Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/18/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/18/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole throws the football and it bounces off the tree, smacking Daniel in the face and knocking him out. Nicole worries and rushes over to check on him. Daniel regains consciousness and asks what is wrong with her.

Marlena meets with Paul and leaves her card if he needs to call any time. He thanks her and she leaves him with Abigail. Abigail asks if he's feeling overwhelmed but he says not at all. Abigail says he has enough to deal with and the paperwork can wait but Paul asks her to stay because he sees her and feels better already.

Anne asks Jordan about Paul and if she needs any assistance. Anne talks about getting along with Paul and wanting to go see him but Jordan tells her that Abigail is in there with Paul. Anne was unaware that Abigail was rehired.

Sonny tells Ben that he and Chad want him to run the new club. Ben brings up starting school and how the new club is a lot farther. Sonny tells him that he doesn't know.

Clyde and Jeremiah meet outside the town square to discuss money. Clyde says he has to keep his hands clean as he has a good thing in Salem and doesn't want to screw it up.

Chad hands Kate papers that he had drawn up once he was sure they would end up here. Kate looks it over and calls him a bastard. Chad says it's a move out of her own playbook. Kate calls it insane but Chad thinks it's fair. Kate questions naming him co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises and declares it won't happen.

Adrienne catches up to Lucas outside the club and asks him about getting back from LA seeing Sami and the kids. Lucas says they are all great. Adrienne asks about Will but Lucas says he didn't see him much.

Ben is thankful to Sonny for the job but says school is big to him so maybe he should put T in charge. Sonny refuses to run two new managers at the same time. Ben asks Sonny if Chad is the one pushing him for this job.

Kate argues that she trusted Chad. Chad says it's not personal just business. Chad says he helped her keep control of the company and he earned this. Kate thinks co-CEO is too much when he has zero experience. Kate wants to neutralize Stefano for good first. Chad feels Kate will just forget about him when she doesn't need him anymore. Chad threatens to call Stefano if she doesn't make him co-CEO and she'll lose everything.

Daniel asks Nicole if she was aiming for his head. Nicole wants to help but Daniel wants to be alone. Nicole insists on driving him to the hospital.

Abigail talks to Paul about his hospital donation. Abigail mentions her boyfriend which disappoints Paul.

Anne questions Jordan about Abigail being brought back to the hospital. Anne calls Abigail a little slut as Marlena walks by and questions her. Anne leaves so Jordan thanks her. Marlena mentions getting her message and asks if she wants to talk.

Clyde and Jeremiah talk. Jeremiah asks about Clyde's plan and assumes he's got a woman.

Kate wants to set Chad up right and offers to make him head of a division. She tells him that blackmailing his way into the company is unnecessary. Chad compares it to her blackmailing Sami. Kate argues that she saved Sami from damaging the company. Chad feels he's returning the favor. Chad argues that she needs a DiMera by her side. Chad says they've been a great team and that she'll like it a lot better than the alternative.

Adrienne asks Lucas about not seeing much of Will. Lucas talks about Will's long work days. Adrienne questions Will going there to help Sami but not being there. Lucas accuses her of passing judgment and suggests they just leave it alone as he walks away.

Sonny assures Ben that there's no conspiracy to get him out as moving him was his idea. Lucas and Adrienne join them. Ben goes to clock out. Sonny asks about Will. Adrienne remarks about him being swamped at work.

Abigail jokes with Paul about the gorgeous models he dates. Anne enters and interrupts, talking about his surgery being a success. Abigail suggests they let Paul rest. Anne says Paul has to sign paperwork. Paul admits he's tired. Abigail decides they will leave him alone and rushes Anne out of the room. Anne questions Abigail about getting her job back and asks what she did in return for Chad getting her job back.

Jordan apologizes to Marlena and says she should've just deleted the message. Marlena thought she sounded upset but tells her that she can talk any time. Clyde arrives at the hospital as Marlena walks away.

Daniel tells Nicole that he can drive himself but Nicole refuses and worries that Daniel could have a concussion. Daniel complains about Nicole hitting him on purpose. The kid from before, Randy, runs back by and watches them argue. Nicole argues that they could've stuck with yoga. Randy interrupts, asking why she's so mad at Daniel. Nicole explains and he questions her hitting him. Randy calls it mean which Daniel agrees with. Nicole tries to explain. Randy asks why she's mad at him. Nicole says she's trying to make a point. Daniel sends Randy back to his mom. Nicole jokes with Daniel and wrestles the keys away from him.

Kate thought she and Chad were a team. Chad says they used each other. Kate doesn't want to worry about always looking over her shoulder. Chad says she'll have nothing to worry about if she gives him what he wants. Kate questions if he won't try to push her out. Chad admits he doesn't have the experience to run the company himself. Chad states that he wants to learn from her. Kate laughs at the idea of training him to take her place. Chad asks if they have a deal or if he has to call Stefano. Kate tells him to call Stefano as he might bring her down but he'll destroy himself in the process. Chad says she's not reading this right. Kate argues that she's known Stefano a lot longer and knows how he reacts to betrayal. Chad argues that he didn't betray him. Kate stops him from making the call and agrees to name him co-CEO. Chad tells her to make the call to make it official.

Clyde approaches Jordan. She questions what he's doing showing up there. Clyde gives her back her hospital ID. Jordan says he could've just left it with Ben. Clyde says the hospital was on the way and apologizes for bothering her as he walks away.

Abigail takes Anne in to a room at the hospital and says she doesn't like what Anne implied. Anne brings up Abigail's history with DiMera men. Abigail mocks the idea of sleeping with men to get what she wants and brings up Anne's boss Seth. Abigail threatens Anne's job and warns her not to fight with her because she'll fight back. Abigail exits.

Lucas tells Sonny that he's sure Will misses him. Lucas hands him an envelope of pictures. Sonny talks about Arianna growing up so much and says he can't wait to see her again. Sonny wants to fly out in the next couple weeks. Adrienne remarks that it sounds like Will would be too busy to see him but Lucas thinks Will would make the time for him. Sonny thanks him for the pictures. Lucas exits. Sonny then asks Adrienne what's going on and if there's something he should know.

Daniel and Nicole end up back at Daniel's. Nicole offers a massage but Daniel is unsure since she's been hurting him. Daniel agrees and removes his shirt but Nicole trips over the end table and spills coffee on Daniel's back. Daniel asks Nicole to please get out as he goes to clean up. Daniel comes back and Nicole is cleaning off the couch. Daniel asks why she's still there. They each think the other owes an apology. Nicole says she was just trying to cheer him up. Daniel complains of his body aching. Nicole adds that she was just trying to be his friend. Nicole says it sucked when he stopped talking to her and she hated blowing it with him. Nicole apologizes if she went overboard trying to fix it. Daniel jokes that he's sorry she did too and they decide they are good.

Adrienne sits with Sonny and complains that Will has no time for him or Sami and the kids because he's so busy. Sonny tries to explain it's a huge opportunity for Will. Adrienne questions the reason Will left. Sonny compares it to Justin leaving town for work the same way and how she can judge Will. Sonny asks if she and Justin are okay. Adrienne assumes but admits he's distant and suggests that's why she came down so hard on Will. Adrienne doesn't want anything to come between them.

Abigail goes to see Ben. He answers the door in a towel. Abigail apologizes for not calling first and offers to come back but Ben brings her in and kisses her.

Kate makes the call to the board about Chad becoming co-CEO. Kate talks about needing to make a formal announcement first as she hangs up. Chad applauds and says she handled it beautifully. Chad jokes that he's going shopping for a new company car. Kate warns him not to say a word until they make a formal announcement. Chad says he understands as Kate repeats herself. Kate asks how he thinks Stefano is going to react to his betrayal. Chad responds that he doesn't really give a damn.

Paul flirts with his nurse as she tells him to call if he needs anything and then exits. Paul remarks about what else a guy could want.

Jordan runs in to Chad at the hospital. They joke about it being a surprise to see one another there. Jordan thanks him for the gift. Chad offers to walk her home and she agrees so they exit together.

Clyde calls Kate. Clyde notes that she doesn't sound too happy. Kate says she has a lot going on. Clyde offers to help but Kate says she has to handle it on her own. Clyde hopes it doesn't take up all her time. Kate says she can't talk about it and needs to go. Clyde hopes to hear from her soon and hangs up. Kate throws papers in frustration.

Nicole tells Daniel that in spite of everything, she had a lot of fun and she missed him. Daniel admits he missed her too. They hug goodbye and get close.

Sonny assures Adrienne that they will be fine and tells her not to worry.

Ben and Abigail kiss in bed. Abigail asks about his new place. Ben says it feels like he has everything he wants and invites her to spend the night. Abigail agrees as Ben jokes about not sleeping while they continue kissing.

Marlena walks in to the town square and gets a call. She walks on past Clyde sitting at a table nearby. Clyde suggests maybe it's time he sits down for a chat with Marlena.

Chad walks Jordan home and she thanks him. Chad is glad to see her happier and asks what improved her day. She admits it was his gift and they kiss. Chad decides he should go and suggests they do something tomorrow. Jordan agrees and Chad tells her that he'll call. They say goodnight and Jordan heads inside while Chad walks away.

Lucas goes to see Kate and shows her the pictures from California of the kids. Kate comments on Allie looking so happy. Lucas says they all are adjusting well. Lucas talks about Sami taking over the film. Kate admits she misses working with her because they were a good team. Kate stops herself from talking about it being easier than now. Lucas asks what's happening now. Kate says things are a little complicated and she's not sure she has everything under control.

Daniel gets a call from Chloe to say goodnight to Parker so Nicole exits. Nicole stops at the elevator and remarks that she did not see that coming.

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