Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/25/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/25/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie prepares for Christmas at the Kiriakis Mansion and wonders where everyone is. Victor reveals that he told them all to come a little later because he has a surprise for her.

Marlena and Roman talk at the club. They are glad that Lucas was able to go spend Christmas with Sami and the kids. They talk about Will being where he belongs.

Will talks on the phone, wanting to talk to Paul one more time to finish the article.

Sonny talks on the phone about the money for the new club.

Eric and Serena talk at her hotel room and she tells him about Nicole leaving her flower for her.

Nicole goes to Daniel's and stops outside to think about Melanie catching her in Serena's room. Nicole declares that she isn't spending another Christmas alone. She knocks on the door and Melanie answers, then steps outside and calls her a bitch.

Hope and Aiden are at the Horton house and they kiss. Hope tells him that she's glad he's there. Jennifer and Doug talk in the entry while Julie talks to JJ about being excited to meet Paige, asking if she's there yet.

Eve paces at home and thinks back to being with JJ. She worries about Paige knowing what she did. Paige then walks in and tells Eve that she does know and asks how could she.

Serena tells Eric that she doesn't care about Nicole as it wasn't necessary. Eric feels their personal lives are none of Nicole's business. Eric declares he's moving on and nothing can stop him.

Nicole asks if Melanie trash talked her to Daniel. Melanie says no as she talked to Serena and her story checked out. Nicole wonders why she's in the hallway then and walks on inside to greet Parker and Daniel. Daniel hugs her and tells her that he's glad she stopped by.

Theresa and Caroline sit together at the Pub. Caroline hugs her and tells her that she cherishes her as Kayla watches on with her son Joey.

Victor surprises Maggie with a Christmas ornament that Alice gave her to welcome her to the family but it was shattered. Maggie says it was so rare that it was irreplaceable. Victor says few things are irreplaceable as he almost lost her last year and will never allow that to happen again. They kiss as Brady enters.

Paige questions Eve letting her think Shane is going to be sick when he's going to be fine. Eve is slightly relieved that's all Paige knows about and Paige asks if it's because of JJ.

JJ tells Julie that Paige isn't coming and explains how Shane was sick so she's in LA. Doug is sorry to hear that. Abigail questions him not telling them. Jennifer asks if he's sure Paige is staying in LA. JJ doesn't want to talk about it ever. Ben arrives and kisses Abigail under the mistletoe while Ciara and Chase watch with an idea.

Nicole gives Melanie a fruitcake. Melanie offers to share and gives Nicole her present. Daniel decides it's time to go. Daniel invites Nicole to join them at Maggie's. Nicole declines since they agreed to wait until after the holidays to go public and she doesn't want their first date to be Victor's. Daniel asks her to wait until they get back as he could use a favor. Nicole tells him whatever he needs.

Will finishes his call with Zoe as Sonny comes home and asks about work. Will says his subject is hard to pin down and asks about the club. Sonny says it's good as T is covering for him so they can spend Christmas Eve with Arianna and the family. Will informs him that might not be that simple.

Kayla steps aside with Theresa and doesn't understand how she can be so generous and kind with Caroline while she tried to stop Melanie from getting her job back. Kayla suggests she try to get along with people as Melanie is a nice girl and there's no reason they can't be friends.

Maggie asks Victor how he knew about the Christmas decoration. Victor says he has his ways and she can thank her daughters. Brady praises his gift giving. Maggie tells him how proud they are of him getting sober. Adrienne arrives and wishes them a Merry Christmas. She asks if Will and Sonny are there yet.

Sonny asks Will what's wrong. Will says they have to have Arianna at five different places and their grandmas want her in the outfits they got her. Sonny suggests each taking her to their family and meeting in the middle. Will wants to do it together but agrees it's the best way. They decide on meeting for mass. Sonny says he knows things have been weird since he got back. Will knows he never should've lied about being fired but he was ashamed and knows now that a half truth is just as bad as a lie. Sonny thinks back to transferring money. Will tells him they will get through this and goes to get Arianna.

Eve tells Paige that she knows it was a terrible thing to do but she was just trying to protect her. Eve claims she was just worried about JJ hurting her again. Paige tells her it's okay as she is trying to work her way through it and forgive her because she hasn't been completely honest with her either. Paige informs Eve that she and JJ have been talking and she hopes they will get back together. Eve questions if JJ knows she's back in Salem.

Jennifer steps aside with JJ. JJ apologizes if he was rude earlier. She didn't mean to push him about Paige and asks if they can still be friends even if they aren't together. Jennifer suggests Paige could use some support and thinks JJ should call her to wish a Merry Christmas. JJ decides to go take a walk and think about it, noting that he will meet her before mass.

Doug reads to Ciara and Chase. Julie talks with Aiden, Abigail, and Ben. Jennifer joins Hope and jokes that Ben and Aiden might need some rescuing. Jennifer tells Hope that she is so happy she met Aiden and they are all here together. Hope calls it kind of weird as she was so lonely last year and never thought she would spend the holidays with someone else. Hope states that it feels right. She won't say it's perfect but thinks the new year will be amazing for all of them. They hug and wish each other a Merry Christmas.

Nicole jokes to herself about the cookies left for Santa at Daniel's. She grabs a recipe book and decides she will bake some cookies.

Daniel and Melanie walk through the town square. Daniel asks Melanie not to talk to Brady about Theresa. Melanie agrees. Daniel insists on her not antagonizing Theresa. Melanie agrees to leave her alone as long as she stays out of her way.

Theresa tells Kayla that she plans to just ignore Melanie. Theresa then remarks as long as she stays away from her and Brady. Eric and Serena arrive and greet Kayla. Abe arrives along with Marlena and Roman. Eric introduces Serena to Joey, Abe, and Theresa. Joey and Theo take Serena to see their toys.

Daniel, Melanie, and Parker arrive at the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady greets them at the door while Parker runs to Maggie. Victor declares now Maggie's day is complete. Sonny arrives and hugs Adrienne, apologizing for being late. Adrienne asks about Will and Arianna not being with him. Sonny explains that Will took her to see his family at the Pub first while they will meet in the town square later. Adrienne is happy to see him and they head in to the living room. Daniel gets everyone's attention. Daniel talks about Victor being his godfather and always being family. Brady reveals to Victor that they tracked down his father's fishing boat and the bible that his mother never went anywhere without. They give Victor his Christmas present which he opens to find his mother's bible that was lost. Brady says he and Daniel did a little digging with some help from Justin. Victor thought it was sold with his family estate to pay his father's debts making it impossible to find. Brady declares Victor has taught him that nothing is impossible. Victor reads his grandmother's writing on it that love bears all things. Melanie tells Brady that was a cool thing they did for Victor. Brady says he's been a lousy grandson this year so he owed it to him. Melanie pulls him aside and tells him that she owes him for what he did for her with the casino people and her job. Brady brings up Theresa but Melanie says she's not worth it.

Theresa tells Caroline that she's going to take a walk and head home after calling her parents. Caroline says to give her love to Shane as she's happy he's okay. They wish Merry Christmas and Theresa exits. Serena tells Will that she is a big fan of his articles. Will says it means a lot from another writer and asks where Eric has been hiding her. Serena feels lucky that she and Eric's paths have crossed again.

Daniel and Melanie say goodbye to Victor and Maggie, agreeing to meet tomorrow. They exit with Parker. Melanie decides she will walk home as she has a few more Christmas presents to get. Daniel tells her not to get him one as having her home is the best present ever.

Julie continues talking while Chase pulls Aiden away to get some punch to drink and Jennifer takes Ben as she needs someone tall. Julie encourages Abigail about Ben and says she'll be rooting for her as they hug. Hope joins Aiden and they step out together for some alone time. Ciara tells Doug that he knows what he needs to do. Aiden tells Hope that he hates surprises and asks about his gift. They almost kiss when Doug interrupts and announces that Julie appointed him the official family photographer and she wants him to take theirs first. Doug has them move to the side and takes their photo. Ciara then points out that they were moved under the mistletoe so they have to kiss. Aiden says she's right as he and Hope kiss. Jennifer comes downstairs asking if everyone is ready for mass. Chase comes over and gives Ciara $5 as they had a bet on Aiden and Hope kissing under the mistletoe. Hope asks if it was awkward for Aiden to kiss her in front of her dad. Aiden says it was a little bit but was worth it and they kiss again.

JJ sits in the park looking at Paige's picture on his phone. JJ says he misses her so much but after what he's done, it's better that they never see each other again.

Paige tells Eve that she hasn't spoken to JJ yet as she thought it would be better to speak in person. Paige thinks she sent mixed messages and just wants to explain things including what she did. Eve says she feels terrible about it but Paige believes she would do it all over again. Paige adds that she's not protecting her. Paige says she won't barge in on JJ's family celebration but tomorrow, her Christmas present to JJ will be the truth. Eve asks what she thinks she's going to accomplish. Paige hated not being honest but says Eve has to understand that she and JJ will be together and nothing anyone does can get between them.

Kayla and Marlena talk outside the Pub. Kayla asks how John is but Marlena hasn't talked to him. Kayla says she's sorry. Marlena says they have been in limbo for so long that she thought things would be different but the longer it goes, the more she thinks it might not happen. They leave together while Eric and Serena follow.

Brady hugs Maggie goodbye and says he'll see her soon as he exits.

Daniel comes home with Parker and asks Nicole what is going on here. Nicole asks if Santa would approve of her cookies. Daniel says he knows Parker will and sends him to get some. Daniel didn't know Nicole baked. Nicole says neither did she and calls it a Christmas miracle.

Abigail steps out with Ben. Ben thanks her for inviting him. Abigail asks if he's sure he doesn't want to come to mass. Ben wants to get home. Abigail tells him that Julie likes him so he's in. Ben tells her that Christmas is for family. Ben kisses her and they wish each other a Merry Christmas as Ben then exits.

Kayla walks through the town square with Joey and then sees Aiden and Hope. Aiden goes to check on Ciara and Chase. Kayla joins Hope and they wish a Merry Christmas. Kayla questions if she's still seeing Aiden. Hope says of course she is. Abe approaches and Theo runs up to hug Hope. Kayla looks concerned over at Aiden.

Paige stands in her room with a gift next to a photo of JJ.

JJ walks by the Pub and stops to look at Paige's picture on his phone then walks on.

Eve sits at home and wonders if she should warn JJ that Paige is in town. Eve then decides she can't talk to him and that he knows better than to cross her again.

Brady finds Melanie sitting alone in the park. Brady asks what she's doing as he thought she was going home with Daniel and Parker. Melanie says she just wanted some fresh air. Brady sits with her as Theresa walks by behind them and sees them together. Brady and Melanie agree that this year, things are looking up. Theresa gets upset and walks away. They look up at the stars.

Hark the Herald Angels Sing plays as Abe and Theo talk with Doug and Julie in the town square. Marlena and Roman join Hope and Aiden in the town square as Kayla watches on.

Eve gives Paige a Christmas present and they hug.

JJ joins Jennifer in the town square as they hug Victor and Maggie. Sonny arrives and finds Will with Arianna. Eric and Serena head in to the town square. They hold hands as they join Roman and Marlena. Everyone heads to mass together.

Daniel and Parker leave cookies and milk out for Santa. Parker stops and places the baby Jesus figure in to the manger. Daniel declares now it's Christmas as he takes Parker to bed and Nicole turns out the light.

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