Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/30/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/30/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe goes to leave the Pub when Hope arrives to talk about a case. Rafe tells her to call Roman as he's not on the case anymore because he's not on the force anymore.

Chad tells Kate that he's not Jordan's victim and she doesn't manipulate. Chad talks about Kate's history with men and mocks Clyde.

Clyde meets with Aiden in his office and says he would appreciate his help. Clyde tells him that he wants to make a charitable donation but it needs to be anonymous. Aiden asks him why.

Abigail tells Jordan that she's learned the hard way that the DiMeras are exceptionally good at twisting things to get what they want. Jordan tells her not to worry because she can protect herself.

Sonny finishes putting Arianna to sleep and joins Melanie in the living room. They talk about seeing Gabi. Melanie looks through their photo album. Sonny says Arianna loves Gabi. Melanie comments on it meaning a lot that they visit Gabi. They agree that it was a bummer Will couldn't come.

Will asks Paul if he's sure he wants him to stay. Paul apologizes for making him uncomfortable. Paul sadly tells Will that it's all over.

John and Marlena meet in the town square. He thanks her for meeting him. She feels it's the least she can do after he helped her with Arianna at Christmas. John declares that he wants to start the new year right and the only way he can do that is with her at his side.

Sonny tells Melanie about being overwhelmed by work lately. Melanie asks where his business partner is. Sonny tells her that Chad is busy with DiMera and Jordan. Melanie is surprised to learn that Chad is seeing somebody. Sonny says she's nice and didn't realize Melanie hadn't met her. Sonny points out that she is Ben's sister which Melanie questions. Melanie decides it's whatever makes them happy. Sonny truly believes Chad will do right by Jordan.

Kate questions Chad letting himself get yanked around by Jordan. Chad brings up Kate's past as a hooker and doesn't get why she cares. Kate tells Chad that he needs to learn. Kate remarks that Chad gets desperately attached to women and suggests asking Melanie and Abigail about that.

Jordan tells Abigail about leaving Clyde when she turned 18 and taking Ben with her when he was just 13. Jordan talks about how much they went through. Jordan says Rafe breaking her heart and whatever she thinks of Chad is nothing as she's survived worse.

Paul complains about how it happen some time. Paul tells Will that it's over because his arm won't heal. Will thought the surgery was a success. Paul says it is for a normal person but he will never be able to pitch again so his career is over.

Rafe explains to Hope what happened with Roman getting the anonymous letter. Hope says she'll talk to Roman but Rafe doesn't think it will help. Hope is surprised that Roman called the DA. Rafe understands that he had to. Hope says she's going to get him a good lawyer and makes a call.

Aiden questions Clyde not wanting his name on the donation. Clyde explains that it's his stepdaughter's and he wants her to feel like she succeeded on her own. Aiden gets a call from Hope, who tells him that she needs a favor.

Melanie asks Sonny if he thinks Chad has changed. Sonny thinks Chad learned his lesson after her and Abigail. Melanie doesn't think Chad has changed for the better. Sonny brings up that Melanie dumped Chad so he doesn't want her to assume anything. Sonny feels Chad is a good guy who is fair to him and supportive. Melanie decides Chad is okay with her then but warns him that people close to Chad usually get hurt.

Kate feels women have been making a fool of Chad and they can't afford him to be distracted. Chad stops her and argues that she doesn't know him. Kate brings up Chad faking a brain tumor before. Chad calls it none of her business but Kate points out them being partners so everything he does impacts her. Chad warns her to stay out of his personal life or he'll make her regret it as he storms out.

Abigail can't imagine all that Jordan has been through. Jordan just doesn't get people feeling the need to protect her. Abigail gets that she can protect herself. Abigail asks if this is why she came up with this hospital outreach program. Jordan says she's just been there. Abigail tells her that she's going to make it a huge success.

Will didn't think there was a question about Paul playing again. Paul didn't either and says it's just too much. Paul complains about having to live a normal life. Will asks if he's told his family. Paul tells him that he's the only one who knows. Will promises not to tell anyone and offers to tell Zoe that they can't do the story on him. Paul feels he's an idiot for trying to be a free agent and make more money when his team was already taking care of him. Paul worries about upcoming headlines. Will tells him there might be a way to get around that.

Marlena doesn't know what John means. He clarifies that he is asking her out on a date for New Year's Eve. She questions him having to do it in person. John asks why not. Marlena thinks it seems formal. John says he's making a pitch and doesn't want to take anything for granted especially not her.

Aiden apologizes to Clyde for the interruption and tells him that he will make sure his donation happens by the end of the year. Clyde says there's no rush. Aiden reminds him of the tax deduction. They shake hands and Aiden says he'll be in touch. Clyde comments that you can never tell when a man might need a good lawyer as he exits.

Sonny works at the club as Chad arrives and sees Abigail at a table. Chad joins her and thought Ben would be spending the day with her. Abigail explains that Ben is figuring out his school schedule. Ben jokes about it and Abigail comments that Chad thinks he's so much better than everyone else. Chad claims he has nothing against Ben while Ben hates him. Abigail argues that he doesn't hate him. Chad thinks they both do. Abigail says she was just worried about Jordan and didn't want her to get hurt but feels she has nothing to worry about now.

Melanie goes to the hospital and tells Maxine that she's reporting for duty. Maxine hugs her and says she has missed working with her. Melanie says she came in early to get her paperwork done. Maxine gives her a folder. Jordan tells Maxine that she is taking off. Maxine introduces Jordan and Melanie. Melanie is surprised to learn she is Jordan.

Will talks to Paul how they can make the article more about the risk of injury, why Paul became a free agent and where he's going from here. Will says he can just say enough to cover the issues and he doesn't have to do any press unless he wants to on his terms. Will tells Paul that he doesn't have to decide anything right now and can talk to his family and his agent. Paul says he will. Paul comments that Will must be new because he's way too nice to be a journalist. Will decides to go. Paul tells him that he will let him know. Will thinks Paul will turn out just fine because he seems like the type of guy who succeeds at whatever he tries. Will tells Paul that he has options as he can be or do whatever he wants. Will then exits. Paul pulls out his phone and calls Sonny, saying he really needs to see him.

Marlena accepts John's offer and tells him that she would be delighted to ring in the new year with him. John is a little surprised but admits he thought it would be harder for her to turn him down in person. John says he wouldn't blame her after all he put her through the last couple of years. Marlena feels they both had a hand in their problems. John suggests a year not about their problems and declares 2015 could be the best year yet. John tells her he'll be in touch and walks away.

Rafe meets with Aiden. Aiden comments that he seems very resigned and asks why. Rafe tells him about Gabi being in prison for killing Nick and confessing to her role in Melanie's kidnapping so there's no reason to deny it. Aiden asks about saving his career, job, and freedom. Aiden asks if he had any idea what he was putting on the line by keeping quiet for Gabi.

Paul tells Sonny it's really important and is only asking for 15 minutes. Sonny agrees but refuses to go to his hotel room. Paul suggests where they met last time outside the town square. Sonny agrees to be there in ten minutes and Paul says he'll be waiting.

Chad questions what changed Abigail no longer having a problem with him dating Jordan. Abigail tells him that she talked to Jordan and she convinced her that she can handle herself. Chad insists he's changed. Abigail argues that it wouldn't work with Jordan. Chad claims he's the one trying to take things slow. Abigail feels Chad will eventually feel threatened. Chad says there is no other guy in the picture. Abigail asks what about Rafe.

Jordan asks Melanie if they have met. Melanie says she was just talking to somebody about her and brings up her seeing Chad. Jordan asks if she knows Chad. Melanie reveals that they were previously engaged.

Hope is shocked to see John at the Pub. They hug and John says it's so good to see her. John apologizes for not stopping by but the holidays were hectic. Hope hopes it's not a short visit. John responds that he's hoping to be back in town for good.

Chad tells Abigail that Rafe is not in the picture anymore. Abigail says okay but Chad asks why she would say that and if Jordan said something about him. Jordan tells him that they were very serious. Chad talks about Rafe screwing up with Jordan and says he'll always come up with nothing as he exits.

Melanie assumes Chad hasn't mentioned her. Jordan says they haven't been dating long but everyone has a past. Melanie says not everyone's is as colored as Chad's. Jordan guesses they didn't end well. Melanie feels she shouldn't have said anything. Jordan says she is used to people trashing Chad but the guy she knows treats her really well. Melanie comments that Chad is wonderful until he's not as he has a dark side. Jordan argues that he doesn't with her. Melanie tells her to be careful and walks away.

Paul waits outside the town square and Sonny arrives to meet him. Paul thanks him for coming. Paul says he's been thinking a lot since he called before Christmas and it meant so much to him. Sonny doesn't like anyone spending Christmas alone. Paul says it was okay doing physical therapy. Paul tells Sonny that his call made him happy and that's what kept him going. Sonny is glad he could help. Sonny asks if that's it because he's managing the club right now. Paul asks if he still cares about him since it sounded that way on the phone. Sonny says of course he does. Paul asks if that's all because ever since he came to Salem, he's had to face the truth. Sonny asks which truth he's willing to face. Paul tells Sonny that he still loves him and never stopped.

Rafe tells Aiden that it seemed like the right decision at the time as there was no point in sending Gabi to jail for something she didn't intend to do so he stayed quiet to protect her but she ended up with Nick and going to jail anyway. Rafe declares he's done and is just going to tell the truth. Aiden calls it brave. Rafe feels he was stupid. Aiden understands he was trying to protect his sister and calls him a good guy. Aiden tells him that he will do what he can but warns that he handed the DA an open and shut case by confessing.

Clyde and Kate walk through the town square as he tells her about hiring Aiden for the anonymous donation. Kate tells him that she will make sure he gets the proper credit for his donation and can't wait to see the look on Jordan's face. Clyde tells her they don't want her fingerprints on it so she might not see Jordan's face. Kate says she'll make sure they aren't traced and for him to just tell her when he's ready for the news to break and she'll handle the rest. Clyde knew they would make a great team.

Marlena goes to see Will and tells him about her plans with John. Will thinks it sounds promising. Marlena asks about him and Sonny. Will says they will probably be working. Marlena questions if they are okay. Will says there have been misunderstandings lately but it will be okay. Will says they have both been so busy but once they finish with the new club and his article, things will get back to normal.

Paul apologizes for blurting that out. Sonny reminds him where he is in his life. Paul promises not to make a move unless he wants him to. Sonny starts to leave but Paul stops him and says he gets stupid when he gets nervous. Paul says this makes him nervous and asks Sonny to hear him out because it's important for the both of them. Sonny tells him to go ahead. Paul tells Sonny that he still loves him and he knows that's never been the problem but now he thinks they can finally truly be together like he always wanted with no secrets or hiding. Paul declares it can happen now and they can have it all.

Hope tells John about Doug being okay with her and Aiden. John asks if she really likes Aiden. Hope tells him that he's pretty special and would love for John to meet him if he wants to. John asks why he wouldn't. John says they are friends and he knows Hope has been through a lot and had a choice to make. John is just glad she's happy. Hope thanks him.

Aiden asks Rafe if he has any idea who sent the anonymous letter. Rafe asks if it really matters. Aiden says it does because they really had it in for Rafe and could be a very dangerous enemy. Rafe responds that the thought did cross his mind.

Jordan goes to see Chad at the DiMera Mansion. Chad asks how work was. Jordan tells him that she ran in to Melanie.

Sonny tells Paul that they can't happen. Paul feels it's different now. Sonny is happy if he's finally going to come out but it doesn't change his life. Paul feels he can change it but Sonny says he can't, because he loves his husband. Sonny adds that he didn't marry his husband because he couldn't have Paul. Sonny questions what makes him think he would just walk away from him. Paul calls it wishful thinking. Sonny says it's really big step but he should come out for himself. Sonny tells Paul that he will find the man he is supposed to be with and maybe even sooner than he thinks. Paul says he had to give it a shot. Sonny insists that Paul will be happier living the truth. Sonny tells him that he has to get back to work. Paul thanks him for coming and Sonny exits.

Marlena asks Will about his article. Will says it's a profile piece that took an interesting turn. Marlena asks if it's someone she would know. Will says probably which is why he can't say more about it. Will says they may have to spike the piece but if they go through with it, it could be huge. Will wants to interview the guy again because he feels that he's holding something back and there's a very interesting story here so he wants to do whatever it takes to find out what it is.

Paul sits down on the bench and cries.

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