Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/15/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/15/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope doesn't understand Bree's warning. She tells Hope that even being near Aiden is a mistake.

Maggie has cookies with Parker while Daniel and Melanie decorate the Christmas tree at Daniel's. They talk about Melanie's recent problems. Melanie promises to be mature and says she turned in her application and is ready to get back to work.

Anne and Theresa talk at the hospital over Melanie's application. Theresa worries that she will quit if Melanie starts working there. Anne assures that Melanie won't get her old job back and she also wants to do some damage to Daniel.

Eric looks at his photos at home and thinks back to talking to Serena in the park. Marlena arrives and asks about his text that he had some news.

Serena sits in the Pub as Kayla enters. Serena recognizes her but Kayla doesn't right away. Serena reminds her that she's a friend of Eric. Kayla remembers and asks if she's there to see Eric. Nicole walks by outside and sees Serena through the window, saying she looks familiar and wonders where she knows her from.

Bree tells Hope that she was best friends with Meredith and if she doesn't listen to her, she will end up dead like her. Aiden then approaches Hope.

Nicole wonders who Serena is. Brady approaches her. Nicole asks him but he says he doesn't know who it is. Brady tells her she's beautiful and smart and asks if she has a few minutes as he hurries her away.

Serena tells Kayla that she is supposed to meet Eric there. Serena's phone rings so Kayla says they will catch up another time. Serena answers and declares that is totally unacceptable as she then exits the Pub, leaving Kayla confused.

Melanie tells Daniel that she's going to the hospital to say hi and check on her application. Daniel reminds her to stay away from Theresa. Maggie agrees and brings up what Theresa has done. Melanie notes that it may be hard after yesterday.

Theresa asks Anne how she's going to hurt Daniel. Anne doesn't want anything getting out. Theresa complains that Melanie is nobody. Jennifer approaches and gives Anne files that she borrowed. Anne takes them. Jennifer questions Theresa judging Melanie. Jennifer comments on her making enemies. Jennifer tells her that Melanie is going to be working there very soon. Jennifer walks away while Anne says that will never happen.

Aiden tells Hope that he doesn't want to interrupt and just wanted to let her know that he finished shopping. Bree hangs up so Hope tells Aiden it can wait. Aiden thinks it seemed like an intense conversation and asks who called. Hope says it wasn't important and wants to focus on their near future at the Salem Inn. Aiden stops her and asks why she's lying.

Melanie has Parker put Christmas presents under the tree. Maggie is surprised she had time for all that shopping. Melanie responds that she's full of surprises.

Eric brings Marlena to the Pub. Marlena is excited to know what's going on. Eric says all good things come to those who wait. Kayla informs Eric that she was there waiting on him but she got a phone call and left. Marlena asks who she is. Kayla asks if Serena Mason rings a bell. Marlena says it does and smiles with Eric.

Serena goes to the hospital and asks Jennifer for Anne. Jennifer points her to Anne and Theresa. Serena approaches and informs Anne that she was just told she was assigned in an office in the hospital basement and that won't be acceptable. Anne says it's all she had available. Anne complains about no one telling her about her hiring. Serena mocks Anne which makes Jennifer laugh. Serena tells Anne to fix the office situation today.

Aiden tells Hope that the phone call obviously upset her so why lie about it. Hope admits she lied and shouldn't have. Hope tells him that the call was about him. Aiden questions it upsetting her that much. Hope claims she's not upset, just surprised. Aiden asks who called. Hope says it's not worth discussing but if he wants to then she doesn't want to do it here. They agree on the Salem Inn. Aiden's phone rings and he remembers he has to drop something off at the courthouse but will meet her at the Inn. Aiden stops and asks if he should be worried about something. Hope says no so Aiden walks off.

Maggie asks Daniel about Melanie's gifts. Daniel explains that Melanie asked him to get them for her since she was in Europe. Maggie hopes she at least sent a list of what to buy but she didn't. Daniel jokes with her that he had to buy his own gift but he'll survive. Daniel doesn't know if he can take any more surprises from Melanie.

Marlena sits with Eric and tells him that she does remember Serena as a sweet and smart girl. Marlena recalls meeting her in Central Park. Marlena didn't know they were in touch. Eric says it was e-mail mostly but he hadn't seen her until yesterday. Marlena asks what she's doing here.

Anne tells Serena that she can't make orders because she makes decisions on offices. Serena informs Anne that the organization behind her research had everything in writing to make a large donation to the hospital which came with a clause that her office must be on this floor across from the research lab she will be using. Anne argues that she still makes the decisions. Serena threatens to talk to the hospital administration about the donation being pulled because of her. Anne stops and claims she just remembered an open office on the floor. Serena is glad it's all taken care of then. Jennifer watches with a smile as Serena sends Anne to get her office key. Theresa tells Anne that she hopes she handles Melanie better. Anne assures her that she will as they walk off. Jennifer tells Serena that it's going to be fun with her working there.

Brady and Nicole sit at the club where Brady talks about a company involved at work that wants to use his drug and alcohol past against him in bidding so he brings up Nicole investigating the company CEO before. Nicole remembers having some dirt on him. Brady asks her to make a call to warn him about digging up dirt. Nicole agrees to be on it.

Hope goes to the room at the Salem Inn. Bree calls her back but Hope doesn't answer and Aiden enters behind her. Aiden greets her with a kiss and talks about what they'll do when school is out and they don't have free afternoons as they kiss. Aiden wants to deal with the phone call about him that upset her. Hope tells him that she's fine, just surprised as the call was from Bree. Aiden asks what she wanted. Hope says she just heard they were dating and she said she was making a major mistake.

Eric explains to Marlena that Serena is working on medical research from the hospital for a year. Marlena questions it being where Eric lives and points out that they were very close at one point. Eric says it was years ago. Marlena doesn't think it was that many years ago and thought that if Eric didn't go in to the priesthood that he might have proposed to her. Marlena is happy for anything that makes Eric smile after the year he's had.

Nicole makes that call to have dirt dug up on the CEO. Brady knew he came to the right person. Nicole toasts to whatever it takes when it comes to the people she loves.

Jennifer and Serena introduce themselves to each other. Jennifer loves how Serena handled her and compares it to their first meeting. Serena tells Jennifer about knowing a few people here and asks if she knows Eric. Jennifer says he's really good friend and asks how she knows him. Serena says they go way back and then her phone rings, remind her that she's late to meet Eric. Serena tells her that she'll get the key from Anne later and hurries off.

Aiden asks if Bree said anything else. Hope says she made it clear that she doesn't like him. Aiden complains that Bree hates him and is one of the reasons that he left Portland so she couldn't feed lies to Chase. Hope asks why she was so against him. Aiden says she and Meredith were close friends so Meredith disclosed their marriage problems and always making him out to be the bad guy. Hope notes Bree blaming Aiden for Meredith being unhappy. Aiden says they were both unhappy with each other. Aiden says Bree blamed her for everything maybe for not getting Meredith the help she needed. Aiden brings up that Bree told him she wished he took the bullet at Meredith's funeral. Aiden says now Bree is back trying to stir up trouble again and declares that the worst part about it is that Hope believes her.

Nicole brings presents to Daniel's. She's sad she missed Chloe picking up Parker. Nicole adds that she's sorry that she didn't get Melanie a gift since she didn't know she was coming back but at least they are better now. Nicole notes her gift for Daniel is wrapped the same as Melanie's. Daniel says it's just a scarf which upsets Nicole.

Melanie goes to the hospital and sees Jennifer. They hug as Jennifer talks about being happy to have her back. Jennifer adds that her and Daniel are on good terms and talks about how they and Abigail will have great times together. Brady then arrives.

Serena joins Eric and Marlena at the Pub. Marlena wants to hear all about her research but gets paged to the hospital for a patient. Marlena tells Serena that she will give her the tour of the hospital when she gets there. Marlena exits. Serena tells Eric that it's been nice seeing Marlena and Kayla but suggests going somewhere private. Eric asks if she wants to go back to the park or down by the river. Serena suggests Eric's place.

Hope tells Aiden that she doesn't believe Bree. Aiden believes she's suspicious every time Meredith's death comes up and has ever since she saw that news headline online. Hope stops him and says she's always tried to respect his privacy but she has to ask when things come up. Aiden feels she's always trying to catch him in a lie. Aiden is tired of trying to explain and prove himself. Aiden is starting to wonder if she really knows him at all.

Eric and Serena go back to Eric's apartment. They talk about memories. Serena brings up being interrupted when Eric was going to tell her why he didn't go back to the priesthood after being cleared. Serena says they have time and they sit together. Eric says he realized he lost his calling. Serena says he was so devoted to the church and asks what could have possibly changed that.

Nicole tells Daniel that she got him a scarf too. Daniel says a guy can have two but Nicole complains about it. Daniel explains that he had to buy his own gifts. Nicole gets upset and wants to take hers back but Daniel stops her and says he has the perfect solution.

Eric doesn't want to get into it but tells her that he couldn't go back to being a priest. Serena thinks she got the answer as she wanted to make sure he didn't have other commitments before she asked him out to dinner. Eric asks if she's asking him out on a date. Serena responds only if he's saying yes.

Brady asks Melanie when she gets back to work. Melanie says as soon as her application is approved. Jennifer tells Melanie to let her know if there's anything she can do as she walks away. Melanie asks if Brady is okay after their fight with the casino people. Brady assures that he's fine. Melanie says she would hate herself if anything ever happened to him. Brady hugs her as Theresa sees them together.

Hope tells Aiden that she does know he's a great guy and father. Hope admits she's had doubts when stuff like this comes up so she has to ask. Aiden responds by asking if he asks her about Bo or where he went and why. Aiden says he doesn't because Hope clearly doesn't want to talk about it and he's okay with that as it's a painful subject for her. Aiden adds that he trusts that she would tell him anything he needs to know. Aiden wishes the same would apply to him and his life. Hope suggests making a pact to no longer talk about Meredith today. Aiden calls it a great idea until the next time something comes up that she thinks he's hiding from her and he just can't deal with that anymore.

Serena stops and realizes Eric not going back to the priesthood doesn't mean that he's not in a relationship and he might not still have feelings for her so he's free to say no. Eric stops her and tells her that there is no one else. She asks about his feelings for her.

Daniel tells Nicole that he will open her gift now so on Christmas morning there will be no competition. Nicole worries if it's the same scarf. Daniel opens it and tells her that it's different so she's in luck. Nicole worries that he might like the other one better. Daniel says he almost got that one but didn't and the gift is perfect. Nicole thinks he's lying but Daniel assures her. Nicole helps him put the scarf on and touches his face as they get close.

Eric puts his hand on Serena's face and they get close.

Daniel asks Nicole how the scarf looks. Nicole tells him it's awesome and they almost kiss.

Brady tells Melanie to text him and they'll do something. Brady leaves the hospital as Melanie notices Theresa staring at her. Anne walks by so Melanie greets her and asks about her application. Anne says she got it this morning. Melanie asks about the next step and when she can start. Anne responds with the 12th of never. Theresa watches with a smile.

Hope tells Aiden not to underestimate how committed she is when she gives her word. Hope suggests they just enjoy each other today and talk about now and the future instead of the past. Aiden argues that it won't work because it will still always be there. Aiden declares he can't do this anymore. Hope stops him and kisses him.

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