Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/31/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/31/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jordan goes to see Chad at the DiMera Mansion. Chad asks how work was. Jordan tells him that she ran in to Melanie. Chad guesses his name came up. Chad wants her to hear his side of things. Chad tells Jordan that it's completely true that he lied to Melanie and ruined her life.

Maggie and Melanie talk at the Kiriakis Mansion about New Year's. Maggie goes to look for her purse. Melanie looks at a photo of Brady on the table and thinks back to looking at the stars with him. Brady then enters and tells Melanie that he was just thinking about her.

Eric goes to Serena's hotel with a box. Serena answers in just a t-shirt and says she wasn't expecting him. Eric apologizes for catching her like this.

Daniel meets Nicole at the club and gives her an envelope.

JJ comes downstairs at home and gets a call from Paige. He asks what she wants. Paige questions why he is ignoring her. JJ thought he made it clear that they were over. Paige asks what changed. JJ thinks back to being with Eve and tells her that he doesn't want to talk about it. Paige demands an answer as Jennifer appears behind JJ and Eve appears behind Paige.

Melanie asks Brady what he's doing here since Maggie said he was working. Brady explains that he decided to leave when they broke out champagne. He asks if something is wrong but she says of course not. Brady feels Melanie doesn't feel very happy to see him.

JJ tells Paige that he doesn't think they should do this. Paige wants an explanation. Paige threatens to bang on his door until he answers. JJ agrees to meet her in the park. Paige hangs up and turns around to see Eve. JJ hangs up and Jennifer greets him. JJ thought she was at work. She says she was just leaving and asks JJ what's going on.

Jordan tells Chad that Melanie made it very clear that she doesn't look back on their time fondly. Chad admits he made a lot of mistakes. Jordan questions him not telling her about their engagement. Chad felt it best that she find out from Melanie so he didn't come off self serving. Jordan asks what he did. Chad explains that he knew about Gabi having Melanie kidnapped but didn't tell her and let her think they were still friends. Chad thought he was just trying to protect her but admits he was trying to control her.

Melanie tells Brady that she is happy to see him but is a little wired up to go shopping with Maggie. Brady questions her mood. Melanie says she's a little anxious. Brady asks if it's because of him. Melanie says no and calls it a silly girl thing as she wants to look good for her first new year's back. Brady tells her that she has nothing to worry about as she always looks good. Maggie comes back and greets Brady. Maggie tells Melanie that she got a call from someone at AA so she's going to have to pass on their shopping to be there for someone. Melanie understands and they hug as Maggie then exits. Melanie tries to hurry out but Brady stops her and suggests they go shopping together but Melanie says absolutely not.

Eric notes that Serena is wearing his old t-shirt. She jokes that she isn't wearing it because of him but because it's comfortable. Eric tells her that he brought a pie from Caroline and invites her to the New Year's party at the Pub. Eric points out the flower that Nicole left her. Serena calls it nice and says she didn't have to apologize. Eric feels she did and is glad for once that Nicole took the high road.

Nicole opens the envelope and inside are tickets to the mayor's New Year's Eve ball. She asks if this means they are finally going on their first date. Daniel says yes as his schedule at work opened up at the last minute. Nicole bets he had to pull a lot of strings to get the tickets. Daniel jokes with her. Nicole says they will have so much fun. She thanks him and calls it like a new start. Daniel looks forward to seeing just what happens. Daniel first asks Nicole one more time if she's sure she is ready for this.

Paige questions how much Eve heard. Eve says enough to know she and JJ are having problems. Paige says JJ knows the problems but she doesn't. Eve questions what has had her so upset since Christmas Eve. Paige thinks Eve must be thrilled that she isn't seeing JJ. Eve says she isn't thrilled that she is in pain and says she warned her that boys can be fickle. Paige argues that she and JJ will be fine then storms out. Eve remarks that it's just not true.

Jennifer tells JJ that she heard him arguing with Paige so obviously they haven't worked things out. She asks about Paige being back and thinks it's good news. JJ tells her that they can't work things out as it's over. Jennifer argues that it doesn't make sense. JJ says people break up all the time. JJ doesn't understand why it's such a big deal to her because he's young. JJ claims he thought it was weird to be so serious about a girl. JJ calls it not a good idea. Jennifer says it is if he loves her. JJ doesn't think it matters. Jennifer questions what's really going on and if it has anything to do with Eve. JJ says no and asks why she would ask that. Jennifer talks about Eve always giving him grief. JJ says he will tell her later but has to go now. JJ repeats that it has nothing to do with Eve and then exits. Jennifer doesn't buy it.

Melanie jokes about an overreaction. Brady thinks she might be mad at him. Melanie assures that she isn't and hurries over her words about things being awkward and weird, insisting that it has nothing to do with him. Melanie rushes out, leaving Brady to wonder what just happened.

JJ goes to the park and thinks back to being with Paige there in the past. JJ questions how he can do this to her. Paige appears. JJ apologizes for not returning her messages. Paige wants to know what's going on. Paige thought everything was okay but now it's over and he won't tell her why. JJ apologizes for sending mixed messages and just blurting out that it's over. JJ says it wasn't right and he wishes he could take it back. Paige hugs him, relieved, saying she was so scared that she had lost him.

Serena eats some of the pie and notes that Eric suddenly seems distracted. Eric decides he should go as it's all too tempting and he's not just talking about the pie. Serena notes that becoming a priest really changed him as he didn't run from temptation back in the day. Serena jokes that he often had seconds. Eric reminds her that they are taking things slow. Serena says as long as they are taking it somewhere.

Daniel tells Nicole that he can't help thinking that part of her is just not ready to let Eric go. Nicole thinks back to Melanie finding her in Serena's room. Nicole asks if there's any reason Daniel would be bringing that up now. Daniel just doesn't want to start anything unless she's certain. Nicole says they have already talked about this as Eric is moving on and she wants to as well. Daniel tells her that he trusts her. She asks what time he's picking her up. Daniel says he'll text her after finishing up at the hospital. Daniel tells her that he will see her later and goes to leave. Nicole stops him and says she thought it would be another grim new year's eve but now she can't wait. Daniel smiles and says that's good.

Eric tells Serena that he will be back to pick her up. She tells him that she can't wait as he exits. Eric walks by the hotel clerk telling another clerk about letting Nicole in to Serena's room. Eric stops and questions the clerk about exactly what happened. He asks why Eric is asking. Eric says he's friends with the guest in the room. He assures Eric that the woman he let in was very trustworthy and just left a flower and note. Eric questions why he didn't just do it himself. He explains that she insisted on doing it herself and claims it was all very innocent. Eric thanks him and exits.

Chad talks to Melanie about how he went nuts and beat up Nick when he saw him with Melanie's scarf, assuming he did something to her so he signed an agreement to keep quiet about what Gabi did to Melanie so that Nick wouldn't press charges. Chad says it made him obsessive and needy like he was with Abigail. Jordan mentions Melanie saying he had a dark side. Chad says he changed after getting shot and almost dying. Jordan calls it a lot of new information to process. Chad asks what she's going to do with that information.

Eve sits in the town square drinking wine. Melanie approaches and lets her know that her purse fell from her chair. Eve stops her and says she looks so familiar, asking if they met. Melanie introduces herself and Eve realizes she's Daniel's daughter. Eve introduces herself so Melanie realizes she's the hateful woman who sued Jennifer.

Jennifer works with Maxine and complains about being so jumpy this afternoon. Jennifer says it's about someone that she has to set straight. Maxine tells her that she's good to go and wishes her a happy new year. Maxine walks away as Daniel appears at the desk. Daniel asks Jennifer if she has a minute.

Paige thinks JJ just freaked out about her taking off so quickly and thinking she wasn't coming back. Paige blames herself for not handling things better. Paige thinks everything is back to normal now and they can be together like always. JJ tells her that she doesn't understand as they aren't getting back together. Paige questions him saying he wanted to take things back. JJ says he only meant that he was harsh to blurt it out without explaining anything as that wasn't right. Paige doesn't understand why he's doing this. JJ apologizes but Paige demands an explanation.

Eric goes to the club and finds Nicole. She questions him looking for her. Eric says he called her office and he wants to know what she was doing in Serena's hotel room.

Jordan tells Chad that it doesn't come as a complete shock as she had been warned about him. Jordan talks about Chad making the same mistakes with Abigail and Melanie. Chad says he learned from those mistake which is why he has been trying not to pressure her. Chad says he will respect whatever she decides. She asks him what he would do in her shoes. Chad admits he would walk out and never come back. Jordan shuts the door and says it's a good thing he's not in her shoes as she then kisses him.

Brady works at home as Maggie comes back in. Maggie tells him that seeing her friend went well. Brady stops her and asks if Melanie said anything to her about him. Maggie says no and asks why. Brady says he just got the weirdest vibe from her like she couldn't get away from him fast enough. Maggie calls it ridiculous since she adores him. Brady feels it was like he did something to make her mad. Brady says all he did was ask her to go shopping. Brady admits he must just be being paranoid.

Eve remarks on Melanie being friends with Abigail. Melanie says Abigail filled her in on what Eve did to her family. Eve argues that she knows nothing about it and suggests she move on. Melanie says she wants nothing to do with Eve if she's anything like Theresa. Melanie walks off as Eve comments that she hates this town.

Jennifer asks what Daniel wanted to talk about. Daniel says he wanted to be honest with her and it seems like he and Nicole may be becoming something more as they are going out on a date tonight. Jennifer tells him that she's not surprised. She thanks him for telling her and says she's really happy for them both. Daniel thanks her and hopes 2015 is her best year ever. Jennifer wishes him a happy new year and hugs him. Jennifer jokes with him about his tie and walks away. Maxine returns and tells Daniel that a doctor just called in so she asks if Daniel can cover his shift tonight.

Eric questions Nicole going in to Serena's room and going through her things. Nicole claims she just dropped off a gift. Eric argues that she could've dropped it off at the front desk but they know she went through her things. Eric adds that she could land in jail for breaking in to a room. Nicole asks if he's thinking about pressing charges. Eric says that would be Serena's call. Eric tells her to stay out of his life and Serena's as he storms out. Nicole believes Melanie was the one who told him and says she's going to kill her as she rushes out.

Jennifer shows up at Eve's door and demands to know what's going on between Paige and JJ.

Paige sits with JJ and asks him to talk to her. Paige asks if he just doesn't love her anymore. JJ says it's not that. Paige asks what it is. JJ responds that he's just not good enough for her.

Daniel tells Maxine that he had plans but he'll change if he has to. Daniel suggests another doctor. Maxine says she couldn't reach her. Daniel reluctantly agrees to stay. Maxine takes him to look at a patient.

Serena gets dressed and calls Eric that she will be on time for once in her life. She asks if something is wrong. Eric says no but then says yes. She asks what it is. Eric says he just found out that Nicole didn't have the flower delivered but was actually in her room.

Nicole goes to Daniel's where Melanie answers the door. She tells him that Daniel isn't here but Nicole says she came for her and calls her a backstabbing little snake. Nicole brings up Melanie promising not to tell anyone about her being in Serena's hotel room.

Chad and Jordan end up in bed. He asks why she didn't walk out the door. Jordan says he didn't lie to her and owned up to everything so she admires that. They continue kissing.

Jennifer tells Eve that something is going on because JJ is a mess. Eve suggests talking to JJ. Jennifer says she did and claims JJ shut down when she asked if Eve was involved. Jennifer says now she is asking Eve if she had anything to do with the breakup. Eve says she didn't have to lift a finger as JJ knows how to screw things up all on his own. Jennifer warns that she'll be really sorry if she does anything to hurt JJ as she storms out.

Paige questions what JJ means. JJ says it's not about his dad but about him, who he is and what he's done. Paige continues asking what that means. JJ repeats that he's not good enough for her. JJ adds that once she hears what he has to say, she'll know why.

Serena claims to Eric that someone is at the door and they'll talk later. Serena hangs up and crumples the note that Nicole left in her flower.

Nicole argues that she saved Melanie with the casino people and this is how she repays her. Melanie tells her that she didn't tell Eric anything. Nicole loudly questions how he knew that she was in Serena's room that night then right as Daniel comes home to hear.

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