Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/21/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/21/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel texts Nicole to stop ignoring him and call as they need to talk about last night. Jennifer arrives as Daniel expects Nicole. Jennifer asks if it's a bad time but Daniel invites her in. Jennifer thanks him for agreeing to talk. Jennifer tells him that JJ is going through a really bad time and she thinks Daniel is the only one who could help him.

Paige and Daphne talk at school about trying to figure out who JJ slept with as Daphne confirmed it was not Bev. JJ and Rory then walk by.

Clyde and Jeremiah meet in the park. Jeremiah informs Clyde that Victor is pushing back.

Victor and Rafe talk at the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor excitedly tells Rafe that the nightclub exceeded expectations so they got a lot of money. Rafe credits Victor but Victor says Rafe is part of it too. Rafe is unsure but Victor insists that most people were having a good time last night. Rafe jokes that he didn't expect to be talking about his ex girlfriends as Victor comments that Jordan seemed miserable but points out that she was with Chad.

Chad and Jordan kiss in bed. Jordan is happy with last night but Chad regrets going since Rafe was there. Jordan assures that Rafe didn't bother her so Chad points out that Clyde did.

Brady and Melanie meet at Sonny's club. Melanie jokes that they are on their date to talk about if they should date. They go back and forth over who should do the talking. Melanie admits that she didn't see this coming since they always just had a friendship but now the idea of being together seems right. Melanie thinks they should give it a chance. Brady agrees.

Theresa has a nightmare about the park as she wakes up in bed with Clint.

Melanie is glad they have decided and they joke about passing that point. They talk about whether or not it will work out. Brady jokes that they can start dating now. Brady brings up their relationships with family. Melanie brings up Maggie not being so happy when she saw them kissing. Brady brings up Theresa.

Theresa apologizes for waking up Clint and claims she just panicked thinking she was late for work. Theresa then suggests staying in bed all day but Clint says he has things to do. Theresa thinks he's done with her then but Clint stops her. Clint suggests meeting up later and Theresa agrees that would be great as they kiss.

Jennifer talks about Daniel and JJ still being so close. Daniel asks what's going on. Jennifer says this time it's a matter of the heart.

JJ greets Paige as he and Rory pass by. Rory comments that Paige hates JJ now. JJ states that she has every right too.

Brady tells Melanie that they have to talk about Theresa as she asked him point blank if they were dating. Brady worries that Theresa will lash out if she finds out. Melanie jokes about the idea. Brady wants her to be careful. Melanie assures that she can handle whatever she throws. Melanie worries about Theresa telling Daniel to try and cause trouble which means they have to tell Daniel themselves right away.

Jennifer tells Daniel that JJ and Paige are having a lot of problems. She feels like she's betraying JJ by telling him. Daniel assures her that it's just between them. Jennifer says she doesn't know what happen and thinks JJ needs to talk to a man. Daniel agrees to talk to him but points out that he'll know Jennifer asked him to. Jennifer just wants JJ to get it out. Daniel agrees to text him and mentions going to the school to set up a lecture for pre-med students anyway. Jennifer thanks him. Jennifer adds that it's so nice to know that she can still count on him.

Rory tells JJ that this could be a positive since there will be thousands of parties in college. JJ jokes about Rory getting in to college. Rory wants to know what JJ did that turned him in to such a drag. JJ thinks back to being with Eve and tells Rory that he made the worst mistake of his life, he knew it, and then did it again.

Daphne asks Paige if she still thinks JJ hooked up with someone she knows. Paige wonders who if not Bev. Daphne suggests someone he dated before. Paige then says she can't believe she didn't think of her before and rushes off.

Victor and Rafe talk about Chad not liking that Rafe showed up. Rafe points out Jordan not liking that Clyde was there. Victor says he's not going to let Clyde come in to his town like he owns it. Rafe offers his input and warns Victor not to be stupid. Victor says he wouldn't dream of it as getting caught would be stupid and that won't happen. Rafe questions going after Clyde but Victor cuts him off and reminds him that he's not a cop anymore. Rafe says he won't do everything he asks. Victor says he won't ask him to get his hands dirty as he can take care of Clyde himself. Rafe suggests they don't have to legally.

Jordan doesn't want to talk about Clyde but Chad suggests talking about what bothered her so much. Chad brings up Ben being buddies with Clyde. Jordan thinks it's important for Ben to think Clyde is trying to change. Jordan decides she should go. Chad didn't want to ruin this. Jordan says she's just running late and kisses him goodbye as she gets out of bed.

Clyde asks Jeremiah when this was. Jeremiah tells him it was late last night on the docks and he's sure it was Victor's men. Clyde thinks back to arguing with Victor and decides he didn't make himself clear enough so now they really have to drive home the message.

Chad walks through the town square on the phone. He comments that he's not having the best morning and then sees a flower shop. Chad cancels his meetings, saying he has something to do. Chad then approaches the flower shop.

Jordan works in her office at the hospital and comes across an article on Clyde being revealed as the anonymous donor. She crumples it up and throws it as Rafe enters. Rafe picks it up wondering what has her so riled up. Jordan calls it nothing. Rafe comments on how she reacted when he came in last night and notes that he's really getting to her.

Daniel goes to the school and meets JJ. Daniel asks if he has a minute. Rory jokes with JJ. Daniel invites JJ to his place to talk. Rory thinks he's going too but JJ explains that he just meant him. JJ exits with Daniel.

Paige goes to the hospital and asks Theresa if she can talk to her. Paige notes that she hasn't been coming over much. Theresa tells her that she and Eve aren't close. Paige thinks she used to find a reason to come over but now is finding reason to stay away. Theresa calls it paranoid. Paige accuses her of avoiding her because of what she did. Theresa tells her not to blame her as it was Eve's idea.

Brady asks Melanie if she's sure that telling Daniel is the right idea. Melanie thinks he should hear it from them. Brady wonders what if they don't like dating each other and they would've ended up making Daniel mad for no reason. Melanie questions if he doesn't think it's going to work out or if he's afraid that Daniel is going to kick his ass. Brady says he doesn't want to hurt a good friend. Melanie jokes about it and then decides she has to tell him. Melanie knows he will freak out but feels that she's done so much lying since being back that she has to tell him and she has to tell him today.

Theresa tells Paige that she was just following orders. Paige goes on thinking Theresa slept with JJ. Theresa talks about Eve telling her to just do it so she got it over with. Paige questions why she would go along with it. Theresa questions it being a big deal. Theresa says Eve didn't think she'd ever find out. Theresa keeps talking about it and says Paige is overreacting as it turned out great for everybody. Theresa then talks about Paige's trip to California. Theresa then reveals she was talking about going along with Eve's plan to say Shane was sick. Theresa asks who Paige thought she was talking about. Paige says it was nothing and then asks when she last saw JJ.

Daniel and JJ go back to Daniel's. Daniel asks him about breaking up with Paige. JJ realizes Jennifer put him up to this. Daniel admits she's worried and sees she has a reason to be. JJ admits that he's a mess. Daniel tells him that Jennifer gets that he can't talk to her about it but whatever he says stays between them. JJ wants to talk but it's such a mess that he doesn't know where to start.

Melanie worries to Brady that Maggie could let it slip about them and talks about Daniel almost seeing his text message or Theresa telling him. Melanie decides she has to tell Daniel today. Brady feels that she shouldn't have to do it alone. Jennifer arrives and calls this certainly a surprise.

Victor talks on the phone and decides he will pay a little visit.

Jordan asks if Rafe was looking for her. Rafe admits that he was to talk about Clyde as he still doesn't like the guy and wants him out of Salem. Rafe asks if she could tell anything to help put him behind bars. She points out that he's not a cop anymore. Rafe says he can still investigate people. Rafe tells her that it's not just about her anymore as he feels Clyde can hurt a lot of people. Rafe asks her to help him nail Clyde.

Victor confronts Clyde outside the town square and questions what he has to smile about. Clyde admits he got bad news earlier but it reminded him that he enjoys a good competition.

Rafe tells Jordan that she knows he's right that Clyde needs to be stopped. Jordan thinks back to Clyde threatening her. She then tells Rafe that she doesn't know of anything Clyde has done illegal in Salem. Rafe asks about before. Jordan says she can't help him and he's not a cop anymore so they shouldn't make things worse. Jordan doesn't want him to get hurt. Rafe says he can take care of himself. Rafe says he's worried about her because of Clyde and also Chad. Rafe can't stand seeing her with a DiMera. Jordan tells him he has no right to be jealous but Rafe says Chad is bad news and she can't trust him.

JJ tells Daniel that he screwed up just like he always does but he can't talk about it right now. Daniel won't push but offers anything to help. JJ says no one can do anything as he screwed up with Paige and he can't make it right. Daniel suggests she can forgive him but JJ says she can never find out what happened. Daniel asks about him ending things. Daniel suggests apologizing for hurting her. Daniel notes that JJ is miserable and says he needs to do something about that.

Theresa questions Paige why she wants to know when she last saw JJ. Paige asks if they hung out while she was in California. Theresa reminds her that they hate each other and asks what this is about. Paige says she just got confused about something. Clint shows up and suggests Theresa go on break. Paige points out that she just got there. Theresa remarks that she's exhausted from being cross-examined and goes off with Clint.

Brady asks Jennifer what she's surprised by. Jennifer says she just didn't expect to see them both and asks if she was interrupting something. They say no and Melanie says she was just complaining about work. Jennifer asks if it's Anne. Melanie says no and Jennifer tells her to let her know if Anne does anything. Jennifer says goodbye to them. They joke about how that went. Brady agrees that Daniel needs to know before the whole world does. Melanie thanks him for offering to come with her but she thinks she needs to do it herself. Brady wishes her luck as she exits.

Rory catches up with JJ outside the Pub and asks how it went with Daniel. JJ says he gave him some good advice and he wants to protect Paige. Rory doesn't think Paige seems like she needs protecting. JJ agrees he may be right.

Paige returns to school and tells Daphne that she thought she figured out who JJ slept with but she was wrong. Bev's ex Cole then approaches and tells Paige that she's exactly who he needed to see.

Brady sees Clint leave Theresa at the town square and asks if she's okay. Theresa questions if Brady's going to defend her honor and says she knows exactly what he's going to say.

Melanie goes to Daniel's and says she needs to talk to him. Daniel assumes it's about Serena after what happened with Nicole. Melanie asks what happened. Daniel calls it a public disagreement. Melanie is not surprised. Daniel wants to know what she wanted to tell him. Melanie says it can wait but Daniel says it's fine and asks what it is.

Cole tells Paige that he just got out of rehab and wanted to apologize for putting drugs in her purse because of Bev. JJ interrupts and questions what Cole is doing talking to Paige.

Theresa tells Brady that Clint is good in bed and that's all she cares about. She admits fooling around with a stranger might be a bad idea but it's better than being with him. She calls him a pathetic loser and she's glad he is out of her life.

Daniel thinks he's not going to like this. Melanie talks about not wanting him to hear it from someone else and he might not like it but he could like it. Daniel asks what she's trying to tell him. Melanie informs him that she and Brady are going to start dating each other.

Victor questions Clyde thinking this is a competition. Clyde tells Victor that he has no chance of winning. Victor refuses to walk away and let him take over the town. Clyde says he's thinking bigger than him. Victor warns him about going after his men. Clyde remarks that Victor doesn't have it anymore and is in the past as he walks away.

Jordan tells Rafe to go. Rafe knows he screwed up by sleeping with Kate and he'll regret that for the rest of his life. Rafe hopes she knows how much he loved her and still does. Rafe says maybe one day she will forgive him or at least stop hating him. Jordan tells him that she could never hate him. Rafe then grabs Jordan and kisses her right as Chad walks in with flowers.

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