Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/2/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/2/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena and John run in to Paul in the town square. John recognizes Paul Norita but Paul questions who the hell he is.

Sonny comes home and excitedly tells Will that Adrienne will take Arianna tonight. Sonny then gets a call about a problem with the new club and needing to cost twice as much. Will comes out and asks what's wrong.

Paige questions JJ saying he's not good enough for her and says it's so not true. JJ thinks back to being with Eve and tells her that it is true because when she was gone, he did something really bad.

Serena throws Nicole's flower away and says Nicole is obviously still obsessed with Eric.

Melanie tells Nicole that she didn't tell Eric anything. Nicole loudly questions how he knew that she was in Serena's room that night then right as Daniel comes home to hear. They try to cover but Daniel questions what the hell Nicole was doing in Serena's hotel room. Daniel tells Nicole not to deny it and questions Melanie knowing about it. Melanie explains seeing Nicole there but she asked her not to say anything.

Serena worries about Nicole going throw her folders and how she likely went through her e-mails as swell. Serena then checks her safe and is relieved to see Nicole did not look there.

Marlena informs Paul that John is a big baseball fan. Paul apologizes for being rude. Marlena assures Paul that he can trust John. John asks how they know each other. Paul explains that they met at the hospital. Marlena asks about his physical therapy. Paul claims it went perfect and he's a brand new man as he quickly walks away. John questions what his problem is. Marlena responds that she really can't say.

Sonny tells Will that it's just minor stuff with the new club and he'll take care of it. Will doesn't think it sounds minor and hopes it doesn't involve more investing. Sonny wants to celebrate tonight instead of arguing. Will wants the truth so Sonny responds that he could lose everything tonight.

Paige asks what JJ means as she knows he would never go back to dealing drugs. JJ says it wasn't that or anything illegal but he's no good for her so they have to be done. Paige stops him and refuses to let him walk away like this. Paige can't stand this and says if he loved her then he has to tell her what he did. JJ argues that it won't help. JJ calls her a wonderful person so it's not her fault but it's all on him. JJ says he just can't be with her. Paige wants a reason and asks why he's breaking up with her. Paige says she deserves the truth but JJ tells her that she doesn't want to know.

Sonny tells Will that it might not be an issue but if the roof needs to be repaired on the club then it could be around $25,000 on top of everything he's already invested. Sonny adds that he can't take any money out because he spent everything and it's gone. Will gets a call from Paul. Paul tells Will that he wants him to write the story about his career being over and asks if he can talk tonight.

Eric goes to Serena's hotel room and tells her that he's so sorry. Eric comes in and sees the flower in the trash, commenting that she must feel so violated. Serena says there is only one thing she wants to know about Nicole and asks if she's completely out of her mind.

Nicole tells Daniel that she can explain. Daniel questions Melanie needing to get to her friends' party because he needs to talk to Nicole now. Melanie exits. Nicole apologizes to Daniel. Daniel tells her that he knows what this is about and questions her not being over Eric.

Will tells Paul that he wants to talk but questions if it has to be tonight on New Year's Eve. Paul says if he has plans and wants someone else to do the story then he can say the word. Will agrees to do it tonight and says he'll be right there. Sonny questions him leaving. Will explains that he has to do this article and they need the money. Will promises to be home before midnight. Sonny tells him to just go.

Paige tells JJ that she can't just walk away and accept that it's over without knowing why. She demands to know why. She knows he still has feelings for her and doesn't want it to end. JJ tells her that while she was gone, he thought they were done so he hooked up with someone else.

Melanie runs in to Brady in the town square. Melanie says she's just passing through. Brady questions if he did something wrong and why she's upset. Melanie responds that she's furious at Nicole.

Eric tells Serena that he should've known Nicole wouldn't give up so easily. Serena tells him that Nicole loves him and wants him back. Eric argues that she's not that delusional. Serena feels Nicole doesn't want anyone to have Eric. Eric thinks it was her misguided way of trying to protect him. Serena thinks he's being generous about her motives. Eric offers to call Hope so Serena can file a formal complaint since what Nicole did was out of line and illegal. Eric adds that he'll support her in whatever she decides to do about it.

Nicole insists to Daniel that she is so over Eric and that she only went to Serena's room to make amends for researching her which she claims was out of professional curiosity. Daniel questions it not being cause she's Eric's ex. Nicole says Eric was looking over her shoulder and insists that she just bought an orchid and wanted to write a card. Daniel questions her going in to write the note and then just leaving. Daniel says they both know she snooped around to see what she could find and argues that it had nothing to do with her taking the high road. Nicole asks if he can blame her for being curious and brings up Serena happening to be friends with Melanie while also being from Eric's past in Africa that he never talks about. Daniel stops her. Nicole is excited for the New Year's ball. Daniel opens the door and tells Nicole goodnight and happy new year.

Brady guesses it's about Serena. Melanie can't believe she let Nicole talk her in to trusting her and now Daniel is mad at her. Melanie questions what she's supposed to do now and shouts that she hates Nicole.

Nicole understands Daniel is angry and she doesn't blame him. She says it's New Year's and brings up Daniel getting their tickets to the ball. Daniel doesn't believe a word she said or that she's over Eric. Daniel questions her lying to him again. Nicole argues that she's not lying to him but Daniel feels she's lying to herself. Daniel grabs his phone and calls Maxine to tell her that he will cover the midnight shift as he can come in after all. Daniel tells Nicole to lock the door on her way out and adds that she can snoop as much as she wants because there's nothing about Eric in the apartment. Daniel storms out, leaving Nicole crying.

Serena tells Eric that she will just leave instructions with the desk to never let Nicole in her room and she'll have a new key made so hopefully that will be the end of it. Eric says he'll make sure it is. Serena wants to forget about it at least for the night. Serena says as angry as she is with Nicole, she probably is in a lot of pain over losing him which she knows how hard that is. Serena says she got through it and so will Nicole. Serena suggests not letting her ruin their night. Serena declares it's their New Year's and she intends to make it a memorable one as they exit together.

The hotel clerk Derrick brings Paul a bottle of champagne courtesy of the hotel management. He offers to come in and open the bottle for him but Will arrives. Will enters and Paul wants to get started.

Paige doesn't believe JJ. JJ tells her that she wanted the truth and now she has it. Paige asks why. JJ tells her that it's not her fault but she basically broke up with him. Paige knows he was upset about her maybe not coming back but she didn't break up with him. Paige argues that he knew that she didn't want to stay in California and that she didn't want to break up. JJ says he couldn't wait forever. Paige argues that it was only a couple of days and demands to know who JJ was with. Paige asks if she knows the slut he slept with. JJ doesn't answer so Paige assumes that she does. JJ says he didn't say that. Paige tells him to say something. Rory walks by with a couple of friends and interrupts. Rory asks if they are coming to the party. JJ says he is but Paige was just leaving.

Paul sits with Will and tells that baseball has been his entire life and he has no idea what to do now. Will feels he could still be involved in the sport as a sportscaster or coach. Paul says he'll be remembered for this tragedy. Will suggests he could go back to school. Paul brings up being recognized in the town square. Paul questions how he goes from million dollar baseball star Paul Norita to nobody. Paul says without baseball, he doesn't know who he is. Will suggests he find out.

John and Marlena go to the club as John continues talking about Paul in baseball but then wonders why he's talking about Paul. John suggests it's avoidance because he can't put into words how much he missed Marlena. Marlena says he doesn't have to say as that's how much she missed him too.

Brady reminds Melanie that he's a guy who eloped with a psycho who almost killed his dad so she should have no problem with Daniel forgiving her. Brady tries to tell her that Nicole is not that bad but Melanie doesn't want to hear it. Brady goes to get them some hot chocolate. Daniel then walks by and Melanie greets him, telling him that she feels so bad about what happened. Melanie offers her side of the story but Daniel tells her that it's really not necessary. Daniel says he shouldn't be upset at her because he asked her to stay out of his private life which is what she did. Melanie worries that it wasn't a good idea and asks about his date with Nicole. Daniel says he didn't tell her because he wanted to see how it went first but now it's not happening. Melanie admits she's happy about it. Daniel walks off to go to the hospital as Melanie calls out wishing a happy new year to him. Brady returns with their hot chocolates and Melanie hugs him.

Nicole sits alone and rips up her ticket, saying that she thought this New Year's was going to be so special as she thinks about Daniel. Nicole decides she isn't going to sit around for the new year as she should be with Daniel to ring in the new year. She calls him but gets his voicemail. Nicole decides it's better face to face so she needs to convince Daniel that she's over Eric. She declares that Eric is the furthest thing from her mind.

Daniel goes to the hospital. Maxine thought he had plans. Daniel says plans changed. Maxine offers to find someone else if he wants to ring in the new year with Melanie but Daniel wants to stop talking about his personal life and focus on work.

Melanie tells Brady that she doesn't want to sound happy that Daniel is unhappy but she feels he and Nicole are not right for each other. Brady tells her that she has nothing to worry about. Melanie apologizes for dumping all of this on him. Brady says that's what friends are for and he hopes he helped a little. Melanie tells him that he always does. Brady still feels she was upset with him earlier. Brady invites her to come with him to start out 2015 right so they walk off together.

Eric goes to the Pub with Serena where Caroline shows them a bottle of champagne that Eric had gotten her years ago which she saved for a special occasion. Caroline gives them a special toast. She cuts her finger on the bottle causing Eric to worry. Eric takes her to the back to get the first aid kit and promises Serena he'll be back before the ball drops. Serena says to herself that she'll take care of the champagne but won't be drinking it alone.

Paige walks away. Rory tells JJ that was cold. JJ doesn't want to talk about it. Rory points him to the party. JJ tells him to go and leave him alone so Rory exits with his friends. JJ sits alone on the bench.

Will argues that Paul is not a nobody and never will be. Will suggests letting go of the pressure to find out regular life is not so bad. Paul hopes he's right. Will notes that it's almost midnight. Paul doesn't want to let the champagne go to waste and decides to open it.

Sonny sits alone at home and opens a box with his 2012 New Year's Resolution to get Will to fall in love with him. He then reads for 2014 was to marry the man he loves. Sonny begins writing a new one for 2015.

Will tells Paul that he can't stay. Paul tells Will that he's going to ring in the new year alone if he leaves now so the least he could do is give him a glass of champagne.

John and Marlena stand outside together and watch the fireworks. They wish each other a Happy New Year and then they kiss.

Sonny puts his 2015 New Year's resolution in to the box and gets a call. He asks what the verdict is. He asks if they are sure. He then says it's not their fault and thanks for letting him know as he hangs up. Sonny walks around the room looking sad as he looks over at the bottle of champagne and then a photo of he and Will. Sonny wishes Will a happy new year wherever he is and exits.

Paul and Will toast to 2015. Paul thanks him for helping him see that it's going to be a whole new beginning for him as they drink their champagne. Paul then says maybe for both of them as he steps towards Will.

JJ remains in the park and watches the fireworks.

Paige walks through the town square and stops as she holds back tears.

Brady takes Melanie to the Kiriakis Mansion and they watch the fireworks from outside. Brady states that 2015 isn't off to a bad start. Brady offers to drive her to the hospital so she can talk to Daniel. She says it's very sweet and thanks him for everything. Brady is glad she's back and wishes her a Happy New Year with a kiss. Melanie kisses him back and they continue kissing.

Daniel asks Maxine if she doesn't want to go watch the fireworks. Daniel apologizes for being in a lousy mood earlier and taking it out on her. Daniel wants to start the new year off on a better note and pours them some apple cider. Daniel toasts to good friends and better judgment as they share a drink.

Serena sits alone at the counter of the Pub. A man approaches but she turns him down and exits the Pub. She runs in to Nicole. Nicole tries to rush off but Serena stops her and says she's not going anywhere.

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