Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/19/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/19/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail wakes Ben up with coffee in bed. Ben thanks her and kisses her.

Clyde goes to Marlena's office and thanks her for making time for him.

Hope and Ciara sit at the town square. Ciara wants to order food but Hope says Aiden and Chase invited them to breakfast so it would be rude to start without them. Aiden and Chase arrive. Aiden apologizes for being late. Hope is glad he could make it and Aiden is as well.

Brady has a nightmare about seeing a photo of he and Kristen and then of he and Theresa with a baby. He imagines Theresa coming in with a baby and then wakes up.

Theresa has a nightmare about what happened to her and then wakes up, wondering what she was dreaming about.

One of the men who kidnapped Theresa is in the park. He gets a call from Kristen's doctor, Mandrake. Mandrake asks for an update and tells him he wants this taken care of today as he looks at a photo of Theresa.

Aiden jokes with Hope as they think back to their night together. Chase asks why they are smiling so much. Ciara responds that they are dating and asks if they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Brady joins Maggie in the living room at the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie invites him for breakfast but Brady says he has a ton of work to do. Maggie congratulates him on his promotion and says she and Victor are so proud of his hard work since he's been sober. Brady brings up his latest drama with Theresa. Maggie says Victor had some choice words. Brady is sorry that situation went as far as it did but assures that he is done with Theresa for good.

Eve goes to Theresa's. Theresa asks what she's doing there. Eve tells her that she wasn't answering her cell phone and their dad is trying to reach her as he is unhappy about her lying to Brady.

Paul wakes up from a nightmare in his hospital bed. The nurse asks if he's alright and he says it was just a bad dream.

Marlena tells Clyde that she has a full case load so she's unsure about taking him on as a patient. Clyde talks about seeing a psychiatrist in the past. Marlena asks what his motivation was. Clyde is unsure where to start so Marlena suggests the beginning.

Ben and Abigail continue kissing in bed. Ben comments that he could get used to starting his mornings like this. Abigail feels the same and says this is the first time she ever spent the night with someone. Ben hopes it's the first of many. Ben jokes with her about hogging the sheets. Ben declares that last night was perfect and they continue to joke together. They agree it was perfect and still is. Ben says there is nothing he would rather do than hold her in his arms.

Brady wants to make amends with Maggie. She feels he already has. Brady explains that everyone tried to steer him away from Theresa but he was stubborn and pushed everyone away. Brady insists he won't do that again as he realizes how lucky he is to have friends and family by his side. Brady wants to repay her. She says it's not necessary but Brady thinks it is. Brady wants to be there for everyone who was there for him. Brady says he had a good conversation with John before he left for Europe so he'll try to resolve things with him too. Maggie is proud of Brady owning up to his mistakes as she knows it isn't easy. Brady is ashamed of hateful things he's said to her over the year when she just showed him love and support. Brady asks Maggie to be his sponsor again. She excitedly hugs him and accepts.

Theresa questions Eve telling their dad and humiliating her. Eve explains that Victor called Shane and Kimberly about it. Eve adds that she told Shane that Theresa would call him to fill in the details. Eve brings up her story. Theresa argues that she was clearly pregnant and wasn't lying. Eve states that Brady obviously hates her now more than before. Eve asks Theresa what her crazy plan is to get her hooks back in him.

Abigail and Ben talk about wanting to stay in bed together even though they have to go to work. Abigail asks about work and school getting too much for him. Ben says he could never ask Clyde for anything else and he has a ways to go before he can trust that it's for real.

Clyde tells Marlena about not wanting to be like his father. Marlena informs him that their time is up. Clyde hopes they can continue later. Marlena agrees to check her schedule or atleast recommend a colleague. Clyde thanks her for meeting him and he exits.

Hope tells the kids that she and Aiden are dating and she hopes they are okay with that. Chase says as long as they aren't kissing all the time. Aiden agrees to try and restrain. Aiden asks Ciara if she is still okay with all of this. Ciara says she wants Hope to be happy but asks what about Bo. Ciara asks if they'll still be a family. Hope assures her that Bo will always be her dad. Ciara asks if she can still talk about him. Hope says no one is asking her to forget about him. Chase asks Aiden the same about forgetting his mom. Aiden assures that no one is forgetting anyone and they are just getting to know each other better. Ciara brings up the food so Hope calls the waiter over to order.

Theresa tells Eve that she's through with Brady because he doesn't want her. Eve points out it didn't stop her before. Theresa says Brady is no fun anymore and now she needs fun. Theresa adds that she wasted so much time on Brady when he wasn't worth it. Eve hopes she means it so they can both move on from certain dreams not coming true. Theresa says she's sorry about her singing career. Eve adds that she's sorry about Brady. Eve encourages her to move on and not look back. Eve tells her to make sure there's no loose ends. Eve says she'll take care of everything and reminds Theresa to call Shane. Eve exits as Anne calls Theresa to tell her she's late. Anne orders Theresa to her office and says they need to talk.

Maggie tells Brady that she'll let him get to work. Brady is glad they talked. Maggie suggests going to a meeting later and Brady agrees that would be great. Maggie says she's so excited for him and can't wait to see where he goes from here. Maggie exits. Brady wonders where he does go from here.

Theresa exits the town square as Shane calls. Theresa apologizes for not calling back as her phone was off. One of Kristen's men appears and follows Theresa out.

Aiden, Hope, and the kids eat their meals. Maggie arrives and greets them. Ciara informs Maggie that Hope and Aiden are boyfriend and girlfriend now. Maggie mentions going to the post office. Ciara asks if she can go with her to the pet store that is nearby. Hope agrees to let her go and Maggie invites Chase too. Maggie takes the kids with her. Hope apologizes to Aiden for Ciara. Aiden doesn't care if the whole world knows they are seeing each other but he knows it may be uncomfortable for her if people ask questions about Bo. Hope states that she's fine with that now as she is ready to answer those questions. Hope tells Aiden that she very much enjoys being with him and she doesn't care who knows about it. Hope and Aiden kiss.

Marlena visits Paul and asks how he's feeling. Paul responds that he's not too bad and didn't expect to see her again. Marlena wanted to follow up with him. Paul insists he's fine but Marlena thinks it could be helpful for him to talk. Paul knows he may never pitch again. Paul tells her that there is no reason to assume he's screwed up in the head. Marlena explains that she didn't say that. Paul insists that he only needs his shoulder fixed not his head. Marlena offers her help but Paul says it won't be needed so she exits.

Eve arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Brady. Eve says she's just upset about what happened between he and Theresa. Eve adds that she feels terrible about what Theresa did to him. Brady invites her in to the living room. Eve talks about Theresa swearing she thought she was pregnant. Brady calls it a big misunderstanding. Eve brings up all that Theresa put him through including putting John in a coma.

Theresa goes to the hospital still on the phone with Shane and asks why he'd listen to Victor. Kristen's man continues to follow her. Theresa tells Shane that she thought she was pregnant but now knows she wasn't. Theresa wants to put it all behind her. Theresa says she has to go to work and hangs up. Anne approaches. Theresa questions her big emergency. Anne points out her being an hour late. Anne informs Theresa that she got some real interesting news that she won't like. Theresa can't imagine things getting worse. Abigail appears and greets them. Theresa questions what she is doing there. Abigail reveals that she got her job back.

Clyde goes to the club where Ben is working. Ben informs him that he found an apartment and has moved in. Ben admits he would have never been able to afford it if Clyde didn't pay for his school. Clyde calls it the least a dad can do for his boy and he has a lot of making up to do.

Maggie brings the kids back to Aiden and Hope. The kids joke about the pets they saw. Hope thanks Maggie for taking them. Maggie is glad to see Hope so happy. Maggie asks Hope about bringing Aiden and Chase to Thanksgiving dinner. Hope tells her that all four of them will be there. Maggie offers to drop the kids off at school since she's passing St. Luke's. Aiden reminds Chase that he had plans to ride with another friend. Hope hugs Ciara and sends her with Maggie. Aiden asks Chase if he's okay as he watches. Chase says that he is.

Eve tells Brady that she would've forced Theresa to come clean much earlier if she knew. Brady says he doesn't blame Eve. Eve hopes Brady isn't taking any legal action against Theresa. Brady says he won't press charges and John won't either. Eve calls it generous but Brady says he just wants that nightmare behind him. Brady adds that Eve could do a favor for him. He says he and Theresa were never really right for each other so he hoped Eve could talk to Theresa and make her understand that it would be best if they stay out of each others' lives for good.

Theresa thought Abigail was banned for life. Abigail tells her that the board had a change of heart. Theresa asks about Sami. Abigail says that Sami doesn't live here anymore. Theresa remarks about Abigail being on the prowl again. Anne tells Theresa not to make rude remarks. Abigail gives Theresa a confidentiality form about Paul to sign. Theresa recognizes Paul's name and knows him from the gossip magazines. Abigail says the agreement will mean she can't gossip or talk about Paul. Theresa mocks Abigail as she leaves them. Theresa and Anne agree on hating Abigail. Theresa mentions a celebrity being there in Paul and wonders what he's doing in Salem. Anne says only Daniel could help him. Theresa talks up Paul as super hot and loaded so he's exactly what she needs to get over Brady. Anne tells Theresa that she saw Paul first and he expressed interest. Theresa questions who Paul would pick between them.

Clyde asks Ben if he's cutting back his hours for more time at school. Ben wishes he could but says Chad and Sonny want him to manage the new club. Ben hopes he can talk Sonny in to staying here and cutting his hours a bit. Clyde encourages him to focus on school as well as Abigail. Ben sees that Clyde has Marlena's business card and asks if he's seeing a shrink.

Aiden tells Hope not to leave yet so he can give a proper goodbye as he takes Chase to go with his friend. Aiden leaves his tablet with Hope to use as her battery was dying.

Eve continues talking about how Theresa has always been. Eve says Theresa is just not Brady's type or in his league. Eve tells Brady that she's there if he needs to talk and decides to go. Eve exits, saying to herself that Theresa really blew it as she could've had the mansion and a fine man too.

Theresa goes to Paul's room and offers to help him with his shoulder. Paul notes that she's not his therapist or a nurse. Theresa says she's there to help any way she can and introduces herself. Theresa flirts with him and says she'll offer whatever he needs to feel better. Paul says he's had a lot of offers but she's a lot more forward and can tell she's a lot more fun.

Clyde says he didn't want to say anything about seeing a shrink. Clyde admits he has unresolved issues. Clyde mentions meeting Marlena and hoping she can take him on as a patient. Ben is surprised that he's really serious about getting help. Clyde says he and Jordan know that he needs it and he wants it so he can be a better dad. Clyde asks Ben to keep it between them and he agrees. Clyde tells him to have a good day and he exits the club.

Marlena tells her secretary that she won't be helping Paul so she will have room for Clyde. Marlena sends her to call him for an appointment.

Mandrake talks to his contact about Theresa thinking she was never pregnant and having no memory of what happened that night. Mandrake decrees that Kristen will be very pleased.

Theresa offers to bring the party to Paul. Paul questions her not being taken. Theresa says the right guy just hasn't come along yet. Theresa says she'll see him later and tells him to give her a ring if he gets lonely as she exits. Theresa looks over and sees Brady arriving at the hospital.

Aiden walks Chase out of the town square and asks if he's sure he's okay. Chase says he was just thinking how Hope is rich like his mom was.

Hope opens up Aiden's tablet to find that he had typed "Hope Williams Brady money fortune" in to the search engine.

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