Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/18/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/18/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Paige talks to JJ on the phone, saying she misses him so much and can't believe they might not get to spend their first Christmas together. JJ can't believe it either and asks about her grandfather. She says he's doing better and might be able to go home soon.

Eve sits with her stepmom Kimberly with Shane's doctor in LA and is told that Shane's condition is improving.

Rafe calls Victor and asks for an update on Clyde. Victor tells him their problem may be taken care of soon. Rafe asks if that means he's going rogue. Victor says he has to go as Clyde arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion.

Jordan walks through the town square on the phone with Chad, hoping to see him soon. Chad feels the same and gets another call from Stefano. Chad switches over. Stefano tells him nice work on sleeping with Jordan.

Kate approaches Jordan in the town square. Jordan tells her to leave her alone and starts to walk away but Kate says she wanted to congratulate her on her new conquest.

Daniel finds Eric in the park taking photos. Daniel mentions running in to Serena earlier.

Nicole goes to the hospital and asks for Daniel but the nurse tells her that he went to St. Mary's for a consult. Nicole goes to leave then but bumps in to Serena. Serena apologizes. Nicole says it's okay and remembers seeing her with Eric. Serena asks if she's sure. Nicole notes that she looks familiar and asks if they've met. Serena doesn't think so and introduces herself. Serena asks who she is but Nicole claims her phone rang and walks off. Maxine approaches Serena and comments on her getting to work as Nicole watches.

Daniel asks if something's wrong. Eric can't figure out how he met Serena and assumes it was at the hospital. Daniel reveals that Serena is friends with Melanie. Daniel comments that he likes her and guesses she was more than just a friend.

Chad questions if Stefano is having him followed. Stefano says no. Chad asks who told him. Stefano says he just knows he didn't return to the house last night so he assumed he spent the night with Jordan. Chad doesn't want to have this conversation with his father. Stefano wants him to revel in his conquests. Chad tells him that his sex life is none of his business. Stefano brings up Ben sleeping with Abigail and how Chad was happy to tell him what he had planned for them. Harold informs Chad that Rafe is there to see him. Chad tells Stefano that he has to go because Rafe is there. Stefano wonders if Rafe knows what he knows about Jordan. Chad tells him it's about something else since he was there before. Chad asks what Stefano did that has Rafe thinking he can put him in jail.

JJ asks if Paige will be home by New Year's Eve. Paige hopes so but it's not definite. Paige says she better go so Eve doesn't catch her talking to him. JJ wants her to stay on longer but Paige can't risk Eve going nuts. Paige tells him she loves him and hangs up. JJ worries that Eve already knows.

Kimberly steps out while Eve wants to ask the doctor questions about Shane. Eve says her questions are more extremely personal.

Daniel questions Eric not letting on about a gorgeous redhead in his past. Eric wonders who would've believed him and looks forward to meeting Melanie. Daniel invites him over for an early dinner. Eric doesn't want to impose but Daniel says he invited him and suggests bringing Serena. Eric agrees to check with her to see if she's free.

Serena thanks Maxine for everything and says she'll take her out for a drink soon as she walks away. Nicole approaches Maxine and asks her to let Daniel know that she's looking for him. Maxine doesn't know why he would be interested. Nicole gets a piece of paper to leave a note. Nicole comments on Serena being nice. Maxine asks if they know each other. Nicole says she was thinking of doing a story on her. Maxine mentions her doing research and Nicole gets Serena's last name.

Clyde calls it exciting to meet Victor. Victor tells him that he may not be quite so excited when he finds out what this meeting is about.

Jordan tells Kate that she doesn't know what she's talking about and doesn't care. Kate calls Chad a great catch and brings up the article on Chad. Jordan doesn't care about Chad's money. Kate mocks her and questions her romance with Rafe.

Stefano asks Chad what kind of empty threats Rafe is making now. Chad says all he knows is it's about the business. Stefano tells him to ignore him. Chad brings up the tax evasion charges against Stefano and Rafe. Stefano complains that Sami and Kate invented that evidence. Stefano says Rafe is just blowing hot air unless he knows that Chad is assisting Victor in covering up Sami's fraud. Stefano laughs about Chad not knowing that he knew about that. Rafe bursts in and declares he's waited long enough and it's time to put a DiMera behind bars.

Clyde can't think of why he would regret this meeting and talks about admiring Victor's business. Victor tells him to save the act as he knows he's trying to use Salem for his business.

Chad tells Stefano he'll haev to call him back and hangs up. Rafe asks if he has any idea why he's there. Chad asks if it's because he found out he slept with Jordan last night.

Jordan doesn't want to talk to Kate about Chad or Rafe. Jordan walks out of the town square but Kate follows her. Kate questions Jordan sleeping with her business partner. Kate adds that she has no secrets from her so everything she's done and is going to do is fair game.

Daniel goes to the hospital. Maxine lets him know that Nicole was looking for him. Daniel thanks her. Daniel runs in to Serena.

Nicole goes to the club and looks up Serena Mason. Nicole sees her awards and accomplishments. Nicole notes that she was in the Congo and that's where Eric was. Nicole remembers seeing her in Eric's photos. Nicole realizes she was the one he was with before he was a priest and now she's here. Nicole then turns around to see Eric.

Rory goes to see JJ and tells him he just finished his last final. Rory jokes about his grade. Rory asks what's the matter with JJ. JJ tells him everything.

Paige looks at a photo of her and JJ on her phone. Kimberly joins her and tells her that the doctors say her grandfather Shane is going to be just fine.

Eve tells the doctor that this stays between them as she needs something delicate from him. He understands and has her full attention as he says he wants to be there for her. Eve flirts with him as he calls her a lovely, warm-hearted woman. Eve says they are both adults so she can count on him to be discreet. He touches her hand and asks if she's staying with her mother or in a hotel. Eve pulls away and says he completely misunderstood what she's getting at. Eve says she's trying to make something right and needs his help to do that.

Eric asks if she's interrupting her work. Nicole says she was just doing research. Eric says he knows last time was abrupt and he didn't want to not say hello. Nicole spills her coffee so Eric grabs her tablet out of the way. Eric sees that she is looking up Serena and questions what she is doing.

Clyde questions Victor as he thought they were going to be friends. Victor responds that they'll never be friends and he's been on his radar since he arrived. Clyde compares the two of them. Victor calls him a two bit drug dealer and brings up the timing of his arrival and EJ's death. Victor accuses Clyde of being involved in EJ's death.

Kate tells Jordan that she and Chad have a risky job so she won't let her ruin it for her. Jordan comments on Kate getting involved with Clyde who is the king of liars. Kate is sure she had a tough life but knows she always wished for a rich man to save her and now has found one. Jordan accuses her of thinking of her own life when she was Stefano's favorite hooker.

Stefano makes a call to have documents delivered to Rafe as soon as possible. Stefano declares his son's loyalty will be rewarded.

Rafe hands Chad a search warrant. Rafe calls in a forensics specialist to search the mansion. Chad asks what he's looking for. Rafe says he'll let him know when they find it.

Nicole tells Eric that she bumped in to Serena at the hospital and knew she looked familiar so she did a little research to find out who she is. Eric doesn't think she's telling the whole story. Nicole remembers her from Eric's photos. Eric tells her to stay out of his life. Nicole says she is whether he believes it or not. Nicole tells him to get over himself. Eric says he knows what she's up to as Nicole says she's done and storms out.

Daniel tells Serena that he had invited she and Eric over for dinner. She agrees so Daniel goes to text Eric that she's in.

Rafe tells Chad about searching his laptop. Harold introduces a man that Stefano sent and he delivers documents to Rafe relevant to the search warrant.

Clyde brings up the Kiriakis-DiMera war while he hardly knew EJ. Victor isn't as interested in the past as he is in Clyde's future. Victor tells him to make a fast exit from Salem or he'll spen the next 10 to 20 years in prison. Clyde comments that he doesn't like either option but remarks that he thinks he'd still be alive after 20 years and asks if Victor could say the same thing.

Paige is surprised about Shane since Eve made it seem worse than it was. Kimberly thinks Eve just gets scared of losing him. Paige comments on Eve also wanting to run her life. Kimberly assures that Eve loves her. Paige sometimes wishes she wasn't everything to her. Kimberly jokes that Theresa feels the same about her.

JJ tells Rory that he and Paige are still together but want people to think they broke up since Eve still hates him. JJ says Eve would do anything to keep them apart including dragging Paige to LA so she wasn't there for vacation. Rory says they have to come back at some point. Rory doesn't get it since JJ has been a model citizen but she hates him more now and asks what happened.

Eve shows the doctor information on JJ and wants to keep Paige away from him. She wants him to help that happen. Eve wants the doctor to bring Kimberly back and tell her that Shane's condition is far worse than they thought so they'll have to stay in Los Angeles for awhile. He questions her wanting him to lie. Eve thinks he's had a lot of practice. He tells her to get out of his office. Eve threatens to tell his wife about him propositioning her. He doesn't think she would do that but Eve says he doesn't know anything about her and she would do anything to protect her daughter. Eve then tells him they need to get their story straight.

Serena meets Eric in the town square. Eric asks about her first day. She says it went well and mentions running in to Daniel. Serena asks about Eric accepting the dinner invitation for them and asks if that makes it a date. Eric says he told him he would check with her. She wants to not be late. Eric says whatever and starts to walk off. Serena questions him being upset. Eric says that's how he is a lot these days especially after running in to Nicole.

Nicole goes to Daniel's. Daniel mentions her looking for him. She's surprised Maxine told him. Daniel asks what's up. Nicole tells him that whatever happens between them is only between them and he is not her way of getting over Eric.

Clyde tells Victor that several of his employees listed him on their resumes and one of them shared many details of Victor's illicit activities. Clyde thinks they are on opposite ends and comments on how he'd hate to lose a mansion like this for a cell as he walks out. Victor calls him a bastard.

The man tells Rafe that the actions of DiMera Enterprises predate Chad taking over so his actions had nothing to do with any of it. Rafe questions who he works for. He informs him that he is an attorney on retainer for Stefano. Rafe checks with his expert. He says the documents are in order so that will trump anything that predates Chad becoming CEO. Rafe tells him to take the laptop and look it over. Rafe tells the attorney that he did what he was paid to do. He shakes hands with Chad and exits. Rafe gathers their things. Chad says he's sorry he came for nothing and will tell Jordan he said hello. Rafe comments that Jordan will figure out who he is sooner than later as he exits.

Jordan has had enough of Kate. Kate tells her that Chad will get tired of her quickly like Rafe did. Jordan points out that she broke up with Rafe because he insisted on defending Kate. Kate argues that they broke up because Rafe couldn't get enough of her in bed since Jordan wasn't giving him what he needs. Jordan tells her to make up her mind. Kate tells her to accept that she's out of her league and walks off.

JJ tells Rory about Eve's history with Jack and Jennifer. Rory questions why she would take that out on him. Rory asks if he did anything to her or if she's just a bitch. JJ thinks about being with her as Rory comments on thinking about what she's like in bed. JJ tells him to shut up so Rory asks what his problem is.

Paige joins Eve as she fakes crying. Paige asks what's wrong since Kimberly said Shane was fine. Eve tells the doctor to explain it so he tells Paige that he's afraid he has some bad news.

Chad calls Stefano back and thanks him. Stefano says he will always protect his son. Chad hangs up as Jordan arrives, looking upset. Jordan is worried about Rafe being on the war path and isn't going to give up. Chad promises it will be okay and kisses her.

Rafe walks through the park and calls Victor. Victor asks what he wants. Rafe asks what he thinks and asks if he had anything on Clyde yet. Victor says he tried something but it didn't pan out. Rafe says there has to be a way they can get him. Victor says he'll keep digging but it may take some time. Victor tells him not to worry about it and all he needs to know is he will find a way to deal with Clyde.

Clyde sets up a candle lit dinner in his hotel room as Kate arrives. Kate comments that his meeting must have gone well. Clyde calls it very productive and they kiss.

Serena asks Eric what happened with Nicole. Eric says they went a few rounds today about her. Serena doesn't think Nicole knows her but Eric informs her that she met her today and that Nicole just made sure she didn't know it.

Daniel asks Nicole what got her all stirred up and if there's something else. Nicole says yes and kisses Daniel.

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