Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/6/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/6/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa wakes up from a nightmare about the night she was kidnapped in the park. She wonders why she keeps having the same dream and what's wrong with her.

Brady comes downstairs on his way out. Victor stops him and mentions Brady going to the hospital so he gives him a bag to give to Melanie.

Melanie talks to Maxine at the hospital and questions her being listed as freelancing which means not getting her benefits. Maxine tells her that she will have to talk to Anne tomorrow. Maxine asks Melanie if she had fun on New Year's Eve. Melanie thinks back to kissing Brady. Maxine asks her again. Melanie asks what she does when a friend is maybe more than a friend now.

Kayla and Hope walk through the town square. Kayla complains about her date with Bob not going well. Hope feels she still has something on her mind. Kayla asks if Hope and Aiden went out on New Year's. Hope thought they settled this.

Sonny calls Will from the club and leaves a message for him to call back because he has something really important to talk about and they have to figure out when to take Arianna to see Gabi again. Sonny wishes Will didn't leave before he got up and tells him to please call him back. Jordan joins him at the counter and asks how Gabi is. Sonny says she's as well as she can be in prison during the holidays. Sonny adds that Gabi hasn't heard what happened to Rafe yet. Jordan then asks what happened to Rafe.

Stefano calls Chad and mentions hearing that Rafe has been relieved of his duties. Chad informs Stefano that he made it happen.

Rafe meets with Aiden at the Pub. Aiden tells Rafe that he met with the DA. Rafe asks how much prison time he's looking at.

Sonny tells Jordan that Will heard from Roman that Rafe got fired from the police force. Jordan questions it. Sonny apologizes for dropping it on her but he has to take off to talk to Chad. Jordan tells him he should still be at home so Sonny exits.

Chad tells Stefano that he was just about to call and give him the good news. Stefano is proud of him and hopes there is no way Rafe can talk his way back on the force. Chad responds that Rafe's biggest problem will be staying out of prison.

Aiden tells Rafe that he brought up the risks in the DA going after him. Aiden points out that it would bring the tunnel explosions back on the front page. Rafe worries that his strategy backfired. Aiden hands him a folder and tells him to decide for himself.

Hope clarifies to Kayla that she doesn't care what Lisa thinks of Aiden as he's a good man, who has been good to her. Hope is bothered that Kayla has a problem since she asked for her blessing before dating Aiden. Kayla tells Hope that Lisa has been talking to Bree, who knows Aiden better than they do. Hope tells her that Aiden told her that Bree hates him so they can't take what she says seriously. Kayla asks what about what Aiden said.

Rafe questions no prison time. Aiden tells him that he just has to sign the agreement to keep quiet until it expires. Rafe notes that it says he can't reapply for reinstatement. Aiden says they wouldn't budge on that. Rafe asks about a PI license but Aiden says no. Rafe jokes about having to find a new job. Aiden is sorry but Rafe says he has to live with his choices. Aiden assures him that he gave every argument. Rafe calls him a miracle worker for keeping him out of prison.

Chad tells Stefano that Rafe can't be a cop again or a PI for a very long time. Stefano asks about their other project. Chad says it's a total disaster like he planned it and that he has Sonny where he wants him. Chad hangs up as Sonny arrives. Stefano calls the news too good to sit on. Chad invites Sonny in. Sonny hopes it's not a bad time. Chad calls him his partner and best friend so there is no bad time. Sonny tells Chad that it's gone as he lost everything.

Brady tells Victor that he won't be anywhere near the floor that Melanie is working on. Victor argues that it's a late Christmas gift from Maggie and questions why it's such a big deal. Brady then exits with the gift.

Maxine wants details from Melanie as they step aside. Maxine asks who the friend is. Melanie says she can't tell her and asks Maxine not to tell Daniel or Maggie because things are crazy. Melanie doesn't want to ruin her friendship and doesn't know what these feelings are. Melanie talks about how she makes life complicated. Melanie guesses he's trying to forget New Year's. Maxine suggests he's not. Melanie worries about ruining his life but Maxine suggests she could be the best thing to happen to him. Maxine continues to encourage Melanie but she remains unsure.

Theresa looks up what dreams about walking through the park can mean but doesn't come up with anything. She feels like something is wrong and like something bad is going to happen. There's a knock at the door and she answers to see John. Theresa questions what he's doing there. John informs her that he's back in town for good. John tells her that he's curious. John says he's not going to interfere in Brady's life anymore but wants to make sure she's learned the same lesson.

Brady goes to the hospital and finds Melanie. Brady gives her the gift and then starts to rush out but she stops him and tells him that she was thinking about last night. Melanie wonders if they made the decision too fast as she assumes the gift is from him. Brady then informs her that the present is from Maggie. Melanie tries to cover as Brady thought they were on the same page about everything.

Aiden tells Rafe that he's going to return some calls. Rafe tells him that he owes him and calls him a good man. Rafe says now he knows why Hope speaks so highly of him. Rafe then exits.

Kayla tells Hope about running into Lisa after Christmas and she told her how Bree warned Hope about Aiden. Hope says she told Aiden about it and Aiden told her that she hated him. Kayla informs Hope that Aiden called Bree and threatened her.

Victor talks on the phone about Sonny having to pull the plug and questions where this was heard.

Chad questions how Sonny lost everything. Sonny tells him that the contractors told him the roof can't be prepared because it will cost double. Sonny says there's no hope to justify that kind of cost. Sonny tells him that he emptied their entire savings and it's all gone. Sonny apologizes to Chad.

Rafe goes to the club where Jordan approaches him and tells him that she just heard he got fired. Jordan tells him that she's really sorry. Jordan asks how it happened. Rafe says he screwed up and put himself above the law but it's kind of what he does.

Hope wants details from Kayla and asks what Aiden said to Bree. Kayla says Bree just said that Aiden sounded really angry and warned her not to call again. Hope questions what they really know about Bree. Hope argues that she's known Aiden for months and knows he's not a man who makes threats. Hope assumes Bree misunderstood and is trying to cause trouble. Kayla suggests calling her but Hope doesn't care to hear it because she knows Aiden and this is not him. Hope wishes Kayla would listen to her instead of people she barely knows. Hope thanks her and walks away as her phone rings with a text from Aiden, asking if she's free. Hope responds that there is no one she would rather see right now.

Theresa questions if John's been talking to Victor. Theresa talks about her pregnancy scare and says she couldn't care less about Brady. Theresa says she has so moved on from Brady and his whole family. Theresa tells John to stay out of Brady's life and hers as she sends him out of her apartment.

Melanie stumbles over her words about New Year's to Brady and then rushes out.

Jordan tells Rafe that he's not a screw up and she would never think of him like that as she knows how much being a cop meant to him. Rafe responds that he's getting to used to losing what's important to him. Jordan says she still cares about him and hates that this happened to him. Rafe says he'll always care about her too. Rafe asks about her Christmas. She says it was good but wishes his was better. Rafe says it could've been worse and he'll have to start over again. Jordan asks if he has any idea what he's going to do now that he can't be a cop. Victor arrives and overhears, questioning how that happened.

Chad talks to Sonny about successful businessmen failing at first. Chad tells Sonny that there's lessons to be learned. Sonny feels he had no choice and now it's done. Sonny tells Chad that he's signing the club over to Chad and suggests he sell it to try and make some money back. Chad stops him and tells him he isn't getting off that easy.

Hope meets with Aiden at the Pub. Aiden tells her that Rafe isn't going to prison but he can't apply to be back on the police force. Aiden wishes he could've come up with a strategy for that and comments on Rafe looking lost when he left. Hope remarks that secrets have a way of coming back to bite. Aiden agrees and asks if everything is okay. Hope says yes and asks why he asked. Aiden thinks she seems like something is on her mind and asks if something is wrong. Hope admits there is and she's furious about it.

Theresa goes to the hospital. Maxine talks to her about Melanie's information being wrong and needing to be fixed. Theresa says it's Anne's department. Maxine tells her that Anne called in sick so it's on her today. Maxine tells her to take care of it now and points her to where Melanie is so Theresa goes on to find Melanie in the waiting room. Melanie sits down with a folder that Brady left and wonders if he's coming back. Theresa comes in but Melanie tells her to go away as they argue about their attitudes.

John catches up to Brady in the town square, questioning if he's in a hurry because he needs to talk to him. John tells him that he went to see Theresa as he thought she should know the ground rules. Brady is glad he told him. John sees that Brady needs to get somewhere. Brady says he went to the hospital with a folder and got distracted. Brady says he'll call him as he walks away.

Rafe tells Victor that he's off the police force and that's all he wants to say about it. Victor questions what happened to make him quit or if he was fired. Victor says he'll take care of that and call Roman but Rafe says no because it's over and done with and there's nothing he can do. Rafe says he just knows and has somewhere to be. Rafe thanks them for giving a damn as he exits. Victor asks Jordan if Rafe told her all about it. Jordan says she doesn't know any more than him and then exits.

Sonny tells Chad that the club is all he has to give him as he emptied out his savings. Chad tells him that he doesn't want anything from him. Sonny questions not being off the hook and what he wants. Chad says they are partners and he's his best friend so they are in this together. Sonny points out that Chad lost more money than him. Chad calls it the deal that he's the money and Sonny's the brains. Chad says they took a risk together and it didn't pay off which happens and he won't dump him over it. Chad credits Sonny for the club's success and says something else will come along that they will do. Sonny doesn't know what to say. Chad tells him to never quit and be the Sonny he knows. Sonny hugs him and thanks him. Chad sends him out as Sonny says he won't forget it and owes him one. Chad says to himself that Sonny does owe him.

Aiden wants to know what Hope is furious about but Hope says no because they are there to have a nice time. Aiden says he's going to be worrying about her. Hope tells him that she ran in to Kayla and it's Portland all over again. Hope explains that Lisa told Kayla what Bree said. Aiden wants to know what she said. Hope doesn't want to repeat it but Aiden insists.

Theresa doesn't want to deal with Melanie. Melanie realizes it's about her status. Theresa says she'll have to wait until Anne is back because of her attitude. Melanie insists so Theresa says she can fill out a form but doesn't know where to get it. Theresa doesn't feel motivated to help her. Melanie threatens that she better. Theresa calls her a bitch. Melanie says she's just getting started until Brady returns to break it up.

Sonny returns to the club and finds Victor, knowing he heard. Victor's one question is why Sonny didn't come to him for help. Sonny says he did but he said no. Victor tells him he knew the second club was a mistake and he didn't want him wasting money but he ignored that advice. Sonny tells him he's not ignoring it anymore. Victor feels it's too late and asks if Chad has taken over his shares yet because of the contract. Sonny tells him that Chad doesn't want any issue between them as they are still partners and best friends. Victor admits that he's disappointed because he hoped Sonny would see Chad for what he is. Sonny remarks that Victor only sees what he wants to see. Sonny goes back to the bar and gets a call from Will as Victor exits.

Chad calls Stefano back and tells him about his dealing with Sonny. Stefano is impressed that Chad neutralized Rafe and put a Kiriakis in his debt. Stefano laughs about Chad setting Sonny up but he continues to trust him completely. Chad says he does like the guy. Stefano reminds him that leverage is always a good thing even with people he cares about. Chad hangs up as he hears Rafe coming in. Rafe says he's not a detective anymore and he's pretty sure Chad knows why.

Sonny talks to Will and says he knows this is important but he can't understand what he's saying and then the call is dropped. Sonny shakes his head as he walks outside the club and then turns around to see someone.

Jordan goes to the DiMera Mansion and listens from behind the door to Rafe questioning Chad about the anonymous letter. Chad questions it. Rafe tells him to continue playing dumb. Rafe points out that he got fired while coming after Chad and his family. Rafe warns that he's made things worse for himself because the playing field is level and he doesn't have to follow the rules. Rafe says he'll see him around and exits. Jordan then heads inside and questions if Chad got Rafe fired.

John walks through the town square with Victor and says he put Theresa on notice. They don't believe she's done with Brady. John worries about Brady if he was still involved with Theresa. Victor assures that Brady has his head on straight now and Theresa is out of his life forever.

Kristen's doctor sits and thinks back to injecting Theresa while she was pregnant. He then looks at Kristen's number on his phone.

Melanie tries to argue that they were fine but Brady knows they were about to get physical. Theresa tells Brady that they don't want him there and they both yell for him to get out.

Hope informs Aiden that Bree said Aiden threatened her about calling ever again. Aiden admits that it's exactly what he did.

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