Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/7/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/7/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie tries to argue that they were fine but Brady knows they were about to get physical. Theresa tells Brady that they don't want him there and they both yell for him to get out. Brady asks if they're going to kill each other. Melanie claims he invaded their privacy. Brady says he came back for his papers. Melanie gives them to him and says he can go now.

Ben and Abigail kiss at Ben's place. She mentions having to get to work. Ben says the same as Chad is breathing down his neck. Abigail thought Chad wouldn't be at the club as much. They kiss goodbye and Abigail goes to leave as Clyde arrives.

Jordan heads inside the DiMera Mansion and questions if Chad got Rafe fired. Chad asks why he would do that. Jordan brings up telling him that Rafe was coming after him and she heard what Rafe said. Chad feels it should've happened a long time ago.

Sonny talks to Will and says he knows this is important but he can't understand what he's saying as Will says he's on a deadline and hangs up as Kate approaches. Sonny shakes his head as he walks outside the club and then turns around to see Paul, who brings up hearing that Sonny came to see him at his hotel and he's sorry he missed him.

Hope informs Aiden that Bree said Aiden threatened her about calling ever again. Aiden admits that it's exactly what he did. Hope questions him threatening her. Aiden adds that he would do it again. Hope again questions him and can't believe Aiden would threaten a woman. Aiden argues that it's not what she thinks but they can't talk about it here and wants to go somewhere more private so he can make her understand she can trust him and he can explain. Aiden offers his hand so she takes it and they exit the Pub together.

Brady was worried after hearing them yelling. They tell him that he was wrong and Melanie says he's been wrong about a few things. Theresa says they agree that Brady needs to leave so he does.

Jordan questions Chad knowing why Rafe was fired. Chad says they probably found out that Rafe knew about what happened to Melanie. Jordan points out that Chad knew too which is why she is wondering who else could've done this to Rafe.

Kate meets with Will in the town square. Will thanks her for helping him. Kate is surprised he came to her. Will says he knows he could trust her and needs her advice. Will asks what she thought of his rough draft of the article on Paul. Kate feels Paul has a powerful arm and an equally powerful personality.

Sonny doesn't know why Paul thinks he came to his hotel. Paul reveals that the clerk told him. Paul questions Sonny showing up at his hotel room on New Year's. Sonny admits the clerk told him Paul already had company. Paul calls is strictly business which Sonny questions being late on New Year's. Paul questions Sonny thinking he's already with someone else.

Theresa tells Melanie that she will see if she can find her paperwork. Melanie thanks her. Theresa says she'll see her in an hour or so. Theresa stops and points out that before they knew who each other were, they hit it off. Theresa suggests maybe they could get along and notes that they both feel the same way about Brady. Melanie questions her. Theresa calls Brady a wannabe knight in shining armor who is inept in real situations. Theresa thinks Brady is lame and useless with women. Theresa talks about Brady leading women on and pretending to be a friend. Theresa calls him a self-centered spoiled loser so Melanie tells her to shut up about Brady.

Brady goes home, complaining that it's the last time he'll ever offer to help Melanie. Brady thinks back to their kiss on new year's. Maggie comes in and asks if he's okay because he looks like he could use a meeting.

Clyde apologizes if he's interrupting but wanted to see Ben's new place before he starts school. Clyde comments on being proud of Ben. Abigail tells Clyde how much his great grandfather's watch means to him. Clyde says he's trying to make up for past sins. Abigail thinks he's off to a great start. Clyde tells her it was nice talking to her. Abigail says the same as she exits. Clyde calls her a good catch for Ben.

Jordan questions who else knew about Rafe. Chad lists Melanie, EJ, Sami and probably Kate as well as Sonny. Chad swears he had nothing to do with what happened to Rafe.

Sonny asks Paul if he really thinks he's fooling people when the clerk clearly had his number. Paul doesn't think it matters. Sonny says their time together meant something. Paul calls it the past and wants to talk about now. Paul brings up telling him that they can be together now but he said no and then comes to see him very late in his hotel room. Paul asks Sonny if he's changed his mind.

Aiden takes Hope out of the town square and talks to her about trying to help Chase through things after Meredith's death but Bree wouldn't leave them alone and trying to twist things. Aiden says he had to get a restraining order against her to stop her for Chase's sake. Aiden says the things she was saying were so out there and wrong. Aiden talks about not pushing forward because of Chase. Aiden says he decided that the best thing to do was get out of Portland but Bree won't give up. Aiden says he didn't want a lawsuit but he will do whatever it takes to stop her and not let her ruin his son's life.

Brady tells Maggie that he's going to a meeting. Maggie asks if he wants to talk now because she sees he's upset. Brady admits he's frustrated as no good deed goes unpunished. Brady then says it's nothing. Maggie decides it's not the right time and offers to talk later if he wants. Maggie says whatever it was wasn't nothing as she exits.

Melanie questions where Theresa gets off talking about Brady when she doesn't know him. Melanie mocks Theresa marrying Brady. Theresa calls her bipolar. Melanie says Theresa makes her sick and storms out as Theresa calls her a bitch. Theresa decides she could use some fresh air herself and walks out.

Clyde tells Ben that he's glad he has a nice place to live and a nice girl like Abigail to share it with. Clyde asks if they are getting serious. Ben says he's crazy about her but wants to finish school first and be worthy. Clyde tells him that Abigail is proud of him just like he is.

Jordan tells Chad that she believes him and apologizes. Chad tells her that she has no need to be sorry as he understands he doesn't have a good history with Rafe. Chad notes she was upset and almost protective so he asks if she still has feelings. Jordan assures him that she and Rafe are over but she hated hearing that about him because he's a good guy. Chad likes that she's loyal and they kiss. Jordan says now she's worried about him as Rafe said he would make things worse for himself. Chad tells her that he can handle himself. Jordan tells him that she has to meet Abigail at the hospital for their project. Chad assures her that he has everything under control after they kiss and Jordan exits.

Will asks Kate if she thinks the article is well written. Kate praises it but talks about Paul hiding his pitches and fooling batters. Kate says that kind of deception takes experience but he started out that way. Will asks what she's trying to tell him. Kate says Paul answered his questions and gave him quotes but after the article, she didn't know him any better. Will felt the same way. Kate suggests he throw him a change up.

Sonny tells Paul that he shouldn't have come to his hotel because nothing has changed. Paul swears to him that he wasn't with anyone as it was just business. Sonny tells him that if he has feelings for someone else then he should go for it. Sonny encourages him to be out and proud but he's not the person who can share that with him. Paul asks Sonny to be honest and tell him why he came to see him. Sonny admits he was going to ask for a loan but he shouldn't have and he doesn't need it now. Paul asks if he's sure. Sonny says he is and is sorry that's not what he wanted to hear. Paul is glad he was honest. Paul asks if something's wrong but Sonny says everything is fine. Paul says that wasn't honest because he can tell when he looks at him as they still have a connection. Sonny pulls away. Paul tells him if he ever changes his mind. Sonny says he has to get back to work and heads back in to the club.

Kate asks Will what Paul has to hide and if he gets the answer then he would have one hell of a story but he finished his interviews. Will points out that Paul left the door open for another follow up but he might cover the same topics. Will says he knows what he needs to do and that's throw a change up. Will rushes off after thanking Kate.

Aiden shows Hope e-mails from Bree. Hope understands Aiden's feelings and calls her vindictive. Aiden states that Bree has an obsession with him. Aiden insists on not taking things to court in order to protect Chase. Hope understands. Aiden suggests she does more than he realized. Aiden thinks Hope has been in a similar situation with someone she cares about and tried to protect. Hope doesn't know what he's talking about. Aiden says he's talking about Rafe.

Kristen's doctor gets a call from Kristen. He tells her it's important as he has an update about their situation with Theresa.

Theresa walks through the park and thinks back to the night she was kidnapped. She calls it just a dream. Maggie approaches and startles her.

Brady sits at home with work. Melanie bursts in and apologizes for being out of line and she knows he was just trying to help. Brady tells her it won't happen again. Melanie goes to leave but they both stop and try to talk. Brady tells her to wait and asks what she wanted to talk about. Melanie says she wanted to talk about last night. Brady says they already did but Melanie wants to talk more about it.

Will goes to Paul's hotel room and says he wanted a follow up. Paul asks if he needed another quote. Will says no, he just wanted one more at bat. Paul questions him and thought they were on the same side. Will says he would want to think that. Paul asks if he upset him. Will says no but he's supposed to write a story about him. Will points out that Paul requested him specifically but all he's done is foul off his pitches. Paul thinks he mixed up his sports metaphors. Will notes that Paul doesn't talk about what's wrong but about metaphors and he moves away from the questions. Will calls it a great technique to make sure no one gets a glimpse inside of him. Will asks Paul if he's ever let someone see inside of him. Paul says Will did right in this room. Will saw the pain he felt when he found out he couldn't play anymore but he was never like that about people and feelings. Paul calls it quite the follow up. Paul knows Will wishes he was more interesting of a story but claims he's a dull, simple guy. Paul thinks Will seems pretty mad. Will asks Paul if he's ever been angry at anyone or frustrated or lonely. Paul says getting angry causes to lose control of baseball. Will brings up ever being in love. Paul thinks some things are private. Will stands by his promise to not print anything he doesn't want printed. Paul says he asked a lot of questions. Will tells him to choose which one to answer. Paul says it's his article so he can choose and he'll answer honestly. Will hesitates and then asks Paul if he ever gets lonely.

Ben joins Sonny at the club and asks him about New Year's Eve. Chad approaches and questions him not cleaning off a table. Ben explains that the customer is in the bathroom. Ben complains about Chad still coming around often after saying he wouldn't. Sonny remarks that if Ben has a problem with Chad being there then he can find another job.

Abigail and Jordan talk about their project at the hospital when Kate approaches and questions what makes them think the board will ever approve it.

Maggie asks Theresa what she's so afraid of. Theresa tells her about her recurring dream about the park. Theresa says she hates winter as everything's dead. Theresa apologizes for the information as she doesn't give a damn about her. Theresa says she should get back to work so she doesn't keep Melanie waiting and rushes off.

Melanie and Brady talk about things being weird between them after the kiss. Melanie doesn't know why as she never had trouble talking to him. Brady jokes that things are always cool in the end because they are alike. Melanie points out that they aren't right now. Melanie says he's her best friend and she doesn't want to ruin that. Brady doesn't either. Melanie says they are on the same page then to not ruin their friendship. Melanie wonders why it feels like more.

Kate says she has a few reservations about their project. Jordan mocks Kate trying to screw up their project to help people in need. Kate brings up the big donation and how the money needs to be spent wisely while bringing up their inexperience. Kate says they will have to wait and see as she walks away. Kate comments to herself that it was fun.

Clyde meets Jeremiah in the park. Jeremiah hopes since he took care of everything that Clyde knows he can trust and count on him. Clyde tells him that they are about to embark on a new adventure which is potentially very lucrative. Jeremiah points out that trucking is controlled by Victor around here. Clyde feels it's time he has some competition. Clyde declares they are moving in.

Sonny apologizes to Ben for being on edge lately. Ben agrees that he can't let insignificant things bother him as he walks away. Chad asks Sonny if everything is okay. Sonny responds that everything is great thanks to him.

Paul admits that he does feel lonely sometimes and most of the time now. Will asks if it wasn't always like that. Paul thinks back to being with Sonny and says not always. Will questions why Paul would have to feel lonely. Paul questions him saying the problem with the article is not figuring out who he is and then asking how he can be lonely. Paul asks Will what kind of man he is.

Aiden tells Hope that he met with Rafe and wanted to help him but felt he knew more about the situation with Gabi than he let on. Aiden tells Hope that he understands what it is to keep secrets because of caring about someone else. Hope responds that they are a lot more alike than they thought. Aiden agrees and says looking out for others is one of the things that he admires and loves about her.

Kristen's doctor tells her that they've gone over the test results and everything looks good and is going according to plan. He says he's kept a close eye on Theresa and she's not a problem at all.

Theresa returns to the hospital but Melanie is gone. She complains and leaves the form on the desk. She then finds a baby toy on the floor and is confused by it.

Melanie talks to Brady about their mixed up feelings becoming a mess. Melanie rambles until Brady stops her and says he thinks he's feeling the same way that she is.

Chad doesn't know why Sonny thinks it's thanks to him. Chad feels terrible that he and Will had to use their money on the club and says he has his number if he needs a loan. Sonny says Will has a great job and this club is doing great so they will build their money back up. Chad asks how Will's job is going. Sonny says it's great and he loves it, seeing how much time and effort he's devoted to this latest article.

Will tells Paul that he'll answer his question honestly and says he thinks Paul is a very complicated man who is not simple at all. Paul stands and asks if he has more questions that aren't on his list. Will admits there is. Paul tells him to go ahead with the big question. Paul asks if he's afraid to ask. Will says no and then asks Paul if he's gay. Paul asks Will if he thinks he's gay. Will admits that he does.

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