Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/13/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/13/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate asks if Ben is accusing Chad of lying. Kate suggests that Jordan used her influence to convince Chad to donate funds. Ben then angrily interrupts and reveals that Chad is not the anonymous donor, Clyde is, which shocks Jordan and leaves Abigail disappointed.

Daphne joins Paige, studying at school. She asks Paige how New Year's was and if she and JJ went to the party in the park. Paige informs her that JJ broke up with her.

JJ sits in the town square and thinks back to first meeting Paige. JJ goes to leave and runs in to Eve.

Jennifer comes home with Hope. They talk about a movie they saw and compare it to their book club. Hope says she won't be coming to the next meeting as she doesn't want to get into it with Kayla because Kayla doesn't think she can trust Aiden.

Aiden calls Bree and warns her not to hang up. She asks what he wants now. He says he knows she's been spreading rumors about him again. She swears she hasn't talked to Hope. Aiden tells her that it got back to Hope that he threatened her. Aiden says he warned her to stay away but now he's left her with no choice.

Clyde meets Victor at the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor warns him that he's making an unwise move and if he doesn't change course immediately, he will regret it.

Jordan questions Clyde being the anonymous donor and Ben knowing. Jordan turns to Abigail and realizes she knew too. A reporter asks who Clyde is. Anne says Jordan can give all the details for the story. Jordan declares she can't do this and rushes off. Chad chases after her while Abigail is left in disbelief.

Daphne questions JJ breaking up with Paige. Paige explains how she didn't know if she would be back from California so JJ slept with someone else while she was gone. Daphne calls him a bastard and asks who it was. Bev walks by and Paige says JJ wouldn't tell her but she has a pretty good idea.

Eve is glad she ran in to JJ. JJ says he's out of Paige's life so she can stay out of his. Eve says she would like that but something has come up that they need to discuss in private.

Anne asks Abigail to explain what's going on to the reporters. Ben goes to find Jordan and Abigail follows. Kate says she can help and explains to the reporters that Clyde is Jordan's stepfather. Kate claims she had no idea.

Jordan complains that this is a nightmare. Chad apologizes for not knowing. Ben catches up to her and Jordan questions how he could let this happen.

Clyde tells Victor that he's a man of few regrets and asks which move he's referring to. Victor says everyone knows the trucking business in Salem is his and has been for decades. Clyde thinks it's about time for a change with some new blood.

Ben apologizes to Jordan and explains that Clyde wanted to give back to the community and overheard Abigail talking about this project. Ben talks about knowing how much the project mean to Jordan. Jordan asks if he's really that blind. Abigail argues that it's not Ben's fault because they both knew how upset Jordan would be. Abigail admits she didn't think they could raise the money and she didn't think Jordan would ever find out. Jordan argues that Clyde never meant for it to stay anonymous as he meant for her to find out. Anne interrupts and reminds them about the press conference. Anne tells them that Kate is going on about Clyde so no one will know about this project if they don't get back out there.

Eve tells JJ that Paige isn't home so they can meet there. JJ refuses so she suggests meeting at the park so no one sees them together. JJ says he can't but Eve says if he cares about Paige's happiness, he'll be there. JJ walks away.

Daphne asks Paige if she thinks JJ hooked up with Bev and says no. Paige points out that they used to be a couple and Bev never missed a chance to tell her that she wanted him back. Daphne suggests she can go tell Bev where to go. Paige says she doesn't know for sure and JJ made his own choice. Daphne hates that he did this to her. Paige points out that JJ couldn't wait one day. Daphne asks if she still loves him and if she's sure there's no way for them to work it out. Bev then approaches and asks Paige how her break was, commenting that she had a good one.

Hope tells Jennifer about Meredith's death and how it wasn't Aiden's fault but Bree holds him responsible. Hope talks about Bree making it sound like Aiden threatened her life. Hope feels Kayla has already made up her mind about him. Hope then tells Jennifer that she loves Aiden and she trusts him completely.

Aiden tells Bree that she should've kept her mouth shut. Bree argues that Hope has the right to know who he really is as Meredith despised him and she doesn't want another to suffer. Aiden hoped she wouldn't push things this far. Aiden asks if he really has to spell out what he's going to do. Aiden hangs up and declares he has to stop her before she ruins everything.

Victor is aware of Clyde's two bit company in Missouri but isn't going to allow him in to his territory. Victor calls him delusional. Clyde calls it healthy competition. Victor tells him that he's out of his league. Clyde says he's just trying to make a living. Clyde argues that Victor's customers aren't as satisfied as they used to be.

Jordan tells Anne that she doesn't want the project to fail as she knows how many people it can help but they cannot take the money from Clyde. Anne questions what difference it makes where it came from. Ben says he wrestled with this a lot. Abigail talks about not seeing another way. Chad offers to donate the money. Jordan says that's generous of him. Chad says he has the money and wants to help. Jordan appreciates it but says he can't and points out that Kate would never let the board sign off on it. Abigail feels they don't have another choice and all the people that they were going to help will be out of luck. Anne reminds them about the reporters. Chad assures her that they will find a way to make it work as they head back out of the waiting room.

Bev asks if Paige is going to ask about her break but Paige says no because JJ already told her. Bev shows Paige pictures on her phone revealing that she was on a cruise. Paige realizes Bev was gone all break then. Bev tells them to have a good semester and walks away as Daphne comments that maybe it wasn't Bev after all.

JJ meets Eve in the park and asks what she wants. Eve tells him that Jennifer came to see her and thinks she's responsible for he and Paige breaking up. JJ agrees that she forced him to. Eve argues that she didn't force him to have sex her with twice. JJ mocks the idea of telling Jennifer. Eve tells him that nobody can find out about this because Paige would never forgive her. JJ suggests maybe that's what she deserves.

Clyde doesn't understand Victor's hostility and thinks he's doing him a favor. Clyde suggests Victor let go of certain unsavory holdings. Clyde shouts that Victor doesn't tell him where he can or can't do business. Clyde declares Salem is his home now too and he has every intention of making a good living. Clyde says if he doesn't think there's room for both of them, he'll make room as he exits.

Anne returns to the reporters with Jordan and Abigail. The reporters ask about the project. Abigail talks about the care they can bring to people as Kate looks over at Chad.

Aiden walks through the town square, finishing a call about putting it in motion. Chase joins him from school and talks about the other kids going somewhere cool for Christmas break so he asks why they can't go back to their beach house. Aiden tells him that they are never going back.

Hope tells Jennifer that she never thought she'd love another man besides Bo but she really loves Aiden. Jennifer is happy for her. Hope knows a lot of people aren't and she sometimes feels guilty. Jennifer says she's been exactly where she is. Jennifer agrees that Bo put her in an impossible position. Hope knows Bo thinks he's doing something for the greater good and she prays every day that he's okay. Jennifer knows she still loves him. Hope admits part of her always will but part of her is still really angry and incredibly disappointed at him. Hope questions how he can decide his job is more important than his family. Jennifer agrees that she couldn't have put her life on hold forever. Hope says that's why she has decided to move on and be happy. Hope mentions that she really misses Alice, especially in times like this as they hug. They say they love each other and are lucky to have one another.

Daphne comments that Bev acted like she had no idea that Paige and JJ broke up plus she was gone all break. Paige is unsure as Bev lies about everything. Daphne offers to go ask Bev straight up but Paige stops her and says it would only be worse to know if JJ cheated with her. Daphne feels that Paige deserves to know what happened so she can move on. Daphne then walks off.

JJ tells Eve that Paige already hates him so he has nothing left to lose and maybe he should tell her exactly what happened. Eve asks if he's really that selfish because that would destroy her. Eve argues that he can't punish her any more than she is punishing herself so it would only hurt Paige. Eve asks if that's what he really wants. JJ says of course not so Eve makes him promise not to say anything to anyone. Eve brings up Jennifer confronting her and being suspicious. JJ assures her that he didn't say anything and won't. JJ declares he's done and storms off. Eve remarks that she has to make sure that Jennifer does not know and walks off in the opposite direction.

Anne tells Abigail and Jordan that she will get back to her on the project with no repeats of today. Abigail assures that won't happen again. Anne tells Jordan that at least the donor isn't a Horton as she walks away. Kate sarcastically congratulates them as they go to talk elsewhere. Chad confronts Ben and tells him that he couldn't have timed that better if he tried as he almost ruined everything. Chad tells Ben that he just had to keep his mouth shut about Clyde but he couldn't let Jordan think he donated the money. Chad hopes it was worth it and then confronts Kate, questioning what that was all about.

Aiden tells Chase that he's selling the beach house which upsets Chase as his mom loved it there. Chase asks if he just wants to forget her. Chase runs away and bumps into Hope. Chase yells at Hope that this is all her fault.

Eve goes to Jennifer's. Jennifer asks what she wants. Eve tells her she got documents pertaining to the movie rights to Jack's book and she has signed the latest draft over. Jennifer says her lawyer will send her a copy so she asks why she's really there. Eve wants to discuss the situation between JJ and Paige.

Paige sits alone at school and thinks back to past times with JJ and then their break up. JJ then walks by. Paige gets up and approaches him. Paige asks about his classes. JJ tells her that he just came to drop a class which is the one they were going to take together. JJ just thinks it's best if they stay away from each other. JJ goes to walk away but Paige stops him and says they aren't done here yet.

Chad brings up Kate being so close with Clyde so she had to know about his donation. Kate claims she would've warned him it was a lost cause because the project is doomed.

Abigail hopes Jordan isn't going to give up on the project. Jordan doesn't know how she can do this because Clyde's involvement taints everything for her. Abigail apologizes for her finding out. Ben joins them and blames himself. Jordan accuses Ben of letting everyone know so Clyde could get the credit just so it wasn't Chad. Ben tries to explain but Jordan says she's happy the project is going forward but is really disappointed in Ben as she then storms out.

Aiden tries to calm Chase down. Chase accuses Hope of making Aiden sell his mom's house. Chase argues they are trying to make him forget about his mom but he won't and Hope will never take her place.

Jennifer question what changed as Eve didn't want to talk about their kids before. Eve says she just didn't think it was the time before. Jennifer says she wanted them apart and questions her not having involvement. Eve claims she doesn't even know what happened and just wants to know for Paige. Jennifer tells Eve that she doesn't know anything either as JJ just decided out of the blue. Eve is glad JJ finally realized that they weren't right for each other. Eve tells her that JJ broke Paige's heart and tells Jennifer to keep JJ away from Paige for now on.

Paige tells JJ that it's really hard to deal with this when there's still so much that she doesn't understand. Paige questions JJ hooking up with another girl when he loved her. JJ says he didn't think she was coming back. She questions it being that easy to move on and how she fell for such a jerk. JJ wishes he could take it back but can't. Paige wants the whole story and asks who the girl was and what happened. Paige feels she deserves the truth and won't let him walk away until she gets it.

Jordan goes to Clyde's. He answers the door and asks what her problem is. Jordan tells him that she knows exactly what he's up top and calls him a son of a bitch.

Hope tells Chase that she would never want him to forget his mother. Aiden adds that this has nothing to do with Hope but Chase accuses him of lying. Aiden tells him to wait there and not yell at them. Aiden apologizes to Hope. Hope understands he's upset and says it sounds like he's not ready for Aiden to sell the house. Aiden says they aren't using it and it's time. Hope tells Aiden to keep it if money is an issue. Aiden gets upset and questions having to justify every move he makes to her. Aiden tells her this is none of her damn business.

Jennifer thought Eve came because she was concerned about their kids but she just came to make JJ the bad guy. Eve says JJ is the bad guy and hurt Paige enough. Jennifer says she only knows they love each other and thinks they can work it out. Jennifer is sure JJ will try to make it right. Eve won't allow JJ to hurt Paige again. Jennifer suggests maybe Paige hurt him. Jennifer argues that Eve never gave JJ a chance. Eve says JJ will always do the wrong thing. They yell at each other. Eve yells that Jennifer doesn't know JJ and always makes excuses while not having a clue about him or what he does.

JJ tells Paige he would say anything to make this better but going over what went wrong won't help anything so she just needs to focus on moving on. Paige says she can't until she knows the whole truth. Paige demands to know who he slept with.

Chad tells Kate that Clyde got exactly what he wanted and stuck it to Jordan. Kate claims that she had no idea Ben would blurt it out and how Clyde will be very upset when he finds out. Kate tells Chad that not everyone has an ulterior motive as she walks away.

Jordan tells Clyde that she knows why he donated that money. Jordan tells him not to play innocent as he's trying to manipulate her life again and swears she won't let him. Clyde pushes her onto the bed and covers her mouth. Clyde holds her down and says it's time to set things straight.

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