Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/26/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/26/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad finishes his call saying he will take care of business and make his father proud. Melanie enters and says it's good to see his finally admitting the man he really is. Chad is surprised to see Melanie and tells her she looks amazing as he welcomes her home.

Abigail and Ben go to Ben's place kissing. Ben picks her up and they kiss in bed.

Paul's door opens and he is pleased by who enters as he says that's what he calls hospitality. Theresa brings him in a gift basket. Theresa jokes about getting in trouble as Paul says they get to play.

Rafe talks with T at the club about it meaning a lot to Gabi for T to visit her. T admits she didn't seem so good and goes back to work. Sonny comes by so Rafe asks what's up with Will. Sonny questions why everyone thinks he's responsible for Will.

Marlena asks about Clyde not wanting to be like his father. Clyde responds that his dad was a monster. Marlena asks why he's concerned about becoming like him. Clyde states that he did become him, maybe even worse.

Kate asks what she did. Jordan shouts that Kate is responsible for bringing that psychopath Clyde to Salem. Jordan accuses Kate of going to tell Clyde that she was in Salem. Kate admits that she did that.

Chad asks Melanie when she got in. She says today and doesn't want small talk. Chad points out that she got there fast. Melanie says she's sorry about EJ. Melanie tells him that she's moving back to Salem so she wants a couple of things cleared up.

Theresa gets a text so Paul asks if it's her boyfriend. Theresa assures him that she's single and free. Theresa pretends to know baseball but Paul says he doesn't care to talk about it anyways.

Jordan questions Kate admitting it and being proud of putting her in danger. Kate says the only danger was what she could've done to Rafe. Kate tells Jordan that she's the one who brought her to Salem because she was paying Rafe's physical therapist salary. Jordan questions her spying on her. Kate says she gave her more than enough reasons and let Rafe believe she was someone she wasn't.

Rafe mentions seeing Gabi and how she hasn't heard from Will or anything about Arianna since he left. Sonny says she can get in line. Rafe reminds him that Gabi is in jail and warns Sonny to lose the attitude.

Melanie just wanted Chad to know it wasn't a coincidence that they both moved back. Melanie assures that her feelings haven't changed and brings up Chad faking a brain tumor. Chad says they all have moments they aren't proud of. Melanie states that Abigail didn't deserve that. Chad brings up Abigail sleeping with EJ and knows that Melanie knows about that.

Ben and Abigail continue kissing in bed as Ben removes his shirt.

Theresa continues flirting with Paul. They joke about his Japanese culture as Paul likes the different gifts she got him. Paul asks if she's hungry.

Marlena asks how Clyde's father was a monster. Clyde feels he's too old to be whining about what his dad did and wants to focus on himself. Marlena advises him to trust her through this process.

Jordan argues that Rafe knew who she was and they would've been fine if not for Kate sleeping with him. Kate argues that Jordan drove him to her. Jordan notes that being when Clyde came to town. Jordan accuses her of bringing Clyde to town to terrorize her and how she knew it would come between she and Rafe. Jordan accuses Kate of doing this to get Rafe back.

Sonny apologizes to Rafe for being a jerk. Rafe asks him what is up with Will. Sonny doesn't know and says they've been busy so they haven't been able to connect. Rafe tells him to make sure Will knows that it's really important for Gabi to hear about Arianna. Sonny promises to do his best. Rafe thanks him and tells him to hang in there as he exits. Sonny tries to call Will but he doesn't answer. Sonny decides to text Will to call him as it's very important.

Melanie tells Chad that she doesn't want to talk about Abigail and EJ. Chad talks about everyone forgetting that Abigail willingly and eagerly slept with EJ. Melanie doesn't want to judge Abigail. Chad questions him being judged for anything he ever did. Melanie says she shouldn't have brought up Abigail as she's here about them. Chad respects how she feels. Chad calls it a new start and informs her that he just became co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises as he asks what's up with her.

T tells Sonny that he can drop off supplies to the hospital but Sonny says he has to get to the other club so he'll do it. Sonny checks his phone and has no text messages.

Ben and Abigail have sex.

Paul and Theresa eat sushi together. Theresa talks about the parties he goes to with beautiful women. She asks if there's a special woman in his life. Paul responds that he thinks he's looking at her.

Kate tells Jordan that Clyde is not the plague that she thinks he is. Jordan argues that she doesn't know. Kate feels Clyde made mistakes and is trying to make amends. Kate blames it on her blaming him for her mother's death. Jordan warns her not to talk about her mother and that she will regret bringing Clyde to Salem. Kate tells her that she can take care of herself and walks away.

Clyde talks to Marlena about trying to handle this on his own but losing control. Clyde admits he has a bad temper and it gets ugly when it gets the best of him. Marlena suggests figuring out what triggers his anger. Marlena asks about his father. Clyde asks why. Marlena says that's where the process is. Clyde says it's not in her hands.

Melanie jokingly compares to Chad's job and says she'll be lucky to get her job back at the hospital. Melanie thanks him for making this easier. Chad says it's not hard for her to dismiss him. Chad asks what she was afraid of happening. Melanie thought maybe she would see a little bit of the man she used to be engaged to and cared about. Chad says that guy got burned no matter what he did or how he tried to protect her. Melanie calls him a real DiMera. Chad says he always was and asks if that was what attracted her in the first place. Chad gets a call from a board member and turns to answer. Chad thanks him and says he'll see him soon. Chad turns back around and Melanie is gone. Chad then gets another call.

Melanie goes to the club and jokes with T. He asks how long she's in town for. She responds that she's staying and wants to surprise Sonny but T tells her that he's not there. Melanie mentions seeing Chad and asks when Sonny will be back. T says it might be a while as he went to the hospital and then the other club. Melanie suggests maybe she will find Abigail then. T responds that he knows exactly where she is.

Abigail and Ben lay in bed together and talk. Ben brings up Abigail telling Jennifer about him and how it makes things feel serious. Ben says it meant a lot to him and kisses her.

Jordan goes to the DiMera Mansion to see Chad. She apologizes for bursting in. Chad asks if she's okay. Jordan tells him to be really careful as he cannot trust Kate.

Rafe goes to the hospital and asks Maxine if Marlena is around. Maxine sends him to her office and mentions to tell Gabi that she's thinking about her. Anne comes around the corner and waits for Theresa to come out of Paul's room. Anne stops Maxine and says they need to have a meeting as she has a problem with one of her nurses.

Theresa asks Paul about being interested in her. Paul asks how she could be surprised. Theresa brings up the women he dates. Paul says she's different and they have a connection. Theresa agrees and suggests they hang out and get to know each other better. Paul agrees and they kiss.

Maxine tells Anne to take her problem to the union and gets paged to Paul's room but gets stopped by a nurse about another patient. Anne rushes to Paul's room to interrupt and says they are about to have a visit. Maxine follows in and asks what's going on here. Paul happily responds that it's exactly what she thinks.

Clyde tells Marlena about being shocked when his dad wanted to play with him when he was young. Clyde recalls crying over a balloon popping and how his dad looked enraged that he killed the fun. Clyde says he was terrified and never cried in front of his dad again. Marlena questions him not crying since he was 5. Clyde doesn't know why it came up. Marlena has him close his eyes and wants him to think about his father. Clyde says he sees an angry, miserable man. Clyde feels he ruined his dad's happiness. Marlena tries to encourage him and says that's all for today. Clyde thought they would go farther. Marlena says it was bigger than he thinks and it's a process. She advises him to keep thinking about his father and how that anger affected him so they will pick up next time. Clyde thanks her and exits. Clyde walks on and greets Rafe as he leaves which seems to surprise Rafe.

Abigail wishes she could stay in bed with Ben all day. Abigail says she'll check her messages before work and tells Ben that he can shower. Abigail adds that he'd never get out if she went with him so he goes to shower.

Melanie doesn't want to barge in on Abigail while she's with Ben. T points out that Ben left his phone so she could drop it off. T calls Abigail and asks if Ben is there. He informs her that he has Ben's phone and Abigail says he thought he lost it. T asks if it's alright if someone drops it by and Abigail says sure. T writes down the address for Melanie and calls it a perfect surprise. Melanie thanks him and exits.

Maxine tells Paul that it's time to check his vitals and comments on Theresa. Paul says everything that happened is what he wanted. Maxine brings up the rules. Anne pulls Theresa out of the room and questions her getting Paul to kiss her. Theresa says she didn't get him to do anything and complains about her interrupting. Anne explains that Maxine was about to barge in. Theresa accuses her of being jealous. Anne admits she thought he was cool and attractive at once but he's not edgy enough. Theresa calls him so amazingly hot. Anne asks if he's a good kisser and pulls Theresa away to give details.

Chad laughs and tells Jordan that he's never trusted Kate so nothing would surprise him. Chad asks what she's done now. Jordan reveals that Kate is the reason Clyde found her as she brought him to town.

Kate goes to see Clyde and questions him blindsiding her. Kate says he was to honor his agreements or their relationship was done. Kate says they agreed to not let Jordan know that she brought him to town. Clyde says he kept that agreement. Kate asks why he would lie when that's the only way Jordan could've found out.

Rafe goes to Marlena's office. She asks how she can help him. Rafe says it's not him but Gabi. Rafe explains that Gabi is having a hard time with Will taking Arianna to California so he was hoping she could go see Gabi. Marlena agrees to go and asks what the problem is. Rafe tells her that it's Will.

Maxine allows Paul to get up and stretch so he exits his room. Sonny arrives with supplies and Paul watches him go.

Jordan explains to Chad how Kate went and found Clyde to tell him where she was. Chad tells her that she will not let Clyde ruin her life and he won't let him. Jordan is more worried about what Kate can do to Chad. Chad tells her not to be. Chad gets what she did was horrible but feels he owes Kate for bringing Jordan to town so that he could meet her.

Clyde swears that he hasn't said a word to anyone about her bringing him to Salem. Clyde then remembers then he might have slipped but blames Kate for it.

Abigail steps out of Ben's apartment. Melanie shows up outside and heads in, yelling surprise causing Ben to drop his towel as he's out of the shower, leaving Melanie embarrassed.

Jordan tells Chad about Kate sleeping with Rafe while they were together. Chad wants her to be completely honest as he asks if she still has feelings for Rafe.

Marlena mentions the studio keeping Will busy. Rafe points out that Arianna is what Gabi lives for. Marlena agrees to talk to Gabi and to Will. Rafe thanks her. Rafe mentions running into someone on the way in but stops. Marlena agrees to check with him when she goes to see Gabi. Rafe thanks her and exits.

Clyde recalls telling Ben about Kate not liking the coffee from back home. Kate asks how it's her fault. Clyde says when he slipped, he was thinking about how sexy she is. Kate calls it not helpful and worries about Rafe finding out. Clyde tells her that her bursting in just now was even hotter and took all his restraint as they kiss.

Theresa goes back to Paul's room but he's not there so she guesses that he went looking for her.

Paul follows Sonny into the supply room and locks the door. They look at each other before Paul grabs Sonny and kisses him.

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