Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/9/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/9/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny goes to see Victor at the Kiriakis Mansion and tells him that he needs $200,000 for the new club and he's in a jam. Victor feels for him but says he will not bail him out.

Theresa dreams of going to see Paul only for him to turn in to Brady and then she wakes up.

Abe catches up to Nicole in the town square. She tries to walk away but Abe tells her that he knows she called 911 earlier and hung up so he asks if something happened. Nicole admits something did but to Melanie, not her.

Melanie helps Brady ice his wound and she's glad he's not mad. Brady goes to leave but Daniel appears and comments on Brady getting hurt and wants him to stick around to hear what he has to say.

Eric and Serena can't believe they are seeing one another as she comments that she'd been dreaming of this.

Chad goes to the club where T comments on Chad not being with Jordan. Chad responds that he's playing it just right.

Marlena goes to Paul's room and asks about staying in Salem for his physical therapy. She offers to be the one to talk to him. Paul admits there is something he wants to talk to her about.

Sonny can't believe Victor is hanging him out to dry. Victor isn't buying in to the new club and feels Sonny is being played. Victor feels Sonny is desperate and he can't figure out why.

Daniel yells at Melanie about Maggie being in her corner and them wanting the truth ever since she came back but she lied to their faces. Melanie is glad everyone is okay. Daniel wonders if he ever would've known if Nicole and Brady didn't find her. Melanie cries that it's over and she's sorry so she wants to drop all of this. Daniel asks Melanie if running away from the casino is the only reason she came home.

Eric and Serena talk about running around in Africa together. He tells her she looks great. She says it's been a long time but she never stopped thinking about him. They talk about keeping their e-mails and letters. She is sorry she never saw him in the collar. Eric says it was a rough year. Eric asks about her living in Europe and why she's here.

Abe had no idea Melanie was back. Nicole tells him that she's not in trouble as she misunderstood the situation. Abe hopes Melanie lifts Daniel's spirits as he and Jennifer seemed so good together. Nicole questions if he's blaming her.

Melanie tells Daniel that she came back because she missed him. Maggie arrives and brings Parker home. Maggie comes in and asks what happened to Brady. Brady tells her not to worry as it wasn't a bar fight. Melanie reconnects with Parker and they hug.

Anne goes to see Theresa with a bottle of wine. Anne wants to cheer her up. Theresa complains about dreaming of Brady. Theresa says she is definitely moving on.

Marlena asks Paul if he wants to talk now or make an appointment. Paul says now so she asks what he wants to talk about. Paul responds with insanity.

Sonny tells Victor that if the new club is successful then it will be an exciting business to run. Victor points out that he already runs one. Sonny calls it boring. Victor compares it to what Will is doing and says he has better ways of impressing Will. Victor asks Sonny how much he owes Chad. Sonny responds that Chad is not a problem as he already gave him more profit since he's doing more heavy lifting. Victor wants to see their agreement so Sonny shows him the papers. Sonny tells him that Chad is his friend and everything is going great, he just didn't expect to get blown out by the building inspector. Victor questions Sonny not having a lawyer look at the agreement. Victor points out the section on liability.

T and Chad talk about Ben's feelings about Chad being with Jordan. T feels Ben is a good guy while Chad mocks his temper. T asks if it's because Ben is with Abigail. Chad responds that everything is going his way.

Serena tells Eric that it's a long story. Eric says he has time. She asks about his address being a Pub and how she felt when she saw him again. She asks to go to his room. Eric informs her that he recently got an apartment. She asks to go there but he says his landlord is doing some repairs. Eric tells her the Pub isn't open yet so no one will come in. She feels it's hard after all the time and all she has to say to him. Eric says he knows a place and they exit together.

Maggie feels they interrupted something so she offers to take Parker to his room and they can finish. Melanie stops her and admits she hasn't been honest about what she was dealing with because she didn't want her to worry. Melanie decides surprising them wasn't the best idea but she wanted to be with them and missed them. Melanie says she just wants to be home unless she's screwed up so bad that they don't want anything to do with her. Daniel tells her that he was just angry but he could never hate her.

Theresa tells Anne that she lied about having a headache to leave work. She comments on trying to see Paul but Jordan was working with him. Theresa complains about Daniel. Theresa mentions meeting a girl that she thinks has potential but didn't get her name. Theresa thinks she was applying to be a nurse but wasn't paying attention. Theresa comments that she seemed fun and like trouble in a good way.

Melanie walks Brady out and thanks him for being there and admits her mistake was thinking she could handle it herself. She complains about the casino. They talk about Kristen and Brady brings up Theresa. Melanie asks what she did. Brady says it doesn't matter.

Maggie asks Daniel what Melanie was talking about. Daniel tells her it's over and he believes her now but she was in some serious trouble. Daniel thinks she'll agree that it was just Melanie being Melanie.

Eric and Serena walk to the park. They talk about being cold but less public. She asks how he's doing. Eric says he's okay. She asks about Kristen wanting to ruin his life. Eric says she had her reasons. She asks why he's not back in the priesthood. Eric calls it a long story. Serena says she always has time for him. Eric hopes she has more than a couple of hours to visit. Serena reveals that she's not visiting, she's moving to Salem.

Victor shows Sonny that if the club goes under, he could end up with nothing. Sonny doesn't believe Chad would do this to him. Victor says he was right that Sonny was trying to show Will that Salem could be just as exciting as LA. Sonny can't believe he did this and storms out.

Marlena asks Paul what kind of insanity he's talking about. Paul brings up doing the same thing over and over to expect a different turn out. Paul points out that she's been here three times and each time, she expects him to break down with a sob story but he's not interested in talking to her yet she keeps coming back. Paul calls it insane. She questions him thinking he's clever. Paul can't figure out why she doesn't understand that he doesn't need a shrink. Marlena says what he just did spoke volumes and wishes him luck with the physical therapy as she exits.

Sonny goes to the club and asks to speak to Chad alone. Chad asks what's up. Sonny informs him that he just found out he stabbed him in the back. Chad has no idea what he's talking about. Sonny questions the papers he had drawn up and brings up the liability clause. Chad points out that it's only if the club goes under and all the money he put in is used up which wouldn't happen. Sonny feels Chad knew this was a bad idea.

Paul gets set up in his hotel room and the clerk agrees to be discreet about him staying there.

Anne questions Theresa liking Paul. She says she just likes what he can do for her which is forget about Brady and everything that happened. Anne prepares to go home. Theresa points out that they didn't even drink the wine. Anne suggests she take it to Paul. Anne jokes with her about introducing her to Paul's managers. They hug and Theresa thanks her for cheering her up.

Melanie tells Brady that Abigail filled her in on Theresa and she sounds like a nightmare. Brady suggests running away if she sees her and what happened was his fault. Melanie doesn't like that she hurt people she cares about. Parker calls for Melanie to come back in. Melanie thanks Brady again for coming and they hug as Brady then exits. Melanie heads back inside. Maggie tells her that Daniel filled her in and she thought Melanie was smarter than that. Melanie says she is now. Maggie hopes so. Parker asks Melanie to come play with him. Melanie says he will in a second. Maggie worries that Melanie and Brady could've been beaten up or thrown in jail. Melanie promises that nothing like that will happen again as they hug. Maggie cries that she could never stay mad at her.

Nicole tells Abe that she knows Daniel and Jennifer fought over what she did before but they had problems that had nothing to do with her. Abe brings up Nicole trying to keep Eric from going back to the priesthood and questions their problems having nothing to do with her. Nicole remarks that it's always great running in to him as he walks off.

Serena tells Eric that she will be here working as a journalist and researching at the hospital for at least a year. Eric is surprised she didn't mention it to him in an e-mail. Serena admits she wasn't sure what his reaction would be.

Melanie plays with Parker. She tells Daniel and Maggie that she's going to be better. Maggie knows the bad shape she was in when she left. Melanie knows that's not an excuse to be who she used to be. Melanie is confident she can get her job at the hospital back. Melanie suggests doing it now to get the ball rolling. Parker hugs her goodbye. Daniel gives her the keys and money as she hugs them goodbye then exits.

Victor goes to see Marlena in her office. She calls it a surprise and asks what's going on. Victor tells her that he's worried about Sonny and Will.

Paul lays in bed and dreams about kissing Sonny. He gets up, puts his jacket and cap on, then exits his room.

Chad swears that he didn't know anything was wrong with the new club and he only cared that Sonny liked the place. Sonny questions him slipping the clause in to the agreement. Chad argues that it will never come in to play. Sonny worries that he would lose everything. Chad promises that none of it will happen and he has faith that he'll figure it all out. Chad says he has to go on a conference call but assures Sonny that it will all work out. Chad exits. Sonny feels he's screwed whether Chad did it on purpose or not. T asks if everything is okay. Sonny says everything is the opposite of okay and storms out. Paul appears outside and follows Sonny.

Melanie goes to the hospital to see Maxine. Maxine is happy to have her back. Melanie wants her job back and Maxine says it won't be a problem. Melanie is unsure with Anne being the head of HR. Maxine says her assistant is even worse. Maxine tells her she will drop the papers off as she wants her back where she belongs. Melanie thanks her and Maxine walks off. Theresa comes out of Paul's room and runs in to Melanie. Theresa jokes with her about bringing wine for a friend. Theresa asks Melanie if she wants to go get a pizza and split the wine. Melanie says it sounds great but she wants to spend time with her little brother. Theresa comments that she doesn't know her but she feels like they are going to hit it off.

Nicole goes to see Brady at the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady praises Nicole's help in Melanie's situation. Nicole is glad her and Daniel are friends again but assures they are just friends. Brady says he always loved that she calls it as she sees it except when it comes to how she feels about men. Brady comments that her guard is up so high that she can't admit when she is falling for someone.

Eric asks Serena about being afraid how he would react and why he wouldn't be happy to see her. Serena says they've always been straight with each other and she had a lot of options. She says this assignment is amazing and the subject is fascinating but that has nothing to do with why she picked it. She tells him it was all about him.

Marlena brings up the last time Victor talked her in to interfering. Victor knows but doesn't see an alternative since Sonny and Will are too busy to see each other. Victor argues that Will could be a writer anywhere. Marlena says they can't do anything and they have to fix this themselves. They agree that it could be a whole lot worse. Victor adds that it could be worse if one of them were cheating.

Sonny walks out of the town square and calls Will, leaving a message wanting to talk to help figure things out. Paul catches up to Sonny and smiles when he sees him.

Maggie thought Melanie would be back by now. Daniel doesn't think she will do anything stupid as he got through to her. Maggie talks about Melanie not having focus in so long. Daniel says she has them now so they can keep an eye on her. Maggie thinks Melanie feels moving back is the answer and she hopes she's right.

Melanie and Theresa exchange phone numbers. Theresa then tells her that her name is Theresa Donovan. Melanie laughs and informs her that she's Melanie Jonas which surprises her.

Nicole tells Brady that she's not going after Daniel. Brady thinks it could be a good thing because they know and care about each other so it could be worth exploring. Nicole doesn't think she's ready to explore. Brady tells her not to hold out hope for Eric.

Eric asks Serena about coming here for him. Serena tells him that she doesn't play games and he knew how she felt about him when they said goodbye in Africa. Eric calls it a long time ago. Serena says she didn't fight for him because he wanted the priesthood but when she found out he changed his mind, she knew she had to see him. She adds that she never stopped caring about him and never will.

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