Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/17/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/17/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Adrienne and Lucas meet outside the club. Adrienne brings up Will and Arianna being back which shocks Lucas as he did nto know.

Sonny sits inside the club and thinks back to talking to Paul.

Will goes to Paul's hotel room and introduces himself.

Eric wants be honest about whatever their feelings are for each other and what she can actually expect from him. Nicole walks by outside and sees them through the window. She wonders who the woman is. Nicole comments that it seems to be the woman's favorite place in town. She starts to go in when Marlena appears and stops her.

Serena tells Eric that he doesn't owe her anything but he feels he does and it's complicated. Eric assures her that he's happy to see her but there's a reason he seems hesitant. Serena assumes it's Nicole.

Marlena offers to join Nicole. Nicole asks why and thinks it's a bad idea. Marlena looks in the window at Serena and Eric. Nicole asks Marlena if she knows who the woman is. Marlena says she does. Nicole assumes she must be a friend of the family then.

Brady approaches Anne at the hospital and tells her that he told Theresa that he will not tolerate anyone messing with Melanie anymore so from now on the hospital will be drama free.

Melanie storms in, having listened in and questions Theresa faking getting pregnant with Brady. Theresa tries to leave but Melanie brings up everything Theresa has done and says this one takes the cake. Melanie shouts that now she knows how low Theresa is willing to go.

Serena apologizes if she's out of line and says she doesn't know anything about Nicole and it's not her business. Eric tells her that actually it is.

Nicole asks Marlena if she's a family friend. Marlena suggests going somewhere to talk about it so Nicole follows her.

Melanie calls Theresa stupid for faking a pregnancy. Theresa yells that it was a mistake and tells her to shut up. Melanie continues so Theresa attacks her and they start to fight. Brady breaks it up and questions this happening again. They yell at each other. Brady takes Melanie out of the room and tells her to wait for him. Brady questions Theresa. She calls Melanie a smug judgmental bitch. Brady tells her that he doesn't need the hospital knowing about their crap. Theresa yells that she doesn't want people knowing about her pregnancy or Melanie throwing it in her face. Brady tells her to stop yelling about it then. Theresa says he doesn't care what really happened. Brady doesn't want Melanie or Daniel hurt by this. Theresa tells him to leave so he does. Brady catches up to Melanie. Melanie refuses to apologize. Brady takes her and leaves the hospital.

Lucas tells Adrienne that he hasn't talked to Will and doesn't have any calls. Adrienne feels bad that she ruined the surprise. Lucas tells her Will is full of surprises and he'll call Sami to find out what's going on. Adrienne enters the club and tells Sonny what happened. Sonny says Will has been real busy since coming back and they haven't talked about the new club yet. Adrienne informs Sonny that she tracked Justin down and they can write him a check if he needs help with the new club. Sonny tells her that he's going to handle it. She asks if he's going to tell Will what's going on. Sonny says yes if he ever sees him agan.

Paul asks Will if he's the writer who wrote about the DiMeras. Will says he is and makes sure he's not too early. Paul praises Will's last article and reveals he asked for him to write his article. Paul remarks that he didn't expect Will to be so young. Will hopes he doesn't regret requesting him. Paul is sure he won't.

Lucas enters the club. Sonny asks if he wants the usual. Lucas says he's good and asks if he knows Will's schedule. Sonny doesn't but is sure he'll call. Lucas tells him not to rush but Sami is worried because Will isn't returning her calls. Lucas reveals Sami knows how upset Will is after getting replaced by another writer. Sonny plays along like he knew. Lucas thinks it's for the best since Will got to come home. Sonny walks away while Lucas sits with Adrienne.

Will asks Paul about confidentiality. Paul talks about just making the deal and thought Will would be doing more research. Will says he will but wanted to get to know him first. Paul talks about most writers already knowing what they want to write. Will begins recording for the interview.

Marlena and Nicole walk out of the town square. She tells Marlena that she got her away from Eric. Marlena asks why it's so important for her to know who Eric was with.

Serena asks Eric what he's thinking or how he reacted when she said Nicole. Eric wishes he didn't have a reaction to Nicole's name after what she did as he wishes he felt nothing. Serena says feelings are always there. Eric wishes he could put it all behind him but he sometimes feels his anger is getting stronger. Serena understands that every day he has to face what she took from him. Serena doesn't understand how Nicole could've done what she did to him. Eric says she doesn't understand because it's not something she would do. Eric brings up how Serena gave him up willingly because she understood. Serena notes that she didn't have a choice. Eric knows he broke her heart. Serena feels she couldn't have changed his mind. Serena asks what Nicole has to do with them.

Brady and Melanie go to the town square. Melanie doesn't want to sit down while she complains that Theresa attacked her. Brady tells her to sit down and he will talk. Brady informs her that he got her her job. Melanie hugs him and thanks him then they sit down. Brady says he got her job but she needs to keep it and can't attack people. Melanie blames Theresa coming after her. Brady is sure it wasn't unprovoked. Brady warns if someone else walked by and heard them screaming. Melanie worries that Theresa will talk about it but Brady says he had a talk with her and she got the message. Melanie doesn't want to Daniel to know about it so she thinks it would be better if it wasn't brought up. Brady agrees not to bring it up on one condition about Theresa.

Anne joins Theresa. Theresa tells Anne that she is worthless.

Paul talks about being born in Japan and growing up in the bay area as a Giants fan. Paul talks about his grandfather and his love of baseball. Will asks if he still loves the game. Paul says it's done great things for his life mostly. Will asks who he's spoken to about the surgery. Paul says just family. Will asks about not talking to his teammates. Paul didn't want anyone to know. Paul gets a call from his agent. Will says he has more than enough to start. Paul asks if he has enough to know what kind of guy he is. Will comments that he seems to be comfortable with who he is. Paul jokes that it's an all an act. They shake hands and say they look forward to working with one another as Will exits. Will then puts his wedding ring back on and walks off.

Sonny returns to Lucas and Adrienne and apologizes for being abrupt. Sonny then gets a call from Will and steps away. Will says he's not working late anymore so he'll join him at the club after all. Sonny stops him and says he'll come to him instead at the park. Sonny says goodbye to Lucas and Adrienne then hurries out. Lucas asks Adrienne what's going on.

Nicole questions Marlena talking to her like a patient. Marlena doesn't know why Nicole cares who Eric is with since they are done. Marlena says she's not trying to gloat but is trying to help her.

Eric calls it a vicious circle that he can't get over his anger towards Nicole until he forgives her and he can't forgive her then he gets angry at who he's become. Serena feels he's the same person but Eric thinks he's different. Eric feels stuck. Serena asks if he's saying he wants to be a priest again but has to sort out his feelings for Nicole first. Eric says he can't deal with being a priest again with this core anger. Serena understands and blames Kristen setting it in motion so he has a reason to be angry. Eric can't make the world understand it. Eric states that he can't be a priest when he hates. Serena tells him that he's been screwed to the wall twice by bitches and questions him thinking he can just forgive and forget. Serena tells him to ease up on himself. Eric doesn't want her sympathy and tells her that he's lost all ability to love and trust anyone which isn't fair to her. Eric calls it incredible to see her again but says this is his problem. Eric knows he hurt her once and can't bear the thought of doing it again as she's someone he really cares about.

Theresa yells at Anne about what happened with Brady and Melanie when Anne said she could stop Melanie from working there. Anne questions Theresa turning on her only friend. Theresa complains about Melanie and Brady being her protector. Theresa cries that Brady looked at her like he hated her. Anne points out that she does because of what she did to John. Theresa yells about wanting to move on from that. Anne reminds her what she's put Daniel through. Theresa questions whose side she is on. Theresa declares that no one is ever on her side. Theresa wonders why these bad things keep happening to her.

Brady calls Theresa complicated. Melanie brings up what she's done to Brady and Daniel. Brady says she has a long bad history but is a wackjob. Brady tells her that she hates Daniel and Jennifer for no reason. Brady says Theresa just takes action aggressively and warns Melanie about being on Theresa's radar. Melanie agrees to be careful but notes that she won't forget about what Theresa did to him and Daniel.

Paul has his room service brought and the clerk tells him to call if he needs anything. Paul pulls out his phone and calls his grandfather.

Sonny joins Will in the park. Will hugs him and asks if something happened. Sonny reveals that what's wrong is that he didn't come back because he missed him but because he was fired.

Theresa cries that it's awful and unbearable. Anne encourages her not to care what people think of her. Theresa says it wouldn't be so bad if things were different with Brady.

Melanie tells Brady that she wants to strangle Theresa for lying about being pregnant. Brady isn't sure she lied. Melanie questions it. Brady thinks it was just a mistake. Melanie tells him to just be glad she's out of his life.

Adrienne talks to Lucas about Sonny being ate up by the new club. Lucas asks how much Chad put in. Adrienne isn't sure but he was confident that Sonny could make it work. Lucas says he likes Chad but has heard some stories about him lately. They worry about him with Sonny. Lucas gets a text from Sami to not tell Sonny that Will was fired. Lucas says he already did so he's going to catch hell for this. Adrienne comments that Sonny acted like he knew.

Sonny tells Will not to deny it because Sami told Lucas everything. Will says he's not denying it as it was humiliating so he wasn't going around telling people. Sonny says he's not other people. Will says he wanted to wait until they had alone time. Will talks about turning in drafts and getting strung along. Sonny says he's really sorry but feels he should've known what was going on and why he came back. Sonny reminds him that he's his husband. Will assures him that he missed him like crazy but Sonny says he doesn't know that.

Marlena wants Nicole to know that it's over between her and Eric. Marlena warns that she will hurt Eric and herself if she keeps bringing it up instead of moving on with her life. Nicole explains that she was just asking for a person's name. Nicole says she wants to live her life and wants Eric to be happy. Nicole notes he didn't look happy talking to that woman. Nicole declares she will never bring up Eric's name to her again. Marlena says they have an understanding then and walks away. Nicole calls her a bitch and tells herself that she doesn't care about Eric and isn't rebounding. Nicole adds that only one person needs to know that.

Serena recalls Eric being a bad boy in Africa and jokes that he's even better looking now. Eric jokes with her. Serena asks why shut the door on a possibility. She adds that she didn't come to get him back and doesn't even know if she wants him but she thinks it's arrogant to say they are stuck where they were when he left. Serena suggests being friends and taking it slowly to see what happens if he's open to at least trying. Eric reminds her how much he loved her. Serena gets the whole trust thing and understands he can't trust anymore but she hopes that can change so maybe one day he can feel strongly again. Eric agrees that maybe he can. Serena hopes so because he's worth the fight. Serena then exits.

Brady tells Melanie not to compare herself to Theresa. Brady wants her to make a promise. Melanie says she already made the same promise to Daniel.

Theresa tells Anne that she was moving on with Paul and she's going to find him as his ticket out of here. Theresa complains about having to deal with Melanie every day. Theresa says she's not looking for trouble and will be happy to pretend she doesn't exist.

Melanie tells Brady that she will steer clear of Theresa while Theresa tells Anne the same thing. They both say that the other will be really sorry if they mess with her.

Paul asks about his grandfather being able to travel and things not being as lonely.

Sonny questions Will about how long he was gone and how they only talked three times on the phone. Will says it's not because he didn't miss him but because he was busy. Sonny says it was all Will talked about and it was clear that he loved it so he was thinking he'd never come back. Will says the only way he would stay is if Sonny came with him. Sonny says that wasn't happening which Will understands was because of his career with the clubs. Will doesn't know where this is coming from. Sonny argues that Will is only back because someone made the choice for him. Sonny storms off to go back to work.

Nicole goes to the hospital and asks for Daniel but the nurse tells her that he went to St. Mary's for a consult. Nicole goes to leave then but bumps in to Serena.

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