Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/10/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/10/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie and Theresa exchange phone numbers. Theresa then tells her that her name is Theresa Donovan. Melanie laughs and informs her that she's Melanie Jonas which surprises her. Theresa suggests changing her last name because Daniel is a creep. Melanie reveals she's his kid. Theresa feels bad for her. Melanie tells her that she's the raging bitch everyone has been warning her about.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's and tells her that he had to see her.

Sonny walks out of the town square and calls Will, leaving a message wanting to talk to help figure things out. Paul catches up and tells him that he was always able to talk to him about anything and still can if he wants.

Ben goes to Abigail's office at the hospital and locks the door as she smiles.

Rafe walks through the town square. Clyde approaches him. Rafe says he was just thinking about him.

Serena tells Eric that she never stopped caring about him and never will. Serena says she surprised herself as she's usually more careful rather than laying it all on the line. She adds that they've always been honest with each other so she hopes that is still true.

Theresa mocks Melanie being Daniel's daughter. Melanie questions her getting mean when rejected. Theresa says she doesn't have time for this and walks off. Melanie says she's just getting started and follows her into another room. Melanie warns her to listen really well.

Daniel asks Jennifer how her mom is. Jennifer says she's well and invites him in. Daniel brings up Melanie being back. Jennifer knows he must be so happy. Daniel tells her that when he has good news, she's still the person he wants to tell about it.

Abigail tells Ben that she's working late while he is on break. Ben kisses her and says she can get her work done later.

Paul tells Sonny about being let out of the hospital but has to stay in town for physical therapy. Sonny is glad his shoulder is getting better. Paul tells him that he's not here to screw up his life but he sounded upset so he asks if everything is alright. Sonny responds that everything is a mess. Paul tells him they can talk about it. Sonny questions if he was following him.

Theresa doesn't know what Daniel told Melanie. Melanie says Daniel didn't tell her anything but Abigail did. Theresa calls Abigail the DiMera brothers' slut. Theresa doesn't care what Melanie thinks about her. Melanie stops her and tells her that her other best friend is Brady so she knows all about what she did to him too.

Jennifer asks how Melanie is. Daniel tells her that he thinks she's fine. Jennifer looks forward to seeing her. Daniel tells her that she's applying for her old job at the hospital. Daniel hopes Jennifer will change her mind about looking for another job to avoid seeing him daily.

Ben and Abigail kiss on her desk. Abigail worries that someone could come in but Ben notes that he locked the door. They get interrupted by a knock at the door. Abigail answers and Jordan enters, saying she got her text. Ben tries to claim he was doing the hospital supply run but Jordan can tell. Abigail thought Jordan was at dinner with Chad. Jordan says she they ended early and thought Abigail could use some help but it looks like she has all the help she needs.

Rafe brings up Clyde pretending that he had never met Kate. Clyde says he was just trying to protect her. Rafe wonders what else is all an act.

Paul tells Sonny that he went for a walk and saw him leaving the coffeehouse club. Paul praises him following his dream. Sonny says he watched him do it. They joke about the past. Paul says they had some good times. Sonny says he has to go back to work but Paul asks him to wait. Paul tells Sonny that he came for Daniel to do his surgery, not to ruin his life. Paul apologizes for coming on so strongly when he first saw him. Sonny wishes him the best as he can't imagine living life how he does. Paul says he manages. Paul tells Sonny if he needs anything including someone to talk to or a loan. Sonny doesn't want to take his money. Paul tells him not to rule him out.

Ben leaves Abigail and Jordan to work together. Jordan apologizes for walking in on them. Abigail tells her it's fine as they will see each other lately and she could use her help. Jordan apologizes for getting defensive about Chad. She doesn't want it to affect their friendship. Abigail agrees to make sure it doesn't. Abigail questions her and Chad ending their date early.

Clyde isn't sure what Rafe is getting at. Clyde assures he came for Jordan and Ben. Clyde talks about not knowing if Jordan will ever forgive him but at least she has a man in her life who is somebody. Rafe asks if he's calling him a nobody. Clyde says it's none of his business but being able to help Ben has made the whole trip worthwhile. Rafe says he sounds like he meant it but he also sounded like he never met Kate. Rafe then walks off.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she changed her mind about getting a different job as she's in a different place after seeing her mom. She talks about how Abigail is there and jokes that Daniel will have to see her face all the time. Daniel agrees that he didn't want to run away from what they had since they can be friends. They know they made mistakes. Daniel knows it's over but doesn't regret a minute of their time together. Daniel says he taught her a lot about how to live life. Jennifer replies that he did that for her too. Jennifer doesn't know where JJ would be without him and she'll never forget that. Daniel thanks her and talks about caring about JJ. Daniel asks what they call this now. Jennifer suggests no labels and Daniel agrees. Jennifer thinks they can be friends and really mean it.

Theresa tells Melanie that she doesn't know about anything with her and Brady. Melanie brings up what Theresa did to Brady and doesn't know why she's not in jail. Melanie tells her that Brady suggested she run away if she saw her. Theresa yells at her to shut up. Melanie questions her dishing it out but not being able to take it. Theresa then attacks her.

Eric and Serena talk about their time in Africa and joke together. Serena knew they could still laugh together and he could still make her happy. She notes that after everything he's been through, he can still make someone happy. Eric informs her that he's forgot a lot but hasn't forgot how much they loved each other.

Melanie calls Theresa a psycho and shoves her off. They continue to yell at each other until Maxine interrupts. Maxine reminds them it's a hospital and tells Melanie that she should know better. Theresa claims Melanie attacked her. Maxine tells them to shut up and orders them to stay away from each other. Theresa insults Melanie and storms out. Melanie tries to go after her but Maxine stops her. Melanie feels this isn't over. Maxine suggests she go home, cool off, and fill out her job application. Maxine advises her to stay away from Theresa. Melanie hugs her and Maxine says it's good to have her back. Melanie then exits.

Jennifer is glad Daniel came by. Daniel says he has one more thing to tell her. Jennifer asks if it's about Nicole. Daniel asks how she knew. Jennifer tells him that Eric told her they patched things up. Daniel talks about not knowing if the friendship is going anywhere. Jennifer understands it might. Daniel reminds that he told her he would always be upfront with her. Jennifer tells him that she understands and asks him to just be careful. Daniel jokes that he's always careful. Jennifer wishes him the best. Daniel thanks her for making it so easy. Jennifer adds that she hopes they can be a friend to Eric because he seems so lost.

Serena tells Eric that they worked well together until Eric became a priest. Eric talks about how understanding she was about the decision. Serena talks about his decision and how she wouldn't stand in his way.

Jordan tells Abigail that Chad walked in on a bad conversation between her and Rafe so he suggested they just ended things early. Abigail asks if Chad can tell that Jordan is still hung up on Rafe.

Rafe makes a call to have Clyde checked out.

Sonny jokes with Paul about living in hotels and loving the room service. Paul tells him it wasn't his favorite thing about hotels and thinks back to being with Sonny. Sonny tells him he has to go and walks off.

Clyde goes to the club and talks to Ben about donating money. Clyde asks if Ben needs anything else. Ben encourages him to donate and knows Jordan would feel the same. Clyde is happy that his kids support his decision. Clyde states that his children give meaning to his life more than anything else. Clyde adds that Ben will know one day exactly what he's talking about. Clyde then exits.

Jordan tells Abigail that she and Rafe are over for good and she made that totally clear to Chad. Abigail knows she came to work instead of talking about her personal life so they continue working.

Sonny goes to the club and tells Ben that he'll finish closing up if he wants to go have fun with Abigail. Ben tells him he'll see him tomorrow and exits. Sonny gets a text from the new club about needing an answer on the $200,000. Sonny sees he has no voicemails and complains that Will can't even call him back.

Melanie comes home to Daniel's. Daniel asks how it went with Maxine. Melanie says it went great. Melanie notes that there's a tear in her jacket. Daniel questions her hair being messed up and her scarf being dirty. Melanie tells him it's nothing. Melanie then tells Daniel that she met Theresa and calls her a psycho.

Theresa meets with Anne at the Pub and tells her that the friend she was talking about turned out to be Melanie Jonas. Anne questions her applying for a job at the hospital. Jennifer appears and tells them it's great and that they will love working with her.

Eric talks about Serena being so understanding about his decision. Serena says she got through that time by knowing how happy he was. Eric says it's hard to believe that part of his life is over. Serena's phone rings so Eric asks if she has to meet someone. Serena says she has to skype her editor and admits she forgot. Eric understands she has to go. They both say they have so much more to say. Serena says she will be around if he wants to get together. Eric suggests tomorrow and she agrees. Eric adds that she still has the most beautiful smile as she then walks away.

Jennifer continues praising Melanie until Theresa cuts her off. Theresa asks why she cares when she's not with Daniel anymore. Theresa and Anne talk negatively about Melanie. Jennifer assumes they had a bad run in with her. Jennifer tells them to get used to it because Melanie is back for good. Jennifer exits. Theresa doesn't want another person hating her at the hospital. Anne responds that maybe she won't have to and laughs.

Melanie explains to Daniel about meeting Theresa. Daniel tells her to stay away from Theresa because she is trouble, unstable, and bad news. Daniel tells her to just walk away if she provokes her. Melanie promises to not go near her then and they hug.

Jordan talks about the donations funding their project. Abigail checks her phone so Jordan tells her to go ahead and meet Ben. Jordan says she will finish up. Abigail thanks her and exits.

Paul returns to his hotel room and lays in bed with a magazine until the phone rings. Paul comments that nobody is supposed to know he's here so he answers and it's Sonny.

Anne says she can still do something about Melanie as she is head of HR. Theresa doesn't think so since Melanie has everyone on her side. Anne has an idea and whispers to Theresa.

Daniel talks to Melanie about reading Parker a story. He goes to Parker's room while Melanie gets a call from Serena. Serena reminds her that she said she would call. Melanie asks if she saw Eric. Serena says she will tell her all about it tomorrow but it was really good.

Eric returns home to his apartment and remembers being with Serena in Africa.

Rafe enters Abigail's office and finds Jordan inside.

Sonny tells Paul that he thought about what he said so maybe they could talk. Paul agrees and invites him over to his hotel.

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