tells Theresa that she knows she's trying to get her going. Theresa informs Eve that Paige came to see her today and asked if she was with JJ lately. Theresa says Paige would be dumb to think she'd hang out with JJ again. Eve claims not to know why she would be asking since they broke up. Theresa assures her that Paige is as hung up on JJ as ever. Eve says she has errands to run. Theresa insists she's okay. Eve notes that she's acting a little crazy even for her as she walks away. Theresa wonders what did weird her out. Clint returns and asks if she's okay. Theresa tells him that she's never been better.

Paige tells JJ to go so he does. Paige apologizes to Cole. Cole apologizes but Paige tells him that JJ is no longer her boyfriend.

Daniel goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and confronts Brady, telling him they need to get a few things straight.

Rafe tells Jordan to look him in the eye and tell him that she trusts Chad so she does. Jordan is sick of Rafe thinking she's dumb. Rafe thinks she's getting conned by a pro and is going to get hurt. Jordan tells him that she can take care of herself and adds that nothing Chad could do could possibly hurt her more than Rafe did. Jordan then exits.

Chad doesn't get why Ben is upset. Ben questions him talking about his sex life with Abigail. Chad says he has nothing but good things to say about Abigail and Jordan. Chad then tells Ben that Abigail isn't nearly as good as Jordan is in bed. Ben then punches Chad in the face and hops the bar to attack him. Chad fights back but Ben knocks him down with more punches. John and Abe break it up, questioning what is going on. Chad claims he was just trying to talk to Ben. Chad warns Ben about another incident. John holds Ben back as Abe walks Chad out.

Maggie goes to Daniel's to see Melanie and asks how it went. Melanie tells her that Daniel was surprised but she thinks she made him feel better about it. Melanie thinks it went really well.

Brady notes Daniel looking pretty upset. Daniel admits he really didn't see this coming. Brady points out that they didn't either. Daniel tells him that he loves him and would do anything for him so if they think this could be a good thing, then he won't get in the way. Brady tells him that it means a lot to him. Daniel tells him to let him finish. Daniel knows better than to get between them but before he gets into this, he should know one thing. Daniel warns that if he breaks Melanie's heart or hurts her a little bit then he will have to deal with him. Brady responds that he knows and doesn't have to say it but Daniel feels he does. Brady respects him protecting his daughter and adds that he's protective of her as well so he will never hurt her. Daniel agrees to hold him to that and then exits.

Clint and Theresa walk through the town square. He asks if she has to get back to work. She says yes but suggests calling in sick. Anne then catches up to her and reminds her that she's still on the clock so someone might catch on. Theresa suggests telling them that she got sick. Anne worries about losing her job. Clint tells Anne that Theresa isn't going back but Theresa decides Anne is right that she should get back. Theresa tells Clint that she will see him later. Anne questions what is wrong with Theresa and if she's out of her mind spending time with Clint as they walk off.

Cole sits with Paige and comments on things changing whlie he was in rehab as he thought she and JJ were tight. Paige says they were but now they're not. Cole asks if he hooked up with someone else. Paige asks how he knew. Cole says he didn't, he just knows JJ. JJ watches from a distance and then calls Eve. She asks what he wants. JJ tells her that they have to talk in person right now. Eve asks what's going on. JJ says he'll tell her when he sees her. Eve says she can't be seen with him. JJ offers to come to her place but she says no so JJ tells her she will come to his place since no one is home. JJ tells her about coming in the back way and assures that no one is home. JJ says if anyone comes home, they can say she came to let him have it and they will buy it. Eve doesn't like this but JJ tells her to trust him and he'll see her there in five minutes.

Chad is brought in to the hospital. Jordan and Abigail come in and ask what happened. Chad tells them it was Ben.

Rafe shows up at the club. John thanks him for coming and Rafe asks what happened. John tells Rafe that he's going to have to take Ben in. Rafe asks why. John tells him that Ben started beating the hell out of Chad. Rafe asks what he did that for. Ben says he said something he didn't like but it doesn't matter. John says Chad claimed Ben's done it before and that Rafe knows all about it so he asks him to talk about it.

Maggie asks Melanie what Daniel said. Melanie tells her that Daniel felt Brady hasn't been sober long enough. Maggie calls it true as wisdom says someone should be sober for a year before serious relationships. Melanie points out that Brady has been doing well. Melanie respects what Maggie is saying but assures that she cares just as much about Brady's sobriety. Maggie knows how much she cares about him. Melanie calls Brady her best friend, who has been there for her through everything. Melanie adds that she would never hurt Brady or disappoint Maggie. Maggie tells her not to worry as she could never disappoint her then they hug.

Anne and Theresa go to the hospital. Anne questions Theresa going from Brady to Paul to Clint. Theresa calls him fun. Anne calls him a druggie loser with issues. Theresa calls him the perfect guy for her and walks off.

Cole tells Paige that she was right to break it off with JJ. Cole tells her about how JJ took Bev from him just because he could. Paige stops him and doesn't want to hear it.

Eve meets with JJ. Eve tells JJ about Paige grilling Theresa about him and that she's still very into him and is trying to figure out who he slept with. JJ tells Eve that it's not her biggest problem as he saw Paige talking to Cole. Eve doesn't see the big deal in talking. JJ tells her to stop this before it goes any further. Eve tells him to calm down. JJ tells her that she has to listen to him. JJ tells her that Cole is much worse than him. JJ tells her that Cole is a drug dealer and user who just got of rehab and being clean won't last. Eve thinks he's trying to turn her against a boy who likes Paige. JJ informs her about Cole trying to plant drugs on her when they first met. Eve questions if he's making it up. JJ tells Eve to hate Cole and watch out for Paige. Eve points out that she got JJ out of her life. JJ tells her that none of this is Paige's fault but she could be the one to pay the price. JJ doesn't blame Paige for not listening to him but tells Eve to step up and be a mother so that Paige doesn't get hurt again. JJ adds that with Cole, it will be much worse. JJ asks Eve if she hears what he's saying. Eve swears to take care of him.

Cole apologizes to Paige for starting in on JJ. Cole talks about trying to apologize to people he's hurt since getting out of rehab. Cole apologizes for trying to plant drugs on her and now wants to start over again but he feels there isn't a place for him. Paige notes it must be really hard but encourages him to give it time. Paige says she has to go and walks away but stops and asks if he's okay. Cole tells her that he's cool and he'll get going too. Cole then stops and says he doesn't know where to go since going home would drive him nuts while Bev and Rory hate him now. Paige suggests making new friends. Cole says the good kids don't like him either and he thinks they are stuck up losers. Paige asks what he'll do. Cole tells her about an app that writes songs on his phone and shows it to her.

Theresa tells Anne that she's sick of trying to impress guys like Brady while Clint is in to her for who she is. Anne questions what Clint does for a living but Theresa doesn't know or care. Anne hopes he doesn't start borrowing money from her. Theresa says he's not flaky like Paul or anything like Brady which she likes the most about him.

Melanie goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and joins Brady. Brady tells her that he talked to Daniel. Melanie asks how it went. Brady calls it as well as could be expected but he didn't seem too happy. Melanie asks if Brady is happy.

Daniel returns home and tells Maggie that he talked to Brady. Maggie asks if he's angry with him. Daniel admits he is a little but he's not the one he's really mad at nor is Melanie. Daniel says he's just mad at himself.

Rafe tells Ben that he doesn't like Chad anymore than he does as he goes around pressing people's buttons but Ben has to find a better way to deal with it. Rafe reminds Ben about warning him against getting in another fight with him. Rafe asks if Chad is pressing charges. Ben says of course he is as he finally got what he's been trying to get all this time.

Jordan is surprised Ben did this to Chad. Chad says Ben just lost it. Abigail questions Ben punching him for no reason at all and wonders what Chad said to him. Chad claims he was just trying to start a conversation but it doesn't take a lot to set Ben off. Abe comes in and informs Chad that he may have a concussion but no broken ribs. Chad jokes about getting off easy. Abe asks if Chad plans on pressing charges. Abigail is sure there's a reasonable explanation. Chad says this has happened one too many times and Ben needs to learn a lesson. Jordan offers to talk to Ben but Chad declares he's pressing charges and walks out with Abe.

Rafe tells John that he bets Chad provoked this fight since he did the same thing to him. John points out that Rafe didn't beat him up. John says he has no choice with Ben's history and arrests him.

Maggie questions Daniel being mad at himself. Daniel guesses it's because he never knew Melanie growing up and he's been determined since she came into his life to protect her and make sure no one hurt her again. Maggie understands him feeling that way but reminds him that Melanie is an adult now. Daniel says that doesn't mean she doesn't need her dad. Daniel feels like he's not doing enough and is letting her down. Maggie insists that he's not and never will. Maggie adds that Daniel is loving and supportive of his children but there comes a time as a parent to accept that their children will eventually need to find their own way with their own choices. Maggie tells Daniel to just be there for them. Daniel points out that's how Maggie is for him as they hug.

Brady tells Melanie that he forgot what being happy meant and then he looks at her and it all comes back to him. Brady tells her that he is very happy. Melanie says she is too. Melanie asks what he's doing tonight. Brady responds that he has no plans and Melanie doesn't either. He asks what she wants to do. She suggests going on a date. Brady agrees and they kiss.

Theresa complains more about Brady and points out Brady's relationships never working out. She calls it his problem not hers while Clint can't be worse for her than Brady.

Clint walks out of the town square on the phone. He says he's been doing more than keeping his eye on her, he's made contact. Clint says they have nothing to worry about as if something happens, he knows exactly how to handle the situation.

Cole tells Paige that she's nothing like what Bev said and is actually cool. Paige thanks him. Cole apologizes for being wrong about her and talks about not knowing people. Paige says she knows what he means.

Eve tells JJ that they may hate each other but they both care about Paige. JJ asks what she's going to do about Paige and Cole. Eve says she's going to go. JJ stops her and demands an answer as this is a disaster waiting to happen and she's the only one who can stop it. Eve responds that if Cole is anything like JJ, she can handle him. JJ asks if she means she's going to have sex with him too. Eve tries to slap JJ but he catches her arm and they get close before she pulls away.

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