Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/17/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/17/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jordan gets her special delivery at the hospital from Chad.

Chad finishes a call at the club and tells Ben that Sonny is on board with Ben moving to the new club full time. Ben asks what if he's not. Chad gets a call and tells Ben to talk to Sonny about it. Chad exits and answers the call from Stefano, who declares that it's time.

Clyde goes to the DiMera Mansion to see Kate and greets her with a kiss.

Daniel finishes a call at home about Paul. Nicole then arrives and asks him about being off for the day. Nicole decides they are going to make the rest of his day fun since they are friends again. Nicole tells him that she has the perfect way for him to relax.

Victor joins Brady in the living room where he's reading a memo. Brady questions Victor giving him a promotion. Victor encourages him that he's earned it but Brady argues that he's a screw up.

Theresa goes to see Eve and tells her she's had a bad year. Eve responds that she knows the feeling.

Paige asks JJ what he's not going to lie about. JJ thinks about being with Eve in bed. JJ tells Paige that he won't lie about himself.

Jordan opens her box and has a note from Chad that he's ready to talk any time she wants, old school style as the box includes two cans with a wire.

Chad asks Stefano what it's time for. Stefano declares they must close the noose on Kate as she has taken the bait.

Clyde tells Kate that it's all he thought about since their first kiss. Kate offers him a drink.

Theresa asks what has Eve so miserable. Eve complains about the surgery not happening. Eve talks about dreaming of her singing career for ten years and now it was a bad night. Theresa encourages that she wasn't alone if Paige was there. Eve tells her that Paige came later but she got through it. Theresa asks what's his name.

Paige tells JJ that he's scaring her. JJ insists that he loves her but it's all wrong. Paige asks how that can be. JJ responds that it just is. Paige asks why he would say that. JJ states that he's no good for her.

Daniel questions Nicole having the perfect way for him to relax. Nicole talks about how it's what friends do. Daniel jokes about it. Nicole opens her bag and reveals a yoga video to start which Daniel is not all for.

Jordan thinks back to kissing Chad. Jordan asks the nurse about Paul. She comments that Paul was really in to Jordan and suggests she use it to make Chad jealous. Jordan says playing games is not her style and she exits.

Clyde and Kate sit and drink together.

Chad asks Stefano about the plan. Stefano tells Chad to tell Kate that he has no interest in an international airline company but he doesn't want her to know. Chad asks what he's planning. Stefano tells him to just focus and do his job. Chad tells him that he's happy to help him get back where he should be which Stefano says is on top. Chad hangs up and says on top of something anyway.

Jordan goes to the club and finds Ben. Ben apologizes, noting she was clearly expecting Chad.

Kate and Clyde joke around about mixing business with pleasure as they kiss again until Chad walks in.

Nicole questions Daniel not wanting to try yoga. Daniel is not interested though Nicole insists. Nicole brings up Daniel's problems with Jennifer, Kristen, and Brady. Daniel appreciates her coming over. Nicole points out his shoulders being too tense and massages him. Daniel agrees to give yoga a shot.

Eve tells Theresa to get her mind out of the gutter as it doesn't mean she used someone to get through it. Eve starts to tell her to get out but Theresa apologizes. Theresa asks about Paige and if she helped. Eve says she did and she thinks they turned a corner. Theresa asks if she's okay with Paige and JJ. Eve doesn't think JJ will be an issue long term and states that he certainly won't get in the way of her relationship with Paige. Eve asks about Theresa's drama. Theresa instead tries to leave. Theresa informs her that she thought she was pregnant but she wasn't so she looked like an idiot.

Victor talks about Brady facing his demons and standing by John when it mattered which made he and Maggie very proud. Victor praises his work. Victor adds that Kristen is gone. Brady tells him that this isn't about Kristen but Theresa.

Paige questions what JJ is saying. She asks if something happened. JJ says no. Paige asks if there was some colossal mistake. JJ asks why she would ask that. Paige questions him suddenly thinking he's no good for her when things were fine a couple of hours ago. JJ says it wasn't. Paige asks why JJ thinks he's no good for her. JJ brings up Jack and Kayla. Paige thought they were clear and over their fight. JJ says it's not about them. JJ talks about looking at Jack's picture. Paige encourages him to say whatever is bothering him.

Daniel and Nicole begin doing yoga. She encourages him to stretch and relax but Daniel isn't feeling it and decides he's done. Daniel grabs his football and suggests that to relax but Nicole doesn't like it. Daniel insists but Nicole doesn't want to break a nail. Daniel encourages her so she gives in.

Ben sits with Jordan and questions her being happy for him. Jordan says of course and asks if that's why she had to find out about his new apartment from Abigail. Jordan asks why she wouldn't be happy. Ben brings up Clyde paying his tuition. Jordan says she'll still be happy for him and she was wrong to think he shouldn't take it. Ben asks if the deal is Jordan is on his side and he'll be on her side with Chad.

Kate questions Chad bursting in. Chad says it can't wait. Kate argues that it can but Clyde says he'll leave. Clyde kisses her hand and exits. Kate asks Chad what is so important. Chad tells her that Stefano is done playing around with her and it's the endgame so they need to get to work.

Victor tells Brady that Maggie told him about Theresa fooling him about what happened to John and John backed her up so he doesn't question his judgment. Brady brings up sleeping with Theresa and how she was nearly the mother of his great grandchild.

Eve asks Theresa how it went with Brady. Theresa says he wasn't thrilled and how angry he was. Theresa brings up Brady questioning if the baby was his. Eve calls him a smug son of a bitch but then brings up what Theresa did to John and how that destroyed their trust. Theresa argues that the baby was something Brady did do. Theresa tells her about the blood test. Theresa hoped Brady would realize how crummy he was being to the mother of his child, only she wasn't pregnant. Eve suggests she should've double-checked her home pregnancy test.

JJ tells Paige about finding out what Jack did to Kayla. Paige tells him that everyone understood. JJ says they couldn't because he was angry all the time. JJ says he hurt everyone from Jennifer to Daniel and he was doing drugs with Theresa. Paige encourages that he turned his life around. JJ says it looked that way but he was just fooling himself. JJ says it all came rushing back when it came up again. JJ says he was angry and defensive which is who he is. JJ calls himself an angry jerk and says she should not be around someone like him.

Daniel and Nicole go to the park to play football. Daniel tries to teach her to make a pass. Nicole questions it being relaxing. Nicole ends up throwing it at the ground and jokes with her. A kid runs by and asks Daniel if he can tie his shoe. Daniel offers to teach him how while Nicole continues to encourage yoga.

Jordan tells Ben how Chad has been really nice to her. Ben feels Chad is just trying to run his game on her. Ben tells her that he can see Chad coming from a mile away and he's going to hurt her. Clyde enters and disagrees, saying he thinks Chad is a real solid guy and a good match for Jordan.

Chad tells Kate about Stefano's plan to set her up to the board. Kate says she will finalize that deal. Chad tells her that she played it perfectly all along but there's one thing they haven't covered yet that they really should for both of their sakes.

Jordan says that Ben is entitled to his opinion. Ben goes back to work. Jordan asks Clyde that they never run in to each other. Clyde says he was backing her up and questions everything have to be a fight. Clyde tells her that they agree on Chad. Jordan continues to question him and says she doesn't give a damn what he thinks. Jordan storms off, leaving behind her hospital ID. Clyde puts it in his pocket. Ben comes back and asks where Jordan went. Clyde says she had to go back to work. Ben asks if he upset her. Clyde says he didn't on purpose as he just wants her to be happy.

Brady tells Victor about Theresa not being pregnant. Victor asks how that makes him a screw up. Brady thinks back to arguing with Theresa about it. Brady reveals to Victor that he's not sure Theresa was trying to play him.

Theresa yells at Eve that she was sure. Eve argues that maybe she read what she wanted. Eve apologizes and suggests maybe they aren't that different as they believe what they want and then have to pay the price.

Paige tells JJ that it's not how she sees him. JJ feels he's just good at hiding it. JJ says he's not a normal guy as he's carrying this all around and can't do that to her. JJ adds that he can't be around her anymore. Paige brings up JJ saying he loved her and asks if that's true.

Ben tells Clyde that he can start college in January. Clyde tells him he's good to go and jokes with him. Ben says he will tell him his major when he decides. Clyde tells him that the day he gets his diploma will be the proudest day of his life. Clyde exits with Jordan's hospital ID.

Jordan goes to the hospital and pulls out her phone. She calls Kayla then apologizes for bothering her and says she can get the information on her own as she hangs up.

Nicole complains about the football while Daniel finishes tying the kid's shoe and the kid runs off. Nicole ends up throwing the football. It bounces off the tree and smacks Daniel in the face, knocking him out which causes Nicole to worry.

Brady tells Victor that he believes Theresa thought she was really pregnant. Victor says the point is that she's not so there is nothing to tie them together and he's done with her for good.

Theresa thanks Eve and tells her to forget everything she said. They worry about Kayla telling their parents. Theresa decides to get a drink. Eve wonders who her next victim will be. Theresa shouts back that she has no right to judge her. Eve warns her that she's lucky to not be in jail. Theresa feels pain and tells her not to call her lucky as that's the last thing she feels right now. Theresa exits.

JJ tells Paige that it's not about whether or not he loves her. Paige thinks he just needs time to sort everything out so she can give him space. Paige says she'll stay out of his way unless he needs her. Paige kisses him on the cheek and says she'll see him tomorrow. JJ tries to stop her but Paige says they can talk more tomorrow if he wants. Paige adds that he's not alone as she's not going anywhere.

Stefano drinks champagne with his girlfriend Simone. Stefano toasts to the total destruction of a woman who betrayed him and laughs.

Kate tells Chad that she will cover him and Stefano will never know that he helped her bring him down. Chad says that he will absolutely know as it will be hard to avoid when it's the point. Chad hands Kate papers that he had drawn up once he was sure they would end up here. Kate looks it over and calls him a bastard.

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