Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/1/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/1/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita


Ben comes out of the shower in a towel. Melanie shows up outside the apartment and rushes in to surprise Abigail but instead causes Ben to drop his towel. Abigail arrives and Ben rushes off as Melanie apologizes for wanting to surprise her. Abigail excitedly hugs Melanie.

Clyde and Kate continue kissing until Kate stops and says it's not the reason she came over.

Chad wants Jordan to be completely honest as he asks if she still has feelings for Rafe. Jordan says that she did for awhile but now, things are over between them and there's no question in her mind. Chad and Jordan kiss.

Marlena answers a call from Will. Will says her message sounded urgent and he doesn't have much time. Marlena tells him to make time and focus on what's important.

Anne joins Theresa in Paul's room and says that Paul is not in physical therapy and isn't scheduled for any exams. Theresa responds that he's out looking for her. Anne asks how she's sure. Theresa says they made a real connection so he's definitely looking for her.

Paul follows Sonny into the supply room and locks the door. They look at each other as Paul grabs Sonny and kisses him. Sonny asks him what he's doing here.

Melanie apologizes again but Abigail tells her not to worry about it. Melanie jokes about how she's done this before. Melanie gives her Ben's phone that he had left at the club. Ben comes back dressed and apologizes. Abigail introduces them. Ben says he'll let them catch up and awkwardly exits. Abigail tells Melanie how much she's missed her and adds that so much has happened.

Chad and Jordan kiss onto the couch until Chad's phone rings. Chad checks and sees it's a call from Stefano.

Anne tells Theresa that Paul is a player. Theresa argues that they had a connection more than just some hook up. Theresa suggests they find him so she can see for herself.

Adrienne goes to the club and asks T if Sonny spoke to Will today. Lucas arrives and wants to know as well.

Paul tells Sonny that he came in town for surgery. Paul asks why they are talking and kisses him until Theresa and Anne start knocking on the door and wondering why the door is locked.

Abigail feels she hasn't had a real girl friend since Melanie left town. They talk about Gabi and what she's going through now. Melanie mentions knowing what Gabi went through with Nick. Abigail talks about Nick blackmailing her. Abigail is grateful that Melanie is back. Melanie is happy to hang out with her. Abigail asks who else she has seen. Melanie says she saw Maggie, Daniel, T, and then Chad which causes some discomfort.

Jordan tells Chad to go ahead as she needs to see Ben anyway. Jordan says she will see him soon and exits. Chad answers the call. Stefano tells him that they have to handle Kate.

Clyde thought they covered why Kate came over because of Jordan finding out about them. Clyde asks if she wants to chat or negotiate. Kate wants to make sure they understand each other. Clyde states that he understood her since the day they met. Clyde adds that she's made it very mysterious as he kisses her.

Will questions Marlena sounding upset and if she's okay. She responds that she's fine and she knows Will is helping Sami along with a full time job. Marlena reminds him that he has other responsibilities. Will asks if something happened. Marlena asks when he last spoke to Sonny. Will asks if he's okay. Marlena questions him having to ask. Will blames the time zone and Sonny being swamped with the new club but insists they are fine. Marlena brings up Gabi and asks Will about the promises he made to Gabi. Marlena asks when he last sent Gabi photos of Arianna. Will argues that she doesn't know the pressure that he is under. Marlena questions him comparing that to a day in prison for Gabi. Marlena states that they are all happy for him but the only thing keeping Gabi sane is news of her daughter. Will says that he will take care of that right now and hangs up.

T says Sonny hasn't spoken to Will and he's not happy about it. T goes back to work while Adrienne points out to Lucas that Sonny and Will haven't spoke in three days. Lucas says it's not just Sonny but Will is busy. Adrienne feels Will is dropping the ball with his husband. Lucas agrees as Adrienne says that she's concerned for them. Lucas admits that Will hasn't been fair to Sonny.

Paul worries and tells Sonny that they can't find them together so he tells Sonny to hide. Sonny refuses so Paul hides in the closet. Anne uses her master key to enter the supply room while Sonny had put his headphones in to act like he didn't hear. Theresa and Anne enter to ask why the door was locked. Sonny claims not to know as he didn't lock it. Sonny asks if they were looking for someone. Theresa says it's just a very good friend as they exit. Paul comes out of hiding as Sonny remarks that Paul will never come out of the closet.

Abigail asks Melanie about going to see Chad. Melanie says she just wanted to make sure he knew that nothing would ever happen between them. Abigail asks how he took it. Melanie asks if she is feeling sorry for him. Abigail insists that she isn't. Melanie questions her. Abigail brings up Chad being furious over her sleeping with EJ. Melanie blames EJ but Abigail feels Chad had every right to be angry with her. Melanie questions why she's talking in past tense. Abigail says that things changed and Chad has done some good things lately like getting her job back. Melanie warns Abigail to watch her back because she feels Chad is only nice when he wants something.

Chad tells Stefano that he doesn't need another lecture as he knows what he's doing. Stefano asks if he knew Kate is seeing Clyde Weston. Chad responds that he knows all about him. Stefano doubts that. Stefano adds that he is still digging up information and informs Chad that Clyde is a two bit thug dressed as a country bumpkin. Stefano brings up Clyde showing up out of nowhere and is connected to Chad's new girlfriend while his son is dating Chad's ex, Abigail. Chad says he knows and is paying attention. Stefano questions if he's thought about what this could do to his plan. Chad promises he's got this. Stefano warns about Jordan finding out that Chad is just using her. Chad responds that won't happen and says he has to go but he'll be in touch soon.

Jordan meets Ben outside the town square. Ben says she sounded serious. Jordan informs him that she just found out Kate brought Clyde to Salem and they have now become inseparable.

Kate and Clyde continue kissing and end up on the bed.

Adrienne thanks Lucas for being on her side. Adrienne worries about Will and Sonny's marriage as she encourages Lucas to talk to Will.

Will types a message for Gabi and then gets a call from Lucas but ignores it. Lucas tells Adrienne that he'll just keep calling until Will answers.

Paul tells Sonny not now. Sonny questions him being Theresa's new real good friend. Paul says he better get back to his room. Sonny mocks him pretending not to be gay. Paul tells him it's not like that. Paul asks him to come see him when they can spend more time together without being interrupted. Sonny tries to stop him but he already left as Sonny comments that there is something he should know.

Will continues typing and answers the call from Lucas, claiming he is in a meeting now so he asks if it's an emergency. Lucas asks what's going on with him. Lucas brings up Will standing up him and the kids when he visited. Lucas understands Will is busy but brings up that he hasn't talked to Sonny in three days. Will tells him that he will take care of that today and will definitely call Sonny.

Paul returns to his room where Theresa is waiting. She asks where he went. He said he went to stretch and to find her. Theresa asks what he wants to do.

Abigail tells Melanie that she and Ben will really get along because Ben hates Chad. Melanie encourages Abigail to listen to Ben and warns her not to trust Chad. Abigail agrees that she's probably right. Abigail has to go to work. Abigail wants to take a picture together but Melanie wants to continue to surprise people so they hug goodbye and Melanie exits.

Clyde and Kate finish in bed and he says it was worth the wait. Kate laughs about Jordan being wrong.

Paul tells Theresa that he wanted to continue but his agent just called and it could take hours. Theresa flirts with him and kisses him.

Adrienne and Lucas head to the town square as she asks about Will's job. Lucas says Will is enjoying it. Adrienne thanks Lucas for reminding Will that Sonny is important too. Adrienne adds that Sonny is responsible for encouraging Will to go to LA. Lucas suggests she talk to Sonny as well. Adrienne wants Justin to come home. Lucas says they all need a little love in life. Adrienne suggests saving their sons in the mean time. Adrienne mentions having to meet Kayla. They shake hands and head their separate ways.

Sonny goes to the club where T tells him that he just missed Adrienne and Lucas. Melanie arrives and surprises Sonny.

Marlena exits the Pub and runs in to Chad. Marlena jokes with him about the kids and tells him that Johnny misses him. Chad says he might can go see him soon. Marlena brings up Chad's new job and asks how he's doing. Chad thinks he's doing good. She clarifies that she meant how is he doing.

Ben questions Kate finding Clyde and calls it reckless. Jordan wants to know what Ben is thinking. Ben thinks she can't see any good in Clyde being there. Ben points out that they can stop running and brings up that Clyde is trying but Jordan argues that he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Clyde questions Kate bringing up Jordan now. Kate admits it's kind of a buzzkill but says that Jordan was just telling her that she would regret bringing him to Salem but she doesn't. Clyde wants to make sure and they continue kissing.

Theresa tells Paul to go ahead and call his agent. He thanks her for understanding and she says she will check on him later as she exits.

Melanie asks Sonny when Will is bringing Arianna back as she can't wait to see them. Sonny says it depends on his job. Melanie jokes about seeing Abigail and Ben. T and Melanie talk about Abigail being happy while Sonny thinks back to Paul kissing him. T gets his attention back and Melanie decides she'll leave. T suggests she hang around but Melanie wants to continue to surprise people. Sonny hugs her and she exits. Sonny looks to his phone at a picture of Will and Arianna.

Theresa rejoins Anne and talks up her time with Paul. Anne says she wants her to be happy. Anne talks about how upset Daniel, Jennifer, and her family would be to see Theresa with Paul. Abigail arrives and questions what they are doing.

Chad tells Marlena that he's great. Marlena calls that remarkable and brings up EJ's death. Chad brings up EJ sleeping with Abigail softening the blow. Marlena doesn't believe him. Chad says he will give Sami and the kids a call and then walks away.

Clyde and Kate lay together in bed. Clyde praises her and says they could make a hell of a team as they kiss.

Jordan tells Ben that Clyde is playing him. Ben asks what if he really does want to change. Ben informs Jordan about Clyde seeing Marlena. Jordan calls Clyde an unbelievable bastard and storms off.

Anne and Theresa mock Abigail. They argue until Abigail leaves.

Adrienne goes to the hospital and sees Paul chatting with a nurse.

Sonny walks through the town square and drops his papers as he thinks about being in bed with Paul. Sonny calls that a lifetime ago as he gets a call from Will. Will asks what he's doing. Sonny talks about the new club. Will questions what he's doing telling people when they last talked. Will tells him about Marlena and Lucas letting him have it about not calling him. Sonny tells him that he just answers people's questions. Will complains about his final draft being due and the studio constantly calling him. Will gets another call from the studio. Sonny tells him to take it. Will says he has to and he'll call soon. Will asks Sonny to tell everyone that he did speak to him. Sonny hangs up and mocks that being speaking.

Melanie walks out of the town square and sits down with her purse full of money. She pulls out her phone.

Someone is sitting with surveillance photos of Melanie when they receive a text message asking if they have found her yet.

Ben goes to the club and jokes with T about meeting Melanie that way. Chad arrives and asks what happened. T informs Chad about Melanie walking in on Ben. Chad remarks how Melanie must have wondered about Abigail settling for a smaller package.

Jordan goes to Clyde's and bangs on the door, demanding he open it but instead Kate opens the door covered with the bed sheets leaving Jordan disgusted.

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