Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/8/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/8/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie gets caught in the park and the woman asks if she really thought they wouldn't find her. She declares it's game over.

Maxine talks to Serena. She keeps her eye on Marlena and asks Maxine if that is Dr. Marlena Evans. Maxine says that it is and asks if she knows her. She says from a long time ago and she hasn't aged a day. Maxine asks how she knows her. Serena says they only met once. Maxine gets paged and walks away.

Eric argues on the phone from the Pub. Eric hangs up in frustration as Marlena enters and asks what's wrong. Eric responds that it's Sami.

Paul works out at the hospital and dreams of Sonny coming in and kissing him until Abigail interrupts.

Adrienne approaches Sonny at the club and asks if he talked to Paul.

Jordan and Chad kiss outside. She suggests they go somewhere else.

Brady asks Nicole exactly what she saw. Nicole tells him that two people were chasing Melanie towards the park. Brady rushes off and Nicole calls Daniel.

Daniel worries about Melanie as he answers the call from Nicole, who tells him that she thinks someone is after Melanie.

The man holds Melanie as the woman tells her that it's her call to do it easy or hard.

Daniel tells Nicole to slow down and asks what happens. Nicole tells him that two people were chasing her and asks if she should call the police. Daniel assures her not to.

Melanie struggles and says it will be the hard way as Brady arrives and tackles the man down.

Abigail asks about Paul's focus while working out. Paul claims it was all about baseball but admits he was thinking about someone special.

Sonny tells Adrienne that there's nothing to say but she doesn't believe him. She remembers Sonny shutting down when he broke up with Paul. Sonny argues that he's not back in his life. Adrienne questions him dealing with it. Sonny reminds her that he's married to Will so Paul means nothing to him. Adrienne doesn't believe it's true.

Chad apologizes if this isn't what Jordan needs right now. She explains that she didn't mean leave and go get dinner as she kisses him again.

Marlena figured it was Sami. Eric explains that Caroline asked him to watch the Pub for a couple hours. Marlena asks what Sami did. Eric says he's not really upset with her but the Hollywood producers, who want him to do a reality show about what Kristen did to him. Eric is angry that Sami wanted him to tell his part of the story that way as he spills his coffee. Marlena then suggests it might be a good idea.

Nicole worries to Daniel that Melanie might be in danger. Daniel tells her not to call the police as he will handle it and hangs up. Nicole decides she has to get out there.

Brady and Melanie fight against the man and woman. He ends up getting the upper hand and knocks Brady out then grabs Melanie again. Melanie breaks free and checks on Brady. Melanie asks why they won't just leave her alone. Nicole arrives with Daniel and orders they get their hands off her and stay calm. Nicole wants to call the police but Daniel declares don't bother, these are the police.

Adrienne tells Sonny that she's not judging him or telling him what to do and just wants to talk. Sonny talks about not having a choice with Paul as he couldn't out him.

Abigail apologizes to Paul for being way too personal. Paul says his relationship didn't make it. Abigail talks about him being in Salem now. Paul feels he's pretty lucky all things considered. Paul thanks her for the conversation. Paul wonders where Jordan is. Abigail asks if he's going to ask her out again. Paul says he's knows better than that now but they had an evaluation scheduled so he wonders what's keeping her.

Jordan and Chad continue kissing as he says he's getting her message. Chad suggests his place but Jordan suggests hers instead. They kiss until her phone rings.

The woman reveals they aren't police but in power to protect their interest. Nicole questions their attack. She claims it was self-defense. Daniel stops Nicole and shows Melanie the paper that she left in the apartment. Daniel says he knows who they are and what they are there for but now they are going to his place to resolve this now.

Maxine talks about getting papers to HR for Serena. She offers to do it. Maxine warns her about not wanting her to get a first impression from Anne. She jokes with her. Maxine offers to let Marlena know that she's around but she assumes Marlena doesn't even remember her. She thanks Maxine and exits.

Eric questions Marlena wanting him to do a reality show. Marlena says just the idea might be good to explore what happened. Eric argues that people can think whatever they want as he's not putting his life out there for public consumption. Eric adds that he's not putting her out in the public spotlight either. Marlena thanks him but thinks he's trying to protect Nicole.

Daniel, Melanie, Brady, Nicole, and the two officers go to Daniel's. She accuses Melanie of stealing money from their casino. Melanie argues that she won the money. She tells Melanie that she was banned from the casino. Melanie says she was hauled off by four guys. She brings up Melanie sneaking back in under a disguise and shows photos. She accuses Melanie of being there to rob them.

Chad and Jordan go back to the hospital. Jordan can't believe she was late and complains. Abigail tells her that Paul is waiting for her. Jordan thanks her for the text and goes to see him. Abigail questions if Chad was conferencing with Jordan. Chad asks if she's blaming him for Jordan being late.

Sonny tells Adrienne that he promised to never out anyone ever as it's a personal decision. Adrienne points out that their relationship ended because Sonny wouldn't stay in the closet with him. Sonny argues that Paul thought his career would've ended so they can't compare what he was up against. Adrienne feels it wasn't fair to Sonny. Sonny brings up Paul's family and what they expected of him. Adrienne asks how Paul dealt with being in love with him.

Jordan joins Paul and apologizes. Paul jokes that she should be sorry for making a busy man like him wait. Jordan helps him work out. Paul says he respects her as his physical therapist. Jordan jokes about him just looking at his dating pool.

Melanie argues that she wouldn't have gone back to the casino if they hadn't humiliated her. Daniel asks how much they are talking about and she tells him $17,000. Daniel asks where that money is. Melanie asks if she just carries it around with her. Brady points out Melanie hanging on to her purse tightly since coming back. Melanie gives in and opens her purse, removing the stacks of cash. Melanie comments that she's just really good at Blackjack as everyone stares on. Daniel stops Melanie from arguing and warns her.

Chad comments that Abigail thinks everything is his fault. Abigail says she didn't say anything but points out that Jordan has never been late. Chad blames Rafe for making Jordan want to do anything to get away from him. Abigail stops him and says he doesn't have to defend Jordan to her. Abigail points out that Jordan defends him too as she really likes and trusts him. Abigail asks if he expects her to forget how things ended between them. Chad says it's possible he learned something from that. Abigail hopes so and walks away. Chad then adds to himself "like not to get caught."

Sonny tells Adrienne that he loved Paul and he loved him. Sonny feels Paul dealt with it the best he could and they were together for over a year. Sonny talks about being on the road with him, admitting it was kind of exciting at first. Adrienne knows Sonny hates faking and hiding things. Sonny says he tried but just couldn't do it. Sonny asks her not to be mad at Paul because it's totally different for him. Sonny recalls Paul being unable to believe that he could talk to his parents normally about his life. Sonny tells her to be grateful to Paul because being with him made him realize how lucky he is to have his parents. Adrienne jokes with him and says she's just on his side. Sonny feels Paul had no one on his side. Adrienne points out that he had him but blew it. Sonny asks her not to judge Paul as he does the best he can. Adrienne tells him that her concern is Sonny and Will. She asks how Will is going to feel about Paul. Sonny feels Will doesn't need to know as he said before he didn't care about his past. Sonny adds that Paul will be healed and gone by the time Will comes back from Hollywood.

Jordan finishes working with Paul and advises him to take it slow. Paul wonders if he will heal enough if he takes it slow. She says it's too soon to say if he'll ever pitch again. Paul hopes so as it's all he knows how to do. Jordan tells him that he can continue his therapy as an outpatient. Jordan says when Daniel and Kayla know, he will know. Paul is glad she's honest. Paul knows it's not easy talking about what's next after it's all over.

Daniel suggests they forget it as they got their money back. She wants a signal sent about not counting cards in their casino. Melanie argues but Daniel stops her. Brady questions their authority. She reveals they have a relationship with Interpol and the FBI so one call can have Melanie taken out in cuffs. She threatens to make the call based on Melanie's attitude but Nicole warns her not to do that. She tells Nicole to go away. Nicole says if she wants to send a signal, she's a reporter. Melanie asks about Nicole's journalism career. Nicole says she is always looking for the next hot story. Nicole threatens to bring bad press all over their casino which convinces her not to make the call. She says they will check to see if the money is all there and then they will agree that it's over.

Eric questions Marlena thinking he's protecting Nicole or that he cares what people think about her. Eric says none of this addresses what his real problem is. Marlena asks what it is. Eric says he feels stuck. Eric declares that he can't forgive Nicole and because he can't forgive, he can't be a priest. Eric argues that forgiveness is everything and is who he thought he was at his core. Eric says until he can get it back and understand what it is, he will be stuck here.

Adrienne knows Sonny has a lot do with his new club. Sonny agrees to talk to her if things get complicated. Adrienne tells him to give Will her love when they talk and kisses him goodbye as she exits. Sonny then remarks "whenever that will be."

Paul thinks back to having to sneak Sonny in to his room and how Sonny got upset about having to hide and sneak around. Paul guesses he was wrong.

The two from casino count their money. She warns Melanie to never come back to their casino as they exit. Melanie starts to apologize but Daniel tells her not to talk but just thank God that she's safe as they hug.

Sonny talks on the phone at the club, questioning how that's possible and says he will get the money. Sonny hangs up and looks back at a magazine with Paul on the cover. Sonny gathers his things and exits.

Paul exits the workout room at the hospital.

Jordan and Chad walk out of the town square. She apologizes for the interruption but wants to make it up to him by going to her place. Chad brings up going to dinner as he doesn't think the time is right to go to her place after seeing how upset she was earlier with Rafe. Chad says he wants it to be about them instead of a reaction to Rafe. Jordan agrees. Chad points out that they still haven't had that dinner they always said they would have so she calls him an amazing guy for even thinking like that. Chad wants it to be right and she feels the same as they hug.

Nicole says it's been fun and goes to leave but Melanie stops her and thanks her. Nicole says she just hates people pushing others around. Melanie feels she owes her. Nicole jokes with her about counting cards as Daniel walks her out. Melanie turns to Brady and asks if he hates her. Brady calls it a really strong word. She feels she almost got him killed. Brady jokes that he was preparing for his big move. She gets him ice for where he got punched. Brady states that life has been more interesting since she's been back.

Daniel questions Nicole's attitude. Nicole says the woman just ticked her off. Daniel thanks her. Nicole feels she played a very small part in the final outcome. Daniel hugs her. Nicole jokes with him again before leaving through the elevator.

Eric remains in the Pub looking through his photos when Serena walks in and recognizes him.

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