Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/14/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/14/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe and Marlena walk out of the town square. Rafe thanks her for still seeing Gabi. Marlena says they are family. Marlena then tells Rafe that Gabi is scared that Rafe is going to leave town since he's not on the force and she won't see him anymore.

Hope apologizes for interfering. Aiden tells her this is none of her damn business. Hope starts to leave but Aiden stops her to apologize.

Paige demands to know who JJ slept with. JJ doesn't think it matters but Paige says it does. Paige assumes it's someone she knows or else he wouldn't be acting like this.

Eve and Jennifer argue about knowing JJ. Jennifer questions what she means and demands to be clued in now.

Abigail tells Ben that Jordan will come around. Ben argues that Jordan will never forgive him.

Jordan tells Clyde that she knows why he donated that money. Jordan tells him not to play innocent as he's trying to manipulate her life again and swears she won't let him. Clyde pushes her onto the bed and covers her mouth. Clyde holds her down and says it's time to set things straight. Clyde declares he's done taking crap from her and everyone else.

JJ tells Paige they are done and tries to walk away but she stops him and says they are in no way done.

Jennifer asks Eve to tell her what it is about JJ. Eve thinks back to being with JJ and goes to storm out but Jennifer stops her and questions her baseless accusations about JJ. Eve tells her to sit down because she won't like what she hears.

Clyde says he's been trying to make things right with Jordan but nothing is good enough for her. Clyde tells her to be more like Ben as he's coming around. She bites his hand and he raises his hand to hit her. Jordan tells him to go ahead and do it.

Abigail says Jordan knows that no one has been more protective of her than Ben. Ben says it's different with Clyde. Abigail insists that Jordan will see eventually but Ben disagrees. Anne interrupts and asks Abigail if Jordan had something better to do.

Jordan tells Clyde to go ahead and show what a big man he is but he stops. Clyde gets up and pours a drink. Jordan calls it just like the old days. He tells her to get out but she says no because she came to tell him something and he's going to listen.

Abe meets with John at the Pub and says he needs a favor. Abe asks John to come back to the force. John questions offering him a job. Abe informs him that it's Rafe's old job.

Rafe tells Marlena that there's nothing in Salem for him anymore but he won't be far. Marlena questions what he means. Rafe says he doesn't have a job. Marlena feels he is so well thought of here. Rafe says that was before he was thrown off the police force. Marlena questions him having no prospects. Rafe says not unless you count Victor's new nightclub.

Aiden tells Hope that he will talk to Chase about how rude he was. Aiden apologizes for talking to her like he did when she didn't deserve that. Hope apologizes for him always feeling like he has to explain himself to her. Aiden says the thing with the house and Chase is just a mess. Aiden reveals he's had the house on the market since first getting with Hope.

Eve reminds Jennifer about JJ's drug history. Jennifer blames it on JJ losing his father but that's in his past. Jennifer accuses Eve of trying to ruin JJ's life. Eve thinks she's being dramatic. Jennifer asks what JJ has ever done to her.

JJ argues that he thought they were done when she was in California and he was never going to see her. Paige questions him blaming her.

John tells Abe how long it's been since he's been a cop while he's a corporate executive now. Abe calls it another chance to do the work he thrives on and loves. Abe asks him to think about it and talk to whoever he needs to. Abe then exits.

Rafe tells Marlena about Victor's job offer. Marlena asks what the problem is. Rafe says he's a cop. Marlena feels it would be a good living for Rafe in Salem which would mean a lot to Gabi. Marlena hopes it works out for Rafe and she then walks away.

Aiden tells Hope that he had held on to the house because of Chase's memories but for him, it's just where he and Meredith fought and where she died. Aiden doesn't want to be trapped in the past anymore while he sees his future with Hope. Aiden questions why he would hold on to the house. Hope tells him that it doesn't matter to her so he shouldn't get rid of it because of her if Chase loves it.

Abigail tells Anne that she will let Jordan know that she's looking for her. Anne adds that she has serious concerns about the project and thinks they should discuss it. Ben exits to go to work. Anne tells Abigail that she's left Jordan messages but can't find her.

Clyde asks what Jordan wants to say to him. Jordan tells him that she's done trying to figure out what goes on in his head. Clyde argues that Marlena has been helping him with therapy. Clyde points out that he didn't hit her. Clyde questions her coming in and calling him the devil when he just gave her what she wanted.

Paige argues that JJ isn't like other guys as she thought he was special. Paige says she didn't listen to anyone about JJ. JJ suggests that she start. Paige brings up JJ saying he loved her. JJ tells her that he doesn't and he doesn't need her in his face now as she is boring him. Paige then slaps JJ.

Jennifer accuses Eve of doing something to come between JJ and Paige. She then questions if Eve came to find out if JJ told her what happened. Jennifer wishes he would so she could tell him not to give up. Jennifer promises to find out and they argue over each other. Eve yells that JJ is still the same bad boy he always was and she knows that for a fact.

Aiden tells Hope that he has lots of reasons to sell the house. Hope points out that Chase is upset. Aiden knows it's painful now but thinks it will be better in the long run. Aiden loves her for caring about his son's feelings. Aiden doesn't want anything to come between them. Aiden tells her to trust that he knows what he's doing with the house. Hope gets a call from Abe and has to go. Hope tells him they're good and thanks him for explaining everything. They hug and kiss goodbye as Hope then walks away.

Rafe goes to the club and greets Ben. Rafe asks if Sonny's there but Ben tells him he's not. Rafe then goes to leave but Ben stops him and says he's sorry about him losing his job. Rafe thanks him. Ben guesses he can't go after Chad anymore. Rafe asks who said he was going after him. Ben informs him that he overheard Chad on the phone. Ben feels Jordan has enough to deal with right now without Chad.

Jordan yells at Clyde that she doesn't want anything from him. Clyde says that's why he donated anonymously. Clyde says he just wanted to help her. Jordan reveals that Ben was the one who told her it was him. Clyde can't believe it since he knew how he felt. Jordan calls him the same conniving bastard he's always been and she believes he always planned for her to know.

Jennifer questions what Eve knows and thinks she's bluffing. Eve tells her that Paige used to be a person of integrity and honesty until she met JJ and started lying to her. Eve says Paige can now go back to be the sweet, promising person she used to be before meeting JJ. Eve remarks that she used to think Jack made JJ how he was but now she knows it's her. Eve tells her to be proud of herself and then exits.

Paige tells JJ to go to Hell and storms off.

Marlena joins John at the Pub. John tells her about the job offer but he's been thinking about slowing down a bit. Marlena doesn't think he really wants to slow down.

JJ comes home. Jennifer asks if he's okay. JJ says sure but she notes he doesn't look okay to her. Jennifer knows it's because of Paige. Jennifer is worried about him and keeping it all inside. Jennifer thinks they should just sit down and talk about what happened and why he broke up with Paige.

Eve walks out of the town square and finds Paige crying on the bench. Eve assumes it's JJ but Paige doesn't want to talk about it. Eve hugs her and says it will just be the two of them like it used to be. Paige hugs her crying that she doesn't understand what happened.

Rafe tells Ben that a guy like Chad knows how to work Jordan being hurt but she's too smart not to see through him like Abigail did. Rafe asks Ben if something else is wrong. Ben says it's just one of those days.

Abigail tells Anne that she has no idea where Jordan is so she'll just have to talk to her about the problems with the project. Anne says she just has some concerns like handling future donations which she worries could cost the hospital. Abigail directs her to another page to read the footnotes which covers her concern. They agree on making it easier to understand. Anne suggests maybe they will be able to work together after all. Abigail says she'll tell Jordan as soon as she finds her. Anne remarks that she's probably out with Chad or with Clyde as she exits.

Clyde asks Jordan what he gets out of it since she still hates him. Clyde is glad Ben knows and can be a little proud of him. Jordan tells him that one check won't erase Ben's memories of the beatings and abuse. Clyde asks if he's so evil, how come he spent all these years covering for her.

John asks Marlena what he should do about Abe's offer. Marlena wants to see him do something he loves and he's happiest when he's productive and helping people. John calls her a beautiful person who never fails to amaze and fascinate him.

Hope meets with Abe in the park. They talk about John's job offer. Abe notes that she's been quiet. Hope calls it a personal thing. Abe offers to listen. They sit down as Hope tells him about coming from an emotional conversation with Aiden. Hope notes that Aiden is really serious about them and she's grown to like him a lot. Hope wants her life back under control and she's taking it which is why she's moving on. Hope thinks she's starting to realize how different Aiden and Bo really are.

Aiden sits with Chase and talks about selling the house. Aiden assures him that Hope didn't put him up to it. Chase apologizes. Aiden tells him to apologize to Hope next time he sees her. Chase argues that he loved going to the house and Meredith did too so he can't sell it. Aiden says he already made up his mind. Chase brings up Meredith's stuff being there and if it's being thrown away. Aiden says he's having it sent here. Aiden encourages that they can have a really good life here. Aiden thinks it's the best decision for him but Chase doesn't believe it.

JJ tells Jennifer that he's in college now and figured she was right before when she told him there would be a lot of girls in his life. Jennifer thinks they've gotten close enough to know when he's telling the truth. Jennifer says most people would buy what he said but she's not buying it for a minute.

Eve asks Paige what happened. Paige tells her that she was right as JJ doesn't want to see her anymore. Paige adds that JJ was so mean like a different person instead of the JJ she knows. Eve says boys can be like that. Eve knows she thought he was different. Paige thought he loved her. Eve says it's just words. Paige tells her that she's not talking about what he said but what he did. Paige tells Eve about JJ sleeping with someone else.

Ben asks Rafe why he knows about Victor's new place and why he's so interested in what Sonny does. Rafe calls it having too much time on his hand. Rafe tells Ben to let him know if he hears anything interesting about Chad since he'll still keep an eye on him. Rafe exits. Ben pulls out his phone and has nothing from Jordan so he wonders where she is.

Jordan tells Clyde not to start with her again as what happened with her mother was an accident. Clyde argues that it's not the truth. Clyde says Jordan started to hate her mom because she wouldn't leave him. Clyde adds that Jordan's mom told her some news that changed everything on the day she died. Jordan doesn't know what he's talking about. Clyde says she does and grabs her, telling her that it's time she let herself remember everything about that day.

Rafe calls Victor and tells him that he's been thinking about his offer. Rafe asks if it's still on the table. Rafe then tells him that he's in because as much as he'd like to leave town, Gabi needs him. Rafe asks when he's thinking about opening.

Hope tells Abe that she knows Bo better than anyone else or at least used to. Abe asks if she doesn't think she knows Aiden as well then points out that comes with time. Hope says Bo certainly wasn't an open book. She says she could tell Aiden was trying to be completely honest with her but sometimes feels there's more to the story.

Aiden tells Chase they will finish the conversation later and sends him to go play with a friend.

Jennifer tells JJ that she loves him so much and knows he doesn't want to open up because he's afraid of her reaction but he doesn't have to worry. Jennifer says there is nothing he can't confide in her that she won't try to help him with. JJ makes a joke but Jennifer says she's serious and can see that he needs help. She asks what it is. She says she's the one person who will always be on his side.

Eve questions Paige about JJ saying he slept with someone else. Paige tells her that JJ told her and that's not all. Paige adds that it was someone she knows.

Abigail goes to the club and asks Ben if he's heard from Jordan. Ben says he hasn't seen her and assumes she went to meet Anne but Abigail says she hasn't heard a word from her. Ben wonders where she is.

Jordan accuses Clyde of making up lies like always. Clyde pins her against the wall and reveals her mom was pregnant. Clyde tells Jordan that she killed her mom after she told her she was pregnant so she killed their baby boy along with her.

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