Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/21/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/21/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

At the DiMera Mansion, Chad talks on the phone to T, making sure he keeps his mouth shut about him becoming co-CEO. Chad tells him that he's counting on him and he hangs up as Jordan arrives. Chad informs Jordan that something has happened and he wants her to hear it from him. Chad hopes it doesn't cause problems between them. Jordan wonders why it would. Chad says he will let her be the judge of that.

Sonny calls Will from the club and leaves him a message that he loves him, misses him, and hopes everything is okay. Victor appears and tells Sonny that his marriage is in trouble.

Eric and Marlena eat together at the Pub. Eric informs Marlena that he is moving.

Paige says she knows what happened that night messed with Eve's head and she really regrets sleeping with that guy. Daphne doesn't get why Eve would talk to her about that. Paige says she knows it seems weird but she had to tell her because the guy was still in her bedroom when she got home. Paige mentions seeing his coat.

Daniel comes out of a shop in the town square and runs in to Nicole. Nicole asks him what he bought. Daniel reveals a ball that he bought for her.

Maggie goes home from seeing Abigail. She thinks back to Daniel telling her about needing to give JJ his money clip back. Maggie goes and calls out to Abigail but she is already gone.

Eve adds that there is no way they can change what happened that night. Jennifer returns home and asks what exactly happened and what night they are talking about. JJ thought she wasn't coming back until later. Jennifer says she got an earlier flight and questions what they were talking about. Jennifer demands to know what happened.

Sonny tells Victor that his marriage is not in trouble. Victor questions Will not returning Sonny's calls. Sonny understands that Will is busy but Victor sees it as trouble that Sonny doesn't know what Will is doing.

Jordan asks Chad if something bad happened. Chad says not to him as he is psyched. Jordan asks why it would be bad for them. Chad notes her reaction to the mansion and most people's thoughts of the DiMera family. Jordan assures him that she doesn't have a problem with him being a DiMera. Chad says he wasn't a high profile member of the family but he will be when he becomes co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

Daniel jokes with Nicole about using the ball to work on her hand-eye coordination after she hit him with the football. Nicole jokes back that he couldn't catch the pass. Daniel brings up her worrying about hitting him. Daniel tells her this time they will play dodgeball one on one. Daniel has challenged her to a rematch this afternoon and Nicole realizes he's serious.

Paige tells Daphne about fighting with Eve over JJ so she wasn't there for her when she found out about the surgery. Daphne questions Eve sharing about her one night stand. Paige explains that Eve had no choice but to be honest. Daphne thinks she could've made something up. Paige regrets bringing up and insists that Eve loves her. Paige says people judge Eve because she's beautiful and guys like her but she won't let anyone put her down.

JJ hugs Jennifer and is glad she's back. Jennifer says her mom is good. Eve tries to leave but Jennifer points out that neither of them answered her question.

Marlena is surprised and a bit upset but understands. Eric then reveals that he's just moving a few blocks away. Marlena assures him that Caroline will be fine and adds that Eric has to get on with his life. Eric takes that as code and says they know what that really means.

Daniel talks about the pain from Nicole nailing him with the football and realizing that she was trying to be a good friend. Daniel admits his life isn't overflowing with friends these days and he can't afford to throw away one of his closest friends even when she tried to kill him. They laugh together as Nicole admits she missed being friends and Daniel feels the same.

Sonny assures Victor that Will is taking care of Sami and the kids so he's proud of him for that. Sonny feels he his half the problem because he's been so focused on the new club. Victor mentions that being a reason he's here because he's running into problems. Sonny feels he's screwing up his personal life and his business. Victor questions Sonny as to how far in debt he is to Chad.

Jordan turns away as Chad questions her not saying anything. Jordan asks what this involves. Chad assures her that he will still have time for a personal life. Jordan appreciates him telling her in person. Jordan says it won't change her opinion of him and congratulates him with a kiss.

Daphne explains that she wasn't putting Eve down but just worried about what it will be like for Paige. Paige talks about what Eve's life has been like. Paige says Eve is always there when she needs her and now Eve needs her. Daphne says she gets it and apologizes then leaves for class. Paige grabs her bag and then bumps into Maggie. Maggie mentions trying to call JJ but his message box is full. Maggie asks how they are doing.

Jennifer says all she can think of is they were talking about Jack's book royalties again. Eve tells her that she's wrong. Jennifer asks what happened the other night. They talk about Eve not approving of JJ and Paige. Jennifer asks if something happened with JJ and Paige. JJ says yeah but Eve says it also involves her. Eve suggests telling her everything even if they don't want to.

Sonny tells Victor that Chad is one of his best friends. Victor argues that money can come between best friends and Sonny's neck is on the line while big changes are happening in Chad's life. Sonny asks what kind of changes. Victor says no matter how he tries to spin it, Chad is a DiMera and Sonny is a Kiriakis which never goes away. Victor then exits.

Chad asks Jordan to keep the news to herself for a few hours because he would be in big trouble if it got out before the big announcement. Jordan asks why but Chad can't explain. Jordan appreciates that he trusted her enough to tell her. Chad jokes with her about having dinner. Jordan asks who the other co-CEO is and then realizes it's Kate. Jordan questions if it was her idea.

Eric assures Marlena that he's not getting an apartment because he's ready to start dating yet. Marlena encourages that it could be the beginning of his transition. Marlena hopes he hasn't given up on relationships because of Nicole.

Nicole tells Daniel that she has an errand to run but she can do it later. Daniel agrees to meet her at the park in an hour. Nicole asks what Daniel has to do. Daniel says it's just personal stuff. Nicole jokes with him about buying her more sports equipment. They agree to meet later and Nicole walks away.

Paige tells Maggie that she and JJ are good. Paige tells her it was nice seeing her and goes to leave but Maggie stops her and asks if Daniel ever gave JJ back his money clip. Paige asks why Daniel would have JJ's money clip.

Jennifer tells Eve that she doesn't think JJ feels the same way. Eve assures that JJ would explain everything eventually as difficult as it would be. Jennifer asks what she is talking about. Eve says it's about what happened that night. Eve then tells Jennifer that Paige found out something that caused a problem for her and JJ. Jennifer asks what it was. JJ explains that Paige found out about Jack and Kayla. Eve says that's why they didn't want to talk to her about it. Jennifer questions what part Eve has in it and what she's done to her son.

Chad admits the co-CEO is Kate which upsets Jordan. Chad says he's only going to be working together. Jordan points out they will also be living together. Jordan worries that Kate will start talking about her. Chad insists he can handle her but Jordan brings up that Rafe said that too. Chad didn't want to upset her. Jordan apologizes as Kate is a flash point for her. Jordan tells Chad that she is happy for him. Chad asks if they can still go out to celebrate. Jordan says they will later as she has to get to work. Chad's phone rings and Jordan exits. Chad answers the call.

Maggie starts to explain but gets a call. Paige tells her it's okay and exits. Maggie answers the call from Daniel, asking where she is. Maggie says she's running errand then on her way home. Daniel asks to meet her there. Maggie asks what's on his mind. Daniel tells her that it's Jennifer.

Jennifer asks JJ what happened and how Eve is part of this. JJ thinks back to arguing with Eve about sleeping together. JJ tells Jennifer that Eve is part of it because she's Paige's mom. Jennifer asks if Eve told Paige about Jack and Kayla to cause trouble. Eve says she could've told her way before if she wanted to. JJ admits Eve didn't tell Paige. Eve does take partial responsibility. Jennifer argues that JJ was so happy with Paige and warns Eve about having anything to do with this.

Eric tells Marlena that Nicole was the first love of his life and he's not sure he will ever get completely over her but there were other important times in his life. Eric brings up studying for the priesthood in Africa which Nicole had no part of. Eric tells Marlena that she's worried for no reason. Eric adds that he may not be completely over Nicole but he knows there is no going back.

Daniel meets Maggie at the Kiriakis Mansion and brings up Jennifer coming home tonight. Daniel informs Maggie that he's decided he needs to see Jennifer again to clear the air about anything he might have said that hurt her. Maggie wishes it worked out. Daniel doesn't want her to feel awkward with Jennifer because it didn't. Maggie says she's known Jennifer all of her life and she's family so they will always be fine. Daniel says one thing they have in common is how much they both still need Maggie. Maggie hugs him and calls it sweet.

Eric exits the Pub with his bags and runs in to Nicole, who asks where he is going.

Eve admits that she and Kayla were talking about it and Paige overheard by mistake. Eve says she was driving by and saw JJ so she decided to check on him. Jennifer questions Eve caring about JJ's feelings. Jennifer asks JJ if he and Paige broke up over this. JJ says they are taking a break. Jennifer says it's not over then. Eve states that they are both young but they can't undo the past. Jennifer argues that it's Jack's past not JJ's. Eve says once things have happened, they can't change it or feelings about it. Jennifer wants to speak to JJ alone. Eve thinks they have said everything they need to say to each other. Eve then exits. Jennifer hugs JJ.

Jordan goes to the hospital and calls Chad, leaving a message that she is really happy for him. Jordan hangs up and runs in to Marlena. Marlena asks about Chad getting good news. Marlena mentions Chad having a hard time lately and he deserves some good news. Jordan says that they may be the only ones who feel that way.

Chad finishes a call with a board member and wants to have a good working relationship with them all. Sonny arrives. Chad greets him and asks who's watching the club. Sonny says there is two now so he thought they should touch base. Sonny questions Chad about this big change coming in his life.

Maggie tells Daniel that now that Parker is with Chloe, they expect him for dinner once a week. Daniel says he will be there more than that. Daniel states that he will never take anyone he loves for granted again as they hug.

Nicole asks Eric if he's going on a trip. Eric says no. Nicole asks if he's leaving. Eric says he's just moving a few blocks. Nicole says it's great and asks where his new place is. Eric asks if it really matters. Nicole says she just wanted to think of him in a nice place. Eric says he wants the best for her too. Eric wishes her well and says the best decision is for them to go their separate ways. Nicole agrees not to track him down and wishes him luck in his new place as she then walks away.

Paige goes home and texts JJ that she knows he needs time but she's thinking of him. Paige grabs her bags and Eve then comes home. Eve asks if she's going to see JJ. Eve says she has something important to tell her first.

Daniel and Nicole meet in the park to play dodgeball. Daniel goes over the rules. Daniel starts early and hits her with the ball twice. Daniel catches Nicole with the ball over and over. Nicole misses her throw while Daniel continues to hit her with the ball. Daniel avoids Nicole's throws and keeps getting her out. Daniel catches her throw and Nicole jokes that she's not having a good time and calls him a ball hog. Daniel decides he'll take the ball and go home then but Nicole jumps on his back and wrestles with him over the ball as they fall to the ground. Nicole laughs then begins to worry as Daniel is knocked out.

Eve sits with Paige and tells her that she stopped by to talk to JJ. Paige questions why. Eve says she wanted to know why he was breaking it off with her. Paige calls it none of her business. Eve says she just wanted to know. Eve thinks JJ needs some time away from Paige. Paige turns away upset. Eve adds that she thinks JJ is ready to let her go and she should let that happen.

Jennifer sits with JJ and wants him to talk to her. JJ talks about how Paige really likes Kayla and looks up to her. JJ says she couldn't deal with finding out what Jack did. Jennifer offers to talk to Paige but JJ tells her no. Jennifer wants to try but JJ insists. Jennifer says she won't push it but she would love to explain it to Paige. JJ says everything is just a mess right now and Paige sees him differently so there is no going back. JJ declares the best thing to do may be to break up with her. Jennifer points out that is what Eve wants. JJ doesn't see how he can be with Paige. Jennifer argues that none of it was his fault. Jennifer talks about how Jack would hate that his past is hurting JJ now. JJ responds that it's not about what Jack did.

Marlena talks about Chad having his share of misery by being a DiMera. Marlena adds that the DiMera family have hurt so many people in this town including Marlena and her children. Marlena declares that's no so easy to forget.

Chad assumes that T couldn't keep his mouth shut. Sonny can't believe Chad told T before him. Chad explains that T overheard him on the phone. Chad says there's about to be a big announcement in a few hours. Sonny argues that he's his best friend and questions him not telling him. Chad announces that no one was supposed to know that he's going to be announced as co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

Eric goes to his new apartment and begins unpacking his boxes. He opens a box and finds a church photo which he displays on a shelf. Eric prays for God to bless his new home and this new start. Eric wonders if this will be the place where he finally figures out what God has in mind for him.

Nicole checks on Daniel and tries to wake him up. Daniel reveals he was playing and hits her with the ball. They go back to wrestling around together. Daniel ends up on top of her and they get close to kissing.

Paige asks Eve if JJ said he doesn't want to be with her anymore. Eve says she got the very clear impression that he can't be with her right now. Paige argues that she knows nothing for sure. Eve doesn't want her hurt again. Paige declares that she and JJ are going to be together and there's nothing Eve can do about it. Paige then storms out. Eve mutters that she's not going to let Paige be with JJ and she's going to make sure of it.

Jennifer doesn't know what JJ thinks he did but tells him that she's there for whatever he needs no matter what. JJ calls her the best. JJ doesn't know why she puts up with him sometimes. Jennifer tells him that she loves him and nothing he can say will ever change that. JJ isn't sure he could tell her even if he wanted. JJ adds that it's really hard. JJ says it really doesn't have to do with Jack. Jennifer asks what it's about.

Maggie answers the door at home and is surprised to see her granddaughter, Daniel's daughter Melanie has returned!

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