Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/14/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/14/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden and Hope move to the bed and begin to undress. Hope stops so Aiden asks if something is wrong and if she wants to stop. Aiden apologizes if he pushed her into it and assumes it was too soon.

Daniel enters Paul's hospital room and meets his agent. Maxine enters and Daniel goes over the surgery. Paul jokingly remarks that once his shoulder is fixed, he can play the violin which seems to disturb his agent.

Jordan talks with Abigail at the hospital and asks if she got her job back because of Sami. Abigail informs her that Chad got her job back.

Chad goes to the club. Ben is there and thinks back to being in bed with Abigail. Chad comments that Ben's smile means he wasn't thinking about work.

Paige goes through the town square. Her friend Daphne informs her that class is cancelled so she decides to text JJ. Paige mentions that things with her and JJ are good again.

JJ questions Eve saying he and Paige are over. Eve declares that they slept together so she questions how he could ever consider a future with her daughter.

Aiden apologizes again to Hope as he thought they were both ready for this but obviously he was wrong. Hope informs him that he's not wrong. Aiden thinks her stopping is not a good sign. Hope insists that she wants to be there with him. Aiden asks for the whole story.

Eve asks how JJ is going to date Paige and be serious with this big secret over his head. JJ thinks they can fix it so they don't have to see each other that much. Eve asks about JJ marrying Paige. JJ calls it years from now. Eve tells him that a secret like that never dies. Eve asks if he really wants to live his life afraid that she will find out about them. Eve tells JJ that if Paige finds out, it will be over for he and Paige as well as she and Paige. Eve questions if he really wants to do that to the woman he says he loves so much.

Paul's agent tells Daniel that Paul makes light of this but he's very serious about his baseball career. Daniel assures him that he will take things seriously and talk about what comes next. Daniel exits. Paul asks about Jordan as Maxine checks on him.

Jordan asks Abigail how Chad got her job back. Abigail starts to explain but sees Daniel and says she has to go talk to him. Daniel is glad to see she's back at the hospital. Abigail mentions running Jennifer's office while she's away. Daniel asks if she's talked to Jennifer. Abigail says she told her they couldn't work things out. Abigail adds that she's really sorry as she always thought Daniel was a great guy and still does. Daniel tells her that he will always have special feelings for she and JJ so he hopes they can still be friends. Daniel mentions seeing JJ before and needing to sort something out.

JJ tells Eve that she's lying to Paige just like he is but questions him being the one to lose everything. Eve claims she's not making it all his fault as she knows what she did and has to live with it. Eve states that Paige is her daughter and she needs her mother. JJ argues that Paige was doing just fine when he first met her. Eve thinks Paige was lonely, miserable, and depressed without her. Eve says if anything happened to their relationship it would destroy her. JJ compares it to his relationship. Eve says she can't stop being her mother while JJ can stop being her boyfriend. They argue about cheating on her. Eve tells JJ to think about what's best for Paige and him lying to her is not best. JJ decides he won't then and will tell her the truth.

Paige and Daphne go to the Pub. Paige mentions JJ not texting back and talks about her and JJ's argument. Paige says they figured everything out and now there's nothing they can't tell each other.

Abigail goes back and tells Jordan that Chad got his spot on the board and got her job back. Jordan asks if Ben knows. Abigail says that Ben gets it now. Abigail says they have their issues and tells her about Ben's new apartment. Jordan brings up Clyde helping pay for it and how she's not worried about them getting closer. They both go to see Paul.

Ben questions Chad hanging out at the club a lot when he said he didn't want to be a part of the day to day operations. Chad brings up the new club and how Sonny is spending time there. Chad suggests moving Ben to the new club which Ben questions.

Hope admits to Aiden that she's a little scared and nervous. Aiden didn't think anything scared her. Hope says it's weird because she doesn't know how to handle herself or she's forgotten. Hope tells him that she hasn't been with anyone but Bo in a very long time while he's been gone for over two years. Aiden suggests they can spend the rest of the night in the room playing cards, ordering room service, or watching TV. Hope thanks him but says that's not at all what she wants. Hope understands what's happening between them and she wants it to happen because of how she feels about him. Aiden understands that she's still scared because he feels the same way.

Paul jokes with Jordan and Abigail that when they walked in, a miracle happened and he feels great. Abigail gives him the donation form and he signs. Paul comments on her smile. His agent returns as Abigail and Jordan exit. Abigail jokes about Paul hitting on every woman. They wonder what Paul and his agent were talking about in Japanese.

Chad encourages Ben about the new club but Ben thinks the cons are on him while the pros will be with Chad because he wouldn't have any time to spend with Abigail.

Paige and Daphne talk about Paige first falling in love with JJ. Daphne wonders if Eve will let up.

Eve argues how bad Paige will be hurt and how she will turn on him. Eve warns JJ that Paige will never trust him again and will live her life knowing the two people that love her most have betrayed her. Eve asks how he could even think of doing something like that to Paige.

Aiden talks about completely shutting down after Meredith died and only his career kept him going. Aiden says the idea of starting with someone new seemed impossible as did trying to explain his wife's suicide until she came along and everything seemed possible again. Hope feels like they lived a whole year this afternoon. Aiden says they have a lot of afternoons and nights so maybe they've shared enough for one day and shouldn't push it. Aiden suggests maybe Hope already knew that which is why she pulled away. Hope kisses him and they kiss into bed.

Paul goes in for surgery and Daniel begins.

Paige tells Daphne about Eve getting some really bad news and how she needs her. Paige adds that they're closer than they've been so maybe she will ease up. Eric appears at the counter and overhears Paige talking about Eve. Daphne gets a text that she has to go help a friend with notes from class so she exits. Eric approaches Paige and tells her that he knows Eve and recognizes her from the pictures at her apartment. Paige immediately thinks back to the coat as Eric tells her that he was there yesterday.

JJ agrees to not tell Paige. Eve hopes he means it. JJ insists that he does. Eve warns him to think about the consequences and suggests maybe JJ doesn't love Paige like he says or maybe he's just not ready for that kind of love. Eve says they made a horrible mistake and now because of it, he has to accept that it's over for he and Paige. JJ declares that's what Eve wanted and accuses her of doing it on purpose to break them up.

Aiden and Hope make love.

Paige questions Eric being at their apartment. Eric introduces himself and explains that Eve hired him for publicity photos. They talk about Eve not being able to continue her singing career. Eric mentions being there a couple of hours before she got the news and he's sorry. Eric assures Paige that she's the one thing that matters to her more than singing and there's nothing she wouldn't do for her.

Eve questions JJ thinking she took him to bed to break them up. JJ is serious. Eve complains that she was a wreck. JJ accuses her of faking it. Eve asks how she could've known he was coming over or that he'd be in the same mood. Eve argues that neither one of them would've come near each other otherwise. JJ tells her that's enough. Eve asks him to stop fighting her on this.

Abigail apologizes to Jordan for continuing to bring up Clyde. Jordan understands he was talking about Ben. Abigail comments that Ben talks about his childhood a lot while Jordan doesn't. Abigail agrees to try not to talk about it. Abigail adds that she doesn't want to lose Jordan as a friend. Jordan assures that she won't and adds that she's never seen Ben this happy or serious about anyone before. Jordan adds that she doesn't want Ben to get hurt. Abigail says Ben is worried about her too because he thinks she might be getting too close to Chad.

Chad questions Ben turning a great opportunity in to him and Abigail. Ben asks why he wants him at the new club. Chad says he just thinks it's a better fit for him. Ben brings up Chad getting Abigail's job back. Chad says that one was as personal as it gets.

Daniel and Maxine work on Paul and finds a bone spur that wasn't detected in the MRI.

Eric tells Paige that Eve made it clear how much she loves her. Eric brings up being unsure if Eve still wants to see the publicity shoot so he suggests Paige can take home the pictures and can judge from the situation whether or not she wants to see him. Paige says she could do that but thinks Eve would like to see Eric. Eric asks if she's sure. Paige says Eve doesn't have many friends in town and she thinks they got along well. Eric says she would know. Paige says she spends all her time with her and thinks it would be good for Eve to spend time with people her own age.

JJ knows what Eve wants him to say to Paige but he doesn't know how to say it. Eve says it will come to him. JJ checks his phone and gets Paige's texts about wanting to see him. JJ asks Eve how he's supposed to do this. JJ then looks at a photo of Jack. Eve tells him to put his mind to it and he'll think of something. Eve exits. JJ approaches the photo of Jack. Paige texts again asking if he's free yet. JJ responds for her to come over.

Jordan assures that Ben has nothing to worry about as she can take care of herself. Jordan asks if Abigail is worried too. Abigail says Jordan isn't as naive as she was but maybe Chad has changed. Jordan says all she knows is Chad has been really nice to her and suggests he's trying to make things up to Abigail. Jordan then exits.

Ben questions Chad being after Abigail again. Chad explains that it's personal because of how it ended between them. Chad felt he owes her and she got a raw deal from Sami no matter what happened. Chad says that's why he got her job back. Chad asks if Ben would rather her still be out of job. Ben says no. Chad assures him that it's Jordan that he's interested in not Abigail. Chad tells Ben that he's the only one with a problem with how things are working out and tells him to get over that as he then walks away.

Hope and Aiden lay in bed with champagne. They toast to making love and drinking champagne as they kiss. Hope states that she feels so happy right now. Aiden doesn't think he can remember being this happy as they kiss.

Eric goes to see Eve with the publicity photos. Eve is happy to see them and talks about how excited she was. Eve talks about getting hopes up and then things not turning out. Eric relates to the experience. Eve says it's up to them to figure out how to deal with the fallout.

JJ sits looking at the photo of Jack as he thinks back to Paige telling him that she wanted to start fresh and then thinks about being in bed with Eve. Paige arrives so JJ answers the door.

Chad makes a call asking about making a surprise delivery to Jordan at the hospital which Ben hears.

Daniel talks to Paul after surgery and his meds. Paul thanks him for everything as Daniel leaves him with Maxine and Jordan. Jordan tells him they will start their treatment in a couple of days. Paul feels it was worth it. Paul's agent approaches Daniel and asks when Paul can pitch. Daniel says they'll know in a few weeks. The agent complains about the recovery time. Daniel says all he cares about is getting his patient completely healed.

Hope says time flies when they are having fun as they get up and put their robes on. Aiden mentions having kids to pick up. Aiden tells her she can shower first. Hope suggests he join her and kisses him. Aiden tells her to start the water and agrees to join her. Hope is glad they didn't wait any longer and kisses him again. Hope heads for the shower. Aiden goes to his phone and brings up the article on Meredith's death that Hope had looked at.

Eric tells Eve that he will get going. Eve wishes he didn't get her hopes up and that none of it happened. Eric tells Eve that he met Paige today and she's a lovely girl. Eve is glad he thinks so and calls her the best thing to ever happen to her. Eve asks if they talked about her. Eric tells her that Paige is upset about what happened to her and is looking out for her. Eve responds that they look out for each other.

Paige asks JJ about talking to Daniel. JJ says it went good. Paige notes that something is wrong. JJ says he promised not to lie to her anymore so there is something wrong. Paige asks him what it is.

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