Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/8/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/8/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel goes home and finds his apartment clean with flowers and candles set up. He finds an "I'm sorry" note that asks for a do-over and tells him to open the door so he does and Nicole is there.

Brady stops Melanie and says he thinks he's feeling the same way that she is. She asks if he's messing with her. They both say they weren't expecting that and call it kind of weird.

Theresa stares at the baby toy she found until Serena walks in.

Rafe and Lucas walk through the town square. Lucas talks about spending Christmas with the kids and Sami. Rafe comments on the kids loving EJ. Lucas brings up Johnny missing him and says he outgrew his FBI jacket so maybe Rafe can get him something new from the police department but Rafe informs him that he's off the force.

Adrienne talks to Sonny at home. Adrienne talks about Arianna and putting together a scrapbook. Sonny mentions deadlines so Adrienne questions Will not working from home. Sonny says not today.

Paul tells him to go ahead with the big question. Paul asks if he's afraid to ask. Will says no and then asks Paul if he's gay. Paul asks Will if he thinks he's gay. Will admits that he does. Paul asks if Will is gay. Will admits that he is. Paul then answers Will's question by kissing him.

Nicole tells Daniel that they didn't have the wonderful new year's he planned because of her so she hoped they could do it now because there's no where she'd rather be than here with him.

Melanie asks Brady what they do but he doesn't know. They agree that it's complicated and unexpected. Brady brings up Maggie being the first step. Melanie then brings up Daniel. Brady says the biggest step to him is the most important thing and that's making sure he doesn't hurt her. Melanie doesn't think he will. Brady jokes that Daniel and Maggie would kill him if he did. Melanie jokes that she would.

Serena asks Theresa if she's alright. She says she's fine and asks what she wants. Eric enters and says Serena came to meet him.

Victor walks through a building. A man enters and asks what he thinks as he told him to keep an eye out and he thinks this place is perfect.

Sonny tells Adrienne about Will's new article. Adrienne asks who it's about. Sonny respond that it's the big question.

Will tells Paul that this shouldn't happen. Paul tells Will that he got the answer he was pushing for as he is gay. They kiss again as Paul asks if Will is going to tell him that he doesn't want this to happen.

Nicole asks Daniel if he's going to say anything. Daniel says he didn't expect this. Nicole says after everything he did to make new year's special, she didn't want to ruin everything and throw it all away. Nicole admits maybe a surprise wasn't a good idea but Parker is still away and Melanie is at work. Nicole asks him for a chance to make it special for them right now.

Theresa remembers Serena and jokes that Eric's vows have gone away. Eric says they are good friends and asks for a minute with Theresa. Serena agrees to meet Eric downstairs and exits. Theresa then quickly begins telling Eric that the mixup with Serena was all Anne, assuming that she told Eric about it. Theresa then says she knows what's going on with them and she's happy for him. Eric stops her and says he didn't know anything about Serena's office and he doesn't want to talk about his personal life. She asks why he wanted to talk then. Eric says it's obvious that she's upset and it has nothing to do with Serena.

Brady suggests they make a date to talk about having a date.

Rafe explains to Lucas that Roman's hands were tied. Lucas argues it doesn't make sense but Rafe says he can't talk about it. Lucas asks Rafe what he's going to do now. Rafe says he's ready for change. Lucas asks if he means he's going to leave Salem.

Victor says he wasn't expecting a place that's already done. The man tells him that the guy who put it together died in a car crash after it was finished. He says it fits everything Victor wanted. Victor says it's not for him.

Sonny and Adrienne look through old pictures in a box. Sonny finds the baseball that Paul gave him for Christmas when they were together.

Paul tells Will to tell him now if he doesn't want this to happen. Will says it's not that. Paul says that's all he needed to hear and kisses Will onto the bed.

Nicole and Daniel kiss but he turns away. Nicole knows they still have to talk and she knows he has issues with how she was with Eric but she doesn't want to talk about Eric for the reasons he thinks. Nicole tells him that she's not running away from her feelings from him and she's not on the rebound. Nicole says she saw Eric and Serena on new year's and more than got that it's over between them. Nicole admits she made horrible mistakes with Serena. Nicole wanted to find fault with Serena because she felt she didn't measure up for Daniel. Nicole says she's not Serena or Jennifer or any woman that Daniel admires or respects. Daniel tells her to let him make that call. Nicole says she wants him to. Nicole tells him that she's learned her lesson and knows that she almost lost him. Nicole hopes they can start over again. Daniel then kisses her.

Eric tells Theresa that he went through something where he thought something was wrong but didn't know what so he might understand. Eric tells her to call if she ever wants to talk. She calls him such a good person. Eric adds that he's a good listener so she can call any time. Eric then exits. Theresa goes back to the form for Melanie and decides to call her. She leaves a message that she got her form and she's waiting for her so she asks where she is.

Melanie calls it a definite plan to do nothing definite as she and Brady joke about the date. Melanie mentions having to get back to the hospital. Brady says they will see each other. Melanie wonders if this will ever not be weird. Brady says her guess is as good as his. Melanie decides to go and they shake hands in an awkward goodbye.

The agent tells Victor to move quickly if he wants it and so far he's the only one who knows about it but he knows a lot of people who would want the place. Victor agrees to make the deal.

Adrienne questions Sonny's baseball and realizes Paul gave it to him. She asks what Sonny would've said to Will if Will found it.

Will and Paul are now undressed and continue kissing in bed.

Sonny tells Adrienne that Will won't fight it but if he did, he'd tell him the truth that he forgot about it and put it in a box of old stuff. Adrienne points out it meaning a lot to him. Sonny admits it's pretty special and explains how it's the one ball Paul hit a home run with. Adrienne calls it sweet that Paul gave it to him but suggests giving it back to Paul now. Sonny agrees that she's right.

Will and Paul lay in bed together. Paul asks if he's okay. Will says he's sorry. Paul assumes he feels guilty and says he knows why.

Melanie goes back to the hospital where Theresa finds her at the front desk. Theresa questions not meeting in the waiting room. Melanie apologizes and says she didn't check her messages as something came up. Theresa asks if it was something with Brady.

Brady goes to the Pub and greets Eric as he then meets Serena. Brady comments on being impressed with her research. Brady jokes with her having a good impact on Eric. Serena then informs Brady that she is friends with Melanie.

Rafe admits to Lucas that he is thinking about leaving Salem and suggests going to Chicago as long as he's close enough to still see Gabi. Lucas asks how she's doing. Rafe says she's okay and better now that Will is back with Arianna. Lucas knows Arianna is the center of Gabi's world but points out that Rafe is pretty important too. Rafe feels there isn't much in Salem for him anymore. Lucas is sorry to hear. Rafe thanks him for the coffee. Lucas wishes him luck in whatever he decides. Lucas comments that Rafe is one of the good guys as he walks away. Victor approaches Rafe and questions who sent the anonymous letter that cost him his job.

Daniel and Nicole continue kissing until Daniel stops and admits the attraction is mutual but he thinks they need to take things slow. Nicole doesn't want to take it slow. Nicole says Daniel being cautious makes her insecure which causes her to obsess about her stupidity. Nicole says she just wants to reconnect with him in every way.

Lucas goes to Sonny and Will's, looking to spend time with Arianna. Sonny tells him that she's at the park with the babysitter but says he can wait. Sonny mentions having to go out so Lucas stays with Adrienne as he exits. Sonny takes Paul's baseball and says there's no time like the present.

Will tells Paul no. Paul calls him an amazing writer and says he read his last two articles. Paul says the article on EJ and Sami must have been so tough for him. Paul says he understands being so passionate about work. Paul says he had to give up so much for baseball. Paul asks if Will feels guilty because he feels like this makes him less professional. Will admits that it's not objective. Paul tells him not to worry about it because he's going to write a great article. Will questions not writing everything he knows about him.

Rafe questions Victor knowing about the letter. Victor says he still has sources in the department to protect his friends and family. Rafe doesn't know who sent the letter. Victor guesses it was a DiMera. Rafe doesn't want to get involved. Victor tells him that he's out of work so he invites him to come work for him.

Theresa questions Melanie being mad at Brady and then blowing her off Brady. Melanie tells her it's none of her business. Theresa complains about her not answering her question. Melanie asks for her form. Theresa realizes that she left it in the waiting room. Melanie mocks the job being a problem for her. Theresa tells Melanie that she can come find her because she's done waiting on her.

Serena explains to Brady that she met Melanie in Europe and they really hit it off. Serena talks about making it seem like she and Eric were just friends like Brady and Melanie are. Eric asks Brady what's going on.

Daniel tells Nicole that he cares about her a lot and he believes what she's saying but just because they moved on, there are no guarantees. Nicole is willing to take the risk. Daniel asks if she's really.

Adrienne tells Lucas about putting together a family scrapbook since Justin couldn't make it home for Christmas. Lucas asks when he's coming home but she's not sure. Lucas asks if Christmas was rough. Adrienne thinks it was for Justin since she at least had friends. She asks him about when he was in Hong Kong. Lucas says it was nice as he met someone and he liked being there even though he missed the kids. Lucas says it's nice making connections with people which makes Adrienne worry. Lucas assures that Justin's not doing that and apologizes.

Sonny walks past the Pub and pulls out the baseball. Sonny decides he may as well give it to him in person.

Paul tells Will that he knows he can trust him. Will assures him that he would never out anybody ever. Paul calls it crazy as he told himself he couldn't let anyone know he's gay because of his career but now he doesn't have his career and is still thinking that no one can know. Will suggests maybe it's time.

Rafe questions working for Victor. Victor says he needs a security guy on his holdings as he doesn't trust a lot of people but he trusts Rafe. Rafe thanks him but isn't sure he wants to get in to that kind of work. Rafe thinks Victor is just making up a job for him. Victor asks what else he's going to do. Victor wants Rafe to be one of the good people working for him. Victor tells him to think about it and walks away.

Nicole admits this is scary but she wants to be with him as she believes it would be wonderful, exciting, and fun which they both need. Daniel doesn't want them to make another mistake. Nicole tells him this is the most right thing she's done in a long time and she wants to move on. Nicole states that she is moving on as they kiss and they head to the bedroom.

Brady suddenly says he lost track of time and has to go. Serena says it was nice meeting him and suggests asking Melanie about the four of them getting together sometime. Brady calls it a great idea and rushes out of the Pub. Eric asks if she thought he was off and acting weird. Serena admits she thought so too and feels the same about Theresa.

Theresa goes back to the waiting room and grabs Melanie's form. She stops and sees the baby toy again, wondering why it makes her so sad. She says she dodged a bullet with Brady and is so grateful for that. She still stares at it as she sits down and declares that it doesn't make any sense.

Daniel and Nicole kiss in his bedroom and they kiss on to the bed.

Eric asks Serena what about Theresa. Serena tells him that Theresa was staring at something she was holding and seemed transfixed. Serena remarks that it looked like a baby rattle.

Theresa holds the toy and starts crying as Melanie enters the room.

Lucas tells Adrienne not to worry about his thinking out loud. Adrienne says it's not just that as the past few times she's spoken to Justin, something is definitely different. She feels he's been gone so long that they are drifting apart again. Lucas suggests he's just working hard to get home. Adrienne says when you're married to someone, you just know.

Paul isn't sure and asks if it's what Will wants to write about. Will says not if he doesn't want him to. Paul asks if that's why this happened. Will swears it's not so Paul tells him to prove it and they begin kissing again. Sonny arrives outside the door with Paul's baseball.

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