Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/12/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/12/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe walks through the town square and runs in to Clyde. Clyde calls him Detective Hernandez and then points out that he's no longer on the force. Clyde says that makes him a regular citizen now just like him.

Abigail goes to the club and excitedly tells Ben that the hospital is going to officially announce her and Jordan's program today. Chad appears and says nothing makes him happier than seeing Jordan get what she wants.

Paul works with Jordan in physical therapy at the hospital. Paul comments that it's useless since he'll never play baseball again. Jordan asks if he's told anyone yet. Paul thinks back to being in bed with Will and admits he told one person.

Kate goes to see Will and asks if he got what he wanted out of Paul.

Sonny meets Victor at the new building Victor bought. Sonny asks why he asked to meet here. Victor is interested in what he thinks of the place.

Serena goes to her safe and pulls out an envelope. She takes papers out of it and declares she can't blow this as it turns out the papers are pictures of Eric.

The man on the phone tells Nicole that Serena Mason is a total fraud. Nicole doesn't think it will drive her ratings. He suggests she listen to the story first. She informs him that she knows Serena so he asks how well she knows her.

Serena puts the pictures back in the envelope and back in to her safe. Derrick the hotel clerk then arrives and Serena says she wants to talk to him about something. He says he's busy. She mentions him working the night that Nicole got in to her room and questions if he let her in.

Rafe tells Clyde that he may not be on the force anymore but he's nothing like him. Clyde asks if he thinks he's better than him. Clyde tells Rafe to go ahead and take his best shot.

Sonny questions Victor wanting his advice on anything. Victor says Sonny is the expert on this kind of business. Sonny feels he failed miserably. Victor calls it a setback. Sonny questions sitting in a brand new club right after that setback. Victor still has faith in him. Sonny doesn't want to hear it and tells Victor to just tell him the truth.

Will tells Kate that the article on Paul is still kind of unsettled. Kate asks about interviewing him again. Will says that he did. Kate asks if he lost his nerve. Kate reminds him he has to ask the tough questions to get the story and find out who he really is. Kate points out that articles on him being a free agent are everywhere while his article could make his career take off. Will responds that he did everything he could to make that happen.

Paul talks to Jordan about it being rough that it's all over. Paul says it's just going to take time to adjust to his new reality. Jordan has no idea what it must feel like but encourages that he has so much to be proud of. Jordan adds that he'll find something else he's passionate about. Anne comes in and demands to speak to Jordan. Jordan tells Paul that she will see him tomorrow and exits the room with Anne.

Abigail tells Ben that they scheduled a press conference to announce the program. Chad asks when this is happening. Ben questions why he cares. Chad says he's on the board and wants to support Jordan. Abigail says it's in 45 minutes so Chad says he will see her there. Chad suggests Ben coordinate his hospital delivery so he can be there too for Abigail. Chad then exits.

Anne tells Jordan that she must be the brains in the project and not Abigail. Jordan doesn't want to hear it. Anne praises her for her work and wants to know more about the charity. Anne brings up the anonymous donor and says they'd have to be a fool to fund a project that Abigail is running.

Rafe tells Clyde that he's just saying they are different. Clyde remarks that he's beginning to understand why they kicked him off the force and he can't hold on to a woman. Clyde guesses no one can figure out what Rafe is talking about. Rafe feels Clyde doesn't give a damn about anything or anyone. Rafe calls Clyde a lucky man and maybe even too lucky.

Nicole says she's met Serena in passing. The man points out that she doesn't know her very well then and offers to fill her in on what she's all about. Nicole responds that she's not interested as Serena is just not on her radar. Nicole hangs up and declares she's with Daniel now so Eric and Serena are not her problem. Nicole's friend Sally comes in to her office. Nicole praises doing the right thing and excitedly tells her about her date with Daniel tonight. Nicole then exits to get ready.

Derrick tries to lie to Serena but she threatens to get his manager. Serena demands to know everything that happened on the night Nicole convinced him to let her look through her things.

Will apologizes to Kate as he's been under a lot of pressure from his editor so he's sensitive about how he's doing his job. Kate apologizes for putting more pressure on him. Will understands that she's pushing him to be his best. Kate asks about Sonny's new club. Will says they've been so busy that they've barely talked about it. Will hoped to see Sonny but he wasn't home. Kate asks where he is and Will tells her that Sonny texted he was going to see Victor.

Victor explains to Sonny about this new building being available. Sonny asks if he thinks he wants something to do with it.

Clyde tells Rafe that he is a lucky man as his business is thriving and he has nothing to hide. Clyde tells him to ask if he wants to know anything. Clyde points out that Rafe can't use his badge to dig around his past anymore. Clyde tells him to have a nice day and walks away.

Ben tells Abigail that he hopes Jordan never finds out that Clyde is the anonymous donor. Abigail assures him that Clyde got a lawyer to make sure it stays private as only they know and they will never tell. Ben hopes she's right as it would just kill Jordan.

Jordan tells Anne that Abigail is her friend and this project is going to help the community. Anne compares it to other people wanting similar projects and mocks the idea. Anne threatens to pull the plug on her project because she doesn't want another chapter of Deveraux embarrassments to ruin the hospital. Jordan warns that she won't let her get away with this. Chad arrives and greets Jordan. Abigail interrupts and asks if everything is okay with the project. Jordan tells her that she had to make a judgment call. Anne comes back and tells Jordan that she will take her up on her offer. Abigail asks what offer.

Kate finishes a call and tells Will that she has to get to a meeting. Kate tells Will that he's such a talented writer but she sometimes thinks he's too nice. Kate insists that people respect toughness and encourages him not to stop pushing Paul especially if he is close to breaking through. Kate tells Will that she is always proud of him as she exits. Will then remarks that she wouldn't be so proud if she knew the truth.

Victor encourages that Sonny could make this place his own but he's not interested. Sonny says this was something he was trying to do on his own. Victor questions Chad's money being doing it on his own. Sonny thinks this is about Victor being mad that Chad is still his friend. Victor warns him not to let Chad fool him and suggests he not walk away because of his pride. Sonny tells Victor that he can't let him buy this place for him. Victor tells him that it's too late because he already bought it. Sonny gets up and wishes Victor luck because he's going to need it. Sonny then walks out.

Serena goes to the club and runs in to Nicole. Nicole greets her but Serena questions if she's stalking her. Serena tells her to get a life and stay the hell out of hers. Serena questions this being a coincidence. Nicole says that it is. Serena brings up knowing a little more about her break-in to her hotel room. Nicole calls it a misunderstanding. Serena reveals she knows about Melanie catching her and lying for her. Nicole wants to explain but Serena doesn't want to hear it and accuses her of bribing the clerk. Nicole doesn't think it's a big deal and wants to put it behind them but Serena refuses. Serena calls her a lethal, toxic snake who wrecked Eric's life.

Will works on his article and states that he can't just out Paul Norita. Will thinks back to talking to Paul about coming out. Will then wonders if it's what Paul really wants.

Sonny goes back to the club and runs in to Paul outside. Paul tells him that he needs to know something about him but he has to keep it to himself. Sonny questions it being a secret and asks what it is. Paul informs him that his surgery didn't work like they wanted so he will never pitch again. Sonny asks if they're sure. Paul tells him that his career is dead and over.

Victor finishes a call, demanding to find out what Clyde is trying to pull. Victor hangs up as Rafe arrives. Victor tells Rafe that Clyde is officially on his last nerve.

Clyde talks on the phone outside the town square about his business. Clyde says he knows just how to put the extra revenue to good use.

Abigail doesn't understand. Anne explains that Jordan asked her to watch over their project. Jordan tells Abigail that Anne will make sure not a cent is wasted. Abigail goes along with it with Jordan to appease Anne. Anne gets texted away and tells them not to start without her. Jordan apologizes to Abigail. Abigail jokes with her that it's okay. Ben arrives wondering what's going on. Anne returns with news reporters to go ahead with the press conference. Anne points out Chad being a board member to witness this. Kate then arrives and declares she's a second board member and she's not signing off on any of this.

Sonny tells Paul that he's so sorry. Sonny asks if he just found out. Paul admits it was a week ago and he's been trying to tell him. Paul says that's what he meant when he said things could be different between them now since he's not in the public eye anymore. Paul feels he's been getting mixed messages from Sonny since he's still finding ways to see him. Sonny tells him he's reading into it wrong because he's married. Paul asks if he's happy. Sonny says relationships are a work and they are honest with each other every day. Sonny declares that honesty is a dealbreaker with him. Sonny brings up Paul not facing the real issue and hiding. Sonny points out that Paul is still hiding who he is. Paul brings up his family not knowing and his grandfather being old school. Sonny thinks they'll love him for who he is. Sonny tells Paul that he's the person with the biggest problem with people knowing he's gay. Sonny adds that he's really sorry about his arm and walks away.

Anne asks Kate what the problem is. Kate says Abigail and Jordan are too inexperienced to be in charge of such a large sum of money. Anne says that's why she is in charge. Kate says that's not enough. Chad asks what this is really about. Kate asks how the anonymous donor would feel about the money being dropped with two children. Chad argues that the board has no say in this. The reporters begin asking questions about the anonymous donor. Kate says she will have to speak with the donor so they have to put all of this on hold. Anne calls it ridiculous and Jordan agrees. Jordan says the donor knows everything about where the money is going. Kate questions how she could know that if the donor is anonymous. Jordan turns to Chad, assuming that it was him. Kate questions Chad being the donor and says she's not surprised.

Rafe asks what Clyde did to tick Victor off. Victor says he's venturing in to areas that he doesn't belong and he's going to rue the day he ever crossed him. Victor wants to talk to Rafe about place which is his new nightclub. Victor asks about his first impression. Rafe calls it nice in a good location and asks why. Victor then tells Rafe that he wants him to run it for him.

Serena tells Nicole that she spent some serious time with Eric today and what Nicole did has changed him with scars that may never heal. Nicole goes to leave but Serena stops her and accuses her of denying all responsibility. Nicole argues that she respects and loved Eric. Serena calls it pathetic because she is one of the worst people Eric knows and he'll never forgive or trust her. Serena says Eric can't trust anyone because of her. Nicole tells her to get out of her way. Serena states that she will not give up on Eric and she will make sure that he heals and can be happy again. Nicole laughs at her and calls it a longshot then calls her a mean bitch. Serena declares she won't ever let Eric down. Serena tells Nicole to stay out of her room, her things, her life, and his. Serena then exits.

Will works on his article and then puts his laptop down as Sonny comes home. Will notes that they are finally in the same room together and he thought Sonny was avoiding him because of New Year's Eve. Will apologizes for not making it home in time for midnight. Will asks if they can talk. Will says there is something that he needs to tell him. Sonny responds that there's something he has to tell him first. Sonny tells Will that he lost everything as the new club totally tanked and he ran out of cash so it's all gone. Will's phone rings. Sonny asks him to let it go to voicemail but Will says he can't as he has to finish his article now more than ever since he needs to work for them. Sonny goes to check on Arianna as Will answers the call from Paul. Paul informs Will that he's made up his mind and he'll do it. Will asks if he's sure. Paul says he can't lie about himself his entire life so he might as well tell the whole world.

Rafe tells Victor that he worked in a club before the FBI but never ran one. Victor says that's good enough and excitedly tells Rafe how things will work. Rafe is unsure and asks about Sonny. Victor admits Sonny turned him down. Rafe asks if he bought it for Sonny. Victor says he got a good deal so he bought it. Victor tells Rafe that he either wants the job or he doesn't and if he doesn't, he doesn't know how he'll make a living. Victor then exits.

The reporters question a DiMera being behind another hospital program. Anne thanks Chad and his family. Ben questions Chad taking credit for this. Jordan insists that Chad did it and didn't want anyone to know about it. Kate asks if Ben is accusing Chad of lying. Kate suggests that Jordan used her influence to convince Chad to donate funds. Ben then angrily interrupts and reveals that Chad is not the anonymous donor, Clyde is, which shocks Jordan and leaves Abigail disappointed.

Victor calls Clyde and demands to see him right now.

Serena returns to her hotel room and gets a call. She apologizes for not getting back to them yet as nothing has been going right for her in Salem but she doesn't want any more problems going forward.

Nicole returns to her office and tells Sally about running in to Serena. Sally encourages her to be happy about her date with Daniel. Nicole thanks her and Sally exits. Nicole sits down and decides to call back the man from earlier. She tells him that she did some thinking and asks if he's talked to anyone else about the story on Serena. He says he left messages but she's still his first choice. He adds that he knows her reputation and that she's not afraid to get her hands dirty. He asks if this means she's interested. Nicole admits she's thinking it over and then hangs up.

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