Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/24/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/24/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate talks on the phone at the club about keeping things under wraps until an official announcement. Clyde enters and watches her. Kate says on the phone that this was her idea before hanging up and complaining about working with an arrogant brat. Clyde approaches and comments on Kate being a good liar.

Sonny questions Chad not telling him about becoming co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Chad says no one was supposed to know and blames T. Sonny tells him it wasn't T so it's not that secret. Chad assumes it was Jordan then leading to Sonny questioning Jordan knowing before him. Sonny feels the real reason Chad didn't tell him is because he's a Kiriakis.

Marlena and Roman surprise Eric at his new place.

Maggie answers the door at home and is surprised to see her granddaughter, Daniel's daughter Melanie has returned! Maggie can't believe Daniel didn't tell her but Melanie informs her that Daniel doesn't know, no one does which Maggie questions.

Nicole checks on Daniel and tries to wake him up. Daniel reveals he was playing and hits her with the ball. They go back to wrestling around together. Daniel ends up on top of her and they get close. Nicole points out him being on top of her. Daniel apologizes and helps her up. Nicole says she has a million things to do but this was fun. She tries to leave but Daniel stops her.

JJ tells Jennifer that it's really hard. JJ says it really doesn't have to do with Jack. Jennifer asks what it's about. JJ thinks back to being with Eve. JJ tells her that it's about him.

Maggie questions Melanie not telling anyone. Melanie says this was way more fun and she can't wait to see the look on Daniel's face and everyone else. Maggie promises not to tell. Melanie asks if Brady is there but he's not. Maggie thinks there is more to this. Melanie admits she could never fool her. Melanie announces that she's moving back to Salem for good which thrills Maggie and they hug.

Daniel tells Nicole that no matter how awkward this is, they can't run away from it. Nicole questions what he means. Daniel suggests going back to his place to talk as they need to. Nicole doesn't want to go to his place but somewhere public. Daniel insists that this is serious and private. Nicole refuses to go to his place. Daniel demands his place so she goes with him.

Jennifer tells JJ that he can tell her anything. The doorbell rings so JJ answers and Paige arrives. She apologizes and says she couldn't stay away.

Maggie questions Melanie not saying anything about moving back and not saying anything when they talked last week. Melanie jokes about being impulsive. Melanie says she knew it was something she had to do and it's been in her mind for a long time. Melanie adds that she missed her, Daniel, and Parker. Maggie says they missed her but asks about it all coming together. Melanie talks about realizing how fast Parker is growing up and she's missing all of it. Melanie adds that she's sorry about Nick. Maggie calls it less complicated for her now that he's gone. Melanie mentions a friend is moving here as well. Maggie assumes it's a guy and asks what his name is.

Clyde asks Kate if he can help. Kate says she has it under control. Clyde asks about it involving Chad. Kate asks why he would think that. Clyde calls it a gut instinct.

Sonny tells Chad that he didn't want to listen to Victor's warnings about him but maybe he was right. Chad questions Victor knowing and that being how Sonny found out. Sonny informs him that Victor does know and guesses that will be a problem for him.

Marlena praises Eric's new place and compliments his pictures from Africa. Roman offers to help with money but Eric says he's fine and thanks him for bringing a toaster oven. Roman admits that he was scared Eric was going to leave Salem when he first brought up moving. Roman is glad Sami is happy but is real glad that Eric still here as they hug.

Daniel and Nicole go back to his place and sit with coffee. Daniel decides he should start. Daniel reiterates that he's glad they are friends again. Nicole is too as she thought it was all over between them. Daniel admits their friendship meant a lot to him before and does now. Daniel calls it something he needs. Nicole feels the same. Daniel adds that it's not that simple as he can't deny there is an attraction. Nicole spills her coffee on herself which interrupts things.

Paige tells JJ that she has to talk to him. Jennifer comes in and Paige didn't know she was back. JJ says they were just talking about a few things. Jennifer heads to the kitchen to give them time to talk. Paige knows she said she would give him space but reminds JJ that she loves him. Paige says she came because she needs JJ to know that and asks if he loves her too.

Nicole cleans up and feels she embarrassed herself. Daniel guesses he was too blunt. Nicole jokes that she's fragile. Nicole admits that we have to talk is her most hated words. Daniel doesn't want to go backwards. He wants their friendship to trump everything. Nicole wants to stop this discussion. Daniel knows she hates talking but doesn't want to not being honest. Daniel wants to go first and admits being on the rebound is hard. Nicole agrees but doesn't think that's what this is about exactly.

Melanie informs Maggie that it's not a guy but a woman that she met in Europe and became friends with. Melanie adds that she hasn't met a guy since she met Salem and the only important guys in her life are Daniel , Brady, and a couple of friends. Maggie then informs Melanie that Chad is back. Melanie says that's good for him and claims she doesn't care. Maggie asks if she's sure about that. Melanie insists that he doesn't mean anything to her anymore. Melanie doesn't want to waste time talking about Chad and calls Maggie her favorite person as they hug.

Clyde brings up Chad barging in on them when they were alone. Kate points out that she hates phrases like alone time. Clyde notes that she's trying to change the subject. Clyde brings up Chad interrupting and assumes he's the problem. Chad calls Kate and informs her that Victor knows.

JJ tells Paige that this isn't the best time and offers to call her later. Paige apologizes and says she'll just go. JJ says he will see her later so she exits. JJ goes back in to the living room and sits down frustrated. Jennifer comes back in and asks him to please talk to her. JJ decides he will tell her everything.

Clyde steps away to wait for Kate. Kate asks if there's no way Chad is wrong on this. Chad tells her no as Sonny is there. Kate questions Chad telling Sonny but Chad tells her that Sonny heard it from Victor. Kate asks if anyone else knows. Chad says there is no one who will say anything. Kate demands to know who knows. Chad tells her that Jordan knows and T overheard. Kate complains. Chad adds that Stefano knows and he doesn't know how he found out but they can't be surprised. Kate says she can be angry and adds that they need to do damage control now. Kate sarcastically tells him he did a great job on his first day. Chad hangs up and Sonny asks how it went. Chad says this isn't funny and tells him he won't forgive it if Victor screws this up. Sonny reminds Chad of a deal they made that their family issues would not become their issues. Sonny brings up Stefano but Chad shouts that it's not about Stefano but about him.

Nicole tells Daniel that his friendship means the world to her so she doesn't want to screw it up again. Nicole admits there is an attraction. Daniel questions if they are admitting it and deciding to never act on it. Nicole questions never so Daniel points out it wouldn't be without a lot of serious thought. Nicole's phone rings so she goes to answer it but drops it. She reaches to pick it up only for Daniel's coffee to spill on her head.

Jennifer asks JJ what's going on. JJ says he's just so mixed up about Jack and now Paige finding out about it screwing everything up. JJ says he doesn't see it going back to how it was. Jennifer asks if Paige is upset about it. JJ says it's him as he doesn't know how he feels. He doesn't want to ruin things for he and Paige but sometimes feels like things will be ruined no matter what. Jennifer notes that he's so young and says she's learned the hard way that bad things happen but once they are in the past, they don't have to rule their future.

Melanie hears a door and asks if Brady or Victor are there. Maggie says they aren't and it was probably Henderson. Melanie asks how Brady is. Maggie says he's been to Hell and back but is doing better. Melanie can't wait to see him. Maggie suggests a family dinner after she surprises everyone. Melanie worries that Henderson saw her pull up so Maggie goes to make sure that he doesn't say anything. Melanie gets up and grabs her purse, which has stacks of money inside and pulls out her phone.

Daniel jokes with Nicole and she jokes about walking home. Daniel tells her to shower up and she can dry off then lock up on her own as he has stuff to do. Daniel apologizes. Nicole admits she's glad they talked. Daniel is too. Daniel then exits. Nicole takes a deep breath and says she can do this.

Melanie finishes texting and quickly puts her phone away as Maggie returns with Henderson. Henderson is happy to see her and swears to guard her secret. He welcomes her home and says she has made Maggie so happy. He exits and Maggie calls it an understatement. Maggie points out that Melanie looked in a rush when she came back in like she caught her in something. Maggie tells her that she can talk to her about anything if there is more to her return. Melanie admits it may be for the best and asks her to keep a secret because she doesn't want Daniel or Brady to find out. Maggie says she can and asks what's going on.

Chad gives Sonny a folder and reveals an agreement giving Sonny a bigger split of the profits. Chad says he began work on it as soon as he knew this was happening. Sonny is surprised. Chad knew he would have to step back more but still wants to be partners. Sonny questions thinking they can work together and make this work. Chad calls him his best friend and assures that's what he wants. Chad apologizes for not telling him as he doesn't like keeping things from him. Chad asks if they are good. Sonny hugs him and tells him they are good. Sonny agrees to let him get back to what he was doing. Sonny adds that he's really happy that he was wrong about everything. Chad understands but tells him not to take what Victor says at face value. Sonny reveals that Victor knows Chad has the job but didn't tell him, he just hinted at it. Sonny informs Chad that he told him when he got him to blow up. Chad calls him such a Kiriakis and says it was nicely played. Sonny hopes it works out for him and exits.

Kate makes a call and doesn't know what Victor will do with the information. She hangs up as Clyde returns to the table and asks if everything is okay. Kate says no. Kate says the whole world is finding out so she informs Clyde about her new co-CEO in Chad just when she thought she had broke through the glass ceiling for good. Kate jokes about being hopeful for this situation and mocks Chad. Clyde tells her that she won't have any trouble with Chad at all. Kate thanks him. Kate spots Sonny at the counter and says she has to talk to him. Clyde wishes her luck and exits. Kate approaches Sonny and says she's so glad that she ran into him as she's been leaving messages for Will but hasn't heard back. Sonny calls him a hard man to get a hold of. Kate asks if everything is okay. Sonny says his calls have been the same but assumes Kate came not to talk about Will but to lecture him about Victor and Chad. Sonny tells her that he's already talked to Chad about everything and they're good. Kate questions everything being good because Chad gave his word.

Clyde runs in to Chad outside the town square and congratulates him. Clyde says he heard the good news from Kate and suggests they all get together sometime. Chad knows he knows that would never happen so he questions why even suggest it.

Melanie tells Maggie that for the longest time, coming home meant thinking about everything that happened with Gabi and Chad. Melanie says one morning she was in a cafe next to this family that reminded her of Parker and it hit her that she was letting her past rule her present. Melanie was giving up them all because she ran in to some screwed up people in her past. Melanie says it's stupid to let Vivian, Gabi, Nick, and Chad keep her from the people she loves, who she wants to be and what she wants to be doing. Maggie calls it a mature attitude. Melanie jokes about her being mature as Maggie hugs her. Maggie tells her how happy she is. Melanie says talking to her has always made everything better so she will be counting on her. Maggie asks Melanie what's next.

Daniel goes to see Eric and brings him a hammer & screwdriver combination. Daniel jokes about not being good with housewarming gifts. Daniel comes in and asks if they can talk. Daniel says Eric is his friend and brings up Brady being his friend and having to work things out. Daniel has something to tell Eric to be straight with him as a friend but he's not sure he's going to like it.

Jennifer wants to help JJ but he doesn't know what she can do. She thinks she can help him see that he put what he found out about Jack in a place to not deal with it but now he does have to deal with it. Jennifer is sad that it's tearing him up inside. Jennifer offers to talk to Paige to help but JJ says no, he should be the one to talk to her. Jennifer supports whatever he decides. Jennifer assures him that she's not minimizing what Jack did but he owned what he did and made amends. Jennifer says that is what let Kayla and Jack both move on. JJ agrees that he owned what he did. Jennifer feels that's how JJ turned his whole life around before he met Paige. JJ decides he should stop talking and start thinking. Jennifer says she has errands to run and he can call if he needs her. Jennifer tells him that she loves him as she exits. JJ looks at Jack's photo and states that he made amends.

Sonny tells Kate that he and Chad are good no matter what Victor thinks. Kate asks what Victor thinks. Sonny explains that Victor sees the Kiriakis' and DiMeras as the Hatfields and McCoys. Sonny knows it used to be but it doesn't have to continue like that with he or Chad. Kate says Victor is a survivor because he's smart and wise and knows how things really are. Sonny points out Chad being Kate's co-CEO. Kate states that Chad is becoming more of a DiMera every single day.

Clyde tells Chad that he's all about fixing things with Jordan and he's started with Ben. Chad has never heard Jordan say a bad word about anyone but he can tell by her looks that she doesn't like Clyde and he won't use him to change that. Chad walks away.

Jennifer goes to the Pub and calls Marlena. She leaves a message wondering if she has a few minutes to talk as it's important.

JJ calls Paige and apologizes about before. Paige says it's okay as she was interrupting. JJ calls it complicated and assures her that he doesn't want to stop seeing her. JJ says it's complicated and he will tell her more when he sees her but for now, no one can know they are even talking especially not their moms. Paige doesn't understand. JJ promises to explain when he sees her.

Eric asks Daniel what he's talking about so seriously. Daniel responds that it's Nicole.

Nicole gets out of the shower as there's a knock on the door. Nicole assumes it's Daniel and answers the door in just her towel only to see Melanie instead. Melanie is surprised and asks what she's doing there.

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