Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/24/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/24/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope questions Doug not wanting to hear about Aiden. Doug says he's not buying it. Doug adds that he won't be in town long and has people to see. Hope stops him and says nothing matters more than this. Doug questions Aiden being that important. Hope says them getting things straight is that important.

Eve and JJ struggle until Eve falls on top of JJ on the couch and then they begin undressing.

Aiden and Julie continue to talk in the town square. Julie brings up Doug being furious with her for keeping his secret. Julie says Hope and Aiden are the ones making a big deal about this. Julie questions them not wanting people to know they were together. Maggie interrupts with Jennifer and tells Julie that she is flat out wrong about Aiden.

Sonny is with Adrienne at home. Lucas arrives with a Christmas present for Arianna before he goes out of town. Adrienne jokes with him. Lucas asks where Will is.

Will goes to Paul's hotel room to continue their interview.

Paige enters the doctor's office and reminds him that he promised to talk to her. He claims he's busy and tells her to get to the point. Paige says her point is that she has a feeling her mother made quite the impression on him.

JJ and Eve continue undressing as Eve's mail fell out of her purse along with a now smashed photo of Paige.

Hope asks Doug to have a seat and goes to get him a drink. Ciara comes in and greets Doug, telling him that she's so glad he's home. Ciara says she came to help make cookies. She notes that Doug looks like a Grinch. He guesses he's still trying to get in to the holiday spirit. Ciara figures he's upset about Hope and Aiden, commenting that it's pretty obvious he doesn't like Aiden. Doug asks if she does. Ciara says she didn't like Aiden at first but he kind of grows on you.

Maggie tells Julie that Aiden is a very good man that has done some wonderful things. Maggie brings up how he helped keep JJ out of jail and helped Hope raise money for St. Luke's. Maggie points out that Aiden makes Hope happy. Julie wonders why Doug is so furious then. Maggie guesses it's because she told him when she was supposed to keep her mouth shut. Maggie wishes Julie a Merry Christmas and they hug.

Paige reminds the doctor who she is and what he said to her about Shane's health. Paige informs him that she is a pre-med student and is an intern at the hospital. Paige tells him that she's going to give him a chance to explain.

JJ and Eve have sex on the couch.

Sonny tells Lucas that Will is working on another cover story. Sonny mentions having to take care of a few things with the club. Adrienne tells Lucas that she has been left in charge. Lucas jokes about having to fight over Arianna. Sonny wishes them a Merry Christmas and exits. Lucas talks to Adrienne about going to LA to spend Christmas with Allie though he will miss his family in Salem as well.

Will thanks Paul for seeing him again so close to the holidays and wants to pick up where they left off. Will asks about the physical therapy. Paul tells him that he's making progress and feels strong. Will asks if he thinks he will be playing baseball again soon. Paul says he gets his evaluation after Christmas and his goal is to be throwing again by mid January. Will notes that being right before workouts. Will wants to get to some more personal questions. Will tells him to take as much time as he likes. Will starts by asking what he would do if he couldn't play baseball. Paul quickly responds that he's going to play baseball.

Ciara tells Doug that Aiden grew on her and he's a very nice person. Doug questions why she didn't like him at first. Ciara points out that he's not her dad but he doesn't try to be. Doug asks if anything else changed her mind. Ciara adds that Aiden is fun and funny. Hope watches from the counter. Doug asks Ciara for more. Ciara tells him that he really likes Hope and she's a lot happier when he's around. Ciara asks if Hope being happy is what they all want.

The doctor tells Paige that it's against the rules to speak to her without Shane's permission. Paige comments that she doesn't have to be concerned because he's not sick at all but perfectly fine.

JJ and Eve sit on opposite sides of the couch, looking away from one another. Eve doesn't know what to say. JJ says goodbye and begins getting dressed.

Hope comes back to Ciara and Doug. Hope asks what they were talking about. Doug suggests second chances and Hope hugs him. Julie enters and Ciara runs up to hug her. Jennifer and Maggie enter to greet Doug. Aiden enters and Doug asks for a word with him so they step outside. Ciara tells Hope not to worry as she got him buttered up. Jennifer says she has to go to get ready for tomorrow. Hope offers to help but Jennifer tells her not to worry as her hands are full. Jennifer exits. Maggie takes Ciara to make cookies. Julie tells Hope that she hopes Doug and Aiden can work everything out. Hope comments that Julie made Doug feel like he was the last to know. Julie responds that he was the last to know and asks how that's her fault.

Will apologizes for making it sound like he didn't think Paul would play again. Paul gets a call from Sonny and steps away to answer.

Lucas asks Adrienne about her Christmas plans but she tells him that Justin isn't coming home as he is still in Dubai. Lucas calls it crazy. Adrienne says work is just taking a long time. Lucas suggests she go visit him but Adrienne feels Justin is too busy so she would just be in the way. Adrienne says she has Sonny and Arianna so this is her home. Lucas suggests she call Justin and tell him to get back to Salem. Adrienne turns away. Lucas tells her that he was just kidding. Adrienne cries about how it's hard being Christmas. Lucas asks if it's more than that.

Paige yells at the doctor for lying to her and questions him going along with Eve. He says that Eve is very persuasive. He claims he looked at the wrong chart when he talked to Paige before. He tells her that Shane is well so they should focus on that and then exits. Paige questions Eve getting a doctor to lie to keep her from going home. Paige can't believe how far she was willing to go to keep her away from JJ.

JJ can't believe how far Eve was willing to go to keep him away from Paige. JJ thinks Eve will tell Paige if it means them breaking up forever. Eve says it won't come to that. JJ mocks her wanting to stay in California. Eve says she just wanted Paige to have a good life, better than hers. JJ asks if she means better than him. Eve remarks that what just happened proves he's not good enough for Paige. JJ responds that he was good enough for her. JJ declares that he has nothing left to lose. JJ goes to leave but Eve stops him and asks if he's going to tell Paige.

Aiden understands why Doug is upset. Doug tells him that he doesn't have a clue. Doug tells him that Hope is always going to be his little girl.

Hope admits that Julie has a point and it's not her fault. Hope apologizes and just thought it was best for Doug to hear from them in person. Julie wishes they were home in Salem so she could have. Hope apologizes for putting her in a position to lie.

Sonny apologizes to Paul for saying things he shouldn't have and had no right to accuse him of playing games. Paul tells him not to worry about it. Sonny says he just didn't want to leave things like that. Sonny asks if he's going home for the holidays. Paul says he's stuck with his physical therapy and his family can't make it. Paul says he's used to being on the road. Sonny suggests they can talk after the holidays. Paul responds that he would like that. They say goodnight and hang up. Will asks Paul if everything is alright.

Adrienne tells Lucas that they've been through this before and everything will be fine once Justin is home. Lucas agrees.

JJ questions how Eve could ask him that since he knows what it would do to Paige to find out what Eve is really like and he couldn't break her heart like that. Eve asks if he's going to call her tonight. JJ says he won't be seeing her or talking to Paige ever again because he can't see her crushed. JJ decides he will break it off by text. He looks down and sees her smashed photo on the floor.

Paige sits in bed with her phone.

Lucas talks about being happy to have Will and Arianna home. Adrienne admits she was starting to worry about problems for Will and Sonny. She thinks back to talking to Sonny about Paul. Sonny then comes back home. Adrienne tells him that Arianna is asleep. Lucas checks his watch.

Paul tells Will that everything is good and asks if he has more personal questions. Paul jokes about his love life. Will asks if there's anyone in particular. Paul says there was someone that he was with for a year but it didn't work out. Will asks what team Paul wants to play for. Paul says it doesn't matter and he'll go wherever.

Aiden tells Doug that he can understand that. Aiden talks about seeing Hope's vulnerable side. Doug jokes that it makes him worry more. They sit down and Doug explains that he came to Salem by sharing a prison cell with Bill Horton as he was a con man in his youth. Doug says he did things that could've hurt people until the day Hope was born, all he wanted to do was protect her from people like himself.

Eve picks up the smashed photo of Paige. JJ tells Eve that she may have gotten away with this for now and maybe Paige never finds out about this but one day Paige will find out what kind of mother and person Eve really is, and she will hate her just as much as he does. JJ then exits. Eve cries that no one could hate her as much as she does.

Adrienne and Lucas exit. Sonny wonders where Will is. Sonny gets a call and says that can't be as he was promised everything was up to code. Sonny asks how much money they need and calls it extortion. Sonny tells them not to say anything and he'll come up with the money in 48 hours.

Will suggests finishing the interview the day after Christmas. Will says he doesn't have much more questions and tells Paul to think about what he doesn't want in the article. Will says they can protect his privacy. Will comments that they are on the same team. Paul says he'd like to think so and will see him after Christmas as Will exits.

JJ goes home and looks sadly in the window to see Jennifer sleeping on the couch. JJ stops at the door and breaks down crying.

Eve throws away the smashed picture frame and calls to book her flight back to LA but then gets a call from Paige. Eve says she's glad she called as she missed her flight tonight but will be on the next flight tomorrow morning. Paige tells her not to bother.

Lucas and Adrienne walk through the town square. Lucas brings up Adrienne being worried about Sonny and Will. Adrienne talks about Will not being there and not being available on the phone. Lucas says now everything is okay and back to normal. Adrienne responds that she has no reason to think otherwise. Adrienne says she just always looks to much into things. Lucas compares it to her situation with Justin. She tells him to have a good time in LA and wishes him a Merry Christmas. Adrienne walks away.

Sonny uses his computer to make a transfer of funds in his bank account. He makes a call and says the money has been transferred but this can't happen again as they need to be running by January. Will comes home. Sonny asks how the interview was. Will calls it pretty good. Sonny is sure he'll knock it out of the park which makes Will laugh. Will asks Sonny if he's okay. Sonny says he's great but it's just been a long day. Sonny goes to put Arianna's presents away.

Paul sits in his room and thinks back to spending Christmas with Sonny in the past, where he gave Sonny the only ball he ever hit out of the park in his only home run.

Julie tells Hope that she loves her. Hope says the same. Julie says she will learn to live with it if Aiden is going to make her happy. Hope thanks her and they hug. Hope wonders if Doug is trying to get rid of Aiden. Julie bets they are having a great time and it's going to be a wonderful Christmas. Ciara returns with cookies and says God bless everyone.

Doug tells Aiden that he has a big fan in Ciara, who is a good judge of character like Hope. Doug says they both think a lot of him. Aiden assures that he doesn't take that lightly. Doug says he doesn't either. They shake hands as Doug suggests starting over. Aiden appreciates it as Doug trusts that he will be the man they think he is.

JJ heads inside and puts a blanket over Jennifer on the couch. She wakes up and tells him that she's so glad he's home. Jennifer says she still has so much to do but it's going to be the best Christmas. JJ sits down with the card he had got for Paige. He holds back tears as he opens the window and rips up the card along with it's gift.

Eve asks Paige what she means. Paige informs her that she booked a flight back to Salem for tomorrow morning. Eve tries to tell her not to but Paige stops her and says she knows everything Eve has done.

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