Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/29/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/29/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will checks he and Sonny's bank account and worries that they have been hacked since there's no money. Sonny comes in as Will tells him about it and starts to call the bank but Sonny takes the phone from him and says they haven't been hacked.

Paul talks to Daniel at the hospital about being better from his surgery.

Ben and Abigail come inside from being together outside in the cold and they kiss.

Chad wakes up in bed with Jordan and thinks back to giving her a necklace.

Rafe goes to Roman's office and wishes him a Merry Christmas but notes that Roman is upset. Rafe asks about wanting to see him. Roman tells him to take a seat.

Melanie goes to visit Gabi at the prison.

Kate and Clyde talk at the club. She questions his anonymous donation to charity. Clyde says he just prefers it that way. Kate tells him that he'll be missing out on respect and recognition. Clyde says it's the thought that counts. Kate asks who will reap the benefits. Clyde tells her that it's a program out of the hospital. Kate applauds his choice.

Jordan wakes up next to Chad and says she never sleeps this late but it's a nice way to wake up. Jordan thinks back to getting her funding with Abigail. Jordan tells Chad that he made Christmas special for her so she wants to do the same for him and they kiss.

Gabi tells Melanie that she expected Will and Sonny. Gabi asks Melanie if she's back for Christmas. Melanie tells her that she is staying and in a way, Gabi made that possible by killing Nick.

Will tells Sonny that someone took their money. Sonny informs Will that it was him for the new club and he was going to tell him this morning but he had a call. Sonny says Chad gave him money but he needed more. Sonny complains that it's just taking more than he thought. Will worries about what they are supposed to live on. Will says it was their money and he used it on the club. Sonny questions it being their money.

Daniel talks to Paul about how he feels after surgery. Daniel says Paul won't have full range. Paul questions how he knows that. Daniel goes after the MRI and says they can expect normal but he won't be able to do things outside of normal like throwing a baseball as fast as he did.

Ben and Abigail lay in bed together. Abigail asks Ben if he saw Jordan. Ben says she had to go somewhere on Christmas and didn't say where but he figured it out.

Jordan kisses Chad and gets out of bed. Chad grabs his phone and smiles as he wonders how Rafe's day is going.

Rafe tells Roman that he has been investigating Clyde on his own time. Roman says that's not why he asked him to come in. Roman gives him a paper and says it's about him. Roman hoped it wasn't true but says the look on Rafe's face tells him that it is.

Daniel tells Paul that his tendons can't support the stress of throwing a baseball at his old speed. Paul demands he fix it but Daniel says another surgery won't help. Paul complains that he just needed another year and questions Daniel not being able to help him. Daniel tells him he's sorry. Paul questions what he's supposed to do with his life because baseball is all he had.

Sonny questions Will not putting money in the account. Will asks if he's saying he lived off of him. Will brings up Sonny wanting a joint account and questions him not getting any say just because it took him longer to start making money. Sonny talks about everything he put in to the club. Will questions him not going to Victor. Sonny informs him that Victor said no.

Clyde and Kate talk about the hospital. Kate thinks anonymous donations always come out. Kate realizes Clyde wants her to be the one to accidentally leak his name to the board.

Abigail tells Ben that Jordan always tells her what a great guy Chad is but she wonders. Abigail says it's Jordan's choice. Ben calls it a mistake. Abigail thinks Jordan will figure it out if Chad is using her. Ben tells her that Chad is a DiMera and is always working an agenda which most people don't realize until it's too late and the damage is already done.

Roman questions Rafe knowing that Gabi hired the man who kidnapped Melanie. Rafe admits that he did as he found out shortly after the man died. Roman questions him sitting on it. Rafe tries to explain it was for his sister but Roman doesn't think it matters. Rafe tells him that he promised his mother that he would look out for Gabi. Roman argues that if Rafe came forward then, Gabi would have served a short sentence and never got involved with Nick. Roman yells at Rafe that he didn't think at all.

Gabi tells Melanie that she did kill Nick which is why she's here. Gabi realizes it makes things easier for Melanie to be back in Salem. Melanie says she didn't come here to taunt her but she felt she needed to see her. Melanie brings up Nick's ornament being hung on the Horton Christmas tree. Melanie says they have bad history but they both know the person that Nick could be so she just wanted her to know, that if she was in her position, she would've pulled the trigger too.

Daniel offers to talk to Paul's agent but Paul says this stays between them as he has to figure things out. Daniel understands and hopes he continues his physical therapy. Paul doesn't see the point. Daniel tells him that he should be proud of what he's accomplished. Paul complains about not resting his arm more before he blew it out.

Sonny explains to Will that Victor doesn't think the club is a viable project. Will argues that Victor knows business. Will then understands Sonny knows this business better than anyone else. Sonny assures him that he won't waste their money and apologizes for not telling him he spent it at all. Sonny reminds Will about taking Arianna to go see Gabi. Will tells him that he can't go as he has to meet someone for his article.

Gabi tells Melanie that was pretty direct. Melanie says it's true as Nick played her too. Melanie thought he changed and she didn't do anything to stop him. Gabi tells her it's not her fault. Melanie brings up still thinking about things that were done and consequences. Gabi says if she could take one thing back, it would be having Andrew kidnap her. Gabi says she was relieved that the mistakes she made couldn't hurt anyone anymore.

Roman tells Rafe that he doesn't know who sent this to him or why but it doesn't matter because Rafe isn't denying it. Rafe tells him that no one knows a thing about it. Roman says this goes beyond an internal investigation or punishment. Rafe understands and hands over his gun and badge. Roman tells Rafe to get a good lawyer. Rafe exits as Roman pounds the desk in frustration.

Gabi tells Melanie that she has had to accept some harsh truths. Melanie tells her that she's been brave about it. Gabi talks about always thinking about Arianna. Melanie tells Gabi about Arianna having a fever over Christmas but she's fine now. Melanie tells Gabi that she's okay now and is past what happened between them. Melanie doesn't want that between them anymore.

Will asks Sonny if he can cover for him with Gabi this once. Sonny agrees. Will has to go and wants to talk about the bills later tonight. Sonny tells him it will all work out. Will says he knows that and exits.

Abigail goes to the hospital and greets Jordan. Abigail asks Jordan how her holiday was and says she spent part of hers with Ben. Jordan says hers was good too. Abigail asks about her necklace. Jordan tells her that it was a Christmas gift from Chad.

Daniel finds Rafe at the Pub and wants to talk about some police business if he has time.

Kate questions Clyde's plan. Clyde thought she would like his approach. Clyde wants her to hold off because it's Jordan's charity so he has to be careful how he plays this. Kate would love to be there when she finds out he funded her project. Clyde says it should be interesting. Kate loves the way he operates. Kate suggests he should've been a politician and then exits. Clyde remarks that what he does pays better.

Gabi tells Melanie that it was great to see her and this was really good. Melanie hopes she gets a lot of visitors. Gabi says she does and has EJ to thank for that. Gabi still can't believe he's gone. Sonny arrives with Arianna and greets them. Gabi holds Arianna. Melanie tells her how beautiful she is. Gabi asks about Will but Sonny tells her that he couldn't make it this time.

Paul makes a call to the club asking for Sonny but he's not there so he hangs up. Will arrives and notices Paul is upset so he asks what's wrong. Paul says he's fine and just forgot he was coming. Will says they can make this a shorter session if he wants. Will asks about spring training and Paul wanting to sign with a team. Will talks about the bidding war between teams and if he has any idea where he might end up but Paul yells for him to stop.

Gabi lets Melanie hold Arianna. Gabi tells Arianna that Melanie is a special person and suggests Melanie visit Arianna with Abigail to get to know her better.

Ben goes to the club where Clyde remains. Clyde says he missed him at Christmas and wanted to give him a gift. Ben tells him that he already gave him the best gift by paying for his tuition. Clyde tells him to go ahead and open his gift. Ben opens and inside is his great grandfather's watch. Clyde tells him it's his turn to take care of it now.

Abigail comments to Jordan that Chad always had great taste in jewelry. Jordan questions there being no lecture. Abigail says she has said all she has to say about Chad and reminds her about Ben being worried. Jordan wishes Ben would give Chad another chance because Chad has been perfect.

Daniel talks to Rafe about having forensics he could use to start building a case. Rafe tells him to call Hope and tell her because he handed in his gun and badge this morning.

Chad finishes a call as Kate comes in. Chad tells her that he has good news on an acquisition being a done deal. Kate isn't impressed. Kate calls Jordan a dull slut. Chad warns her to watch her mouth about Jordan.

Ben can't believe Clyde is giving this to him. Ben tells Clyde that he's on a roll lately. Clyde says he has a lot of making up to do so he's glad to help make Jordan's dream come true.

Abigail knows Jordan thinks Chad is perfect but Ben doesn't see him that way at all. Abigail talks about Chad just being a nice guy when she first met him and he had no idea Ben was her brother so he had no agenda. Abigail knows that's what Chad said and calls DiMeras exceptionally good at twisting the truth to get what they want.

Kate questions Chad challenging her over Jordan. Chad refuses to listen to her trash talk her. Kate asks if Jordan played the same act she played with Rafe. Kate calls Jordan a schemer. Kate says Rafe was a victim and now Chad will be too.

Rafe tells Daniel about the anonymous letter coming to Roman. Rafe says he just has to find a good lawyer. Rafe feels it's what he had to do at the time but these are the kind of lies that catch up and you have to figure out how to live with them.

Gabi tells Arianna that she loves her and says she's glad they were here. Gabi says time with Arianna makes everything feel alright and lucky. Melanie tells her to take care of herself as Gabi gives Arianna back to Sonny. Gabi is escorted back out. Melanie holds back tears and comments that she doesn't know how Gabi can be so strong. Sonny says none of them knew how tough she is and it makes them feel small when they can't get on top of their own problems.

Paul says he's sorry. Will apologizes if this isn't a good time and offers to go. Will says he doesn't need any more questions as he has more than enough for his article. Will gathers his things but Paul stops him with tears in his eyes.

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