Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/20/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/20/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad talks on the phone outside the club to a board member about becoming co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. T overhears him and congratulates him. Chad questions what he thinks he's doing.

Stefano says on a phone call that he understands and hangs up.

Eve talks with Paige at home. Paige is upset because JJ wasn't in class and she thinks he is avoiding her.

JJ works out at home and thinks back to being with Eve and then trying to end things with Paige. JJ wonders why she wouldn't just listen to him. Abigail comes in and asks what's wrong. JJ responds that everything is wrong.

Aiden sits with Chase as Chase comments that Hope is rich like Meredith was. Aiden teaches him that how much money one has is not important.

Hope wonders why Aiden would search her name and money fortune. Caroline approaches and asks how she is.

Theresa confronts Brady at the hospital and questions him showing up at her work.

Paige tells Eve that she thinks JJ wants to break up. Eve asks if he said that. Paige says not exactly but he was really upset. Paige feels JJ is hung up on stuff from a long time ago. Eve brings up JJ's past. Paige says it's about Jack and what he did. Eve is sure it's a big deal for JJ and suggests Paige give him space and let him go. Paige argues that JJ needs her to be with him so he's not dealing with this alone. Paige refuses to let JJ push her away. Eve asks what she can do. Paige says she can make him change his mind.

Abigail tells JJ that he cannot let what Jack did ruin things for he and Paige. JJ says he needs some space. Abigail mentions that Jennifer comes back tonight so he can talk to her about it. JJ says Paige will move on. Abigail questions this being a permanent thing. JJ wants her to go. Abigail asks if he still loves her. JJ says he does so Abigail asks what the real problem is.

Aiden tells Chase not to talk about anyone's money anymore. Aiden hugs him and sends him to school with his friend.

Hope tells Caroline that everything is fine and she just read something on the internet that threw her. Caroline recognizes Aiden's briefcase on the table. Caroline reminds her that it's okay to her that they are seeing each other. Caroline comments that Aiden seems like a straightforward and honest man. Aiden then returns.

Brady asks Theresa why he shouldn't be at the hospital. Theresa says she works here and brings up what he did to her. Theresa complains about Brady telling Victor, who told Shane. Theresa accuses him of trashing her and showing up here to rub it her in face. Brady stops her and takes her into a separate room.

Eve suggests Paige back off because JJ needs his space. Paige says she hasn't called or texted but she won't let him go because they love each other and she won't let that end. Eve declares that it has to.

Abigail comments that JJ is obviously holding something back. JJ turns it on her and questions her about not coming home last night. Abigail brings up Ben so JJ understands. JJ remarks that Ben seems a lot better than EJ or Chad. JJ encourages her to go for it. Abigail warns him not to tell Jennifer. JJ responds that he knows how to keep a secret. Abigail points out that he is right now and asks what's really going on with Paige.

Aiden greets Caroline. She recalls not being very friendly when she first found out they were seeing each other and how she wanted to apologize. Aiden tells her that there's no need and he's glad she is okay with them now. Aiden hopes they get to know each other better and invites her to join them for coffee. Caroline has to go and suggests they come to the Pub which Aiden agrees to. Caroline exits and Aiden sits back down with Hope. Aiden asks her what's going on. Hope hands him the tablet and asks him to explain as he opens up to see the search.

Eve continues to suggest Paige let go and move on. Paige argues that JJ still loves her. Eve doesn't want her to get hurt anymore. Paige tells her that she can take care of herself and they aren't going to talk about this anymore. Paige exits to go study with Daphne. Eve calls JJ a little bastard.

Abigail tells JJ that he can't let what Jack did ruin things for he and Paige. JJ responds that it already has and he can't see it ever going back to how it was. Abigail argues that it can and brings up Jack being her dad too. Abigail says she felt the same way before too. Abigail explains how Jack became self destructive and was totally lost but ended up so regretful about it and turned his life around. Abigail says Jack's heart would break if he knew what he did was causing JJ to doubt himself. Abigail insists that Jack loved them and would want to know his children were living their lives without shame. JJ feels it's too late for that but Abigail says it's not. Abigail says anyone can see how much they care about each other so she encourages him to not let Paige go because he did nothing wrong and he deserves to be happy.

Brady apologizes to Theresa if Victor made trouble with Shane because it wasn't his intention and he will tell him to back off. Theresa feels Brady is still at the hospital to rub it in. Brady informs her that he's on the board and has a meeting while he hoped they wouldn't run into each other. Brady understands they have to see each other around town but he hopes it won't turn into a scene. Theresa suggests he text her before he shows up but Brady says no contact and if something comes up, they will deal with it. Theresa tells Brady that she is the best thing that ever happened to him and he blew it.

Chad finishes his call and questions T eavesdropping. T tries to explain. Chad apologizes and says he's just been under a lot of stress. T calls it a hell of a job. Chad warns him that no one can know about this. T asks if Sonny knows. Chad says no and it stays that way. T comments on being the only person that knows and agrees not to say a word. Chad gets a call from Stefano and remarks that he thinks someone else knows.

Hope questions Aiden about the tablet. Aiden calls it a misunderstanding. Hope feels she searched him so he searched her and questions her money being important to him. Aiden tells her that she has it all wrong and he can prove it to her. Aiden and Hope exit the town square to talk. Hope questions him. Aiden informs her that it's not his tablet, it's Chase's. Aiden shows her the games on it. Hope realizes he wasn't the one checking on her finances. Aiden assures her that was Chase and he will talk to him about it tonight. Aiden says money is Chase's latest fascination. Hope apologizes for jumping to a conclusion. Aiden tells her that it's okay. Hope brings up them not knowing her financial situation until Ciara talked about going to New Orleans. Aiden informs her that he knew she was wealthy before that.

Brady questions Theresa thinking she was the best thing to happen to him. Brady brings up everything she did to him. Theresa argues that she made him happy and he loved all of it. She thinks he still does. Brady calls her delusional and says he's moved on. Theresa disagrees and says she has.

Eve goes to see JJ and questions what the hell he's trying to pull.

Abigail goes to see Maggie. Maggie gives her a recipe. Abigail talks about Jennifer coming home tonight and how excited Jennifer was for Abigail getting her job back. Abigail mentions that Jennifer was toying with the idea of a new job just the other day. Maggie asks about Jennifer and Daniel. Abigail hopes they work things out but Maggie says it doesn't seem likely. Maggie asks Abigail how she got her job back. Abigail informs her that Chad got her job back which makes things complicated.

Chad answers the call from Stefano. Stefano questions when he was planning on telling him. Chad responds that he was going to let him find out on his own. Stefano questions Chad working with Kate all along. Chad admits it and says he thought she was his best bet for a power play. Stefano informs him that he's made a huge mistake.

Aiden explains to Hope that Father Louis spilled about her donation before the gala. Aiden explains how Father Louis knew that Aiden would up her donation. Hope jokes with him. Aiden says her money is not on his radar and kisses her.

Theresa tells Brady that it took her two seconds to get over him and her new guy is rich, hot, and talented. Theresa says the guy is crazy about her so she won't be waiting for Brady's call. Theresa mocks Brady as being a trust fund baby. Brady hopes it all works out for her. Theresa tells him not to worry about running in to her because they are done. Theresa then exits the room.

Paige goes to the park with Daphne and tells her about Eve wanting her to break up with JJ. Daphne talks about Eve never liking Paige and JJ together so she shouldn't be surprised. Paige points out that Eve said she would give them a chance just yesterday and now is telling her to give up on JJ when he needs her the most. Daphne comments that Eve sounds not all there. Paige thinks she knows Eve is acting so weird because of a guy.

Eve warns JJ to do what he promised and questions him sending the wrong signals. JJ says he tried his best. Eve yells at him that he failed because now Paige thinks she can't let him go. JJ shouts back that he does still love her.

Abigail tells Maggie about the big debate as to why Chad helped her. Abigail says she's defended him but a small voice tells her to listen to Melanie. Abigail recalls telling Melanie when she and Chad got back together the last time and that she warned her to be careful because there were parts of Chad that no one could ever really know. Abigail admits that Chad has a dark side that can be scary.

Chad tells Stefano that he stands by what he did and doesn't care about his threats. Stefano tells him that he did not call to threaten him but to congratulate him. Chad is surprised. Stefano reveals that he has no idea how proud he's made him.

Hope and Aiden talk things over and joke around. Aiden likes that she challenges him and they kiss.

Paul reads Sonix magazine that Will writes for. Theresa returns to his room and tells him that she thought of fun ideas for them when he's better. Theresa suggests going to a bar for some quality time or they could stay in bed and watch movies. Paul says hopefully it won't be too long. Paul complains of the painkillers and says whatever gets him through the night. Theresa flashes back to Brady saying the same thing.

Daphne asks Paige about Eve and a guy. Paige goes over Eve not being able to have her surgery and being depressed. Paige informs her that Eve had a one night stand with some guy. Paige doesn't know who it was. Daphne asks what it has to do with her and JJ. Paige says it might be everything.

Eve tells JJ that she understands they love each other but she loves Paige too and he has to understand. JJ says he did everything he could to break it off. Eve argues that he didn't. JJ argues that she was being so nice and understanding so he couldn't hurt her. Eve points out that he already has. JJ says if no one tells her, then everything would be fine. JJ insists he would make her happy and not make any more mistakes. Eve argues that all he does is make mistakes. Eve tells JJ to let Paige go. JJ tells her to stop telling him what he has to do because he doesn't have to do anything she says.

Chad questions making Stefano proud by going behind his back, entering a conspiracy, and seizing control. Stefano calls it exactly what he would've done at his age. Chad points out that Stefano will lose a huge pile of money. Stefano feels that Chad restored the DiMera name and people everywhere will know the DiMeras are back which is worth more than money. Stefano assumes it wasn't Kate's idea. Chad admits that she had a fit. Stefano calls that excellent. Stefano feels Chad has the steel core that EJ lacked. Chad admits this call was not what he expected. Stefano hopes his new position won't interfere with Chad's relationship with Jordan as he hangs up.

Theresa tells Paul that she just remembered something that someone said some time. Paul feels it made her sad and apologizes for killing the mood. Theresa encourages that she doesn't live in the past and wants to concentrate on the present and all future possibilities.

Hope goes to the hospital and sees Brady. Brady wants to take Ciara out to lunch again and they agree on Saturday. Brady asks how things are with Aiden. Hope responds that they are getting better all the time. Brady is glad for her and knows it's bittersweet because of Bo but she has to move on. Brady comments that she looks happy. Hope admits that she is. Brady knows it was a rocky start but says Aiden seems like a good guy. Brady then walks away.

Aiden talks with Chase at school about his tablet and wants Chase to promise to stop with the money questions. Chase says he gets it. Aiden tells him that what's important is how people are on the inside. Aiden says how much money one has is not important and encourages him not to talk to anyone about that.

Paige doesn't think Eve is telling her the whole truth about the guy. Paige thinks Eve had feelings more than just a one night stand and that maybe why Eve is telling her to walk away from JJ so that she doesn't get hurt like she did. Paige says she knows what happened that night messed with Eve's head and she really regrets sleeping with that guy.

Eve calls JJ a son of a bitch and questions him loving Paige when he slept with her mother. JJ knows it was awful. Eve declares that he and Paige are finished forever. Eve adds that there is no way they can change what happened that night. Jennifer returns home and asks what exactly happened and what night they are talking about.

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