Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/11/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/11/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe enters Abigail's office and finds Jordan inside. She tells him they have said everything there is to say but Rafe says not nearly. Jordan declares they are done but Rafe tells her it's not about them but Clyde.

Clyde meets Jeremiah in the park. Clyde complains that they are short on cash and accuses him of sleeping on the job or stealing from him.

Abigail goes to Ben's apartment and they both answer the door with mistletoe and kiss.

Kate goes to see Victor at the Kiriakis Mansion. Kate questions him summoning her and offering a drink while Maggie is at a meeting. Victor remarks about her imagination. Kate asks what he wants. Victor says they need to straighten out Chad.

Chad sits in the town square where Adrienne approaches and greets him. They say it's great to see one another and are sorry they haven't been able to catch up. Adrienne tells him that it's great to have him home and she knows Sonny is happy to have his best friend back.

Sonny calls Paul and tells him that he thought about what he said so maybe they could talk. Paul agrees and invites him over to his hotel or he can meet him somewhere. With Sonny's back turned, Will then enters the club with Arianna to surprise him.

Adrienne asks Chad what brought him back to Salem. Chad says he wanted to be closer to the people he cared about. Adrienne asks about Abigail. Chad says he's glad she moved on with her life. Adrienne asks about him meeting someone too. Chad says he has met Jordan.

Rafe blames himself for Clyde coming to town. Jordan says it was Kate but Rafe points out that it was because of him. Jordan repeats that she won't let Clyde ruin her life again. Rafe asks for her to help him out with it and asks about Clyde's business. Rafe wants to make it easier for Jordan by getting Clyde out of her life for good.

Jeremiah tells Clyde that he would never steal from him. Clyde asks why there isn't more money coming in. Jeremiah claims he was laying low like he wanted. Clyde accuses him of being lazy and sloppy. Clyde threatens that he could end up like EJ.

Abigail surprises Ben with a small Christmas tree for his apartment. Ben calls it beautiful and Abigail suggests they decorate it together.

Kate doesn't want to discuss Chad or anything else DiMera Enterprises with Victor. Victor says he doesn't need her to tell him about DiMera business. Kate adds that she will find out who is the leak on the board that told Victor about Chad. Victor says this isn't about business but about their family and what Chad is doing to Will and Sonny.

Paul tells Sonny that he can come over if he wants. Sonny then turns around, surprised to see Will and Arianna.

Kate tells Victor that Chad and Sonny are best friends, Chad is close to Will and crazy about Arianna. Victor calls it vintage DiMera to hurt those they are close to. Victor reminds her about Chad spending a year with Stefano changing him. Victor says Chad came back to Salem as a shark that's as ruthless as EJ and Kristen ever were. Kate argues that Chad has been nothing but supportive of Will and Sonny. Victor brings up the paperwork and shows it to Kate, saying that Chad set a trap for Sonny that he stepped into.

Sonny hangs up and can't believe Will is there. Will says he's right off the plane and Arianna couldn't wait to see him. Sonny holds her and asks how Will got away. Will says he just did and wanted to surprise him. Will says he really does look surprised and they kiss.

Chad calls it a small world as Adrienne points out him dating Ben's sister. Adrienne asks if it's awkward. Chad claims it's fine as they are all adults. Chad praises Sonny's work on the new club and how he hasn't had time to help. Chad tells her to get Sonny to give her a tour. Adrienne says she has to get going and exits.

Rafe brings up Jordan living like a fugitive to stay away from Clyde for years. Rafe says one way or another he's going to find out what crime is involved. Rafe assures her that Clyde doesn't know and he'll get him. Jordan tells him that there is nothing she can tell him. Rafe says he will handle it then because he owes her that as the least he can do. She responds that he doesn't owe her anything. Rafe thinks Clyde is trouble for her and compares her situation to Gabi. Rafe refuses to stand by and let something bad happen to someone he cares about. Rafe declares he's going to find out exactly who Clyde is and no one is going to stop him. Rafe exits.

Jeremiah tells Clyde that he's going to need to hire a couple of guys. Clyde tells him to get it done quietly. Jeremiah promises not to let him down as he walks away.

Ben and Abigail decorate the Christmas tree. Ben talks about Christmas growing up and memories of his mom. Abigail tells him how decorating the Horton tree is a great event and her best memories.

Kate asks Victor how he got his hands on the paperwork. Victor tells her not to worry about it. Kate wonders why Sonny didn't read the fine print. Victor says he thought he was dealing with a good friend. Kate suggests Chad didn't realize the effect of the clause. Victor wants Kate to be honest with herself and asks what she thinks this move means. Kate calls it familiar. Kate says Stefano wants to be in control. Victor points out that's what Chad will be when Sonny's business goes down. Kate doesn't see how it's Chad's doing. Victor admits Sonny went in to this for all the wrong reasons. Kate asks if Sonny is okay. Victor says he has a lot going on and he won't listen to him. Kate asks what he wants her to do. Victor tells her to be ready because when this blows up in Sonny's face, there will be consequences and an opening for Kate to turn the tables on Chad.

Sonny tells Arianna and Will how much he missed them. Will asks about food so Sonny agrees to fix him something. Sonny can't believe he's there and asks how long he can stay. Sonny then says he already knows he's busy. Will asks him what's wrong. Sonny feels he's not going to be there long.

Paul remains in his hotel room and thinks back to being with Sonny in the past as he gets dressed.

Will informs Sonny that he's not going back to LA. Sonny asks him why not. Will says he was crazy to think that he could stay away from him that long and declares they are here to stay forever.

Abigail tells Ben more about the Horton family tree tradition and how every one has their own ornament going back to their great grandparents so it's like they are all together again. Abigail talks about helping charity with Jordan and how it feels so good to give back to the others. Ben tells her how lucky he feels every time she walks in. Abigail kisses him and continues decorating the tree.

Jordan walks through the town square where Chad sees her and that she's upset. Chad follows her and catches up to her. Chad calls it a surprise as he thought she went home. Jordan says she did and then went to help Abigail. Chad notes that something is wrong. Jordan claims she's tired but Chad stops her and asks what upset her as he wants to help. Chad then assumes it was Rafe again.

Rafe goes to see Victor at the Kiriakis Mansion and thanks him for seeing him so late. Rafe says he needs information on a new guy in town and thinks they might know some of the same people. Victor questions why it's his business. Rafe says he thought he might be interested since he's shacking up with Kate. Victor then realizes he means Clyde.

Kate meets Clyde at the Pub. Clyde asks how her meeting went. Kate states that it could've gone better. Clyde asks if there's anything he can do to help.

Sonny and Will eat together. Sonny still can't believe Will is back. Will admits that he hated Hollywood. Will tried to be in to it but hated being away from him and what it was doing to Gabi. Adrienne arrives and is excited to see Will and Arianna. Adrienne asks how long he's here. Will tells her for good as Sonny declares he's home. Adrienne calls it wonderful as Will remembers he promised to call Sami when he got off the plane. Will leaves to make the call as Adrienne calls it kind of funny that Will showed up now and asks if Sonny told him. Sonny responds that Will doesn't need to know about Paul.

Paul goes to leave the hotel when Zoe appears at his door and asks if he's going somewhere.

Will calls Sami and tells her to calm down as the studio gave him a chance and he doesn't want it to get out that the studio dumped him.

Adrienne says she was going to ask Sonny if he told Will about the new club because Chad told her it was going so well. Will comes back in and asks what Sonny has to tell him.

Ben asks about Abigail not staying. Abigail says she can't as she has to be up early for work. Abigail talks about trying to get funding for Jordan's charity. Ben encourages her and asks about one of Jordan's patients already making a donation.

Zoe reminds Paul who she is and Paul invites her in. Paul questions her finding him. Zoe says she won't blow his cover as long as her Sonix magazine gets the exclusive on his surgery.

Adrienne praises the new club to Will but Sonny cuts her off. Sonny apologizes as it's been a long day. Will suggests going home. Adrienne says she was on her way home and tells Will that she's so glad he's home as she hugs him goodbye. Sonny walks Adrienne out.

Victor asks Rafe if he is off duty. Rafe says he is so this is personal business for now. Victor brings up Clyde being the stepfather of Jordan. Rafe knows he's rotten. Victor asks if he wants to protect his girlfriend but Rafe says she's not his girlfriend. Victor asks how he blew it. Rafe says it doesn't matter but Victor assumes it was Kate.

Kate thanks Clyde but says she will have to handle this all on her own. Clyde tells her that he missed her last night. Kate says it's only been one day. Clyde invites her to come home with him. Kate responds that she's so tempted to do that but she has an early conference call. Clyde jokes that they'd still be up but Kate calls a rain check on it. Clyde asks if it has anything to do with Jordan busting in on them last time. Kate says no and asks Clyde if Jordan really pulled a gun on him.

Chad asks Jordan what Rafe did. Jordan says it was about Clyde but she doesn't want to get in to it and wants to forget all about it. Chad insists that she can tell him. Jordan doesn't think he wants to hear about Rafe. Chad doesn't like that Rafe upsets her. Jordan assumes Chad ended their night early because of Rafe. Chad tries to explain while Jordan continues to blame herself and promises next time she won't even mention it. Chad stops her by kissing her.

Zoe tells Paul that it's big news so it will get out but this way, he can control the story. Paul asks why Sonix when this is a sports story. Zoe responds that he's a bigger story than that. Paul agrees to think about it. Zoe tells him to call her in the morning. She goes to leave but Paul stops her and says there's one more thing.

Adrienne apologizes to Sonny. Sonny says he's sorry and just needs to lower his expectations for the new club because it's not going well. Adrienne tells him that Chad said he was doing great. Sonny says Chad doesn't know the day to day and he's made a lot of mistakes. Adrienne asks if it's really that bad. Sonny tells Adrienne that it's not that bad and he'll figure it out as they hug.

Will gets a text from Zoe and calls her. Will informs her that he just flew back in to Salem. Zoe asks if that means he's available because an assignment just came up that she thinks he will find very interesting.

Victor tells Rafe that he's not the first man to let Kate ruin his life so he can tell him. Victor asks what he can do for him. Rafe explains that Jordan and Ben ran away from Clyde eight years ago and have been living under aliases to get away from him. Rafe talks about not coming up with anything and how Jordan wanted to run when Clyde first showed up. Rafe asks if Victor can help. Victor says he came to the right place as he never liked the look of Clyde anyways.

Clyde asks Kate why she would ask that. Kate brings up hearing Clyde arguing with Jordan and how she remembered Clyde saying he would only be late to meet her if he was held at gunpoint. Clyde says his kids have plenty of reason not to like him. Kate calls it not an answer. Clyde says he's determined that they don't have a reason to hate him ever again. Kate asks if that's why he's seeing a shrink. Clyde responds that he just wants to be a better man for everyone in his life especially her. Kate tells him that she likes him just the way he is right now. They get up and agree to see each other soon as Kate exits.

Chad and Jordan go back to Jordan's place and continue kissing. Jordan tells him that she's glad he's there.

Victor agrees to make a few calls. Rafe wants him to make sure he keeps it quiet. Rafe tells Victor that Jordan has moved on with Chad. Rafe adds that he never trusted Chad. Victor worries about what he's up to now. Rafe offers to check things out for him. Victor tells Rafe to keep an eye on Chad and he'll see what he can dig up for him. Rafe thanks him and exits. Victor then pulls out his phone and makes a call, giving the name of Clyde Weston.

Chad and Jordan undress and kiss in to bed.

Paul talks on the phone. He says he has to do it because if he doesn't, there's no telling what gets printed in the magazine and they have to control this.

Zoe and Will agree to talk tomorrow as Will says it sounds promising. Sonny comes back in and asks if Will is ready to go home. Will says he's more than ready and so happy he's back as they hug. Will tells him that he loves him so much.

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