Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/5/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/5/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate gets flowers at home and wonders where he ever found these. She thinks back to being with Clyde until Chad enters, mocking Clyde.

Stefano is with his girlfriend and she shows him what just came in, photos of Kate and Clyde in the park.

Rafe returns to Jordan at the hospital. She says they have nothing to talk about but Rafe disagrees.

Chase begs Hope not to tell Aiden what she heard him say because he doesn't like for people to know. Chase talks about how his mom would make Aiden feel bad by saying he didn't have a dime when they got married. Chase repeats not to tell Aiden because he would be so mad.

The old woman tells Aiden that she knows that he did a bad thing. Aiden thinks she has him confused with someone else. She responds that she knows who he is and why he did it. She shouts for him to admit it. Abe interrupts as the woman says she knows things about Aiden that they wouldn't believe.

Brady runs into Nicole outside the Pub. Brady excitedly tells her about Melanie being back in town but Nicole is not enthused, referring to Melanie as spoiled and judgmental.

Melanie checks her money in her purse at Daniel's. Daniel comes in and asks if she wants to go out but Melanie feels like staying in.

The man and woman looking for Melanie meet in the park. He states that Melanie is at Daniel's. She points out Daniel lying and says now that they know where she is, it's time to drop the hammer.

Nicole tells Brady about Melanie finding her at Daniel's. Brady laughs as he can picture Melanie's face seeing Nicole at Daniel's. Nicole insists that she was innocent in taking a shower to get dry. Brady asks if she's upset that Melanie got in her face or because of what she assumed about her and Daniel.

Daniel thought Melanie wanted to surprise Maxine and talk about getting rehired at the hospital. Melanie claims she feels jet lagged. Daniel asks about her lunch with Brady. Melanie says she forgot about that but she can do that. Daniel says she's either too exhausted or she's not.

Abe calms the lady down and has another cop escort her away. Abe apologizes to Aiden and says she's harmless. Abe asks if he's okay. Aiden says he just wasn't expecting that.

Chase tells Hope that Aiden had just given him a big lecture so he doesn't want him to know. One of the cops comes and calls Hope to the town square because of the lady, Leah, being off her meds again. Hope takes Chase and goes.

Abe sits with Leah and talks to her about yelling at people. Hope and Chase return to Aiden and asks what's going on. Aiden says the woman went crazy on him but it's over now. Hope says they'll get her under control and adds that most people in Salem know about her. Aiden asks Chase about where he and Owen went and wants the whole story.

Jordan tells Rafe that he doesn't have time for this. Rafe says he checked her schedule so she does. Jordan adds that she doesn't have the patience then. Rafe tells her that he just finished talking to Kate and now he knows everything. Jordan tells Rafe that she's not going to let Kate ruin her life. Rafe asks what about Clyde.

Kate tells Chad to knock next time. Chad says not in his own home. Chad questions her flowers from Clyde. Kate doesn't understand why he thinks it's his business. Chad says they are partners so he's looking out for the good of the corporation. Chad adds that he is afraid Clyde is after something and using her to get it.

Nicole assures Brady that she and Daniel are just friends and not an item. Marlena interrupts and asks if everything is okay, noting that Nicole seems tense.

Melanie asks Daniel what's wrong. Daniel says he's just trying to figure out. Melanie says she's tired but can still go see Brady and just needs a nap. Daniel feels that she doesn't look that wiped out. Daniel tells her that it's all arranged for Maggie to bring Parker home for a short visit. Melanie is excited. Daniel feels he first has to ask if she's sure there isn't something that she's not telling him because he feels like there is.

Aiden asks Chase if there is something he wants to tell him. Abe comes over and takes Hope away. Aiden tells Chase that he's still waiting. Chase apologizes for going off with Owen and says that Hope found them. Chase promises to never do it again. Chase sees his friend that he is riding with so Aiden lets him go.

Abe tells Hope that social services is picking Leah up but it's too bad she went off on Aiden. Abe comments that Aiden looked like he had seen a ghost but he's obviously one of the good guys. Aiden rejoins them. Abe tells them to take care and exits. Aiden tells Hope that the next group of volunteers arrived so they are off the hook. Hope notes that she's not on duty for another four hours while Aiden points out that Chase just left for school.

Chad tells Kate that he's just trying to protect her which Kate laughs at. Chad questions her trusting Clyde. Kate says she doesn't trust men period and that goes double for Chad and Stefano. Chad asks what about Rafe.

Jordan tells Rafe that she doesn't give a damn about Kate and Clyde as they deserve each other. Rafe asks what changed since before she tried to leave town twice because of Clyde. Jordan states that she's not running anymore as that's all she and Ben did for years. Jordan says she will never be that way again. Rafe says that's good for her. Jordan argues that she's found happiness and respect. Rafe asks if she was going to add that she fell in love with him.

Nicole tells Marlena that she is anything but tense. Nicole says she's late and rushes off. Marlena guesses Nicole wasn't too thrilled to see her. Brady thinks she knows Marlena hates her. Marlena doesn't hate her, just what she did to Eric. Brady points out that he's made mistakes too. Marlena says they have all made mistakes but none like Nicole. Brady says he has to go pick up Melanie. Marlena is surprised to hear Melanie is back in Salem and says her family must be thrilled. They say goodbye and head their separate ways.

Melanie tells Daniel that she deserves all these questions because she has lied to him in the past more than she should have but that was the old her. Melanie says the new her wants to fall asleep. Daniel agrees to let her rest and tells her to take care. Daniel tells her that he loves her and exits. Melanie gets up and says she hates lying to Daniel as she goes and locks the door. Daniel heads to the elevator, sending a text. Melanie goes to her purse and looks at a paper, stating it's just not something she can tell Daniel about.

Aiden and Hope head to his hotel room and they kiss. Both agree they like this a lot. Aiden tells her not to worry about the thing with Chase as he isn't telling him something but he'll get him to come clean. Hope tells him not to worry because he already feels bad as it is. Aiden asks what it is. Hope guesses it's something with Owen and that Chase may have said something that Aiden asked him not to but he really regrets it. Aiden asks what he said. Hope admits that Chase said his wife had all the money. Aiden notes that she sounds surprised and Hope admits she was.

Jordan tells Rafe not to tell her what she was going to say. Rafe thinks it's the truth. Jordan tells him not to assume and questions bringing up what they had. Rafe feels she already let Kate ruin her life. Jordan tells him to get over himself. Rafe questions her being so defensive. Jordan says the only thing that would make her regret leaving him is if Kate forced him to sleep with her but that's not the case. Jordan then storms out.

Kate tells Chad that she won't discuss Rafe with him and they have a lot of work to do. She gives him papers to sign. Chad asks what Rafe was doing there before. Kate questions his questions. Kate admits Rafe was there as he had just been talking to Jordan and had a lot of questions. Chad guesses they were unpleasant ones about her. Kate admits it wasn't a warm conversation as Rafe seemed intent on reconciling with Jordan. Kate notes that they both still have a spark. Chad tells her to keep Clyde on a short leash as he signs the papers and walks out. Kate comments on knowing where he's going.

Daniel goes to the hospital and tells Maxine about Melanie wanting to surprise her but being tired today. Nicole arrives and says she got his text and asks what's up. Daniel wants her advice on something. Nicole questions that and jokes that there's a first time for everything as they head to another room.

There's a knock at the door that startles Melanie. Melanie assumes it's Brady and opens the door but is surprised by who she sees. It turns out to be Melanie's new friend from Europe. They talk about being excited to catch up. She mentions needing to get to the hospital and asks Melanie how she's been. Melanie says she's good. She realizes she is late and hurries back out. Melanie locks the door and tells herself she's fine, she's safe, and she got away with it.

Aiden worries about the subject of money continuing to come up. Hope assures him that she doesn't care. Aiden brings up the way he lives and admits he grew up poor. Aiden says he never made much money as Meredith's inheritance carried them through. Aiden adds that he never cared much about money but he cares about Chase and worries about how losing his mom affected him. Aiden admits he over spends on him sometimes like Meredith did to make his life as close to normal as he can make it. Hope tells him that it makes sense and apologizes for bringing it up. Hope says the last thing she wants to do is waste their little time together by talking about things that aren't important. Aiden agrees and they kiss.

Rafe tells Jordan that if he could take back what he did, he would in a heartbeat as it was a mistake. Jordan says the mistake was Rafe telling her that he loved her. Rafe insists that he loves her. Jordan tells him not to say that unless he came to hurt her. Jordan argues that she has made a life here, made friends and has a real chance to move on. Rafe questions her being with Chad. Jordan tells him it's not his concern anymore. Rafe shouts back that he cares about her and always will. Chad enters and comments that it looks like he's interrupting something.

Kate wonders how Clyde managed to get magnolias. She then gets a call from Stefano.

Daniel and Nicole sit together. Daniel asks about her reporting and how to figure out who was behind a blocked call. Nicole asks why he cares. Daniel says he just does. Nicole says people can block their ID and asks what he's so worried about. She asks if it's Melanie. Daniel admits it is as she has been a little off since coming back. Daniel says it's probably nothing but wants to trace the call he got. Nicole tells him that he would have to get a court order and asks what Melanie said about it. Daniel says she didn't say anything and he doesn't want to push her. Nicole advises him to demand the truth or treat Melanie like he treats her.

Brady arrives at Daniel's so Melanie grabs her things and answers the door. They leave together while Melanie left behind the paper she was looking at, folded up on the table.

Aiden and Hope kiss in bed.

Kate wants to keep this short and warns about the authorities finding his hiding place. Stefano questions her trying to buy a company in Malaysia and offers his advice. Kate doesn't want to play a game. Stefano says they had some fun times but everything has worked out fine. Stefano asks how she likes sharing CEO duties with Chad.

Jordan tells Chad that she and Rafe are finished as he's leaving. Rafe agrees that he's done. Chad remarks about Rafe having a lot of business with Jordan these days. Rafe says it was personal and just wanted her to know she still has a friend in him and he always looks out for his friends. Chad comments that he's sure she appreciates that as Rafe exits. Chad asks Jordan if she's okay. Jordan wants to get out of here.

Melanie's friend Serena meets Maxine at the hospital about starting a job in the resource department. She looks over and sees Marlena which seems to startle her.

Nicole tells Daniel that he has got to be hard on Melanie like he is with her. Nicole says being hard on her has helped her more than he knows. Nicole says it made her a better and stronger person. Nicole wonders what if Melanie really does need his help and doesn't get it because he's afraid to push her. Daniel agrees that she was the right person to talk about this. Daniel then exits.

Brady and Melanie walk through the town square together. Melanie comments on there being a lot of new stores. Brady remembers he has to get some batteries. Brady jokes about her holding on to her purse tightly as he then goes. Melanie tells herself that she is home and safe until the man and woman appear. Melanie sees them and runs so they follow her.

Aiden and Hope lay in bed, talking about how they like this a lot. Aiden thinks back to Leah earlier.

Kate doesn't think Stefano will be too cheerful in a few weeks because Chad is too inexperienced and will cost the company a lot of money. Stefano argues that Chad is a quick learner as he played them both and came out a winner. Stefano points out that she hasn't learned anything. Stefano comments that he didn't think Kate could stoop lower than Rafe but questions her being with a hillbilly. Stefano asks if he's teaching her to square dance as he laughs. Kate tells him that she has a mansion to take care of and a corporation to run. Stefano says he'll call later and asks when would be a good time. Kate tells him never and hangs up.

Chad and Jordan walk out of the town square. Chad asks if she still wants to go out to eat. Jordan doesn't want to waste time talking about Rafe or put anything off as they kiss.

Rafe sits at the Pub and finishes a drink. Rafe turns around and Abe appears to ask if everything is okay as he's never seen him take a drink this early. Rafe says he's off duty. Abe asks him what's going on. Rafe tells him that he had something great and perfect but managed to lose it as usual. Rafe corrects that he destroyed it.

Maxine talks to Serena. She keeps her eye on Marlena and asks Maxine if that is Dr. Marlena Evans. Maxine says that it is and asks if she knows her. She says from a long time ago and she hasn't aged a day.

Daniel comes home looking for Melanie. He immediately sees the paper that she left behind and picks it up, wondering what it is. Daniel shouts in frustration after reading it.

Nicole runs in to Brady in the town square, asking if he's looking for Melanie because she just saw her running with two people chasing after her.

Melanie gets caught in the park and the woman asks if she really thought they wouldn't find her. She declares it's game over.

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