Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/16/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/16/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden declares he can't do this anymore. Hope stops him and kisses him.

Sonny walks out of the town square and calls Will, who is at the Pub. Sonny wants to talk about the club expansion but Zoe enters the Pub so Will tells Sonny that he's in a meeting and has to talk later. Zoe introduces Will to the publisher of Sonix magazine. Zoe says they have an assignment for him if he's interested. Will says he is and asks what it is. The publisher says he must agree to certain terms before they can talk about that.

Paul joins Sonny and says he was worried about him after he didn't call back last night so he asks if everything is alright.

Daniel asks Nicole how the scarf looks. Nicole tells him it's awesome and they almost kiss but they agree on friends first.

Eric puts his hand on Serena's face and they kiss.

Melanie asks about the next step and when she can start. Anne responds with the 12th of never. Theresa watches with a smile. Melanie questions her. Anne claims Melanie's records got lost. Melanie says she'll make a call and get them but Anne tells her that it's too late. Melanie continues questioning her but Anne says there is a hiring freeze now. Theresa joins and suggests Melanie go work elsewhere. Melanie says she knows what they are doing. Brady returns and asks to be filled in.

Eric tells Serena that he didn't see that coming. She didn't either but says she's so glad she came to Salem.

Nicole and Daniel talk about taking it slow and staying friends. Daniel says they can't predict the future or where they will end up but he's not going to be her rebound guy.

Theresa claims Melanie was going nuts on Anne. Melanie tries to go after her but Brady holds her back. Theresa tells Brady to control Melanie and walks off. Anne goes to leave but Brady stops to have a word with her. Melanie tells Brady about what was happening. Melanie wants to go talk to Daniel but Brady stops her and tells her Anne is trying to get her to overreact and it's working.

Daniel tells Nicole that it had to be said even if it was blunt. Daniel says he knows Eric still has a piece of her heart and he doesn't want a repeat of what happened last time they got together. Nicole knows it was difficult. Daniel says he won't go through that again. Nicole knows what he means but declares that she won't be his rebound girl either.

Eric is so glad Serena is there and then they are interrupted by Roman arriving. Roman hopes it's not a bad time but tells Eric that Marlena just told him Serena is in town which is great news. Roman asks how long she's in town. Eric says he can ask her herself and invites him in. Roman hugs her and is happy to see her. Serena realizes she's late and says they will catch up soon. Eric says he'll text her and she hurries out. Roman tells Eric that didn't take long.

Brady tells Melanie to go somewhere else and give him an hour so he can pay Daniel back. Brady adds that Melanie doesn't want to make Daniel look bad here after what she's put him through. Melanie insists that she just wants to work there. Brady says he will text her as she exits. Brady confronts Anne. She assumes he convinced Melanie that she shouldn't work here. Brady responds there is no room for people that play games.

Aiden and Hope end up in bed and have sex.

Zoe tells Will that this article is huge and more than just confidential so he can't talk about it with anyone. Will asks if that includes his husband. The publisher questions that and tells Will that he will have to keep his personal life out of this when he talks to the subject. Zoe assures him that Will is completely professional. He asks Will what he would answer if asked about his marriage. Will says he would tell the truth. The publisher asks what about how the subject would react. Zoe encourages Will to be anonymous and completely separate. Will says he can do that.

Sonny apologizes to Paul for worrying him but says something came up and everything is good. Paul asks if he's sure. Paul asks if he needs anything. Sonny thanks him but says he doesn't and shouldn't have called him last night. Paul is glad he felt he could call him. Paul hated how things ended with them. Paul says hearing his voice on the phone last night felt like the way things used to be.

Will says he's cool with keeping everything to himself including not talking about this with his husband. The publisher hands him the envelope then. Will asks if there is a deadline. Zoe says he will see why when he sees who the subject is. Will opens and sees it's Paul Norita, questioning another story on him. Zoe says not a story but the story.

Sonny asks why Paul would say that when things will never be like they were. Paul explains that he meant it sounded like he didn't hate him anymore. Sonny tells him that he never hated him, things just didn't work out for them. Sonny says he didn't agree with Paul's choices but it's his life and he gets to be happy like anyone else. Paul responds that he hasn't been happy since he left him.

Aiden and Hope finish in bed. Aiden apologizes for his meltdown earlier. Hope tells him that he was absolutely right to be upset because it has been one thing after another with her. Hope adds that she will no longer be returning Bree's phone calls as she kisses him. Hope says she doesn't need her to tell her what to think about him because she can make up her own mind and already has as they continue kissing.

Brady reminds Anne that he's on the hospital board. Anne claims the hiring freeze but Brady says that doesn't go in to effect until January 1. Brady accuses her of using it for her personal reasons. Theresa watches as Brady demands an answer.

Nicole tells Daniel that he's not the only one who has been on a roller coaster. Nicole reminds him of when she thought they had a shot and then he fell for Jennifer while she fell for Eric while he was in love with the church. Nicole says neither of them want to be the get over it person. Nicole suggests never doing this awkward conversation again. They joke about it. Nicole repeats that his scarf does look awesome as she then exits.

Eric tells Roman that he's glad Serena is in town too but that was years ago and he broke her heart by choosing the church and walking away so she moved on. Roman points out that now she's in Salem and he's no longer a priest. Roman suggests it could be a sign from God.

Melanie and Serena meet at the club. Serena asks about her getting rehired and how much fun it will be working together. Melanie doesn't want to talk about work and asks her about Eric. Melanie asks if they were more than friends in Africa because she feels like they were. Serena says they were very close in Africa but didn't want to say anything before coming to Salem. Melanie asks what is going on with them.

Aiden and Hope continue kissing in bed. Aiden calls her amazing for understanding keeping his life private. Hope feels the same for him not questioning her life. Hope tells him that she will always have memories and treasured moments. Aiden assures her that he's not out to replace Bo as he wants something fresh and something that is just theirs. Hope agrees as they kiss.

Brady talks to Anne about having to explain to Mr. Burns and the board about not hiring a very talented nurse. Brady tells her that she will make sure the hiring freeze doesn't happen until January. Anne ends up agreeing. Theresa gets mad and storms off. Anne walks away while Brady goes after Theresa.

Nicole sits in the park and finishes a work call. Her papers start to blow away. She gathers them back together and finds an ad for live music at St. Luke's.

Serena jokes about Melanie being relentless. Melanie wants to know everything and asks if they have kissed yet. Daniel arrives and interrupts, asking how it went at the hospital. Melanie doesn't have an answer and introduces him to Serena. Melanie adds that Daniel is best friends with Eric. Serena realizes who he is and tells him that she thinks he's amazing.

Brady follows Theresa and tells her that he's done with Anne and now it's her turn. Brady questions why she thinks it's okay to keep Melanie from getting a job. Theresa tries to say she's not involved but Brady tells her that she saw her reaction. Brady says she needs to get over her hate for Daniel and his friends. Brady talks about how much he cares about Melanie and tells her to guess who he would choose between them.

Melanie calls it random as Serena explains that she and Eric kept in touch over e-mails so Eric had told her about the psychopathic woman and another woman who was supposed to help him but hurt him badly then a doctor who was a true friend. Daniel says it wasn't hard to step up for Eric. Serena agrees that he is special. Melanie asks her how special he is.

Will questions Zoe not wanting to use the guy who wrote the first article on Paul. Zoe thought he would be a better fit and says the envelope has all the information. The publisher says they are counting on him to make them proud. He exits. Zoe gives Will Paul's private number and says he's waiting on his call. Zoe emphasizes that this story is huge and secrecy is vital. She welcomes him back and then exits.

Sonny questions Paul not being happy and asks if he hasn't been with anyone since they split up. Paul says he hasn't connected with anyone like they did. Sonny talks about Paul playing this game for so long. Paul says he has to keep an image out there. Sonny asks when the image stops and the real him takes over as he walks away.

Aiden asks Hope if she's sure she can't stay. Hope wishes she could. Aiden says he has to make a few calls but is so glad she kept him from leaving. Hope kisses him and is glad they worked through everything. Hope says no more questions or issues. Aiden thanks her and they hug. They kiss goodbye and Hope exits. Aiden's smile goes away and he takes a deep breath.

Nicole thinks back to Eric ending their friendship. Nicole declares that Daniel is wrong as she knows she's not in rebound mode and he needs to know that too. Nicole states that her conscience is clear as she walks out of the park.

Melanie wants Serena to spill. Daniel tells her that some things are still private. Serena gets a text and realizes she has to go. She tells Daniel that it was nice meeting him and hopes they can get together again. Daniel mentions everyone working together. Serena says she'll call Melanie and exits.

Brady reminds Theresa of their deal to go their separate ways but he won't ignore the stunts she pulls with Daniel, Jennifer, or Melanie. Brady warns that if she goes after them, he'll take it as her going after him and questions if she really wants to provoke him.

Hope runs in to Roman in the town square. Roman notes her smile and says someone is happy. Hope asks if she shouldn't be because she's going through a divorce. Roman figured it's personal and not his business. Roman says he loves and admires Bo but if Hope has to break herself off to be happy then that's a good thing. They hug and Hope thanks him.

Aiden calls Bree and says he knows what she did. Aiden warns her that if she contacts Hope again about him, he will come after her and she knows what he's capable of so she should think long and hard. Aiden then hangs up.

Sonny goes to the club. The bartender tells him that Will called and gives him the message that he'll be a little late tonight because of working.

Will walks through the park and calls Paul. Will asks when they can set up a time to meet for the article. Paul makes sure this stays quiet. Paul agrees to meet now and invites him to his room at the Salem Inn. Paul uses Babe Ruth's alias which Will identifies. Paul notes that he knows his baseball and says he'll be waiting for him. Will removes his wedding ring and walks off.

Serena joins Eric at the Pub and asks what he wanted to talk to her about. Eric says it's something he thinks is important. Serena assumes it's about the kiss. Eric says he just wants to say something and be honest about whatever their feelings are for each other and what she can actually expect from him. Nicole walks by outside and sees them through the window. She wonders who the woman is.

Theresa tells Brady that he can't threaten her and doesn't care about Melanie. Brady tells her to stay away and stop the stunts. Theresa says she won't mix it up with Melanie because she's too busy about the gossip about faking a pregnancy. Brady swears he can't trust her. Theresa says they are done here so Brady exits. Melanie then storms in, having listened in and questions Theresa faking getting pregnant with Brady.

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