Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/26/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/26/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden sends Ciara and Chase outside with a toy. Jennifer and Doug head to the kitchen while Julie enters the living room. Julie informs Aiden that she ran across some information online that piqued her curiosity about him.

Hope goes to the hospital with Christmas gifts from Aiden for the children. She gives them to Kayla. Kayla brings up not getting to finish their conversation. Hope asks her why she seemed so surprised that she was still seeing Aiden.

Parker opens Christmas presents with Daniel, Melanie, Victor, and Maggie. Melanie thinks back to sitting in the park with Brady. Daniel asks if she's okay.

Brady answers the door at the Kiriakis Mansion and is surprised to see John. John wishes him a Merry Christmas and they hug.

At home, Sonny gets a call from Chad, wishing him a Merry Christmas. Chad asks about the new club. Sonny says he's aiming for mid January and assures him things are coming along. Marlena and Kate sit with Will and Arianna. Kate mentions talking to Sami and the kids. Marlena is glad Will is here for the holidays. Marlena feels Arianna is warm and worries that she has a fever.

Theresa goes to Eve's with a Christmas present. Theresa questions Eve coming back home instead of staying in LA with Shane. Eve tells her that she ruined everything.

JJ walks through the town square where Paige finds him and excitedly wishes him a Merry Christmas.

Hope doesn't understand as she thought Kayla was happy for her and Aiden. Kayla brings up her friend Lisa. Hope stops and tells her that it's all gossip and none of it is true. Kayla hopes she's right. Hope reminds her that she's a detective and has good instincts about people. Hope thanks her for her concern and asks if she's looking for a reason not to like Aiden. Kayla asks why she would say that. Hope thinks it's about Bo.

Aiden asks Julie what she saw. Julie tells him that it was an article that revealed a very different side of him so she's wondering what else he's not telling them. Doug joins and says he is wondering too.

Melanie tells Daniel that she's fine and was just thinking how happy she is to be home with her family. Maggie mentions having to get to Jennifer's for tree trimming and then going to the hospital. Melanie asks if Brady will be at the Horton house. Victor says he better be. They all wish a Merry Christmas as Maggie and Victor give hugs goodbye then exit. Daniel turns to Melanie and asks her what's really wrong and if she and Brady had a fight.

Brady had no idea John was coming home. John says he wrapped up business last night and wanted to surprise him. John hopes it's not a bad time. Brady tells him it's Christmas and he meant every word of his e-mail as he doesn't need any more space from him. Brady is ready to move on with his life which means he wants John in it all the time.

Theresa asks Eve what she expected. Eve admits she doesn't know what she was thinking. Theresa tells her that Paige will forgive her eventually. Eve says she already has so Theresa asks if something else happened. Eve thinks back to sex with JJ.

JJ is surprised to see Paige as he thought she was staying in LA. Paige tells him about Shane not being as sick as they thought. Paige says she was just on her way to surprise him. Paige goes to kiss JJ but he pulls away.

Abe and Theo join Chad at the DiMera Mansion. Theo thanks Chad for his present. Chad says there is someone who wants to wish Theo a Merry Christmas before they head to the Hortons. Abe gives his okay so Chad puts Theo on the phone with Stefano. Theo excitedly asks when he's coming home. Abe tells Chad that he doesn't have the heart to tell Theo that Stefano's not coming back. Abe says he doesn't underestimate Stefano but doesn't think he will beat the tax charges. Chad states they will just have to find a way to live without him.

Melanie tells Daniel that Brady's great. Daniel thought maybe she was avoiding him. Melanie didn't want Brady to say anything to Daniel about Anne trying to stop her from getting her job back. Daniel asks why she didn't tell him. Melanie didn't want him to get involved and says she's really lucky that Brady was there for her. Daniel feels Brady is lucky to have Melanie there for him.

John tells Brady that he will let him live his life and trust his own decisions. Brady admits he's made so many lousy decisions so when he screws up, he knows John will always be there for him. Brady tells him that he's so glad he's home and that there's somebody else he needs to see.

Will gets off the phone with the hospital and says the nurse suggested keeping Arianna home. Kate worries about getting sick. Sonny says they should call Jennifer to say they won't be at the tree trimming. Marlena says that's out of the question. Kate agrees since somebody has to put Lucas and Allie's ornaments on the tree since they won't be there. Kate suggests Marlena can stay with Arianna since she has nothing better to do. Kate gets a call from Billie and Chelsea and rushes out to take it. Marlena tells Will and Sonny that she would love to spend Christmas with Arianna.

Abigail helps Ciara and Chase bring ornaments from downstairs. Maggie and Victor arrive and greet Jennifer. Maggie asks Jennifer about getting a package that Lucas ordered. Jennifer wishes Lucas was there to see it. Victor wonders what they are up to now.

Aiden claims not to know what Julie is talking about. Julie explains that she was searching the internet and came across an article that featured Aiden which didn't paint him in the most flattering light. Doug explains that it showed Aiden was willing to do anything to win his client's case. Aiden is relieved and jokes that it's his job. Doug admires Aiden for taking a difficult stand and Julie tells him it's sometimes good to be a shark.

Hope knows it's hard to see her move on from Bo. Kayla says that's not what this is about, she's just concerned. Hope insists that she's fine and happy. Hope adds that it's all very painful for Aiden so she would appreciate her not bringing it up again. Hope wishes her a merry Christmas and exits.

Will and Sonny go to Jennifer's and wish her a Merry Christmas. Julie comes out and asks about Arianna. Will says she has a fever and they didn't want anyone getting sick. Jennifer is sad that she'll miss the Christmas party at the hospital. Hope arrives and apologizes for being late. Abigail asks Jennifer where JJ is. Jennifer says she sent him to pick up groceries and wonders what is keeping him.

Theresa's Christmas present to Eve is a vinyl record. Eve thanks her and calls it sweet. Eve tells her that her present is being shipped from LA. Theresa tells her it's fine if she didn't get her a gift. Theresa says that's not why she came as she's really sorry they are both having a sucky Christmas. Theresa asks if she wants to talk about it but Eve says no. Theresa brings up Shane feeling better and Paige being home. Theresa asks if this has something to do with JJ.

Paige and JJ walk out of the town square. Paige says she didn't call because she didn't want to interrupt his family time. Paige asks if he's going to say anything and if he's happy to see her. JJ says he's just really surprised as he thought she was gone forever.

Maggie begins the Christmas tradition by announcing they will start with the newest member of the Horton family. Jennifer welcomes Sonny to the family as everyone applauds and she gives him his ornament. Sonny and Will hang their ornaments on the tree along with one for Arianna. Hope and Ciara hang their ornaments while Aiden watches. Doug and Julie hang the ornaments for their family. Jennifer and Abigail then hang theirs. Maggie and Victor add theirs to the tree and kiss. Will hangs Alice's ornament at the top and everyone hugs.

Daniel, Melanie, and Parker go to the hospital. They greet Maxine. Jennifer arrives and wishes them a Merry Christmas. Daniel wishes Jennifer all good things in 2015 and she wishes him the same.

Maggie worries over a text that the hospital lost their Santa as Abe and Theo pass by.

Marlena plays with Arianna until there's a knock at the door. Marlena answers the door and is shocked to see John. John wishes her a merry Christmas as she has a big smile.

Eve tells Theresa that she has done everything she could to keep JJ away from Paige. Theresa points out that everything has failed and they wonder if Paige is with JJ now. Theresa thinks Eve should admit that Paige is going to be with JJ whether she likes it or not. Eve is not so sure about that.

Paige apologizes to JJ as she was confused but when she realized Shane would be okay, she couldn't wait to get back to him. Paige adds that she told Eve that they are going to be together and she can't stop it. Paige promises it will be okay. Paige pulls out her Christmas present for JJ but he says he can't take it.

Daniel, Melanie, Parker, Kayla, Jennifer, and Maxine watch as Abigail prepares to read to the kids at the hospital Christmas party. Abe arrives dressed as Santa Clause. Abigail begins to read to the kids.

Chad talks on the phone with Stefano, telling him he wished he was there too as Kate walks in. Stefano mentions speaking to Kristen. Chad asks how she is. Stefano says she is quite well. Stefano mentions being with his girlfriend Simone. Chad is glad he's not alone. Kate makes a comment and Stefano hears her voice so Chad puts her on the phone.

Theresa tells Eve that they both know JJ is wrong for Paige but she has to figure it out on her own or else she'll resent her. Eve comments that Theresa sounds exactly like Kimberly. Theresa tells Eve that JJ will do the dirty work for her and in the end, they will be just fine. Eve hopes she's right. Eve asks what she can do for Theresa to make her Christmas brighter. Theresa thinks back to seeing Brady with Melanie and tells Eve that she will take care of it on her own.

Paige questions JJ not taking the gift and says it's nothing big. JJ says he just can't. Paige asks why not. JJ says he's sorry but he needs to get home as his family is waiting for him. Paige offers to stop by later but JJ says he can't see her. JJ says he didn't think she was coming back so he didn't get anything for her. Paige tries to say she understands but JJ declares they are done.

Victor talks to Sonny about almost losing Maggie last year and not wanting to lose all of this. Victor states that he's sure Sonny knows exactly what he means, having Will back. Julie looks at the ornaments with Will and talks about the wonderful memories. Julie brings up Nick and wishes he had the time to work out his issues if only it hadn't been for Gabi.

Hope comes downstairs and kisses Aiden. They move to underneath the mistletoe and continue kissing. Aiden thanks her. Hope thought this Christmas would be incredibly hard but instead it's been amazing and wonderful as they kiss again.

Abigail continues reading to the kids about the birth of Jesus. Melanie comments to Maggie that she's doing great. Maggie is glad to have Melanie back at the hospital where she belongs. Abigail finishes and everyone claps. They all begin singing Silent Night.

Marlena is happy to invite John in and she can't believe it, asking what he's doing there. John informs her that Brady told him where to find her. She asks if he's home for the holiday. John reveals he's back for good and he knows they have a lot to talk about. John promises he's sticking around and says he's home. Marlena is so happy and is glad to have his help with Arianna.

Stefano mocks Kate spending Christmas alone without any of her children. Kate assures him that she is in no way alone. Stefano brings up Clyde. Kate mocks him and hangs up. Chad calls it cruel. Kate says she's leaving. Chad asks if she's going to see Clyde. Kate asks if he's going to see Jordan. Chad says he will later as she is working now. Kate can't believe Chad is really interested in Jordan. Chad calls her gorgeous and funny. Chad asks what makes her think there's a game anyways. Kate talks about knowing the DiMeras and there's always a game. Kate exits.

Brady arrives at the Horton house and greets everyone. Daniel shows Parker the Christmas ornaments. Abigail thanks them for coming. Daniel notes that Jennifer insisted. Jennifer comes over and tells Daniel that he's part of the family and is always welcome. Abe and Theo return dressed as Santa and his elf. Abe greets the kids and heads inside. Theo joins Ciara, Chase, and Joey. Hope and Aiden talk with Kayla. Hope wishes her a Merry Christmas and they walk away. Brady joins Melanie and asks if she's having a merry Christmas. Melanie says she is. The kids run up and pull Brady away to be the monster in their game. Melanie goes to the tree and looks at Nick's ornament on the tree and then at Gabi's which wasn't hung.

Paige doesn't understand. JJ repeats they are done. Paige asks why. JJ says he's sorry but he has to go and rushes off.

Eve plays the record that Theresa got her. Paige comes home. Eve asks if she saw JJ. Paige says she did for a minute but he had to get home. Paige wants to talk about it tomorrow and claims she has a headache as she heads to her room after wishing Eve a merry Christmas. Eve looks at a photo of Paige and hugs it, wishing her a Merry Christmas as well.

JJ goes home but stops at the door.

Aiden and Hope look at old photos displayed. Maggie calls for everyone's attention. Maggie talks about another Christmas at the Hortons and how Tom and Alice would be so proud of them continuing the traditions. Maggie calls it an exciting year with a lot of changes. Maggie says it was a year of love and loss but the most important things never change like faith, hope, and family. Doug agrees. Maggie says the family tree just keeps growing. Maggie says it's been a year of new connections and old ones as Melanie and Brady exchange looks.

Chad gets a call from Jordan.

John and Marlena play with Arianna.

Maggie declares no matter what changes, they are still family. JJ comes in and joins Jennifer's side. Maggie says they will always have this house as their own, all the days of their lives. Julie wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and everyone hugs with a close-up on Alice and Tom's ornaments.

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