Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/20/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/20/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will tells Paul that what happened between them shouldn't have. Paul questions if his personal life is off limits and tells him not to be a hypocrite as he talks like an expert when he's only been with one other guy. Will questions him saying that like it's wrong. Will says he fell in love with the first man he got with and it was right and still is. Paul questions again why things happened between them then. Will repeats that it shouldn't have. Paul points out that he never says he didn't want it to or like it or that he doesn't want it to happen again.

Victor meets with one of his workers about their men being attacked on the docks. Victor says he knows that Clyde is behind it.

Rafe tells Clyde not to worry about the bill as it's on the house. Clyde says he can afford it but Rafe tells them to have their drinks and get out as they are not welcome here. Kate questions who that is for since they know Jordan is there. Kate tells him that ship has sailed.

Jordan questions what Clyde has done to Ben to make him forget what a monster he is. Ben states that Clyde is his father and he's trying to make up for what he did.

Abigail tells Chad that she's not always running to Ben's rescue as he can take care of himself. Chad brings up Ben lying about Clyde's donation and claims lying is what Ben does. Abigail mocks that coming from Chad. Chad implies to Abigail that Ben is lying to her right now.

Marlena and John help Sonny put Arianna to bed. Marlena asks if Will is coming home soon as she hoped to see him. Sonny says he should be but the article has consumed him.

Paul asks Will if he wants something to happen now as he touches his hand.

Victor tells his associate about Clyde and his business practices. Victor says that he will take care of Clyde and he'll handle it. Maggie enters and greets Victor. She suggests they check out his new nightclub to see how things are going.

Rafe tells Kate that it has nothing to do with Jordan. He tells them to drink up and get out. Clyde says it's a free country and he's not a cop anymore. Rafe informs him that he's the manager of the place and reserves the right to refuse service. Clyde argues against it. Clyde thinks Rafe doesn't like that Kate has found a new man. Rafe responds that he doesn't give a damn what Kate does as he lost any concern for her when she brought Clyde to town. Kate calls it bad business since they attract media attention so if he throws them out, he'll bring bad publicity. Rafe questions Clyde wanting press poking around his background. Clyde doesn't think Rafe wants his first night on the job spoiled by two of Salem's leading citizens.

Paul kisses Will.

Abigail tells Chad that he doesn't know anything about Ben and couldn't understand. Chad mocks the idea and brings up Abigail being with him and EJ before Ben. Abigail calls Ben very different from Chad. Chad brings up EJ again. Abigail tries to leave but Chad says he's worried about her. Chad tells her that Ben showed up out of nowhere and lied about his name and Jordan being his sister. Abigail argues they were hiding from Clyde. Chad points out Ben having drinks with Clyde now and thinks he's trying to get a free ride. Abigail argues with him. Abigail tells Chad that what she shares with Ben is none of his business.

Jordan tells Ben that Clyde is throwing his money around. Ben believes Clyde is trying to change. Jordan calls it a sham. Ben asks how she can be so sure. Jordan thinks back to Clyde threatening to tell Ben everything. Jordan tells Ben that she doesn't want to lose him. Ben tells her that she can't lose him as he owes her his life. Chad and Abigail join them outside. Jordan decides they should stay awhile. Abigail is glad and compliments her.

Paul and Will continue kissing and begin to undress. Will thinks back to his wedding and stops, telling Paul that this can't happen again.

John tells Marlena about him possibly replacing Rafe in the police department. John talks about what it means for Basic Black. Sonny thinks John has already decided to do it and mentions that he's glad John and Marlena are back together. John says it's their decision not just his. Marlena wants him to do what makes him happy. John wonders what he did to deserve her.

Rafe questions Clyde and Kate being leading citizens. Abigail and Ben come back to the table. Abigail asks if everything is okay. Rafe tells them to enjoy their evening and walks away. Ben wonders what that was all about. Clyde calls it nothing important. Clyde and Kate step away to give Ben and Abigail some alone time. Rafe welcomes Chad and Jordan. Chad congratulates him on the new job. Rafe sends them to a table and agrees to send a server. Abigail tells Ben that it was nice of Clyde to get their drinks. Ben wishes Jordan could see he's trying. Abigail says it's something that she stayed. Victor and Maggie arrive. Maggie compliments him on the nightclub. Victor spots Chad and feels Stefano sent him to check them out. Maggie tells him that Chad is just on a date with a lovely woman so she's sure he's not casing the joint. Maggie tells Victor to get used to serving people a lot worse than Chad. Victor wonders what's worse than a DiMera. They then turn and see Kate and Clyde. Victor tells Rafe that he doesn't want to cater to the Duck Dynasty crowd in Clyde. Victor suggests getting rid of Clyde and Chad then jokes about not showing hospitality. Rafe agrees with Victor but doesn't want bad reviews for the club, pointing out that Kate would be the first one to do it. Rafe tells Victor what they need is something they can use against Clyde. Rafe asks if Victor found out anything new on him. Victor responds that he did. Kate comments to Clyde that he has so many friends here. Clyde tells her that he only needs her. Kate gets a call and steps away so Victor approaches Clyde. Clyde calls it a nice establishment. Victor threatens to toss him out. Clyde asks if they have a problem. Victor tells him that his employees are like family so attacking them is attacking him and he made a big mistake.

Sonny finishes a call with T and tells Marlena there was no problem. Marlena decides they will go now. Sonny thanks them for stopping by. Sonny jokes with John about accepting the job as John reminds him he hasn't accepted yet. Marlena tells him to tell Will they are sorry they missed him as they exit. Sonny wonders where Will is.

Paul questions Will wanting to stop now. Will apologizes but says what they are doing is wrong. Paul wishes he thought that ten minutes ago. They put their clothes back on as Paul tells Will to go. Will apologizes again. Will suggests taking a step back and breathe then picking up where they left off with the article. Paul tells Will that he hates talking about himself and has had enough. Will tells Paul that he read every interview he ever gave and he was vocal about himself. Paul asks if Will thinks this is a joke. Paul tells Will it's not going to happen. Will tells him he can't just wish away who he is. Paul tells Will that he's not sure he wants any of this. Will questions if Paul is saying he won't do the article unless he sleeps with him again.

Kate greets Jordan at the nightclub. Chad tries sending Kate away. Kate comments on Rafe being there. Kate tells them to enjoy as she walks away. Chad suggests leaving and Jordan agrees. Ben watches as they exit. Ben comments that it didn't last long. Abigail tells Ben that he can go after her if he wants. Ben thanks Maggie for including him on Christmas Eve. Abigail questions Clyde knowing Victor. Maggie didn't know Ben's father was in town. Ben informs her that Clyde is his father. Maggie recognizes the name as the anonymous donor.

Clyde tells Victor that his man on the docks made the mistake. Victor questions beating a man nearly to death over a shipping deal. Clyde calls it business and says the man got in his way. Victor responds that now Clyde is in his way.

Paul asks if Will slept with him in the first place was to get the story. Will says no. Paul questions if Will would cross the line one more time and sleep with him for the story. Paul then admits he's being a jerk and tells him not to answer. Paul points out that Will never said there was someone else so he didn't know. Will apologizes for not saying something. Paul asks why he didn't. Will admits he was flattered that someone like him would find him interesting and he wasn't thinking straight. Will tells Paul that whatever he decides to do is fine but his editor is calling him four times a day so he needs to submit a story soon whether or not he decides to come out.

Clyde tells Victor that he stepped over him. Clyde says Victor has his respect for owning the territory for 30 years but now he can walk away and leave the rough business to him. Victor tells him that he doesn't have a clue who he's dealing with. Clyde sees a shadow of the man who used to run the town. Clyde tells Victor to enjoy retirement. Maggie then interrupts to introduce herself to Clyde. Kate joins Clyde as he talks about his donation to the hospital. Maggie decides to leave them to it. Clyde offers to share a drink with them but Kate points out that Maggie doesn't drink anymore. Maggie wishes them a goodnight. Clyde comments that it was nice meeting her. Victor wants to go so Maggie goes to say goodnight to Abigail. Rafe comes back and Victor tells him that he's seen enough. Rafe comments on Clyde. Victor says he will handle Clyde. Rafe warns Victor not to do anything dangerous.

Chad and Jordan sit outside the town square and talk. Jordan thanks him for making her night perfect and they kiss.

John and Marlena go to Sonny's club and it's empty. John comments on it being dead in here. Marlena wonders if that's what upset Sonny. They talk about Sonny seeming out of it for awhile. Marlena thinks a lot is going on with Sonny and Will as they are so busy with their careers that she's worried about them.

Will gathers his things and says goodbye to Paul. Paul asks if he really thinks him coming out could help people. Will encourages him about it. Paul feels he's making a big assumption that it will be okay. Will brings up other gay athletes like Jason Collins and Michael Sam. Will tells Paul that it could be him too and it's whatever he decides. Paul agrees to do it. Will asks if he's sure. Paul says that he is. Will agrees on tomorrow. Paul adds that he's glad he met him. Will feels the same as he exits. Will then puts his wedding ring back on and walks off.

Abigail and Ben thank Clyde for the drinks as they prepare to leave. Clyde questions them leaving so soon. Ben says he has early classes. Clyde jokes with him then tells him that he's proud of him. Ben says thanks dad as they say goodnight. Ben and Abigail exit. Clyde tells Kate that Ben had never called him dad before ever. Kate is happy for him.

Abigail and Ben walk through the town square. She asks if he's okay since he hasn't said much since they left. She asks him what's up. Ben tells her that it just came out of his mouth like the most natural thing in the world as he called Clyde dad. Abigail admits she noticed it. Ben says he never said that in his life and recalls being locked in a room as a child for not saying it. Abigail notes that this is big but also thinks it's good. Ben wonders what if he's wrong as Jordan is so sure he's playing them. Ben worries if Clyde hasn't changed at all.

Paul talks on the phone to his mom about having some more physical therapy so he'll be staying in Salem a while longer and he also has a few other things to take care of. Paul suggests she and his grandfather come for a visit.

Will comes home and asks Sonny if he's okay. Sonny says he's not okay. Will apologizes for being late. Sonny says it's not that but the club was deserted tonight and it's the first night that they actually lost money. Will asks if he knows why. Sonny informs him that Victor's club opened tonight. Will questions Victor opening a club to compete with him. Sonny tells him that Victor wanted him to run it but he didn't want to take something from Victor as a handout. Will worries about being broke and not being able to pay their bills. Sonny asks if he's going to blame him blowing their savings.

Abigail tells Ben that if he wants a relationship with Clyde then he has to give it a chance. Ben says all he knows is that he's so lucky to have her.

Jordan tells Chad that he has been so great and patient with her. She promises to not let anyone ruin this for them, especially not Clyde. They continue kissing.

Kate is glad things are progressing with Ben for Clyde. Clyde says he won't get ahead of himself. Kate knows he'll pull back but is so happy for him. Kate asks about Clyde's chat with Victor. Clyde says they got a few things straight but Kate doubts it as she saw the hatred in Victor's eyes which is how he looked at Stefano. Clyde takes it as a compliment. Kate warns Clyde to be careful as Victor may be older but he's lethal. Clyde appreciates her concern but assures that he can handle Victor. Clyde and Kate kiss. Rafe sees them and turns away at the bar.

Victor and Maggie return home. Maggie questions Victor being so quiet. Victor says he's just preoccupied. Maggie questions if it's with Kate's new man and if he's jealous. Victor sarcastically goes along with it. Maggie brings up their history. Victor tells her that he doesn't care who Kate is with. Maggie questions why he doesn't like Clyde. Victor calls it gut instinct. Maggie points out that Clyde seems like a nice man and made a generous donation to the hospital so he's obviously trying to make a home in Salem. Victor responds that he's trying too hard.

Paul's mom tells him that they can't come to Salem right now. Paul asks if it's because of grandpa as he thought he was okay. She tells him that it's just not a good time and too busy. Paul questions what's keeping them so busy as he wants to see them. She tells him that she can't come to Salem as it's just not possible. She says she loves him and will speak soon as she hangs up. Paul sits down in frustration and declares they can just read about him coming out then with the rest of the world.

Will tells Sonny that he didn't mean that. Sonny continues to blame himself for blowing all their money. Will tells him to let it go. Sonny says Will won't let it go. Will questions him. Sonny complains about not taking handouts. Sonny shouts maybe he did just get lucky with the club and storms out into the bedroom.

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