Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/19/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/19/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will works on his article on Paul at home. Sonny comes home. Will thought he was working late. Sonny says he just forgot the keys to the new club. Will tells him that they can't just leave things the way they are. Sonny asks how they are going to change the fact that he lied to him about why he came home.

Paul goes to the club and thinks back to talking to Sonny. Theresa approaches and asks if he's looking for her.

Paige joins Eve as she fakes crying. Paige asks what's wrong since Kimberly said Shane was fine. Eve tells the doctor to explain it so he tells Paige that he's afraid he has some bad news. Paige asks what kind of bad news. Eve tells her that they have to stay and not go back to Salem.

Rory asks JJ what his problem is. JJ complains about Eve. Rory steps out and JJ goes to change his shirt while Abigail comes home with Melanie.

Serena doesn't think Nicole knows her but Eric informs her that she met her today and that Nicole just made sure she didn't know it. Eric asks her about running in to someone at the hospital. Serena didn't realize that was Nicole. Eric complains about Nicole getting Serena's name but not giving hers and says what bothers him is what happened afterwards.

Nicole kisses Daniel and says she didn't want to play any games as she thinks they both should have a plan. Nicole says she is asking Daniel out on a date.

Paul tells Theresa that he just stopped in for coffee but maybe that was a bad idea. Theresa pulls him aside and says no one will recognize him while she tends to his every need.

Melanie jokes as Abigail takes JJ in to the living room and explains who Melanie is. The phone rings and JJ complains about an unknown caller. Abigail asks if he was hoping it was Paige and what's wrong now.

Paige asks Eve why they can't go back to Salem. Eve tells her that it turns out Shane is a lot sicker than they thought.

Nicole suggests tonight to Daniel but he says he can't because he already made dinner plans with Melanie and they invited Eric.

Eric tells Serena about Nicole looking her up and that he doesn't trust Nicole as she's anything but innocent. Serena tells him that she has nothing to hide which means there's nothing for them to worry about.

Theresa is glad she ran in to Paul because he wasn't at the hospital and Jordan wouldn't tell her when his next physical therapy session was and she didn't know where he was staying. Paul tells her that he's staying at a hotel. Theresa asks which one. Paul tells her that there is something she needs to know.

Will can't believe Sonny called him a liar again. Sonny complains that if Will didn't get fired then he wouldn't have come back. Sonny talks about Will always talking about his time in LA on the phone and felt like Will didn't give a damn about his life while he was going through tough times.

The doctor claims Shane's health could be life threatening. He leaves them to talk alone. Eve hopes Paige understands. Paige questions her needing her to stay too. Eve suggests she transfer colleges and then she can go to Stamford next year like she planned. Paige questions her saying she'll never go back home. Eve claims she's sorry. Paige asks about her finals. Eve knows it's tough and that she'll miss her friends but says this is grandpa Shane they are talking about unless there is some other reason that she's anxious to get back to Salem.

JJ claims that everything is fine with he and Paige. Melanie comes in. JJ apologizes for not recognizing her despite seeing her picture at Daniel's all the time. Melanie says Daniel has told her all good things about JJ. Rory comes back in with paper towels and drops them when he sees Melanie.

Daniel tells Nicole about Eric and Melanie having a mutual friend in Serena. Daniel hopes she understands that he can't invite her to join them. Nicole knows Eric wouldn't tolerate being in the same room with her.

Serena tells Eric that it's okay as she's not threatened by Nicole. Eric doesn't want Nicole bothering her. Serena assures that she'll handle it. Serena understands that Nicole is a part of Eric's past and she's hoping to get him looking forward to the future.

Daniel thinks Nicole is hurt. She says it doesn't matter as she has closed the door on her and Eric. Nicole jokes about his dinner parties. Daniel asks if she still wants to go on a date. Nicole says she does and asks if he does.

Rory jokes about dropping the napkins. Melanie says it was nice seeing them and has to get to Daniel's dinner party. Abigail says she'll go with her to drop off Christmas presents. JJ tells her that everything is good as they exit. Rory comments to JJ on his mom, his sister and his sister's friend all being hot.

Eve tells Paige to let her know what all she wants shipped from Salem and she'll get them. Paige questions her going back. Eve says she doesn't want to. Paige asks if she can go with her. Eve says she has to take care of finals and wishes she didn't have to.

Theresa tells Paul that she can handle it. Paul thinks she's a lot of fun and really pretty but there's someone else. Theresa questions him hitting on every woman that went in to his hospital room then. Paul responds that he thought this person was out of the picture. Theresa knows how that is and asks if that person is back in the picture. Paul says yeah. Theresa asks if he thinks he's still in love with that person.

Will tells Sonny that he was trying to help Sami and the kids but never stopped loving him and it's crazy that he thinks he didn't care. Sonny says he has work to do. Will questions what is more important. Sonny talks about work. Will says he was going to cancel an appointment but will keep it. Will says they'll talk later. Sonny says whatever and exits.

Paul tells Theresa that he's not sure how he feels about this person but they are very special. Paul feels he led her on but she tells him it's okay. Paul says goodbye and leaves her. He sees Abigail on the way out. She thanks him for his hospital donation and he exits. Abigail approaches Theresa and questions her striking out with the baseball player. Abigail comments on another guy seeing her for what she is.

Eric tells Serena that he doesn't want Nicole inserting herself into the future. Serena reminds him that they are due at Daniel's soon. Eric notes Daniel being friends with Nicole. Serena asks if Melanie is too but Eric isn't sure. Serena suggests tonight can be about the four of them getting to know each other and not about Nicole as they walk off.

Daniel tells Nicole that he hasn't had fun in awhile. Nicole asks if they are really going to do this then. Daniel suggests after the holidays as Melanie wants to make it special for Parker. Nicole says they can have some craziness of their own after the holidays. Daniel adds that it will give him a chance to talk to Jennifer and offers to talk to Eric. Nicole doesn't know why since Eric doesn't care as long as she stays away from him which she is fine with. Nicole tells him that she knows what she wants and kisses him. Nicole tells him to have fun tonight and exits.

Nicole goes to the town square and tells herself that Eric won't talk about her so Daniel will never know that she kind of stalked Serena. Nicole complains about Serena and starts to go back to her tablet but stops and says no more researching. Nicole wonders where Serena has been the last few years and why she just suddenly showed up. She decides she knows there's a story here and picks up her tablet, wondering who she is really.

Eric and Serena go to Daniel's. Melanie shows up dropping her presents. Eric helps her and they realize who each other are. Eric encourages her on her presents and they head inside. Daniel and Serena bring wine. Melanie and Eric talk about hearing good things about the other as they toast their glasses of wine.

Rory inquires about how old Melanie is and talks about liking older women. JJ tells him to shut up. Rory tells him he doesn't have to take out Paige being in LA on him. JJ apologizes. Rory asks when she's coming back but JJ doesn't know. Rory exits.

Paige tells Eve that she's tired and wants to go back to Kimberly's, promising to come back later. Eve tells her to go rest. Eve hugs her and says she just wants Shane to be okay and is lucky to have her. Paige exits and the doctor returns. He remarks that as a liar, he's got nothing on Eve.

Theresa tells Abigail that her life is none of her business. Abigail brings up Paul's confidentiality agreement. Abigail questions Theresa hitting on Paul Narita which Sonny overhears from nearby.

Will goes to the park and removes his wedding ring before his meeting. Paul arrives and asks if he's looking for him.

JJ gets a call from Paige and asks what Eve found out about Shane. Paige tells him that it's not good.

Kimberly rejoins Eve and they talk about it being wonderful that Shane is going to be okay. Eve talks about getting money from her settlement and controlling her life. Eve tells Kimberly that she'll go finish in Salem and then come back to spend Christmas with them. Kimberly is happy for a family Christmas and says she asked Theresa but she can't get away.

Theresa tells Abigail that Paul was hitting on her. Abigail feels he was rejecting her. Theresa explains that someone from Paul's past came in to his life. Abigail doesn't think he'll come running back to her. Theresa says she doesn't wait around for any man and will move on. Theresa exits. Abigail joins Sonny at the counter. Sonny asks what that was about.

Will hopes Paul doesn't mind meeting here and tells him that it's a quiet part of the park. Will promises not to take too long. Paul assures him he has no where else to be so he can take his time. Will wants to get more personal by asking about his love life.

Serena and Eric talk to Melanie about their time in Africa. Eric is grateful their paths have crossed again with nobody's life in danger this time.

Nicole complains that Serena is brilliant, good-looking and too nice while she has nothing on her. A friend named Sally approaches and asks if she's bummed out on working or Christmas shopping. Nicole complains about her day. Nicole brings up Eric as she sits with her. Nicole knows she screwed up but insists that she's put Eric behind her. Sally asks what the problem is then. Nicole says she ran in to an old friend of Eric's and questioned her so now Eric is mad at her. Nicole just wants it to go away. Sally suggests apologizing to the friend and telling her what she did so if she doesn't let it go then she's the bitch. Nicole says it's a good idea but it's too late. Nicole then realizes they are all at dinner and will be for the next few hours.

Will asks Paul about he and a supermodel named Fiona. Paul says they were together for a little over a year. Will brings up photos of them in Paris. Paul says photographers were all over them. Will questions their breakup. Paul says they realized the demands of their careers didn't allow for something serious but they are still really good friends. Will notes that she said good things about him. Will asks if he has any regrets. Paul feels he's too young for regrets or being tied down.

Abigail tells Sonny that Theresa is delusional and was stalking this guy until she scared him off. Abigail says the guy told her that an ex came in to town.

Melanie talks to Serena about her connection with Eric and they are both available. Serena isn't sure since Eric is dealing with other things. Melanie likes them together and offers to help move things along. Serena suggests maybe there is something she can do.

Nicole tells Sally that she's a genius and she'll see her at the Christmas party. She gets up and makes a call, claiming she forgot her hotel room number and gives her name as Serena Mason.

Kimberly asks Eve how Paige feels about this decision. Eve claims she's fine and knows it's the right thing to do. Kimberly brings up college and her friends then asks if there is a problem keeping them from going back. Eve tells her to keep it between them but Paige is upset about a boy and they want a fresh start. Eve says she wants to make things right with her and Shane. Eve asks her not to get in to any details with Paige about how well Shane is doing. Kimberly asks why not. Eve thinks it's for the best. Kimberly asks if she's asking her to lie to Paige.

Paige tells JJ that Shane is a lot sicker than they thought and Eve is a mess so they aren't coming home. JJ asks if not even for New Year's. Paige thinks it will be a lot longer than that. JJ says he'll come out there then. Paige tells him that he can't since Eve thinks they broke up. Paige cries that she loves him but she loves Eve too and they can't leave Shane. JJ feels like she is breaking up with him and asks if this is her saying goodbye.

Will tells Paul that he couldn't find anything more about his relationships. Paul wants to know what Will thinks about him being too young to be tied down. Will doesn't want to give an opinion, but Paul decides he'll answer three questions for every question Will answers.

Abigail gives Sonny presents for him, Will, and Arianna. Abigail notes that she got an e-mail from Gabi, and she's not doing great as it's Christmas time and Will hasn't taken Arianna to see her since being back.

Will doesn't think his life details are that interesting. Paul likes getting to know new people. Will gets a text from Sonny, telling him to get home now as it's about Arianna. Will apologizes and tells Paul that he has to cut this short. Will promises he'll be back to finish the interview and then rushes off.

Eve tells Kimberly that Paige is hit hard by the thought of losing someone she loves. Kimberly tells her that Shane is going to make a full recovery. Eve claims that Paige has a hard time believing everything will be alright. Eve suggests pretending this whole thing never happened. Kimberly agrees to find other things to talk about and they hug. Kimberly says they are going to have a great Christmas and it will be a wonderful new year for all of them.

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