Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/16/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/16/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will and Sonny talk at home. Sonny wonders why Adrienne hasn't answered his text about babysitting. Will informs him that Lucas answered his as Lucas then arrives to babysit. They apologize for the short notice but Lucas says it's no problem. Will kisses Sonny and tells him to have a great night and that he'll be home when he's back. Will exits. Lucas asks Sonny if it's another interview. Sonny tells Lucas that Will is dedicated to the story. Will removes his wedding ring as he walks off.

Anne and Theresa go to the opening of Victor's new nightclub. They talk about drinking. Theresa spots Rafe and approaches him. She asks what he recommends. Rafe says it's his first night too and introduces himself. Theresa introduces herself and Rafe recognizes her name as Shane's daughter. Rafe informs her that Shane saved his life in the past.

Maggie thought Brady and Melanie were just friends and questions if they meant with benefits. They talk over each other trying to explain until Maggie stops them. Maggie asks to speak to Brady alone.

Nicole's unknown caller tells her that he has a blockbuster story to blow Serena out of the water. She thinks back to Daniel warning her that they are done for good if he finds out she's not over Eric. He asks if Nicole is still there and threatens to go to someone else if she doesn't want the story. He asks what it's going to be.

Serena and Eric kiss at her place. Eric stops and says he didn't mean to get ahead of themselves. Serena blames herself and says she loves the photo Eric brought to her. She drops her envelope that she had in the safe of photos of Eric. Eric picks it up, asking if it's more photos but Serena stops him and says he can't look at that.

Adrienne shows up to help babysit Arianna and complains about being late because of Victor. Lucas jokes that she missed out and he's bonding with Arianna. Adrienne tells him he's being mean so Lucas gives Arianna to her. Adrienne gives her back to Lucas for a diaper change as they joke about being grandparents.

Paul meets Will in a private office building. Paul asks what he wants. Will says he wanted to meet here to stay focused. Paul asks if he was afraid to come to his hotel room and lose focus.

Rafe tells Theresa about meeting Shane. Theresa realizes that he's Sami's ex. Anne joins Theresa with drinks so Rafe goes to check in at the bar. Anne asks Theresa if he has promise but she says he's friends with her dad so no. Anne brings up seeing Rafe strip which surprises Theresa. Anne says that leaves him for her. Theresa suggests going to mingle because there has to be one good man in the room.

Melanie leaves Maggie and Brady alone but listens outside the door. Maggie admits to Brady that she's worried about Melanie but this is about her being his sponsor. Maggie tells him that it's too soon in his recovery for another relationship. Brady starts to agree but Melanie comes back in and interrupts, saying they are being responsible. Melanie questions how Maggie thinks she could hurt Brady and if she's the one that Maggie doesn't trust. Brady decides to leave and give them a moment alone.

Nicole joins Daniel in the shower and they kiss. Daniel asks if they have to get to the nightclub. Nicole tells him they'll get there and continues kissing him. Daniel asks about her call. Nicole says a guy had a tip for her but it wasn't worth the time or trouble.

Serena tells Eric that the envelope is confidential information with research on an article. Eric says he understands so Serena puts it aside. Serena shows him an app on her phone as they exit together.

Lucas brings Arianna back to Adrienne and they play with her. Lucas asks Adrienne about her project for Justin. Adrienne says he hasn't had a chance to look at it. Lucas talks about taking photos of Arianna and how it's great for Justin to have the photo album she sent. Adrienne asks what's going on with Lucas. He says not much but mentions that he did run in to Paul Narita today. Lucas asks if she's ever heard of him.

Will tells Paul that this article is a big deal for him too now as he's coming out and they have to get it right. Will says they have to be professional and he takes the article seriously. Will tells Paul that his story will help a lot of people. Paul questions if it will be so helpful when the cover story is Paul Narita's a fag.

T asks Sonny if Will is coming in tonight at the club. Sonny says they need customers. T complains that they are dead tonight. Sonny tells him that Will is working on an article tonight but it's confidential. T comments on Will not keeping in touch as much when he's his best friend and he doesn't even know what's going on with him.

Daniel questions Nicole letting go of a hot tip. Nicole says it wasn't worth it and is not a project she's interested in as she only cares about being here with him then they kiss.

Rafe exits the nightclub and greets Eric and Serena as they arrive. Rafe informs them that he's running the place. Eric introduces him to Serena. Eric adds that he's sorry about the department. Rafe says he was going to leave Salem but Victor gave him this job so he decided to give it a try. Serena comments that people are saying good things.

Anne and Theresa joke about hitting on the wrong guys. Anne says the night is still young. Anne sees a friend of hers and goes to her. Rafe comes back in with Serena and Eric. Eric heads to the bar. Rafe asks Serena about her and Eric. Serena tells him that they are old friends. Theresa heads to the bar and sees Eric only from behind. She unknowingly asks him for a drink then he turns around and she realizes her mistake.

Maggie tells Melanie that she and Victor thought something was up on New Year's Eve. Melanie says they didn't expect it but they are being responsible. Melanie says they thought maybe the attraction would past but it hasn't and they are trying to figure things out.

Adrienne tells Lucas that she thinks she's heard of Paul Narita. Lucas praises his baseball career but he doesn't understand why he's in Salem. Adrienne notes that it's the offseason. Lucas questions who would vacation in Salem. Adrienne suggests he's just passing through. Lucas goes to get food for Arianna. Adrienne then remarks that she knows what team Paul plays for.

Will tells Paul that he hasn't heard the word fag in a long time and asks if that's how he thinks of himself. Paul says there are a lot of haters out there. Will tells him that he's been there. Paul says he's only considering coming out because of what happened between them. Paul asks Will to tell him how it was for him.

Theresa jokes that she knew it was Eric and was just goofing around. Eric agrees to buy her a drink anyway. Eric orders three drinks and mentions being with Serena. Theresa tells him about just meeting Rafe. He asks how she's doing since she looked upset last he saw her at the hospital. Theresa says that's just work and thanks him for checking. Eric asks her to come say hi to Serena. She says she will in a minute. Eric goes back to Serena and Theresa rejoins Anne. Theresa complains about the nightclub being filled with ex cops and family members. Theresa declares she has to get out and rushes out with Anne.

Melanie tells Maggie that she and Brady have been friends for years and they get each other so maybe all those years of friendship will pay off in a different way. Maggie knows she has seen him through bad times before but last year was different. Melanie knows it's her job to look out for him as his sponsor but suggests they could be good for each other. Melanie questions if they should walk away just because the timing is weird. Maggie says they don't know. Melanie questions if Maggie let obstacles get in her way with Victor when people told her to stay away from him. Melanie feels that the obstacles made them stronger and she was in recovery but they fell in love anyway. Maggie agrees but wonders what if this is not love for her and Brady. Brady comes back in and says at least they will know where they stand. Maggie notes that neither of them respect closed doors and how they both must feel like they are in high school getting grilled. Brady knows she wants what's best for them and that they have made lousy decisions. Brady says they are trying to figure things out and ask her not to tell Victor or Daniel. Maggie agrees it's theirs to tell but hopes they keep talking to her. Brady agrees to as Maggie then exits. They joke about feeling like they are teenagers. They point out that Maggie is usually right. Melanie suggests tomorrow.

Adrienne and Lucas talk about Arianna as they put her to sleep. Lucas tells her that she doesn't have to stay if she doesn't want to but she says she's in no rush. Adrienne decides to make them some tea. Lucas jokes that their sons are turning in to old men as he finds that Will and Sonny were playing cribbage. Adrienne jokes about how she used to play so Lucas suggests they play.

Will tells Paul that he was so unwilling to admit that he became a murder suspect before telling his family that he was at a gay club. Will jokes that it was a rough week. Paul asks what made him go to the club and decide to live the life. Will says he finally realized that it was his life. Paul questions him coming to that all on his own. Will admits that he had help from a family member as well as a gay man who supported him completely. Paul notes that he sounds special.

T tells Sonny that they are the last ones at their club. T asks Sonny about Victor's new nightclub and if he's trying to run them out of business. Sonny informs him that Victor offered it to him but he turned it down. Sonny says a new club is bound to get a crowd but it's only a night while they are open all day. Sonny tells T to keep it open a little longer as he's heading out. T comments to tell Will to respond to a text for once as Sonny exits.

Daniel and Nicole head to the nightclub and they congratulate Rafe on the new job. Nicole mentions hearing good stuff about the place online. Daniel goes back to his car as he forgot his phone.

Serena tells Eric that she's going to find the restroom while Eric goes to look for Theresa. Rafe comes back in with Nicole.

Anne and Theresa go to the town square where Anne complains about leaving the excitement of the nightclub. Anne thought Theresa wanted to get out tonight and asks if she's still hung up on Brady but she quickly shoots that down. Theresa tells her that she really wants to have fun but it's hard to do when she can't see any options as she then spots a man walk by. He looks up and they exchange smiles.

Nicole has a drink at the bar with Rafe and gives her approval. Rafe asks about her and Daniel. Nicole says she's scared to say it out loud as it's new and they are taking it slow. Rafe goes back to work while Nicole remains at the bar. Eric continues looking for Theresa as Daniel enters and greets him. Eric mentions Serena being inside which worries Daniel. Nicole bumps into Serena and spils her drink on her. Serena accuses her of doing it on purpose.

Sonny comes home where Adrienne and Lucas finished their game of cribbage. Lucas says his goodbyes and exits. Adrienne talks about them babysitting and offers to stay with Sonny since Will isn't home. Sonny says Will thought he would beat him home so he has no idea.

Will tells Paul that the man he mentioned is the best. Paul says he had someone like that once but he pushed him away. Will asks about family as he had his grandmother who helped tell the others. Paul doesn't want to talk about his family. Will thought they'd be a big concern but Paul shouts back that he doesn't want to talk about them. Will apologizes. Paul then declares he can't do this. Paul says he's not going to come out and storms out. Will gathers his things and follows after him.

Melanie jokes with Brady then Maggie will be back to make sure she's gone. They shake hands and agree to see each other soon. Melanie then exits.

Theresa tells Anne that she's going to go say hello to the man. Anne decides she'll go back to the nightclub then and rushes off. Theresa approaches the man and greets him. He introduces himself as Clint. He asks where her friend went. She says she's there alone. He says she should have someone to party with. She suggests he fix that for her.

Eric asks Daniel why he's worried about Serena being inside. Daniel informs him that he came with Nicole, who is inside too.

Nicole tells Serena that a guy bumped into her and knocked her drink. Serena calls her a nasty piece of work and shoves her. Nicole calls her a bitch and shoves her back. Serena tells her that she just made a huge mistake and pushes her onto the couch.

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