Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/2/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/2/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jordan goes to Clyde's and bangs on the door, demanding he open it but instead Kate opens the door covered with the bed sheets. Jordan is disgusted as Kate asks if there is something she can help her with.

T informs Chad about Melanie walking in on Ben. Chad remarks how Melanie must have wondered about Abigail settling for a smaller package. Ben starts to go after him but Victor appears and says he's not worth it.

Sonny talks on the phone in the town square and wants no more excuses from his contractor. Sonny hangs up and says the contractor is a jerk, Will is MIA and now Paul shows up. Sonny thinks back to Paul kissing him. Sonny questions out loud Paul having to come here for surgery as he sits down.

Adrienne goes to the hospital and sees Paul chatting with a nurse. Abigail appears and asks Adrienne if she knows him.

Maggie decorates Daniel's place with flowers and a gift basket. Daniel talks about how how much she will love it. Maggie says she is thrilled that Melanie is home. Maggie says having her back is the best news. Daniel agrees. Maggie starts to say that she and Victor were talking about it but stops. Maggie doesn't want to worry him but Daniel presses on. Maggie asks if he thinks there is something Melanie isn't telling them about her sudden return. Daniel says that he does.

Someone is sitting with surveillance photos of Melanie when they receive a text message asking if they have found her yet.

Melanie sits outside the town square with her purse full of money and pulls out her phone. Someone puts their hand on her shoulder and she screams. Melanie jumps up and it's Brady. Brady couldn't believe it was her and apologizes. Melanie excitedly hugs him.

Maggie talks about Melanie wanting to make a change. Daniel points out Melanie never mentioning coming home. Maggie suggests they stop trying to analyze it and enjoy having her back. Daniel is sure something else motivated her to come back and thinks he knows what it is.

Victor asks for a moment alone with Chad so they sit together. Chad isn't sure what they have to talk about unless he came to congratulate him. Victor states that he always considered Chad a decent young man but he's worried that his time with Stefano has changed that. Victor thinks he's probably made Stefano very proud.

Jordan calls Kate unbelievable. Kate responds that Clyde just told her the same thing and guesses she's there to see him. Clyde calls out asking if it's room service and then comes to the door. Clyde says he wasn't expecting her.

T tells Ben that maybe he shouldn't have told Chad. T encourages him to not let Chad get to him.

Chad asks Victor if it's a crime to try to make his father proud. Victor says chances are yes when it's Stefano. Victor brings up Will and Sonny being disappointed that Chad didn't come to their wedding when he's one of their best friends. Chad states that they are his best friends too despite people like Victor trying to undermine that.

Sonny thinks back to being in bed with Paul in the past where Paul told him he loved him.

Paul finishes his talk with the nurse and heads back in to his room. Adrienne tells Abigail that Paul just looked familiar but so do a lot of people. Adrienne asks how she's doing. Abigail says she's good and asks about Justin. Adrienne doesn't know when he will be back as he is out of the country working. Adrienne asks Abigail about getting her job back. Abigail informs her that Chad got her job back. Adrienne says good for Chad. Abigail heads to her office to continue working. Adrienne looks on to Paul's room.

Maggie asks Daniel what he thinks brought Melanie back to Salem. Daniel brings up Melanie seeing Chad. Maggie points out Chad being a major reason she left. Daniel questions there being a chance that it's the same situation and Melanie is running away from another man.

The man sitting in the dark texts back that he hopes to have information on Melanie Jonas asap.

Melanie talks to Brady about her time in Europe. Melanie says she just missed her home and family. Brady questions it being sudden and her not telling everyone. Melanie says she wanted it to be a surprise. Brady asks if nothing happened that made her decision. Melanie hurries over reasons and says she's only been back for a couple of hours but is happy to be back already. Brady questions her being jumpy. Melanie says she's fine and wants to talk about him instead.

Jordan says she knows what Clyde is doing. Kate decides to give them time alone and goes to freshen up. Clyde tells Jordan that he doesn't appreciate her talking to his guest that way. Jordan asks if he means his whore.

Maggie tells Daniel that Melanie only mentioned a female friend moving here and not being with a man since leaving Salem. Daniel points out that she never mentioned anybody but wonders if she's keeping it inside. Maggie asks if he thinks she's not telling the whole truth. Daniel feels they haven't heard the half of it.

Brady assures Melanie that he's good. Melanie informs him that Daniel and Maggie told her about Kristen and also that he was using after everything happened. Brady tells her that he took care of it and put it behind him. Melanie wishes she was there to help him. Melanie then asks about Theresa. Brady appreciates her concern but doesn't want to talk about it. Melanie tells him that she's there to help if he needs anything and she's proud of him. Melanie says Brady means the world to so many people including her. Brady thanks her and suggests changing the subject. Melanie decides he can come with her for her homecoming celebration so they walk off together with Melanie watching over her shoulder.

Victor tells Chad that he watches out for his nephew and questions Chad not telling Sonny about his new job despite being partners. Chad accuses Victor of trying to turn it in to the DiMera-Kiriakis war. Victor worries about money involved in the partnership but Chad tells him that it's best if he stays out of it then walks away.

Clyde tells Jordan that she will not talk about Kate like that in presence. Jordan questions thinking Kate has class. Clyde assures her that Kate has moved on from Rafe. Jordan calls him a redneck hillbilly. Jordan says Kate looks pathetic and desperate while Clyde is way out of his league. Clyde grabs her and warns her to watch her words as she doesn't have a gun to protect her this time while Kate listens in from the room.

Victor joins Daniel and Maggie for Melanie's homecoming. Maggie mentions Melanie texting her that she is bringing a surprise. Maggie makes sure Victor didn't tell anyone and he jokes about not using twitter or facebook. Melanie arrives with Brady. Melanie hugs Daniel and tells Victor that she's so glad he came. Daniel and Maggie thank Brady for coming. Melanie tells them that she missed them all so much. She tells Daniel that she hated missing Parker growing up. Daniel says there is plenty of time for that. Maggie hugs her and says she will never know how much they missed her. Melanie says they mean everything to her and this is exactly what she needed.

A woman enters the room with the man, who tells her there is good news. He states that Melanie is using a mobile and is in Salem. She tells him that she will take it from here.

Jordan tells Clyde that she knows Kate brought him to Salem. Clyde says he has her to thank for bringing them together. Jordan complains about the man he is. Kate continues to listen in. Clyde tells Jordan that he's working all the time to be a better man. She yells at him to stay out of her life. Clyde says that may be difficult with where they live and who they know. Jordan tells him to leave town as she declares she won't let him ruin her again and then storms off.

Chad goes to the hospital and asks Jordan how seeing Ben went. Jordan says she told Ben about Kate bringing Clyde here and then she saw Clyde.

Clyde and Kate have drinks. He apologizes for that ugly scene. Kate states that Jordan certainly went after him. Clyde says he's used to it. Kate doesn't think she could check her anger in his place. Kate asks if he's hungry and they kiss.

Sonny asks T what's up with Ben. T says it's his fault for telling Chad something until Victor came in to break it up. T tells Sonny that Victor wanted to talk to Chad and wasn't happy afterwards. Adrienne arrives. T asks Sonny if he wants to make the hospital run but Sonny says no and to send Ben.

Abigail goes to Paul's room and brings him a case of baseballs to autograph. Paul takes one and signs it for her. She thanks him and hopes everything works out well for him in Salem as she exits.

Melanie, Victor, Maggie, Brady, and Daniel all laugh together over Melanie sharing stories from Europe. Victor brings up work with Brady. Brady wants to talk to Victor in private over lunch. Melanie says they just got here. Brady apologizes and says he'll catch up with Melanie in the following days. Melanie hugs them goodbye. Victor adds that they are so glad she's back. Victor agrees to come back after their meeting and he exits with Brady. Maggie goes to get more food. Daniel notes that Melanie seems a little distracted as she goes to her phone. Melanie says it's just a lot to take in. Daniel asks if she saw anyone else other than Brady. Melanie tells him about seeing Chad, Abigail, and Ben then ran in to Brady. Melanie assures him it's all good. Daniel asks if she's sure. Melanie questions him doubting her. Daniel says they know her and they found it strange that she came back so suddenly without talking to them. Melanie questions them making a big deal out of this when they are all together and everything is fine. Melanie gives up and concludes she can never keep anything from them.

Adrienne asks T about the hospital run. T explains that have an ongoing deal with them and Sonny just sent Ben to bring supplies. Adrienne asks Sonny if he's upset. Sonny admits he spoke to Will and he was furious about everyone knowing they haven't spoke in three days. Adrienne apologizes and hopes he's not angry with them. Sonny says it's okay. Adrienne asks him what else is going on. Sonny says she's pretty much up to speed on everything. Adrienne reveals that she was just at the hospital and saw someone that he knows.

Abigail regrets not having Paul sign the baseball for Ben. Ben arrives with supplies. A nurse walks by checking Ben out. She bumps in to Abigail while talking about how hot Ben is. Abigail reveals that Ben is her boyfriend. The nurse Karen doesn't believe her as she stares at Ben so Abigail goes over and greets Ben with a kiss.

Melanie apologizes to Daniel. He asks her what it is. Melanie informs him that she lost the locket that he gave her but thinks she had it on at Maggie's. Maggie offers to call Henderson to look for it but Melanie says she'll just go and retrace her steps. Daniel offers to go with her but Melanie feels she'll be faster by herself and will be back in an hour. Maggie gives her a spare key. Melanie thanks her for understanding and hurries out. Maggie comments that everything seems alright after all. Daniel asks if she thinks so. Maggie admits maybe not.

Victor and Brady meet at the Pub. Victor asks what's going on. Brady questions Victor blurting out personal stuff about him that he may not want people to know. Brady feels Victor almost embarrassed him for no reason with Theresa and the pregnancy stare. Victor says he just wanted to spread the word about Theresa and what she is capable of. Brady tells Victor that he loves him. Victor says he loves him too. Brady adds that this has to stop now.

Abigail asks Ben why he can't just ignore Chad when he's not worth it and has no affect on them. Ben is glad to hear her say that. Abigail assures him that she's happy with their relationship. Ben kisses her goodbye and exits. Abigail returns to Karen. She jokingly asks if Ben has a brother and is disappointed that he doesn't.

Chad laughs about Kate and Clyde but Jordan doesn't find it funny. Chad is sorry that it upset her. Chad asks what she's thinking. Jordan says Clyde is really good at this game and can fool a lot of people so she can only wait for him to mess up then everyone will see who he really is. Chad tells her that if she needs anything from him, she's got it. Jordan kisses him.

Clyde and Kate lay in bed. Kate is afraid she made things more difficult for he and Jordan. Clyde says their relationship has never been easy. Kate suggests talking about something more pleasant and asks if he's thought any more about buying a place in town. Clyde says he has been thinking about it but maybe there's a better way to put that money to use.

Sonny asks Adrienne who she saw at the hospital. Adrienne thinks he knows and why he reacted to T asking if he wanted to make the hospital run. Sonny blows it off but she tells him that he was never a good liar. Sonny asks her who was at the hospital. Adrienne tells him it was Paul Norita.

Paul lays in his hospital bed and dreams about being in bed with Sonny in the past where Sonny told him that he loved him.

Brady tells Victor that blabbing about his relationship or the end of it doesn't serve anyone. Victor thought of it as a public service announcement to beware of Theresa. Brady worries that people would think he was a damn fool. Brady calls it old news but he's done with it and doesn't want to hear about anymore. Brady adds that he doesn't want Melanie to know about it and if he does then he will tell her. Brady repeats himself. Victor then brings up Melanie being back and wonders why she came back so suddenly.

Melanie goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and sits down. She puts on the locket that she claimed to have lost then pulls her tablet out of her purse.

Daniel tells Maggie that he was e-mailing Carly and she knew Melanie was coming back but didn't know why. Maggie suggests they could be over thinking it and she was just home sick with nothing more to it.

Melanie searches the internet on her tablet and says there's not one thing about it so she was worried over nothing at all.

The woman with the surveillance photo of Melanie calls Daniel and asks if Melanie is there.

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