Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/19/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/19/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric asks Daniel why he's worried about Serena being inside. Daniel informs him that he came with Nicole, who is inside too.

Nicole tells Serena that a guy bumped into her and knocked her drink. Serena calls her a nasty piece of work and shoves her. Nicole calls her a bitch and shoves her back. Serena tells her that she just made a huge mistake and pushes her onto the couch.

Abigail exits the Pub and runs in to Kate, who says she's just the person she wanted to see. Kate says she owes her an apology.

T and Ben talk at the club about the club being dead for the night. T talks about the nightclub taking their business. Ben hopes he doesn't lose his job. Chad enters and tells him that he doesn't have to worry about losing his job as long as he's dating his sister.

Jordan sits in her office and thinks back to arguing with Clyde and the night her mom died. Clyde then enters.

Will catches up with Paul. Paul tells him that he doesn't think he can do this because it would kill his grandfather.

Daniel and Eric talk about needing to find Nicole and Serena.

Nicole tells Serena to stay away from her. Serena accuses her of stalking her since day one. Nicole removes her earrings and tells her to bring it on as they begin fighting. Rafe notices and rushes over.

T holds Ben back from Chad. Chad says it came out wrong and apologizes. Chad adds he did come to talk to him and asks if he has a minute. T steps away as Ben asks what he wants. Chad asks about Ben and Jordan. Ben tells him that what happens between he and Jordan stays between them. Chad questions Ben lying to Jordan and how he knew how she would react. Chad says Clyde bought Ben. Ben grabs him and tells him that no one buys him.

Jordan questions what Clyde is doing there and assumes he wants to be seen at the hospital as the great donor. Clyde says he did her wrong with the way he told her about her mom.

Paul tells Will that his grandfather would never understand. Will tells him that's how he thought too. Paul talks about Japanese culture being different. Will argues that Paul was raised in the United States. Will says if Paul's family loves him then he has to give them a chance. Will says he speaks from experience that family love can save him. Paul questions if that's the title of his article and if his story is all he cares about.

Serena and Nicole wrestle on the floor until Rafe breaks it up along with Daniel and Eric. Eric asks what's going on. Daniel declares it's over. Nicole shouts that Serena started it. Serena yells back that she'll finish it as Daniel and Eric hold them back.

Will tells Paul that they are talking about his life not the article. Will says he won't write anything about him being gay if he doesn't want him to as he has plenty of stuff to write about him. Paul apologizes. Will knows it can get confusing as he went through it too. Paul says it seemed so simple but now everything is overwhelming. Will says it may just seem that way but offers to talk it through and put things in perspective. Paul says not here. Will suggests his office but Paul feels that's too public so if he wants to talk, they will go to his hotel room.

Abigail asks Kate why she owes an apology. Kate talks about making a scene at the hospital and causing Ben to say something he wishes he hadn't. Abigail understands Kate doesn't like Jordan and loved watching her get hurt. Abigail tells Kate to apologize to Jordan but Kate says that won't happen. Abigail says it baffles her that Kate could be so petty and jealous when it comes to Jordan. Kate argues that she's not jealous, she just doesn't like her and never will.

Clyde tells Jordan that what he said came out so mean and foul. Jordan understands he wanted to be hurtful. Clyde admits she made him so mad but it wasn't right to treat her how he did. Clyde wished he never had to tell her what happened. Clyde says she is so much like her mom. Clyde talks about wanting to make things up to Ben. Jordan calls it a string of lies and questions why she would ever believe him as she leaves.

Chad and Ben continue to argue as Abigail enters and tries to interrupt. Chad tells Ben to apologize if he cares about Jordan as he then exits.

Rafe, Daniel, and Eric stop the fight. Daniel questions what happened. Nicole says she was minding her own business while Serena accuses her of dumping her drink on her. Serena argues it was on purpose like Nicole breaking in to her room. Daniel says accidents happen but Serena doesn't believe it. Rafe suggests taking it outside. A woman intervenes and says she saw the whole thing and believes Nicole did do it on purpose. Nicole calls it a lie and tries to go after her but Daniel holds her back. Rafe questions the woman. She admits she was behind some people. Rafe realizes she didn't really see the whole thing and escorts her away. Daniel calls that not helpful. Serena asks Daniel if he really thinks it was an accident after everything Nicole has done. Nicole tells her to get over herself. Serena wants to forget about it and go somewhere else. Rafe apologizes to her for Nicole's temper getting the best of her. Eric exits with Serena. Nicole questions Rafe taking Serena's side. Rafe says it's his first night and he didn't see what happened other than Nicole attacking her. Nicole complains about her shoulder hurting. Daniel suggests they leave. Nicole asks why when Serena started it. Daniel points out that it's Rafe's first night and he doesn't deserve this. Nicole apologizes to Rafe. Rafe tells her to forget about it and walks away. Nicole asks Daniel why she is always the one that has to apologize as they then exit.

Jeremiah meets with Clyde in the park, apologizing for being late. He tells Clyde that Victor's truckers didn't know what hit them. He tells them that there was a fight with chains and tire irons and Victor's guys got hurt. They think that Victor will get the message loud and clear. Clyde declares it's time for Victor to get out of the way.

Ben asks Abigail why he always lets Chad get to him. Abigail says he just knows how to push his buttons. Ben declares Chad was right and he needs to talk to Jordan. Abigail suggests doing that later while they spend time together now. T comments on the club being dead for the night and agrees to close for the night so Ben can go with Abigail. Abigail jokes with T about finding him a girl soon. Ben and Abigail kiss.

Jordan returns to her office and finds Chad waiting. She asks what he's doing there. Chad gives her a new dress for her to wear to the nightclub opening. Chad tells her that her work can wait until tomorrow. Jordan agrees and they exit together.

At Paul's hotel room, Paul tells Will that he wasn't jerking him around when he said he wasn't ready, he just keeps wondering if it's worth it. Will says it's up to him as only he can make that decision. Will asks if he wants to live being the person he really is or if he wants to keep living a lie.

Clyde goes to the Pub and meets Kate, telling her that she looks special tonight. Clyde apologizes that he couldn't pick her up but he had a business meeting. Kate says she dressed for an occasion but needs to know the occasion. Clyde talks about having nothing but calls from reporters, telling him what a good person he is and treating him like a big shot so he wanted to take her out for a celebration. Kate wants a martini. Clyde says he's here to make sure she gets whatever she wants as they exit together.

Paul asks Will if he ever regrets coming out. Will says he only regrets not doing it sooner. Will talks about so many people just accepting it. Paul doesn't see that in his future. Will points out that his life is already going to change a lot with no baseball. Will says it will be harder for him to pretend with women. Paul says he never had to. Will adds that he didn't either until one day he realized that using another person is unfair. Will admits he really hurt a lot of people. Paul asks how many he hurt by coming out.

Eric brings Serena back to his place and apologizes. Serena asks what he has to be sorry about. Eric says he's sorry they ran in to Nicole. Serena says she's sorry about that too and now has to go back on her word about being a grownup and not letting Nicole bother her anymore because she's bothering her again.

Daniel brings Nicole back to his place. Nicole asks if he was sticking up for her or if he really believes it was an accident. Nicole insists it was an accident. Daniel tells her that is what he believes as they hug and then kiss.

Abigail and Ben go the night club. Rafe greets them and tells them to make themselves at home. Ben says this must be why their club is so dead tonight. Abigail is surprised to learn Rafe is working here. Ben asks how it's going. Rafe says there were some bumps in the road but everything's fine now and tells them to enjoy. Clyde and Kate then arrive. Rafe then says to himself there's more bumps.

Will tells Paul that most people were understanding but some people were upset that he wasn't honest sooner and others it took longer to get used to the idea. Paul wishes he could believe it would work that way for him. Will admits it will be different since he's not famous while Paul is. Will feels that Paul could make a difference for a lot of people and could be a hero. Paul questions if Will guarantees he'll meet the man of his dreams and live happily ever after. Will states that he did so why can't Paul.

Daniel and Nicole kiss until he stops and points out that Melanie could come home at any minute so he suggests going to her hotel room. Nicole says it means so much that he believes her and is on her side. Nicole complains that Serena has caused a lot of trouble for her and calls her a drama queen. Nicole blames her for making an ugly scene and proving her point that she's a total bitch. Nicole asks if Daniel agrees that she's a psycho who only thinks about herself. Daniel admits she overreacted and hopes she apologizes. Nicole points out that's not what she asked.

Eric complains about Nicole still finding a way to get in his life. Eric tells Serena that he's worried about her. Serena assures that she can take it. Serena adds that she's partly to blame for attacking Nicole. Eric tells her not to blame herself. Serena suggests not letting Nicole spoil the rest of their night together. Eric agrees to talk about anything but Nicole. Serena suggests he show her the rest of his art collection and then they can talk about what they remember from the Congo. Eric notes that most of his collection is packed up or in his bedroom. Serena points out his bedroom.

Clyde and Kate approach Abigail and Ben's table. Clyde apologizes for putting Abigail in a terrible spot. Rafe talks about hearing about that too. Clyde says he's trying to do good things. Rafe says he doesn't have a table for them so they can sit at the bar but Kate decides they will just sit with Abigail and Ben. Kate orders a martini while Clyde orders champagne for the table. Rafe goes to get a waitress. Clyde calls it wonderful as he hoped they could sit down together one night and here they are.

Paul questions Will being with the man of his dreams now. Will says he told him that he was the man who helped him come out and they've been together for a few years now. Paul questions him being his only relationship. Will says he loves him and he's right for him. Paul questions why he slept with him then.

Serena tells Eric that she's kidding as she knows where they stand on the bedroom but she would like to see his artwork as a nice distraction from Nicole. Serena adds that she owes Eric an apology for letting him down tonight. Serena says she's stubborn and a fighter but tries not to be tacky like with Nicole tonight. Eric says he was just upset because Nicole was causing trouble for her again. Eric assures her that he doesn't hold it against her and they kiss. Serena thanks him and decides that since she can't stop talking about Nicole, she's going to pass on his artwork and go back home. Eric offers to walk her but Serena says it's only a block and they would just talk about Nicole anyway. Eric tells her that they deserve to be happy and he won't let Nicole ruin what they could have. Serena says she won't either as they kiss goodbye and Serena then exits. Serena gets a serious look on her face as she walks away.

Daniel tells Nicole that he's sorry about the situation. Nicole wants Daniel to tell her that he sees Serena for who she is and that he hates her. Daniel doesn't want to jump to hate after a mistake. Nicole questions him still liking her. Daniel says he will tell Serena to stay away from her tomorrow at the hospital. Daniel tells her to let it go as Serena is with Eric. Nicole shouts that it's not about Eric and can't believe this. Daniel says hate is another level and he won't lie about that to make her happy. Nicole decides she should go then. Daniel wishes she wouldn't. Nicole storms out, leaving Daniel confused. Daniel texts Eric to call him when he's free as it's important. Nicole says Serena might have Daniel fooled but she knows someone who isn't as she heads to the elevator with her phone.

Clyde tells a story about fishing when Ben was a child and falling into the river. Ben admits to remembering laughing. Chad arrives with Jordan. Jordan sees them together and says she can't stay here so she rushes out. Ben gets up and goes after her. Jordan questions what the hell Clyde has done to him. Abigail goes to follow but Chad stops her and says to let him go as she can't keep running to his rescue. The waitress brings champagne. Clyde says they will wait for the others to come back. Rafe tells Clyde not to worry about the bill as it's on the house. Clyde says they can afford it but Rafe tells them to have their drinks and go as they are not welcome here.

Will tells Paul that what happened between them shouldn't have. Paul questions if his personal life is off limits and tells him not to be a hypocrite as he talks like an expert when he's only been with one other guy. Will questions him saying that like it's wrong. Will says he fell in love with the first man he got with and it was right and still is. Paul questions again why things happened between them then. Will repeats that it shouldn't have. Paul points out that he never says he didn't want it to or like it or that he doesn't want it to happen again.

Eric and Daniel talk on the phone. Daniel hopes it won't happen again. Eric tells him that he knows Nicole and thinks Daniel will be sorry for ever getting involved with her as she's poison. Daniel thinks he's right and that he shouldn't have said that as he hangs up.

Serena sits in the town square with her tablet and looks up Nicole, saying this is who she's up against.

Nicole makes a call to the man who called her and said she thought about it and decided she does want the dirt on Serena so if he wants to bring her down, she is the one for the job.

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