Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/23/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/23/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden and Hope talk at the Pub about the kids being at a Christmas party, meaning they have several hours alone. They kiss after deciding to head to the Salem Inn. Doug and Julie then interrupt, surprising Hope.

Paige visits Shane's doctor to ask questions about Shane. He thinks back to Eve making him lie and says he has to go on an emergency. Paige says she will wait as he hurries out.

JJ visits Kayla at the club. JJ asks for this to stay between them because he doesn't want Jennifer involved yet. Kayla wants to know what it is first. JJ says he needs a favor that has to do with Paige and Eve.

Eve returns home and says she has plenty of time before her plane leaves and then it's no more Salem forever.

Eric and Serena almost kiss when Daniel returns with the pizza, apologizing for taking so long. Daniel asks where Melanie went. Serena says she had to run a quick errand at her hotel room.

Nicole takes pictures of Serena and Eric's e-mails and then puts them back. She goes to leave when Melanie comes in and catches her in Serena's room. Melanie questions what the hell she is doing here.

Kayla tells JJ that she hasn't heard a word about Shane from Kimberly. JJ doesn't think anyone is really sick but it's a game that Eve is playing. JJ explains how he and Paige are friends but Eve hates him so she came up with a story to fool Paige in to them never seeing each other again. Kayla questions Eve lying about her father's health. JJ asks Kayla to find out what's really going on because he wants to know if Paige is being forced to move to California. Kayla agrees to call Kimberly and see what's going on.

Daniel asks Serena why Melanie would be at her hotel room. Serena says it's her fault as she forgot to bring her something. Daniel wonders why it's so important to have tonight. Serena says she will let Melanie explain. Daniel hopes she is back soon.

Nicole wants to explain but Melanie assumes that she wanted to dig up information after finding out Serena knew Eric. Nicole says she's far off. Melanie gets a call from Daniel and says he should know what's going on. Nicole argues that it's not what she thinks as Melanie answers the call.

Hope gets up and hugs Doug and Julie, surprised to see them before Christmas Eve. Julie decided it would be a surprise to come in a few days early. Doug says his surprise came when Julie told him about Hope dating Aiden. Doug questions her already seeing someone else. Julie apologizes for letting it slip out. Doug thinks he should've been told before they had Thanksgiving together. Aiden tries to explain but Doug doesn't want to hear it. Hope says it's rude. Doug asks to speak to his daughter alone.

Kayla calls Kimberly and asks how she's doing. Kimberly says she's not bad and asks why she's calling her in the middle of the day. Kayla asks about Shane being really ill. Kimberly says he's fine and just had some tests done but everything is good. Kimberly adds that Eve knows Shane is going to be okay. Kayla questions Paige and Eve having to stay in LA. Kimberly stops and says she thinks there's been some misunderstandings. Kimberly says she will talk things out with Eve and Paige when Eve gets back from Salem. Kayla is surprised to hear that Eve is in Salem.

Eve gets ready to pack things up at home. She looks at a picture of Paige and says she hates lying to her but it's for her own good.

Kayla hangs up with Kimberly and tells JJ that he's right that something doesn't add up. JJ asks her again not to tell Jennifer about this since she and Eve hate each other. Kayla gets messaged from the hospital and tells JJ it will be alright. JJ thanks her as she leaves.

Daniel asks Melanie what's going on. Melanie says she ran in to something but will be right there. Daniel tells her to make it fast as she hangs up. Nicole thanks her. Melanie says she didn't rat her out yet because she helped her with the casino people so she has one chance to explain what she's doing here.

Hope agrees to some time alone with Doug. Julie suggests she and Aiden will go get a drink at the town square. Aiden agrees and they exit. Hope joins Doug and says she knows he's upset, angry, and disappointed. Hope says she desperately wanted to tell Doug about Aiden but wanted to do it in person. Hope tells him how much she loves him. Doug brings up her avoiding telling things that he might not want to hear like when she first started dating Bo. Doug says this is the same thing. Doug declares that he does not approve at all.

Daniel asks Serena about what she and Melanie did in Europe. Serena says they had as many adventures as they could but nothing too crazy. Daniel asks if she ever went with Melanie to the casino but gets a call from Chloe to talk to Parker before Serena could answer. Daniel steps out on the phone. Serena asks Eric if he felt like Daniel was fishing for something that Melanie may have done in Europe. Eric says it sounds like Melanie can be unpredictable and Daniel doesn't like surprises.

Nicole admits she was curious about Serena. Melanie accuses her of breaking in to her room. Nicole says she looked her up online to find out who she is and then Eric caught her. Nicole claims she just wanted to leave a flower and an apology note. Melanie questions breaking in to her room to give a flower. Nicole claims she didn't break in as the bellhop let her in. Melanie questions him being cool with that. Nicole insists it's the truth. Nicole says she can prove everything is true so Melanie tells her to do so.

Kimberly thinks back to Eve asking things to stay between them. Kimberly wonders if Eve would really lie to Paige about Shane's condition then decides of course she would. Kimberly pulls out her phone and calls Paige, asking her to come home right away.

Eve gathers her things and says she has plenty of time to get to the airport. She goes to leave when JJ shows up at the door.

Daniel returns to Serena and Eric. Serena asks about Parker. Daniel tells her that he's four years old and shows her a picture of him. Serena comments that she never thought much about having kids. Eric jokes with her. Serena then suggests having kids might not be so bad after all.

The bellhop explains to Melanie how he let Nicole in to leave her flower and note. Melanie questions him but he says she seemed nice. Nicole thanks him for explaining and he exits. Nicole tells Melanie that she just wanted to apologize and asks her not to tell anyone because it will cause huge headaches. Melanie stops her and says she has a party to get back to. Melanie tells her that she won't tell anyone for now and exits the room with Nicole. Melanie comments that she was just starting to like her as she walks away.

Paige goes home to Kimberly's. Kimberly says maybe they have been avoiding talking about Shane's condition so she was wondering if she had any questions. Paige says she does but didn't want to upset her. Kimberly says she wouldn't upset her and she's worried about her. Paige asks why when Shane is the one that's really sick. Kimberly responds that it's a huge misunderstanding.

JJ questions Eve being back for a quick visit. Eve tells him to get out of the way. JJ questions her being alone and leaving Paige in LA. Eve brings up Shane's health. JJ asks if it's a fact. Eve calls it a difficult time for the family and says they can talk about it after the holidays. JJ accuses her of lying as she's not coming back and Shane's not even sick. JJ tells her that Eve would lie about anything while he knows for a fact that Shane just had tests and is coming home tomorrow. Eve questions how he knows these so called facts since he and Paige broke up and aren't speaking. Eve responds that that's not true and asks now who is the liar.

Aiden sits with Julie in the town square and understands it must have been hard to keep a secret from Doug. Julie agrees and says Hope put her in a terrible position for two months. Aiden says at least it's over now. Aiden points out that they had a rocky start but he appreciates having her on their side.

Hope thinks Doug is overreacting a little bit as she's not a teenager anymore. Hope tells him he's got to admit that things turned out with Bo for a long time. Doug says he's admitted he was wrong about that and came to love and admire Bo. Hope questions if he thinks she should wait for him to come back for however many years. Hope tells him that filing for divorce was one of the most difficult decisions she's ever made. Hope declares that she's done as Bo deserted her. Doug hates what Bo did and knows only she can decide when it's been long enough. Doug questions how much she knows about Aiden and worries that she's going to get hurt.

Melanie returns to Daniel's but Serena and Eric are gone. Daniel tells her that they just left five minutes ago. Melanie hopes for some pizza left over. Daniel questions what Melanie went to get. Melanie calls it a secret but Daniel demands to know what's in the box.

Eve talks about JJ saying he would leave Paige until she heard them in the park. Eve accuses JJ of convincing Paige to lie to her. Eve says this proves he's not good enough for Paige and calls him just like Jack. JJ argues that it's nowhere near true. JJ calls Jack a pretty good guy. Eve tells him to ask Kayla about it. JJ shouts that Jack turned his life around and made things better for his family which Eve will never do. JJ says that all she's done is ruin things for Paige. Eve admits she lied to Paige because JJ lied to her and left her no choice. JJ declares that he's not going anywhere because he loves Paige so she'll have to deal with it. Eve stops him and tells him that he has already lost Paige and nothing he does can change that.

Melanie agrees to show Daniel what is in the box. Daniel opens it and it turns out to be her Christmas present to him which is a photo album that she found in Berlin, engraved with the Jonas Family. Daniel talks about worrying after the casino incident. Melanie jokes abuot not having any presents now and then notices Daniel wearing a scarf, which he tells her is from Nicole.

Nicole walks through the park and says it looks like Melanie kept her mouth shut since she didn't get any angry text from Daniel. Nicole sits down to read through Serena's e-mails with Eric.

Eric and Serena walk out of the town square. Eric comments on Serena wanting to have children. Serena tells him not to worry as it wasn't a hint or anything. Eric knows they are taking it slow but points out that all they have talked about is him instead of her life. She asks what he wants to know. Eric asks if she's thinking about settling down. Serena tells him that she is. Eric questions men always hitting on her but she hasn't mentioned a man in her life. Serena responds that she never found anyone who measured up to him.

Kimberly talks to Paige about her and Shane's love for each other. Kimberly tells Paige that she doesn't need to stay when she has her life in Salem and school. Paige brings up Shane being really sick but Kimberly tells her that Shane is going to be just fine.

JJ grabs Eve and tells her to call Paige that Shane made an amazing recovery so she should come back to Salem. Eve pulls away and asks what if she doesn't. JJ threatens to call Paige and tell her himself so that she will then hate Eve. Eve then threatens to tell Paige that they had sex which trumps everything. JJ doesn't think she would. Eve tells him that Paige deserves a wonderful life and won't have that with him so she will do everything she can to protect her from him even if that means Paige hating her. JJ doesn't think she would take that risk. Eve says Paige has spent half her life forgiving her screw ups so she might come around. JJ suggests she could forgive him too. Eve disagrees and argues that Paige will move on to a good guy. Eve decides she's talked herself in to telling Paige the truth so she's going to call her and get JJ out of her life for good.

Aiden asks Julie if he said something wrong. Julie explains that just because they are having wine does not change that she hardly knows him. Julie says trust is something to earn. Julie tells Aiden that he has miles to go before he can assume that he has her trust and she's on his side. Julie tells him to never assume.

Hope praises Aiden to Doug. Doug thinks she has doubts which is why she tried to hide it from him. Hope insists that she wanted to tell him in person. Hope wants to explain but Doug cuts her off and tells her to forget it as it's too little, too late and he's not interested.

Melanie asks Daniel about liking Nicole. Daniel says sure. Melanie asks if it's serious. Daniel responds that he has no idea what's going to happen and hopes she's not thinking he will get back with Jennifer. Melanie knows that's done and mentions talking to her. Melanie just wants him to be happy and adds that Nicole doesn't strike her as someone able to make someone happy all the way because he'll always have his guard up. Daniel suggests not going there. Melanie tells him to just be careful.

Nicole continues reading through the e-mails. She comes across Serena e-mailing Eric her feelings about what Nicole did to him, saying he's better off without that awful woman in his life. Nicole calls her a bitch after reading that.

Serena gets a text from her mom. Eric asks how they are getting along these days. Serena says they were supposed to meet for Christmas but her mom cancelled. Eric suggests she spend Christmas with him and his family. Serena tells him it's okay and he doesn't need to worry about her. Eric adds that he wants her to and they kiss.

Paige tells Kimberly that Eve said Shane was really ill as did the doctor. Kimberly says it's different from what she was told. Paige argues that it doesn't make sense and questions why Eve would lie. Kimberly says she doesn't have the whole story and it could be complicated or it could just be that Eve wants Paige with her in LA. Paige notes that it's away from Salem.

JJ questions what's wrong with Eve and argues that she can't do that to Paige as he takes her phone from her. Eve says he left her no choice and takes her phone back. JJ calls her pathetic and remarks that men don't want to be around her. Eve comments that he couldn't keep his hands off of her and lost control, not wanting it to stop. They continue to argue. Eve goes to leave but JJ grabs her purse and pulls it to the floor. They struggle and Eve falls on top of JJ on the couch and then they begin undressing.

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