Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/9/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/9/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Nicole lay in bed together and kiss.

Eric tells Serena that he doesn't know why Theresa would have a baby rattle. Serena suggests they talk about something more important. Eric asks if she means where they're headed. Serena tells him it's about something she owes him.

Maggie walks in to the living room where Brady is working. She notes that he's feeling better since he left for the hospital upset. She asks if he went to a meeting. Brady says he didn't but admits he's definitely feeling better.

Theresa holds the baby toy and starts crying as Melanie enters the room.

Will and Paul kiss in bed. Sonny arrives outside the door with Paul's baseball and stops before knocking. Sonny thinks back to Paul giving him the baseball and decides that Paul needs this so he knocks on the door, interrupting Paul and Will.

Daniel and Nicole have sex.

Eric questions owing Serena. Serena tells him that she found a paper from a bet they had where he promised her any photo she wanted. They joke about it together. Serena tells him that today is the day.

Theresa sees Melanie and stops crying. She gives her the form. Melanie asks why she's crying.

Paul tells Will that they will go away but there's another knock so Will wonders if they don't. Paul continues kissing Will.

Lucas gives Adrienne some tea to make her feel better. Adrienne admits that talking to him has made her feel better. She adds that she hasn't said a word to anyone about what's going on with her and Justin except for him.

Will tells Paul that he should go. Paul disagrees but Will says he has things to take care of and this can't happen again. Paul asks why. Will tells him there's a lot of reasons. Sonny starts to leave when Derrick the clerk comes by and asks if he can help. Sonny tells him that he came to see Paul but he's not there. Derrick offers to give it to him when he sees him. Sonny notes that it's valuable and asks Derrick if he can let him in the room to leave it on the desk.

Nicole promises to never hurt Daniel again. Daniel tells her that he won't let her.

Eric and Serena go to Eric's apartment. Serena questions his collection and if he gave it all away. Eric thought she was there to see his photographs. She suggests she just wanted to be alone and they kiss.

Brady tells Maggie that he's good and facing his feelings instead of waiting for things to happen. Brady says he's making realistic decisions about his life and where it's going. Maggie thinks it sounds like he's ready for something new which Brady agrees with.

Melanie asks if the baby rattle is Theresa's. Theresa questions her and says of course it's not. Theresa rambles on if a poor baby somewhere needs it and starts to cry when talking about babies. Melanie stops her and asks if she had a child.

Daniel and Nicole kiss more in bed. Daniel tells her that she is who she is and he accepts that. He isn't going to try and fix her, save her, or change her in any way because he's done coming to the rescue. Daniel hopes she always feels the way she feels about him right now. Daniel adds that how she feels is not going to define him. Daniel declares he won't let them hurt each other ever again which is why this is the one and only time they have to get something absolutely straight about Eric.

Serena and Eric continue kissing. She starts to unbutton his shirt but he stops and says he can't do this.

Maggie tells Brady that as long as he's happy, she's happy too. Brady thanks her. Maggie advises him that even good changes can be hard to handle for addicts like them so she suggests he take things slow and steady. Brady agrees and Maggie exits. Brady tells himself that he's only been sober for a couple months so maybe he should slow down. Brady wonders if a person like him is even fair to Melanie. Brady grabs his phone but decides he should talk to her in person and exits.

Theresa questions where Melanie gets off asking a question like that. Theresa yells at her and storms out as Melanie tries to apologize. Melanie then goes back and looks at the baby rattle.

Lucas jokes to Adrienne that he's the guy that women can open up to and feel comfortable around. Adrienne tells him it was a compliment. Lucas thanks her and is glad she feels she can talk to him. Adrienne says they haven't always seen eye to eye but he's always been honest and sensitive. Lucas jokes with her about his ex wives. Adrienne brings up him surviving Carrie, Nicole, Chloe, and Sami. She thanks him. He asks why she keeps thanking him when he upset her. Adrienne says she did that while Lucas makes her laugh so she's good now.

Paul asks Will why they can't see each other again. Will calls it complicated. Paul asks how when they enjoy each other's company. Paul asks what the problem is. Derrick isn't sure about letting Sonny in and questions if he's planning on robbing him then says he was joking. Derrick agrees but says he just has to stay with him. Sonny agrees and says it will only take a second. Derrick opens the door and heads in with Sonny.

Serena knows Eric said he's over Nicole but questions if he really is.

Daniel tells Nicole that what is happening between them is a process they are exploring and seeing what kind of commitment they have for each other. Daniel says there cannot be any lying and they have to be totally honest every step of the way for them both. Daniel says if he realizes that she's not really over Eric then they are done for good because that would be best for both of them.

Melanie stands in the town square with the baby rattle. Maggie walks by and hugs her. Maggie asks what's going on. Melanie says she's fine and couldn't be better. Melanie then tells Maggie that she was just thinking about the baby that she and Phillip lost.

Brady goes to the hospital and asks a nurse if Melanie's around so she goes to check. Theresa approaches and questions if Brady is going to be there all the time. Brady says if he feels like it. Theresa thought he was staying away from her when she works there so she suggests seeing Melanie elsewhere. Brady agrees and thanks her for the reminder for how toxic she is. She walks away and Brady follows.

Paul gets up in his robe and questions what the hell is going on. Derrick explains that he messed up as he thought he wasn't there and Sonny wanted to leave him something. Sonny apologizes and says it's obviously a bad time. Paul says he was just about to shower. Will is taking a shower. Derrick apologizes again and exits. Paul asks Sonny what he wanted to give him. Sonny shows him the baseball. Paul asks if he doesn't want to keep it. Sonny says it's important and jokes about hitting another. Paul wants him to keep it as he remembers how happy Sonny was to get it and he wants to know Sonny has a part of him. Sonny thanks him and says it's not that he didn't care about it but they aren't together anymore. Sonny thanks him again and Paul mentions having to shower as he's a little late and walks him out. The water then turns off and Sonny tells him that he doesn't have to explain himself. Sonny exits, leaving Paul frustrated.

Nicole agrees they have to be honest. Daniel says they can't get in to this with a bunch of lies. Nicole says she gets it and they kiss. Daniel thanks her for the date she set up. Daniel mentions Melanie being on her way home now. Nicole says she should get to work any way. Daniel mentions that he still hasn't broken the news about them yet. Nicole jokes about keeping it a secret. Daniel suggests maybe later tonight he will ask her out on a date and they kiss.

Eric tells Serena that he is completely over Nicole. Serena hopes so because she wants this to work for them. Eric says he does too. Serena goes back to looking at his photos and picks the one she wants, joking that he also owes interest so she wants it framed. Eric agrees and they shake hands.

Maggie asks Melanie why she suddenly started thinking about her baby. Melanie explains that she found the baby rattle at the hospital and it triggered something. Melanie notes that the child would be almost as old as Parker now. Maggie tells her she's sorry. Melanie says it doesn't matter as they weren't right and weren't meant to be. Melanie brings up how the rattle would remind someone of what they lost. Maggie asks if they are talking about her or someone else. Maggie then gets a text from Victor about getting ready to go to the skating championships in Chicago. Melanie tells her that she's fine and they hug goodbye as Maggie walks off.

Brady follows Theresa to the waiting room. She tells him that they are alone so he can call her every name he wants now. Theresa mocks him further and questions him calling her toxic. Brady brings up her almost killing John, letting him believe he did it, and pulling the fake pregnancy. Brady says the worst of all is that she knew he was an addict and she set him up every chance she got. Brady says everything Theresa said and did was what was the worst for him. Brady declares he's done with that and her.

Sonny goes home and Lucas comments that he thought Will would be back by now. Sonny says he thought so too.

Will comes out of the shower and asks Paul if someone was there. Will then asks if everything is okay. Will tells Paul that he's only leaving because he was there longer than he planned and has things to take care of. Paul understands he has a life. Will tells him that his life isn't over but Paul shouts back that pitching was his life. Will thought he was at peace with it. Paul says he thought so but he's not as thinking about moving on scares him. Will points out that Paul isn't broke. Paul says he's set but doesn't know for what kind of life. Will calls him a great guy who has a chance to make a huge difference in a lot of peoples' lives.

Melanie comes home where Daniel greets her. Melanie tells him about Maggie and Victor going to Chicago. Daniel is glad she's home so he can be upfront with her about something. Daniel assures that it's not going to get in the way of her staying there as he wants her to stay there as long as possible but he wants her to know that he has already started seeing Nicole.

Nicole finishes a call and gets another call at work. The man on the other line tells Nicole that he needs to talk to her and only her. Nicole goes back to her first call with her friend Sally and says she has to take this other call. Nicole goes back to the man and asks for his name. He says it has to be anonymous. Nicole asks for his number in case they get disconnected so he gives it. Nicole asks what information he has for her. He says he's really glad he got through to her. She asks for the info. He tells her that he has a real scoop for her that she's going to love.

Theresa is sure Melanie will be much better for him than she was. Brady agrees. Theresa questions what's going on with them and if they are an item now.

Adrienne sees the baseball and asks if that's the errand he had to run. Sonny tells her that Paul wants him to keep it. Adrienne questions him seeing Paul. Sonny tells her not to worry as Paul has definitely moved on.

Will talks to Paul about his life and asks what if someone he idolized growing up came out as gay. Will talks about how coming out wasn't the easiest thing he ever did but it's important for people to know. Will tells Paul that he has a chance to make a huge impact on a lot of peoples' lives. Will tells him to think about it and exits. Will quickly puts his wedding ring back on and walks off. Derrick the clerk walks by and watches Will leave.

Brady tells Theresa that he and Melanie are good friends while he and Theresa never really were. Theresa tells him to speak for himself. Brady says he should thank her for showing him how important friendship really is. Theresa starts to storm out. Brady adds that they wouldn't have been able to handle a pregnancy. Theresa mocks him. Brady adds that he doesn't think she knows how to love as he then exits.

Melanie asks Daniel if he's kidding. Daniel assures that they know what they are doing and asks her to trust him for once. Melanie says everyone gets to make their own decision when it comes to relationships so he should remember that if it ever comes up with her. Daniel agrees. Melanie tells him that she's serious. Melanie says if he likes Nicole and she makes him happy, good but from her experience Nicole has never been able to do that with any man.

The man tells Nicole that this isn't a pretty story but the dirt he has on this person is right up her alley.

Eric thinks back to being in bed with Serena in the past. Eric says things made more sense then but Serena is still the same.

Serena goes back to her room and to her safe. She pulls out the envelope and takes out papers, saying she cannot blow this.

Nicole tells the man to just get to it. He tells her it's about a beautiful woman that just got in to town and everyone thinks she's amazing. He says this woman is a total liar. He adds that no one knows what this woman is all about. Nicole goes along with it and asks who the woman is. He informs her that it's Serena Mason.

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