Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/5/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/5/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail goes to Ben's, knocking on the door and looking for him. Ben shows up behind her with flowers and apologizes for being late. Abigail tells him that it's fine as they are there now. Ben gives her the flowers and they kiss.

Daniel and Maxine have their drink of apple cider. Daniel decides to get back to work. Maxine stops him and brings up hoping that things would work out between he and Jennifer but accepts they didn't. Maxine asks Daniel what happened with his plans tonight as he seemed upset.

Eric greets Kayla in the Pub, asking if she's seen Serena.

Serena runs in to Nicole outside the Pub. Nicole tries to rush off but Serena stops her and says she's not going anywhere. Nicole says she has somewhere to be. Serena questions if she's going to search her hotel room again. Nicole says she doesn't know anything. Serena tells Nicole that it's pathetic that she hasn't given up on Eric and needs to face the facts that she lost him.

Sonny sits alone outside the town square and thinks back to Paul telling him that they could be together now.

Paul and Will toast to 2015. Paul thanks him for helping him see that it's going to be a whole new beginning for him as they drink their champagne. Paul then says maybe for both of them as he steps towards Will.

Brady is glad Melanie's back and wishes her a Happy New Year with a kiss. Melanie kisses him back and they continue kissing until a sudden stop. They laugh it off and then Maggie comes out with Victor. Maggie shouts Happy New Year and surprises them.

Paul's phone rings and he answers, talking in Japanese.

Sonny thinks back to Paul offering to help him with money and pulls out his phone. Sonny then decides he might as well do it in person and walks off.

Ben tells Abigail that he was thinking about her all day. Ben declares it will be his best new year ever because of her as they kiss.

Melanie greets Victor and Maggie, asking what's up. Victor jokes about a party they went to. Maggie says they just got home and heard them outside. They invite Brady and Melanie in but they decline, saying they have to get up early for work. Victor insists and Maggie tells them that he's saying no isn't an option so they all head inside.

Daniel tells Maxine that he decided he was ready to start dating but then discovered that the woman he asked out definitely wasn't ready and maybe he's not either.

Kayla tells Eric that she hasn't seen Serena. Kayla mentions coming in with a man named Bob, who is the man who approached Serena at the counter. Eric questions how long she's been dating him. Kayla says they just started as they met online and is having a hard time getting him to open up. Kayla hopes Eric will help her break the ice. Eric reluctantly agrees and greets Bob.

Nicole asks Serena not to sling accusations. Serena complains about her searching her hotel room. Serena tells her that she won't put up with any more of her stunts so they should stay away from each other. Nicole states nothing would make her happier but Serena doesn't believe her. Serena tells Nicole that she has some real serious issues.

Paul finishes a call with his mom and wishes her a happy new year. Paul turns back to Will and asks where they were. Will asks if he's told his mom about his arm. Paul says no as it's a night to celebrate and he didn't want to disappoint her. Paul says baseball is all he ever lived for. Paul pours them another glass of champagne. Will suggests maybe it's time he try something new. Paul agrees as they take their drinks. Sonny then arrives outside the door. Sonny goes to knock but Derrick the clerk stops him and tells him that Paul doesn't want to be disturbed as he's with someone. Sonny says he didn't realize. Derrick asks if he's a friend of his. Sonny responds that he used to be and asks Derrick if he's a friend of his.

Will talks more to Paul about doing something other than playing baseball. Paul asks if he ever thought about something other than writing articles. Will suggests he could write a book but Paul points out that's still writing. Will wants to stick with Paul and says there's a bright side to making a change. Will brings Paul having a hard time with personal relationships so maybe after deciding what's next, he could settle down and have a family. Paul asks if that's what Will thinks he wants.

Victor toasts to 2015 along with Maggie, Brady, and Melanie. Maggie asks Melanie and Brady what they did tonight. Brady says they were watching the fireworks. Victor asks about before that but Melanie gets a call from Daniel and steps out to take it. Maggie notes that Melanie seems a little jumpy. Victor points out the same to Brady and questions what is going on with them.

Melanie tells Daniel that he's not interrupting anything. Daniel apologizes for getting so upset as he knows what happened wasn't her fault but Nicole's. Melanie asks if he's okay.

Nicole tells Serena not to start as she doesn't know a thing about her. Serena argues that she knows more than she wants to. Serena points out Nicole deliberately not telling her who she was when they first bumped in to each other at the hospital because she was threatened. Serena says she's known for a long time that she is a piece of work. Serena brings up what Nicole did to Eric. Serena argues that it wasn't love but just Nicole being selfish.

Ben lights a candle and Abigail kisses him.

Sonny again asks Derrick if he's a friend of Paul's. Derrick responds that he wants to be but it looks like someone else beat him to it. Derrick tells Sonny that it looks like they are friendless tonight so maybe they could have a drink. Sonny tells him that he has to get going. Derrick asks if he wants to leave Paul a message but Sonny decline and exits.

Will has no idea what Paul wants. Paul thought maybe he could help him out. Paul then jokes that he was just kidding as he's sick and tired of being down all the time. Paul asks Will if he has somewhere to be but Will says no. Paul says they could finish up tomorrow. Will says he has all the material he needs. Paul jokes about Will not wanting to talk to him anymore but Will says that's not what he meant.

Melanie thinks Daniel sounds down. Daniel says he's fine and just learned a valuable lesson about Nicole tonight. Daniel feels bad for taking that out on Melanie and worries that he ruined her new year's eve. Melanie says he didn't ruin anything as she usually does it to herself when something bad happens. Daniel assures her that she can talk to him if anything is wrong. Daniel promises they will talk as they hang up.

Brady admits something happened tonight that took them by surprise. Maggie thinks it's good that Brady was there for Melanie and that she's not mad at him. Victor wonders why Melanie would be mad at Brady as Melanie comes back in and Victor asks her to tell him what's going on between them. Melanie suggests to Brady that they just tell them.

Eric asks Bob about football but he doesn't say much. Kayla comes back and tells Eric that Serena wasn't in the restroom so Eric wonders where she went.

Serena argues that Nicole doesn't care who she hurts. Nicole calls her a bitch. Serena warns Nicole to stay away from her, her things, her work, her life, and Eric. Nicole tells her to shut up as Eric interrupts and tells her to stop.

Sonny goes home and pours champagne then toasts to losing everything.

Paul is glad it won't be the last time he sees Will after they spent all this time together. Will tells him he won't disappear and he'll need him to read the article before he publishes it. Paul repeats that it's good to know he will still be around. Paul thanks him for coming so he didn't have to spend new year's alone. Will responds that company is always a good thing as he wishes him a happy new year and exits.

Melanie tells Victor that everything is fine but something did happen. Melanie then says she got in a fight with Daniel earlier. Maggie asks what it was about. Melanie says it's not a big deal but she was hurting about it and then Brady talked her through it so everything is good. Melanie says she has to go to be up early for work. Melanie hugs Maggie and Victor goodbye. Melanie says she'll take a cab but Brady insists on taking her home. Brady exits with Melanie.

Nicole assumes Eric will think everything is her fault. Eric tells Serena to go inside and wait for him as he won't be long so she goes in. Kayla greets Serena and asks if everything is alright as Eric got worried when he heard them going at it out there. Serena tells him that everything is alright or will be soon.

Nicole complains to Eric that Serena started in on her after bumping in to her. Eric brings up that Nicole researched her and broke in to her room. Nicole feels she had her reasons and they didn't have to do with him. Eric tells her to name one. Nicole admits she was mostly concerned about him but questions Serena coming to Salem out of the blue and what her agenda is. Eric doesn't want her concerned with him. Eric tells Nicole that she is out of his life permanently. Nicole responds that she'll never make that mistake again and walks away.

Abigail and Ben lay in bed, talking about new year's resolutions. Abigail says she stuck to the basics. Ben says his is to tell her that he loves her and to spend every possible minute with her all year long. Abigail gets emotional and kisses him.

Brady brings Melanie home to Daniel's. Melanie calls it sweet to walk her to the door and thanks him. Brady stops her and says they should talk about the kiss. Brady apologizes and notes Melanie being quiet on the way home. Brady feels it wasn't cool of him to do that to a friend. Melanie tells him it's okay. She admits it took her by surprise a little bit but points out that she kissed him back.

Eric brings Serena home. Serena says she would invite him in. Eric understands it's not a good night. Eric agrees that they both need time to get past what Nicole has done. Eric adds that he doesn't want Nicole to be any part of them.

Nicole finds Daniel at the hospital. Daniel questions what she's doing. Nicole asks for five minutes so Daniel agrees. Nicole admits that she was wrong about Eric being out of her life as she still has a kneejerk reaction whenever he comes up. Nicole talks about Daniel ripping into her and then Serena and Eric teaming up on her. Nicole says she's not here to convince Daniel as he'll believe what he wants. Nicole says there is something else that nobody gets. Nicole argues that it's partly true that she got in to Serena's life because of Eric but she realized it's also how she feels about herself. Nicole brings up Serena coming in from Eric's past and she's a real journalist who always does the right thing unlike her. Nicole argues that Serena is a good person while she's not. Nicole cries that even when she tries to be, she screws it up. Nicole thinks that is the kind of woman that Daniel would be happy with like he was with Jennifer. Nicole argues that this isn't all about Serena and Eric but about Daniel too. Nicole says it will always be in the back of her mind to wonder when Daniel will meet someone like Serena, someone who is better than she is.

Abigail likes Ben's resolution. Ben adds that he's already done it too. Abigail tells him that she loves him too. Ben says she doesn't have to say it but Abigail says she's been wanting to for weeks. Ben assures her that he loves her too and they kiss.

Paul opens his door and Derrick tells him that someone came to see him while he was busy. Paul asks if he got a name. Derrick tells him that he didn't but describes him and notes that he said they used to be friends. Derrick wishes him a happy new year and walks away. Paul shuts his door and smiles, saying that Sonny came to see him.

Will returns home and finds Sonny passed out on the couch with the empty champagne bottle. Will puts a blanket over him and wishes him a happy new year as he kisses him on the cheek.

Eric hopes this is the last time they will ever need to talk about Nicole. Serena feels the same and assures Eric she'll be fine. Eric asks if she's still okay with moving forward. Serena jokes with him and kisses him on the cheek as they say goodnight. Serena shuts the door and tosses her things then goes straight to her safe, where she pulls out an envelope.

Daniel tells Nicole that it's a lot to take in but it was never about Nicole not being good enough. Daniel says he decides who he cares about and it is not based on what other people think. Maxine comes in and tells Daniel that he's needed in the emergency room. Daniel wishes Nicole a happy new year and then exits the room.

Brady tells Melanie that the kiss was in the moment for new year's. Melanie understands it just happened. They agree to forget all about it. Melanie heads inside as Brady wishes her a happy new year. Brady then heads for the elevator while Melanie leans against her door.

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