Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/22/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/22/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny plays with Arianna at home. Will rushes in questioning if she's okay and what the hell is going on. Sonny informs Will that he's getting Arianna dressed so they can take her to see Gabi.

Rafe visits Gabi at prison. Gabi is happy to see him but disappointed that he came alone. Rafe asks if she's saying Will still hasn't brought Arianna to see her.

Abigail goes to Ben's. Ben tells her that Clyde arranged for his anonymous donation to fund her project. Abigail hugs him and says Jordan will be so happy. Ben hopes so.

Chad and Jordan kiss in bed.

Serena asks Melanie what Nicole is like. Melanie responds that she can't really talk about her since she's friends with Daniel and recently helped her out. Serena asks if she's saying she's a good person.

Nicole tries to talk her way in to getting in to Serena's hotel room when Jennifer appears and greets Nicole, asking what she's doing there.

Gabi apologizes to Rafe for not being glad to see him. Rafe understands she saw him days ago and asks when she last saw Arianna. Gabi tries to be understanding that Will and Sonny are both busy while still taking care of Arianna. Rafe remains upset. Rafe decides he's going to call Will to tell him to bring the baby now.

Will can't believe Sonny texted him in the middle of an interview to let him think there was an emergency. Sonny feels it is and questions if he lied about seeing Gabi. Sonny tells Will that they are going to take Arianna to see Gabi as she hasn't seen her in two months. Will tells Sonny not to talk to him like a child. Sonny tells him to stop acting like one.

Serena asks if Melanie likes Nicole and if she's nice. Melanie tells her that she wouldn't say nice as she has a way of screwing things up for everyone around her.

Nicole tells Jennifer that she is visiting a friend so Jennifer asks who. Nicole admits she lied and claims she's there for a suck up gift to a network executive and will come back later. Jennifer stops her and asks if she has a minute as they need to talk about Daniel.

Melanie brings up to Serena what Nicole did to Eric and talks about how she did things to Daniel and Jennifer. Serena points out that Daniel is still friends with Nicole. Daniel interrupts and asks what they are talking about.

Chad and Jordan lay in bed. Chad is very glad she came by. Jordan says they got sidetracked as she came to warn him about Rafe. Chad tells her that it's already been taken care of as Rafe just made an honest mistake and that's it.

Rafe tells Gabi that he won't get in to Will's face but will let him know what a jerk he's being. Gabi asks him not to. Gabi brings up how often they brought Arianna before. Gabi worries about pressuring Will and how it could make him not bring her as much. Rafe points out it being Christmas time.

Sonny apologizes to Will for scaring him with the text but says it isn't right that Arianna hasn't seen Gabi and points out how much she misses her mom. Sonny reminds Will that they promised to make sure Arianna grows up knowing Gabi. Will asks if Gabi e-mailed him. Sonny explains that Abigail came to him.

Abigail asks Ben if he's sure it's set up that Jordan will never find out Clyde gave the funds. Ben says that Clyde said he's sure. Abigail talks about Clyde wanting to make sure Jordan doesn't know and she thinks it's a pretty selfless thing to do.

Jordan can't believe Chad is defending Rafe. Chad says he's not but understands he's a detective doing his job.

Gabi tells Rafe that Will will bring Arianna when he can. Rafe doesn't understand what's preventing him. Gabi doesn't want to spend all their time talking about Will and asks Rafe what's going on with him.

Jordan gets a text from Abigail, wanting to meet at the club to talk about their project. Jordan kisses Chad and gets up to go shower. Chad pulls out his phone and asks for anything new on Rafe. Chad tells them to try harder as he wants to know if he's still trying to dig up dirt on him.

Ben and Abigail go to the club. Ben asks Abigail about Jordan questioning the donation. Abigail says she'll stick to it being anonymous because it is. Abigail doesn't think Ben gets how high Jordan is on the project so she won't ask questions. Abigail credits Ben for getting the money. Ben tells her that they have it because of his father.

Chad brings Jordan to the club. Chad doesn't want to go in to rile up Ben. Jordan jokes with him about being a really nice guy. Chad tells her not to let it get around as they kiss.

Rafe tells Gabi about Jordan being with Chad. Gabi says she's sorry. Rafe apologizes for upsetting her further. Gabi says she's only a little upset because she liked Rafe with Jordan. Gabi hopes Jordan is careful. Rafe thought Chad had changed after his time with Stefano but suggests maybe it was in him the whole time. Their time ends and Rafe comments on that being all for Christmas cheer. Rafe asks if he can do anything else for her. Gabi says he's always looking out for her. Gabi talks about a past Christmas. Rafe jokes with her about Santa. Gabi says she's a mother in prison so she can deal with Santa not being real. Rafe insists that Santa is real so Gabi gives in and says she's lucky that he is Santa.

Will remarks on Abigail not calling him. Sonny suggests maybe she's tired of getting his voicemail like everyone else. Sonny apologizes and gets that his article is important but this is important too. Will agrees that he should've taken Arianna before and they exit together.

Serena jokes with Daniel and Eric that they were talking about recipes while the guys talked about sports. Daniel doesn't believe them. Daniel gets a call from the pizza delivery and decides he will go get it himself. Daniel exits and Eric decides to ask how Melanie and Serena got to know each other.

Jennifer tells Nicole that she knows her and Daniel are friends again. Jennifer thinks they never stopped being friends despite how angry Daniel got since he likes her. Jennifer tells her that she's really happy for them both. Nicole thanks her. Jennifer says the reason she and Daniel aren't together anymore has nothing to do with what she did as it was between them. Nicole is sorry about that and for ever hurting her. Jennifer declares that she is putting the past behind her and will not have any resentment. Nicole calls her a good person. Jennifer says she has two amazing children, a family, and a future so she's going to move on and enjoy the good stuff in life. Jennifer goes to leave. Nicole stops her and wishes her a Merry Christmas. Jennifer wishes her the same and then exits. Nicole comments to herself that Jennifer is forgiving while she is breaking and entering. The hotel clerk returns and asks Nicole if she still needs help.

Jordan meets Abigail at the club and asks if there's a problem. Abigail excitedly informs her that they got full funding from an anonymous donation. Ben watches on. Chad joins him and says it must have been good news.

Rafe gives Gabi chocolates for Christmas. The guard comes in and informs Gabi that she has more visitors. Rafe hugs Gabi and wishes her a merry Christmas. Will and Sonny enter with Arianna. Rafe tells them that it's so good they came and he hopes they know how much it means to Gabi. Rafe exits while Gabi holds Arianna.

Melanie and Serena tell Eric about a party in Amsterdam where they met and ended up going to a coffee shop. Melanie mentions Serena telling her about a friend in Salem and then remarks that they are way more than friends.

Nicole explains to the clerk that she was leaving a card but hasn't found the right words. She asks if she can go in to the room, write out her thoughts and then leave but he tells her there's no way he can let her do that.

Will apologizes for not bringing Arianna sooner. Gabi is just happy she's here now. Gabi tells them that she's grateful for them both. They joke about her reindeer outfit. Gabi is glad they haven't changed.

Jordan questions the anonymous donation popping up out of the blue. Abigail says yes. Jordan calls it a dream come true to be able to help all these people. Chad questions Ben if he has any idea what's going on. Ben claims he doesn't. Chad says he just wanted to make sure everything is okay. Jordan tells Abigail that she is just so grateful to whoever did this.

Serena and Eric bring up Africa. Melanie mentions how long it took for Serena to even talk about Africa. Serena talks about how they saw some terrible things there. Serena brings up how they told each other everything and stayed up all night talking. Eric tries to go back to talking about their story but Serena jokes that they can still talk about relationships and feelings. Melanie wants to know more. Serena says their feelings weren't as intense as Eric's feelings for the church. Melanie asks if there is no hard feelings then. Serena says she had to respect that Eric wanted to be a priest. Melanie points out that they can now pick up right where they left off.

Nicole understands the clerk is just doing his job. She checks her purse and offers to pay him $100. He takes it and allows her in to Serena's room. Nicole tells him not to worry as it will be their little secret. He tells her to call any time she needs anything as he is at her service and exits. Nicole leaves flowers with a note for Serena.

Daniel walks through the town square with the pizza and runs in to Jennifer. She jokes that he must have picked up another job. Daniel explains that he and Melanie invited Eric and Serena over. Jennifer mentions meeting Serena and says it must be fun. They joke about the pizza and Daniel wishes her happy holidays. Jennifer stops him and wants to ask him something, hoping that he doesn't say no.

Eric gets a text reminding him that he needs to check the order status on one of his photos and steps away. Serena and Melanie joke about how he'll be on the phone until Daniel comes back and how Melanie made things awkward. Melanie says she'll give them some time alone.

Jennifer invites Daniel to come to the Horton Christmas with Melanie and Parker as Maggie and everyone would love it. Jennifer tells Daniel to bring anyone he wants as Nicole is more than welcome to come. Daniel jokes that she's like the real spirit of Christmas. Daniel says Melanie and Parker will be thrilled to come. Jennifer wishes him a Merry Christmas and Daniel wishes her the same.

Nicole searches Serena's hotel room and comes across a file folder on Eric. Nicole wonders why she printed out Eric's e-mails.

Gabi talks to Arianna about the Horton Christmas party. Gabi mentions that Sonny will also be getting his own Christmas ornament for the Horton tree.

Abigail tells Jordan that they can get started at the beginning of the year. Abigail mentions telling Ben. Chad tells Ben to enjoy the rest of his day. Chad goes and tells Jordan that he will call her later and exits. Chad runs in to Rafe and says it's good to see him. Rafe blows him off and tries to walk away but Chad says he owes him since Jordan came over to warn him that he was coming after him. Chad tells him that Jordan was so upset that he had to comfort her twice.

Jordan hugs Ben and tells him that whoever made the donation is an angel that made it the best Christmas ever.

Rafe comments on Chad liking to talk. Chad tells him that Jordan thinks the better man won. Rafe says he'll leave him to do something stupid as Stefano won't be here to bail him out of his next mistake while he will be right there. Rafe heads in to the club. Chad remarks that maybe he will or maybe he won't.

Sonny comments on Arianna being happy with Gabi. Gabi talks about how much she loves and misses her. Gabi tells Arianna that she thinks about her every day. Gabi says she can get through this because of these moments. Sonny encourages her. Will adds that it's something she can always count on.

Eric rejoins Serena and comments on Melanie's honesty. Eric brings up Melanie thinking something is going on between them. Serena asks if there is. Eric says he's always the last to know. Eric says he may not be ready for whatever this is but he might have no choice. They almost kiss when Daniel returns with the pizza, apologizing for taking so long. Daniel asks where Melanie went.

Nicole takes pictures of the e-mails and then puts them back. She goes to leave when Melanie comes in and catches her in Serena's room.

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