Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/3/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/3/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ calls Paige and asks if it's a good time. Paige replies that it is as Eve just went out. JJ asks her to meet him at the park and she agrees. JJ says he'll explain when he sees her. Paige hangs up and goes to leave but Eve returns, having forgot her phone. Eve asks where Paige is heading off to.

JJ goes to leave but Jennifer stops him and asks to talk. JJ asks if it can wait. Jennifer says no and asks if there's somewhere he needs to be.

Nicole looks through her purse in the town square for her recorder and worries that she left it at Daniel's but doesn't want to deal with Melanie. Nicole ends up finding an old photo of her and Eric in her purse.

Brady goes to Eric's and congratulates him on his apartment. Brady adds that he wanted to talk to him about Theresa.

Theresa kisses Paul before leaving his hospital room.

Sonny asks Adrienne who was at the hospital. Adrienne tells him it was Paul Norita and she thinks he saw him too.

Melanie searches the internet on her tablet and says nobody knew it was her so she was worried over nothing at all. Melanie then leaves the Kiriakis Mansion.

The woman with the surveillance photo of Melanie calls Daniel and asks if Melanie is there. Daniel asks who it is. She responds that she's just a friend and asks if Melanie is back yet.

Nicole rips up the photo of her and Eric then walks off.

Daniel asks for the woman's name. She doesn't want to say as she wants it to be a surprise. She asks if Melanie is there or not. Daniel says he has to go and offers to pass along her name and number. She tells him it's okay and hangs up. Maggie asks who that was. Daniel wishes he knew.

Melanie goes to the hospital and asks for Maxine. The nurse says she just missed her. Melanie says she'll come back and then bumps in to Theresa, who calls her an idiot so Melanie questions her.

Paige tells Eve that she's going to meet Daphne at the library. Eve questions if she's sneaking behind her back to see JJ.

Jennifer asks JJ if he was going to meet Paige. She hopes things are going better for them. JJ says not exactly. Jennifer points out that they are still seeing each other and working through things. JJ says it's not going to work. Jennifer argues that giving up is unlike him so she doesn't understand. JJ says he has a hard time understanding why he makes the choices he makes. Jennifer tells him he's just young and trying to find his way. Jennifer assures him that Jack's past has nothing to do with him and Paige knows that. Jennifer tells him that he can't let this come between them. JJ thinks back to being in bed with Eve and tells Jennifer that it's complicated. Jennifer informs JJ that she made a call as she wants to help him and doesn't want him to be upset with her.

Daniel tells Maggie that she said it was a friend of Melanie's but wouldn't leave a name. Maggie mentions Melanie having a friend moving to Salem. Daniel notes an intensity in the woman's voice and the caller ID was blocked. Maggie hopes Melanie can assure them there is nothing to worry about. Nicole arrives and asks if she left her recorder when she showered. Maggie asks if there is something wrong with her shower.

Theresa and Melanie argue as Melanie tries to help Theresa pick things up. Melanie notices in Theresa's belongings that she is a fan of the band Grouplove. They talk about both being fans so they start to bond and Melanie mentions seeing them on tour in Europe. Theresa questions why Melanie would come here when she could be in Paris. Melanie explains that she used to work as a nurse and wants her job back. Theresa complains about the hospital. Melanie encourages her about it. Theresa admits she has been enjoying the perks of her job lately.

Adrienne sits with Sonny and worries about he and Will's marriage. Sonny tells Adrienne that Paul is here for shoulder surgery and it has nothing to do with him. Sonny assures that he didn't know he was coming and doesn't want to have this conversation. Adrienne tells him that he needs to let Paul know exactly where he stands and he needs to be very clear. Sonny gets up and walks away.

Paige tells Eve that she is following her advice and giving JJ his space to figure things out. Eve insists that she's doing the right thing by staying away from him. Paige gathers her things and exits. Eve remarks that JJ better keep up his end and stay away from Paige.

Jennifer tells JJ that she asked Marlena for a referral because she thinks it would be good for JJ to talk to a professional about Jack and Kayla. JJ doesn't think so but Jennifer insists. Jennifer adds that she should've told him the truth years ago. JJ says it's not her fault. Jennifer says it's not going to go away so she thinks it's really important that he resolves this. JJ thinks it will be really hard to try and talk to someone about this but agrees to give it a try. JJ asks to talk about it later. Jennifer asks him where he's going. JJ says he's just going to take a walk to clear his head. JJ hugs her and thanks her for caring so much. JJ tells her that he loves her very much and exits.

Maggie leaves Daniel's. Nicole apologizes for blurting that out in front of Maggie as she doesn't want her to get the wrong idea. Daniel assures her everything is okay. Nicole goes to leave but Daniel stops her and says he has something to tell her about Eric.

Brady tells Eric about Theresa's pregnancy test. Brady thinks she needs some help. Eric agrees. Brady feels Theresa believed she was pregnant and how she was shocked when she wasn't. Brady asks Eric to be there for her. Eric agrees to see what he can do. Brady calls him a good friend when Theresa doesn't have many.

Melanie asks Theresa about her perks. Theresa tells her about getting close with a patient. Melanie wants to know more. Theresa says she'll give her the scoop if she gets her job back. Melanie compliments her purse. Melanie's phone rings and she says she has to go. They say it was nice meeting each other. Melanie hurries off as Theresa comments that she didn't get her name but misses her. Theresa hopes Melanie gets the job so she can have another friend.

Sonny goes to Paul's room. Paul excitedly tries to kiss him but Sonny stops him and says that can't happen again.

Melanie calls Maggie and apologizes for not making it back to Daniel's before she had to go. Melanie says she'll see her tomorrow and hangs up.

Eve walks out of the town square and gets a call from Kim, who tells her about Shane going to the hospital for tests. Eve thanks her for calling and says she will call tomorrow to check in.

Paige meets JJ at the park. He thanks her for coming and knows she must be confused. Paige asks what's going on with him. JJ tells her that the short version is he loves her and still wants to be with her if she feels the same way. Paige says of course she does. JJ is glad to hear that but says there's one little problem they need to work through. JJ tells her that no one can know they are together.

Daniel tells Nicole that he never got a chance to tell her that he spoke to Eric about them being friends again. Nicole asks what Eric said. Daniel says that Eric had no problem but wondered if there was more than a friendship. Nicole asks what Daniel told him. Daniel says the truth. Nicole asks what exactly is the truth.

Melanie calls out thinking she's being followed. She tells herself to calm down because nobody is looking for her.

Paul says he knows he was bold and over eager earlier but hadn't seen or heard from Sonny in three years. Paul asks if he's still angry at him for choosing his dream of baseball. Sonny responds that he chose to be someone he's not. Paul argues that he knows he was in a tough position. Sonny asks if he was supposed to be okay with all the hiding. Paul says he wanted them to be like other couples but it was impossible as it would've ruined his career. Paul tells him they had a good thing going for over a year and they would still be together if he hadn't forced him to make a choice. Sonny tells him that he doesn't still resent him over it as it worked out for the best. Paul asks what he meant.

Eric goes to the town square where Eve approaches with gift bags and tells him that she just loves this time of year.

Adrienne sees Brady at the club and asks how he is. Brady says he's good. She feels like she never sees him but knows he's been busy. Adrienne tells him that she's not surprised about Theresa. Brady assures her that he's over it and handled it so he just wants to move on. Adrienne worries about if Theresa was pregnant and how Brady would've been sucked in to her life forever. Theresa appears at the bar and questions them. Adrienne quickly exits. Brady apologizes to Theresa and tells her that he told Victor not to talk to people about what happened. Theresa says it's a little late for that. She says what happened was personal but everybody knows now and thinks lesser of her. Brady insists that he is sorry. Theresa bets he's more sorry that he ever met her.

Sonny tells Paul that he met a really great guy and is with the person he's meant to be with for the rest of his life. Paul calls that funny because he used to think that person was him. Sonny responds that he was wrong. Paul questions if what he has is so much better than what they had and could still have. Paul tells him that he doesn't believe that for a second.

Maggie goes to see Jennifer and tells her that she was sidetracked by really great news that Melanie is back. Jennifer excitedly hugs her and is glad to hear it. Jennifer mentions how Abigail must be thrilled and Daniel must be so happy. Maggie tells her that he is. Maggie knows Jennifer and Daniel have ended things for good but she would hate if it causes any awkwardness between them. Jennifer assures her that won't happen. They sit together and Maggie asks how she's doing. Jennifer admits it felt good to get away and it's hard but she knows it will get easier. Jennifer says she knows in her heart that she and Daniel need to move on with their lives.

Daniel thought they were on the same page that they are just friends. Nicole asks if that's what he told Eric. Daniel says of course. Melanie comes back and remarks about Nicole being there. Nicole decides to go and let them catch up. She gets her recorder and exits. Daniel talks to Melanie about being rude to Nicole when she is his friend. Melanie agrees to try. Daniel says they talked about his friend and now wants to talk about hers. Daniel tells Melanie about the phone call earlier and asks if she has any idea what that was about.

JJ tells Paige that no one can know they are together not their friends or their parents. Paige doesn't understand why. JJ tells her that he's still dealing with these issues with his dad and now Jennifer wants him to see a therapist. JJ says he knows the therapist will tell him not to be in a relationship but he doesn't want to stop seeing her. JJ talks about making sure Eve doesn't know because she would do anything to keep them apart.

Eric talks to Eve about Christmas growing up with Sami and their family. Eric is sorry that Eve can't sing again. Eve says she's okay and will focus on the other blessings in her life like Paige. Eric mentions meeting her. Eric tells her that he has some time so Eve suggests getting a drink. Nicole then walks by and sees them.

Theresa tells Brady that she's sorry that she ever met him too and is now grateful that she met someone who appreciates her. Theresa says he came in to her life when she needed him the most and they are perfect for each other.

Sonny tells Paul that what he has now is better. Sonny talks about getting married surrounded by their friends and family. Sonny praises Caroline's speech about being without shame or hiding and with Paul, he could never have that. Sonny tells Paul that he is happier now than he thought he could ever be and he hopes someday Paul can be too. Paul asks who says he's not happy as he's living the dream. Paul talks about his thousands of fans and his career. Sonny knows how successful he is but asks about things money can't buy. Sonny says he's seen pictures of Paul with the beautiful women and then he breaks their hearts. Sonny asks if Paul always dreamed of living a lie. Sonny tells him that he made his choice. Paul responds that Sonny made his.

Melanie asks about the call. Daniel tells her that the woman didn't give a name and had a blocked ID. Melanie mentions the friend moving to Salem. Daniel points out this woman asking if Melanie was there. Melanie suggests telling anyone that calls that she isn't there. Daniel demands she spill the truth and asks what's going on.

Sonny decides to go. Paul stops him and asks if his husband knows about him. Sonny reminds him that he swore to never share his secret and never will. Paul thanks him. Sonny explains that he's not doing him a favor as he doesn't know how he lives with it. Paul tells him that it wasn't that he didn't love him. Sonny responds that he knows and that's the worst part. Sonny exits.

Nicole approaches Eric and greets him. Eric introduces Eve and Nicole. Eve decides to take a walk and tells Eric they can grab a drink later. Eve walks off. Nicole apologizes for interrupting and tells Eric that she knows Daniel talked to him about being friends. Eric feels he was out of line for asking if they were more than friends. Nicole insists they are just friends but Eric says he doesn't care as it's none of his business anyway. Nicole agrees and walks away.

Paige knows JJ is right about Eve not wanting them to be together. JJ encourages her. Paige hates lying to Eve. JJ wishes they didn't have to sneak around but says it will be worth it and they kiss. JJ suggests she take off before Eve starts to wonder where she is at. Paige says they have hardly had any time together and she missed him so much. They agree to meet again tomorrow after class. Paige promises not to tell anyone as they kiss goodbye. They head their separate ways as Eve comes out of the bushes and declares that JJ has given her no choice.

Brady finishes a call about meeting an old friend for lunch. Theresa overhears and questions Brady about moving on. Brady tells her that it's just a friend. Theresa hopes she's boring as hell and exits.

Daniel can tell Melanie is upset and wants to help her. Melanie suggests the call could've been the ex of a guy she dated that was harassing her but calls it no big deal. Daniel asks if that's why she left Europe. Melanie insists that she just missed everyone. Daniel asks if there is anything else she hasn't told him. Daniel gets paged to the hospital and hurries out. Melanie goes to her purse and checks her stacks of cash.

The woman talks to the man searching for Melanie. She says by tomorrow they will know if she is with her dad and will end this once and for all.

Melanie worries if it was them and what she's going to do.

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