Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/12/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/12/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ is on the phone at home talking to Paige. He asks how her grandfather is doing. Paige says he's okay. She apologizes for hanging up when Eve almost caught her. JJ thinks back to Eve telling him to stay away from Paige. Paige is sorry that she had to leave town without saying goodbye. JJ is glad her grandfather is okay. Paige says Eve just needed some moral support. JJ asks if Paige really had to go.

Kate sits at home finishing a work call. Harold enters and introduces Rafe. Rafe informs her that he didn't come to see her but has questions for Chad. Kate tells him that he's not there and didn't come home last night. Kate asks Rafe if he can imagine where Chad spent the night.

Chad and Jordan wake up in bed together and kiss.

Ben and Abigail go to the club. Ben praises the hospital project that Abigail and Jordan are working on. Clyde then enters.

Hope and Kayla sit together in the town square. They talk about being glad to have time together. Hope mentions meeting Aiden later to go Christmas shopping for their kids. Kayla talks about getting something for Ciara too.

Aiden sits with Chase in the Pub. Aiden tells him that he needs to talk to him about something. Aiden brings up Chase talking about his mom. He encourages him to continue remembering her but not about their money. Aiden states that it has to stop.

Paige tells JJ that Eve was a total wreck about Shane so she had to be there for her. Paige says Eve is coming out of the room so she hangs up.

Aiden questions Chase talking to Owen about his mom's money. Chase doesn't know why it's a big deal. Aiden calls it private. Chase asks if that means he doesn't want him to bring up his mom in front of Hope.

Hope talks to Kayla about when she first met Aiden and then finding out he was funny and sweet. Hope adds that Ciara likes him a lot. Hope mentions the divorce becoming final soon and how it will be rough on Ciara. Kayla tells Hope that she deserves to go on with her life. Hope thanks her for her support. Kayla understands and tells her that she has no reason to feel guilty. Hope asks if there's something she isn't telling her and asks what it is. Kayla calls it embarrassing.

Aiden tells Chase this has nothing to do with Hope and everything's cool but he doesn't want him talking to anyone else about money. Aiden says one thing can lead to questions. Chase asks him about not wanting people to ask questions. Aiden says their memories of his mom are personal and he wants to keep it between them.

Clyde apologizes for interrupting and asks what they were talking about. Ben tells him about the project that can make a huge difference. Abigail says if she raises enough money it will. Clyde offers to help.

Rafe tells Kate that he doesn't give a damn where Chad spent the night but he'll track him down. Kate assumes it must be something important and decides to call him but gets his voicemail. Kate says it must mean he's either at the gym or still tied up.

Jordan calls it the best day ever as Chad points out they haven't even got out of bed yet. Jordan gets a text about her and Abigail's project. Chad guesses Abigail wouldn't be happy about them being together. Jordan responds that they are happy and that's all that matters as they continue kissing.

JJ plays guitar as Jennifer walks in and tells him he sounds great. JJ admits he's a little nervous about seeing the therapist. JJ feels bad about bringing all this up again. Jennifer wants him to work through it. JJ talks about being mad when he first found out about Jack and he's sorry for blaming other people. Jennifer is sorry that she didn't tell him the truth sooner. JJ talks about how he could've been in jail. Jennifer is proud of him and says Jack would be too. The doorbell rings and Jennifer goes to answer it.

Abigail hopes Clyde didn't think she was hinting. Clyde and Ben assure her. Clyde wants to help the people of Salem and asks to hear more about the project. Abigail explains that it's Jordan's project that they are working on together. Clyde comments on Jordan always looking out for the less fortunate and asks more about the project.

Rafe tells Kate that it doesn't have to be this way. Kate complains about how Rafe treated her for trying to help him by exposing Jordan. Rafe didn't want to argue with her. Kate thinks he came to argue with Chad over sleeping with Jordan. Rafe argues that Jordan has nothing to do with this but Kate wants Rafe to admit that he's jealous that Jordan moved on with a DiMera instead of crawling back to him.

Jordan gets out of bed and tells Chad that she feels really lucky to have met him when she did. She says she wasn't in a good place but feels better about everything because of him. Jordan kisses him.

Kayla tells Hope that she's looking in to online dating. Hope encourages her and offers to help. Kayla jokes about having to go on a blind date. Kayla mentions a friend setting up her profile and the friend is the sister in law of Bree, the woman that Hope ran in to before who also knew Aiden. Hope praises her but Kayla isn't sure about going through with it. Aiden arrives and asks what they are talking about. Kayla leaves embarrassed. Aiden apologizes for interrupting. Hope tells him that it was just girl talk. Aiden jokes that she's keeping secrets. They walk off to go Christmas shopping.

Jennifer leaves JJ with the therapist Dr. Richards. JJ thanks him for coming. JJ talks about how no one can even say the word rape when they talk about what happened. Dr. Richards asks how he felt when he first found out. JJ talks about being angry at everyone and he tries to forget it. JJ brings up Paige finding out and he couldn't get it out of his head. JJ talks about Jack making a lot of mistakes but also being an amazing dad. Dr. Richards asks JJ how he feels about his father now.

Abigail sits with Clyde and talks about the hospital charity to help people who can't get to the hospital for services. Ben praises Abigail and Jordan's work. Clyde says he's proud. Clyde says this sounds like exactly the kind of project he's looking to donate to. Ben stops him and says he's not sure this would work.

Kate accuses Rafe of being obsessed and says this is all about his ego and Jordan. Rafe admits he worries about Jordan but he also worries about Kate. Rafe believes Kate working with Chad could mean she is helping Stefano. Rafe warns Kate about getting caught and how he'll have to come back to deal with her too. Kate sarcastically wishes him luck as he exits.

Aiden and Hope walk through the town square with gift bags. Hope thought they were finished but Aiden jokes that they are just getting started. Aiden looks over his list and Hope comments that Chase is going to have a very nice Christmas. Aiden starts talking about how Santa didn't bring him everything he wanted last year. Hope assures him that he doesn't have to explain as they already discussed it. Aiden says the truth is that he needs to make up certain things to Chase.

JJ talks about how Kayla is an amazing person so he doesn't understand how Jack could've done that to her. JJ knows Jack hated himself for it and tried to lead a better life afterwards. JJ states that he loves his dad and always will. JJ says he understands good people make bad choices. JJ brings up how Jack would always say he's a chip off the old block so JJ wonders if he's right and that means he's exactly like him. JJ asks what if he has it in him somewhere to do what Jack did.

Abigail asks why it wouldn't work. Clyde says it's because of Jordan. Abigail understands Jordan would be reluctant to accept a donation from Clyde but she's passionate about the project so she doesn't think Jordan would turn down the donation. Ben thinks she would.

Jordan catches up to Rafe in the park and asks him to call off his investigation. Rafe assumes Kate told Chad but Jordan says she was talking about Clyde. Jordan questions Rafe going after Chad too.

Chad goes home where Kate tells him that he missed the conference call this morning. Chad says he figured she could handle it. Kate asks where he was. Chad tells her to leave personal matters out of the workplace. Kate informs him that Rafe was looking for him. Chad asks why. Kate says Rafe is under the impression that Chad has done something illegal.

Hope asks Aiden if he wants to talk about having so much to make up to Chase. Aiden says he just feels so much guilt. Hope assures him that what happened with Meredith wasn't his fault. Aiden feels he could've done so much differently. Hope recalls her mom dying when she was a baby. Aiden didn't know. Hope talks about her dad spoiling her. Aiden talks about trying to make sure Chase has everything he wants and he doesn't regret it. Aiden jokes about Hope hating him when they first met and they end up kissing. Kayla walks by with her friend and they see Hope and Aiden together. She asks Kayla if that's Aiden Jennings and if that's who Hope is dating. Kayla says it is and asks why.

JJ tells Dr. Richards about smashing the window in the town square when he found out what Jack did. JJ recalls a time when Paige had to yell at him to stop when they were together and he's been careful ever since. Dr. Richards asks if anything like that ever happened with another woman. JJ says he wasn't in relationships before Paige and talks about screwing up with women. Dr. Richards tells him that rape is an act of violence and not what he's describing. He asks JJ what he thinks of himself. JJ doesn't know and says Jennifer calls him a good kid who has made some bad choices. JJ wonders why he screwed it up when things were finally going great. Dr. Richards brings up JJ's past trouble with the law and asks what he was feeling then. JJ says his dad was dead and his mom was seeing someone new so he was hurting. Dr. Richards understands this is about if JJ could commit the same act that Jack did. He asks JJ if he could ever be violent towards a woman like Jack was to Kayla. JJ responds that he could never do what he did to anyone.

Ben apologizes. Abigail tells him he's right that it should be Jordan's call if she doesn't want to accept Clyde's donation. Clyde asks if she has to know and if he can just make an anonymous donation just to give back. Abigail asks if he's really willing to do that. Abigail doesn't see why not since nobody ever questions anonymous donations. Abigail asks Ben what he thinks.

Jordan thought Rafe had more integrity than this. Rafe says he's just doing his job. Jordan questions there being no other criminals and investigating Clyde's past. Rafe asks if she's going to include her lover.

Kate tells Chad that her ascension to co-CEO has raised eyebrows and the police think Chad is aiding Stefano. Chad thinks Rafe is just mad about him being with Jordan and is trying to retaliate against him because he can't get it back.

Kayla's friend tells her that she had no idea Hope was seeing Aiden. Kayla gets a message of an emergency at the hospital and hurries off. The woman makes a phone call.

Aiden tells Hope that he's going to finish shopping and kisses her.

Dr. Richards thinks JJ answered his own question as he doesn't want to hurt anyone. He thinks Jack's situation helped make JJ more aware. He encourages JJ to figure out why he made his choices. He tells JJ that he's not doomed to repeat Jack's mistakes as in the end, it's up to him. He tells JJ to call him any time if he needs to talk again and then exits. Jennifer comes back in and hugs JJ, asking how it went. JJ thanks her.

Kate tells Chad about Rafe's reaction to Chad not coming home last night. Kate says if Chad was with Jordan then he should be in a better mood unless she's not all that. Kate warns Chad that Rafe is out to crucify him and isn't going to let up. Chad responds that he better or else he is going to find out that he's taking on the wrong guy.

Jordan doesn't want to talk to Rafe about her and Chad. She adds that Chad hasn't done anything wrong. Rafe tells her that she has nothing to worry about then. Rafe tells her to enjoy her day and walks off.

Ben doesn't like keeping things from Jordan. Abigail understands but says they are obliged to keep it anonymous if Clyde wants the donation to be so. Abigail brings up all the people they could help. Abigail asks Clyde if he's positive. Clyde says she's made his day seeing how much this means to her and knowing how happy Jordan will be is all the thanks he will need. Abigail hugs him and thanks him. Clyde asks Ben if he's sure he's okay with this. Ben says as long as they are both sure it's what they want. Clyde exits. Abigail excitedly hugs Ben and calls it amazing.

JJ tells Jennifer that deep down, he knew what Dr. Richards was saying but it helped to talk it through. JJ adds that he'll never understand why Jack did what he did but he knows it has nothing to do with him. Jennifer hugs him and says she loves him and is so proud of him. Jennifer hopes now JJ can see this shouldn't stop him from reconnecting with Paige. JJ thinks back to being with Eve.

Hope gets a call from Bree. She mentions getting Hope's number from her sister in law Lisa and questions Hope dating Aiden. Hope says it's true. Bree tells Hope that she is making a terrible, deadly mistake.

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