Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/25/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/25/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ben gives Clyde a coffee at the club on the house and calls it starting to pay him back for helping with school. Clyde asks about the new club and working for Chad, who he reveals is the new co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

Chad goes to the hospital looking for Jordan. A nurse informs him that she's in the PT room with a patient. She adds that Chad can't go in but he ignores her and walks on.

Jordan works with Paul on physical therapy. Paul flirts with her so Jordan warns him that she'll get him a male therapist if he doesn't stop. Chad enters and they recognize one another.

Kate meets Marlena at her office and asks what the hell is going on with Will.

Eric asks Daniel what he's talking about so seriously. Daniel responds that it's Nicole.

Nicole gets out of the shower as there's a knock on the door. Nicole assumes it's Daniel and answers the door in just her towel only to see Melanie instead. Melanie is surprised and asks what she's doing there.

Abigail and Jennifer talk at home about being excited for Jennifer to be back and they will be working together at the hospital. Abigail mentions Daniel and apologizes. Jennifer tells her that she can continue what she was saying.

Eric asks what about Nicole. Daniel says he knows what she did was wrong but they are getting past that. Daniel informs him that he and Nicole are friends again. Eric asks if it's friendship or something more.

Melanie walks in asking where Daniel is. Nicole asks why she's back. Melanie asks why she's there and why she isn't wearing any clothes. Melanie then wonders why Daniel didn't tell her about them.

Ben remarks about Chad becoming CEO of his dad's company. They joke about Chad's accomplishments. Ben calls him a clown. Clyde was willing to give Chad the benefit of the doubt since Jordan seemed to like him but after today, he feels Ben is right about the guy.

Paul recalls reading about Chad in Will's article. Chad remembers Paul being in the magazine's previous article. Jordan tells Paul they are finished for today. Paul jokes with her and then realizes that Jordan and Chad are together. Paul jokes about striking out. Chad asks Paul why he's there. Paul says Jordan can explain the details. Jordan assures him that Chad is on the board so he won't say a word. Paul adds that he's sorry about EJ as he exits. Chad tells Jordan that he's officially the new co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Chad suggests celebrating and they kiss.

Eric says it's none of his business as they are both free and he knows their history. Eric adds that he knows they tried to help him and he saw the attraction himself. Eric gets them beers and asks Daniel if he's going to act on it now.

Nicole tells Melanie that she and Daniel are just friends. Melanie questions her being in a towel. Nicole explains spilling coffee and taking a shower. Melanie questions why Daniel is friends with her again. Nicole says she'll let him explain and wonders why he didn't mention Melanie coming back. Melanie says she wanted it to be a surprise. Nicole questions her hidden agenda. Nicole goes to dry off and tells her to make herself at home. Melanie comments that this is her home. Melanie checks outside the door and then locks the door. She goes to her purse filled with money.

Daniel tells Eric that he and Nicole are just friends and he can't handle anything more right now. Daniel admits there is an attraction so he doesn't know where this will lead. Daniel didn't plan this but doesn't think it's a good thing for them. Daniel adds that he would swear nothing would happen ever if there was a chance Eric and Nicole could work it out. Daniel tells him that Nicole wants Eric more than anything and he wouldn't screw that up if there was even a chance that Eric would want that.

Jennifer says they are all going to be working together at the hospital and her not being with Daniel doesn't change Abigail can't like or respect him. Abigail doesn't understand what happened. Jennifer says they realized they just aren't good together and she doesn't want to talk about it. She asks about how Abigail got her job back. Abigail reveals it was Chad, who has taken the DiMera seat on the board. Jennifer thinks he did it to make amends. Abigail doesn't want to talk about her past. Jennifer comments that Abigail is glowing and knows that's not because of Chad.

Chad jokes with Jordan about blowing off celebrating for a baseball player. Chad thinks something is going on with him. Jordan brings up their confidentiality agreement so no one can mention he's there. Chad asks about the surgery. Chad wonders what else Paul would have without baseball which surprises Jordan as Chad says he does have a heart.

Ben is glad someone else thinks the truth about Chad. Clyde doesn't think they are the only ones. Ben calls it weird to agree with Clyde on something. Clyde calls it nice and a small step. Clyde thanks him for the coffee. Clyde talks about missing home and mentions Kate being there. Ben admits it seems like Clyde is really trying with seeing Marlena. Clyde insists that he is.

Marlena questions Kate's aggression. Kate apologizes and says she's just upset that Will hasn't returned her calls and Sonny hasn't heard from him in days. Marlena reminds her that sticking their noses in their family's business never goes well.

Daniel points out that Eric hasn't answered the question. Eric tells him that he ran in to Nicole and wished her happiness. Eric assures him there is no chance he and Nicole will ever be together again. Eric is happy for them that they got over everything but he can't. Eric thanks him for being honest with him and they joke about the hammer & screwdriver he brought. Daniel is glad he got his own place. Eric shows Daniel one of his pictures from Africa. Daniel offers to help moving furniture if he needs but Eric says he's fine. Daniel thanks him for the beer. Eric tells him that they are good and can count on each other for anything except talking about Nicole. Eric thanks him and Daniel exits. Eric thinks back to his last argument with Nicole.

Nicole goes to leave but Melanie stops her and tells her that Abigail is her best friend and she loves Jennifer so she doesn't accept that things between Jennifer and Daniel are over. Nicole tells her to take that up with Daniel. Melanie was thrown seeing Nicole but feels they can dial it down a bit. Melanie says she only knows what she heard about Nicole over the past few years and isn't going to pursue her friendship. Nicole remarks that Daniel can make decisions on his own. Nicole points out that Daniel will be back soon and will ask her why she's back which she avoided answering earlier. Melanie asks if it's so hard to believe that she wanted to see him, her friends, and family. Nicole questions her just waking up one morning and flying across the ocean to surprise friends and family. Nicole asks for the real reason she's back. Melanie thought a little surprise would be nice to lift Daniel's spirits. She asks Nicole not to tell the whole town as she's trying to surprise people. Daniel comes home and is thrilled to see Melanie. She runs up and hugs him.

Kate thought Marlena would be more concerned. Marlena says Will has not been gone that long so they should give him some time. Kate calls it brilliant advice and exits.

Chad continues joking with Jordan. Ben comes in to see Jordan but stops when he sees Chad. Chad asks isn't he supposed to be working.

Abigail talks about her happiness with Ben and feels like the luckiest woman. Jennifer feels Ben is the lucky one and adds that Abigail deserves to be happy. Jennifer adds that JJ does too but he and Paige are in rough times. Jennifer tells Abigail that she deserves smooth sailing and she's so happy that she's finally with someone that really cares about her.

Daniel can't believe Melanie is back and they joke together. Nicole says she will let them catch up. Nicole welcomes Melanie home and says goodbye as she exits. Daniel asks Melanie about her sudden decision when she didn't even hint about coming back. Melanie questions Nicole answering the door. Melanie then says she's not being judgmental and he can be friends with who he wants but obviously she wouldn't be happy about her being there. Daniel states that before anything else, there is something they need to get straight.

Ben mocks Chad memorizing his schedule while opening a new club and running his dad's company too. Ben adds that he is working as they have a new account at the hospital and he's making a delivery. Chad tells him good work then and says he has business of his own. Ben remarks that Chad's probably planning a corporate takeover. Chad exits. Ben calls him such a jerk but Jordan says Ben really is.

Marlena visits Paul in his hospital room and asks how he's feeling.

Maggie comes out of the Pub and bumps in to Nicole. Maggie apologizes for being a million miles away and mentions getting surprised this afternoon. Nicole realizes she saw Melanie. Maggie asks how she knew and then realizes that Nicole was at Daniel's.

Daniel assures Melanie that Nicole is just a friend and that's all and they have gotten over their issues. Daniel wants to go back to being excited about seeing each other and they hug. Daniel asks how long she's going to stay. Melanie mentions talking to Maggie. Daniel questions her seeing Maggie before him. Melanie then tells Daniel that she's staying for good which shocks Daniel since Melanie didn't say anything about it just two days ago. Melanie calls it a good surprise. Daniel calls it just a little puzzling and asks if there is something she's not telling him. Daniel hopes she's not in trouble.

Jordan reminds Ben that he can't just flare up at Chad every time and points out that he has a lot on his plate. Ben assures her that it will be fine. Ben surprises her with her favorite coffee and she thanks him. Ben mentions Clyde saying that Kate didn't care for the coffee back home. Ben exits and Jordan wonders when Kate was there to have it.

Jennifer shows up at Eric's with a plant. She calls the house great and admits she's there on business as she needs pictures to promote the new pediatric wing. Jennifer says she's stayed on top of everything. Eric heard her mom is doing good and Abigail is back on track. Eric asks about things with Daniel. Jennifer says they hit the end of the road so it's time to take a new one. Eric mentions that Daniel was just there. Jennifer asks why then calls it none of her business. Eric says he just wanted to clear the air. Jennifer assumes because of Kristen but Eric tells her it was because of Nicole.

Nicole tells Maggie that Melanie wanted to surprise Daniel but she surprised her by opening the door. Nicole tells Maggie that she and Daniel are friends again no matter what. Maggie responds that she's good with that.

Melanie tells Daniel that if there was another reason, she would've come home. Melanie brings up everyone she gave up like Daniel, Maggie, Parker, Brady, and Abigail. Melanie says everything home was here and she came back after what happened to Gabi. Melanie mentions the friend moving here as well so she decided to come home. Daniel is happy she's staying and hugs her. Melanie adds that there is one other thing she wants to talk about as she could use his advice on.

Paul tells Marlena that he's doing fine. Marlena is glad to hear. She brings up him not wanting to talk. Paul assures her that he hasn't changed his mind and it's all good so Marlena exits.

Kate comes across Clyde in the town square. She suggests he keep his distance because she's in a rotten mood. Clyde is sorry to hear and says he'll catch up with her later. Clyde calls her the meanest in the valley. Jordan appears and sees them together. Kate says he always knows the right thing to say as they go their separate ways. Kate walks out of the town square where Jordan follows and says they need to talk now.

Ben returns to the club and finds Abigail. She jokes that she's stalking him but notes he's not in a good mood. Ben suggests they go outside so they exit the club. Abigail asks what's wrong. Ben says nothing now that she's here. Abigail accepts that they aren't going to talk about him so she tells him that she talked to Jennifer about him. Abigail says Jennifer could tell how happy she was so she told her it was because of Ben and they kiss.

Clyde goes to see Marlena in her office and thanks her for taking him on as a patient.

Kate asks if Jordan wanted to thank her for making Chad the co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Kate remarks that Chad will probably be tiring of her soon because she's way out of his league.

Chad sits at home, talking to Mr. Shin on the phone about how he can't wait to get started with the company.

Eric tells Jennifer that Daniel just wanted to tell him that he and Nicole are friends again. Jennifer says that's good and she's happy for them. Eric just wanted to let her know. Jennifer brings up more freelance work for him at the hospital. She praises his photos that he has up around his home. Jennifer asks why he never talks about Africa.

Maggie tells Nicole that it's good for Daniel to have his friends around him and that they worked things out. Maggie warns Nicole that if she hurts him again, she'll have to deal with her. Maggie walks off as Nicole comments that she's not messing around.

Daniel says it sounds like Melanie has the situation under control. Melanie is glad to hear him say that and says she has to go but will be back for dinner. Daniel tells her that she can stay there until she finds her own place. Melanie tells him that she already has her suitcase being brought up. Daniel mentions being so happy and how Parker will be too. Melanie says she will be home in three hours for dinner as she exits.

Paul's door opens and he is pleased by who comes in as he says that's what he calls hospitality.

Eric tells Jennifer that it brought him back to his faith. He recalls some of his time in Africa and wishes he could go back to that time in his life.

Daniel and Nicole meet at the Pub. Daniel guesses Melanie gave her a hard time. Nicole admits she was less than thrilled. Daniel lets her know that he set her straight. Daniel thinks she's okay with it but some things are going to be hard for her to deal with.

Chad finishes his call saying he will take care of business and make his father proud. Melanie enters and says it's good to see his finally admitting the man he really is.

Ben and Abigail finish kissing and head for his place.

Marlena asks about Clyde not wanting to be like his father. Clyde responds that his dad was a monster.

Jordan argues that Chad is kind and decent unlike Kate. Jordan says she knew Kate could stoop low but questions her doing this. Kate accuses her of always bringing drama and asks what plot she came up with now. Jordan shouts that Kate is responsible for bringing that psychopath Clyde to Salem.

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