Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/4/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/4/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden and Hope set up for the St. Luke's food bank in the town square. Chase and a friend join them. Aiden takes them to bring food to the car. Theresa approaches Hope and questions if Bo is just a distant memory now.

Rafe goes to the hospital and asks for Jordan.

Chad and Jordan kiss in a room at the hospital. Jordan says she should be working. Chad says he's making sure she's happy and Jordan says she is very. Chad talks about understanding Jordan being upset about Kate and Clyde. Rafe enters and questions what he heard.

Kate and Clyde meet at the Pub. Kate brings up Clyde saying he was thinking of doing something other than buying a place with his money and asks if he cares to share.

Abigail goes to Ben's. He apologizes for oversleeping when they were going to meet at the park. Abigail stretches in front of him so Ben gets up and kisses her.

Jennifer runs in to Paige at the club. Jennifer asks about school. Paige is ready to be done. Jennifer says JJ is too. Jennifer notes Paige has two coffees and asks if one is for JJ. Jennifer asks if they have worked things out.

JJ waits for Paige in the park. He thinks back to their agreement to not let anyone know they are together. Eve arrives and asks JJ what's up.

Paige tells Jennifer that she and JJ still have stuff to work through. Jennifer brings up Paige learning about Jack and Kayla. Jennifer assures that JJ is his own person and what Jack did has nothing to do with him. Paige responds that she knows. Jennifer knows things seem complicated but hopes Paige will focus on the choices JJ has made and how much he really cares about her.

JJ asks what Eve is doing there. Eve says she was just taking a walk and thinking about her future without singing, wondering how she will atone for the horrible mistake they made. Eve asks what JJ is doing there and if he's alone or waiting for someone.

Theresa tells Hope that she was just kidding and understands Bo ran out on her. Hope invites her to help with the food bank so they can catch up. Theresa doesn't want her digging around about what happened with Brady and assumes she think she lied about being pregnant.

Ben and Abigail kiss in bed. Ben talks about preferring this workout to the one they planned so he suggests they just stay here as they continue kissing.

Chad tells Rafe that they were having a personal conversation. Rafe says he's there on business with Jordan. Chad brings up being on the board and questions Rafe harassing Jordan. Jordan knows she has to sign papers about a patient and Chad exits. Jordan signs the papers and tells Rafe that they can both get back to work now. Rafe shuts the door and questions her about Kate sleeping with Clyde.

Hope tells Theresa that she has no idea what happened but she'll listen if she wants to talk about it. They sit down and Hope wants to talk about it. Theresa admits she's relieved that the pregnancy test was wrong as she's not ready to settle down with a baby and Brady is the last person she would want one with. Hope reminds her that Brady is a good friend but Theresa calls him a jerk. Theresa feels no one believes her. Hope goes over what happened. Theresa calls it humiliating and doesn't know how the test was wrong but she's glad it's over with now. Aiden returns. Theresa decides to go. Hope suggests she stay longer next time and Theresa says she will think about it as she walks off. Aiden asks if she was giving her a hard time. Hope thinks she was trying to be nice in her own way. Aiden jokes that she better be nice to his woman or she'll have to deal with him.

JJ texts Paige to not come. Eve asks what he's doing. JJ tells her that he wishes he never saw her again as what happened between them was the biggest mistake of his life. Eve says she hasn't been sleeping well since then. Eve brings up that they betrayed Paige and if she ever found out, it would destroy her. JJ knows that. Eve reminds him that staying away from Paige is the only way to keep her from finding out. JJ says he has to go. Eve wishes him luck on his exam as he walks off. Eve starts texting on her phone.

Paige tells Jennifer that she hasn't had much time for much other than exams and is on her way to study with Daphne. Paige gets JJ's text to not come and then gets a text from Eve to come home now. Paige tells Jennifer that Eve needs her home now and wonders what's wrong.

Ben and Abigail continue kissing in bed. Abigail says she has to go get ready for work. Ben says maybe he'll see her there. Ben kisses her and gets up out of bed.

Clyde tells Kate that his businesses are doing real well but he doesn't need a mansion to prove it. Clyde adds that he likes this town so he's thinking about maybe taking his profits and paying it forward by making a donation to help make it a better place for his kids and all of them.

Jordan says that's why Rafe is so upset and why he's really there. Rafe says he's not upset and just wants to know what's going on. Jordan supposes he deserves to know and informs him that Kate is the one responsible for bringing Clyde to Salem. Rafe asks if she's sure and how she even knew where to find him. Jordan tells him that Kate hired a detective to dig up dirt on her as it was her mission to destroy her life. Jordan brings up Rafe always defending Kate. Jordan says whatever damage Clyde causes going forward is all on Kate. Jordan then leaves to go back to work.

Kate calls it very clever to build goodwill for his business. Clyde questions her thinking he had an ulterior motive. Kate understands he wants to do a good deed but to benefit as well. Kate gets a text and says she has to cut this short. Kate looks forward to seeing him again soon. Kate thanks Clyde and exits.

JJ goes home where Jennifer greets him. JJ says he had a break between classes. Jennifer mentions seeing Paige earlier. Jennifer adds that Eve texted and said she needed her home right away. Jennifer gets called and exits to take it. JJ calls Paige and asks if she's with Eve. Paige says not yet and asks what's going on. JJ apologizes and says he was with Eve and thinks she might know about them because she was acting weird. Paige guesses they will find out. JJ encourages her and tells her to call after they talk. JJ wishes her luck and hangs up.

Theresa goes to Eve's. Eve tells her about their dad Shane being in the hospital. Theresa worries about him but Eve says it's just routine. Eve tells her to keep it to herself for now. Theresa asks what she's planning. Eve responds that she plans to save her daughter and can't do it without Theresa's help.

Hope suggests they sing Christmas carols but Chase complains that Aiden can't sing and this is boring. Aiden reminds Chase of growing up poor.

Paige goes home and asks what's going on. Eve tells her that they need to go see her grandpa now.

Jennifer comes back to the living room and sees JJ sitting with his head down. She asks if he's okay. JJ says he's just stressed about finals. Jennifer asks if there is something going on with Paige that she hasn't told her.

Chad greets Abigail at the hospital and tells her that the board is enthusiastic about one of her ideas. Abigail informs him that it was actually Jordan's idea. Chad notes that she never said a word about it. Ben arrives and sees them together.

Kate goes home to the DiMera Mansion where Rafe is waiting for her and tells him that she got his text which was rude and demanding. Rafe thinks he has every right to demand answers from her. Rafe tells her that he knows what she did to Jordan.

Aiden sends Chase and his friend to get more food. Aiden tells Hope that he doesn't know what's wrong with him. Hope tells him that Ciara has gone through many lessons on being grateful too. Aiden figures it's an age thing. Hope mentions not knowing that Aiden used to be poor. Aiden jokes with her. Hope says he rose from humble beginnings to a hotshot lawyer who makes millions. Hope adds she would love to hear that story. People begin walking up and they start handing out food boxes.

JJ tells Jennifer that he really wants things to work out for he and Paige but doesn't know if they will. Jennifer encourages him to step back and think about what he can control. JJ agrees to see the therapist. Jennifer tells him to just give it a little time. Jennifer apologizes and has to get to work so she exits. JJ comments that he hears her but what if they don't have time.

Eve tells Paige about Shane being in the hospital so she needs to be there with him. Theresa adds that she'll be going as soon as she can. Paige asks if she wants her to come with her. Eve points out it being her last day of school. Paige questions leaving now. Eve says they have to hurry or they will miss the plane.

Chad comments on Ben bringing the supplies to the hospital. Chad walks away. Abigail starts to tell Ben what Chad was telling her but Ben says she doesn't have to explain anything. Ben says he can't stay but suggests continuing later as he exits. Jordan joins Abigail and comments on Ben seeming to be in a good mood. Abigail says he is but notes that Jordan's not and asks what's wrong.

Kate asks Rafe about talking to Jordan. Rafe questions her bringing Clyde to Salem. Kate admits it. Rafe questions her lying to him since they acted like they never met before. Rafe asks why she went to such lengths. Kate says it was to protect him. Rafe questions why she would take it upon herself. Kate shouts that she was the one who brought Jordan to Salem in the first place.

Paige exits and calls JJ to tell him that Eve doesn't know about them but she wants her to go home because her grandfather is sick. Paige tells him that she has to go to California. Eve comes out and questions what Paige is doing. Paige claims she was making arrangements with her professors. Eve says they can do that later and brings her back in. JJ hangs up and heads out.

Clyde goes to the club and sees Ben. Clyde gets how Ben must be upset about Kate. Ben asks if Clyde is trying so hard to be a better person then why did he lie to them.

Rafe asks what Kate is talking about. Kate brings up being the reason that Stefano sent Bernardi after Rafe. Kate explains how doctors didn't know if Rafe would walk again and she felt responsible. Rafe assures that she wasn't. Kate worried about the doctors getting a physical therapist that could've been on Stefano's payroll. Rafe asks what she did. Kate explains that she offered to pay the salary if she was allowed to bring in a therapist from the outside. Rafe is surprised to learn that Kate is the one who hired Jordan.

Jordan tells Abigail that she was just thinking about a patient. Abigail tells Jordan about Chad saying the board meeting went really well. She asks her about not telling anyone that the outreach program was her idea. Jordan didn't want anyone to think she is influencing the board. Abigail points out that she influences one member. Jordan asks if Abigail doesn't like that.

Rafe questions Kate and realizes she must have thought Jordan would be a guy. Kate says that wasn't a problem. Kate admits she was taken back by not who she thought it would be. Rafe thinks she got jealous. Kate talks about her private investigator not finding any past so it made her worry if Stefano was behind Jordan too. Kate says all she knew was that Jordan was hiding her past and had a secret to hide. Rafe asks why she didn't come to him. Kate responds that she didn't know for sure or have any proof so she didn't want him thinking that she was going after Jordan because she wanted him back. Rafe asks if she was.

Hope wonders where Chase and his friend Owen went. Aiden isn't sure but notes that Chase knows better than to walk away. Hope goes to find them while Aiden continues giving out food. An old woman walks by wanting cranberry sauce and then states that she knows him.

Chase and Owen talk outside the town square. Chase complains about having to do the food bank. Chase tells Owen about being poor and how his mom was rich so they got it when she died while Aiden had nothing. Hope then appears behind them.

Abigail tells Jordan that her and Chad is her business while they are friends. Jordan doesn't know what else Chad can do to prove he's changed. Jordan tells her not to worry about her but she's wrong. Jordan then walks away.

Clyde tells Ben that he came to Salem because losing his kids was like losing his own life. Clyde talks about not knowing what Kate's motives were. Clyde explains that he thinks Kate was trying to protect Rafe and he was just so grateful to find them again. Clyde apologizes for keeping the truth from him but tells him not to be mad at Kate because she meant well. Ben asks why he's defending her. Clyde admits that he's getting a sweet spot for her. Ben warns him to watch his back.

Kate reminds Rafe that she broke things off with him and never had an illusion that what they had was about a commitment. Rafe points out that she committed to ruining Jordan's life. Kate says finding Clyde was the first lead they had as a link to her past. Rafe credits Jordan for giving him his life back and questions her being a threat. Rafe brings up Kate threatening Jordan. Rafe tells her that Clyde made Jordan and Ben's life miserable and thinks that's why she brought Clyde back in to her life. Kate remarks that Jordan doesn't seem so miserable with Chad. Rafe responds that at least now she's getting laid by Clyde. Rafe is sorry he didn't go a long time ago as he storms out.

JJ goes to see Paige. Theresa answers the door and asks what he's doing there. She informs JJ that he just missed Paige. JJ asks when they will be back. Theresa says she has no idea and shuts the door in his face.

Owen leaves while Chase begs Hope not to tell Aiden what she heard him say because he doesn't like for people to know. Chase talks about how his mom would make Aiden feel bad by saying he didn't have a dime when they got married.

The old woman tells Aiden that she knows that he did a bad thing.

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